Facebook Roundup: Privacy, Europe, Mobile, Minors, Travel, Trading, Legal, Capital and Profanity

Facebook, Google Lose Mobile Patent Ruling – Wireless Ink Corp will be able to sue both Google and Facebook over alleged patent infringements related to the companies’ mobile-social services, according to a ruling in New York this week.

Facebook, Others Oppose Calif. Law – Facebook and other tech companies have been building momentum in their opposition to California’s SB 242 law that would affect consumer privacy online. In addition to Facebook signing the letter, Google, Twitter, Oodle, Identified, Zecco, and BranchOut have joined the fight against the bill.

Facebook Responds to NY Owner Claim – Facebook filed its formal legal response to New York’s Paul Ceglia, who claims he’s legally entitled to half of Facebook. In the response the company called Ceglia an “inveterate scam artist” who used “a doctored contract and fabricated evidence.”

Facebook “Not Focused” on Mobile Ads - Facebook’s EMEA Head of Mobile Partnerships Fergal Walker noted this week in London that“we are not focused on  advertising on mobile at all…Our minds are very focused on the social web.”

Industry Group Gets Into Privacy Game - Companies like Zynga, Facebook AT&T, Google, Intel and TrustE are investing money into a group, the Future of Privacy Forum, to provide developers with resources to create privacy policies in an educated way.

Zuckerberg Downplays Facebook’s Role in Middle East - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week downplayed this social network’s role in the Middle East uprisings, saying the company’s platform was neither necessary nor sufficient for change there.

Zuckerberg Asks Europe to Relax About Privacy – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked European leaders this week to tone down their regulation of the web, noting it could dampen innovation and governments should be investing in new technologies instead.

Zecco’s Wall Street App Allows Trading on Facebook – Zecco’s new app, Wall Street, allows users to see quotes, charts, discussions and more in real time, as well as make stock trades on the platform.

The Need for a Facebook Alternative – An interesting post on Altly notes that Facebook is not just a sterile medium, but rather, influences the way we communicate with people. This changes the way we communicate outside of Facebook too, and so, the need for a social web alternative to Facebook.

No Kids on Facebook - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured European leaders this week that the website is not working towards opening up the platform for users under the age of 13.

Gtrot Uses Facebook for Travel - Gtrot is a new social network using Facebook data to help users navigate traveling by using their itinerary and Facebook profile to help them get advice from fellow travelers.

Facebook Helps Tornado Victims – Facebook Pages to help people in Joplin, Missouri locate missing loved ones have sprung up, attracting thousands of Likes.

Mixpanels Raises $1.25M - Mixpanel, which provides analytics solutions for companies, raised $1.25 million this week from Sequoia Capital and angel investors. The company is going to beef up its engineering team with the funding.

Milyoni Raises $3M – Milyoni, a Facebook commerce company, raised $3 million in Series A funding this week from ATA ventures and Thomvest Ventures, according to a release. The company is set to use the money to enhance social commerce products.

Half Facebook Profiles Contain Incriminating Evidence - Kaplan conducted a survey of third-year law students, finding that 49% of them reported seeing legally compromising material on others’ Facebook profiles.

About Half Profiles Contain Profanity – Reputation management company Reppler did a study, finding that about 47% of profiles contain some type of profanity.

Facebook Roundup: IPO, Privacy, Like Button, Eventbrite, Acquisitions, Winklevoss Bros, Baseball and More

Facebook IPO “Inevitable” – Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said this week that a Facebook IPO is “inevitable.” [Image via Facebook]

Facebook, Others Oppose California Privacy Bill – A proposed bill in the California legislature, SB 242 the Social Networking Privacy Act, would change the information that companies like Facebook could provide about users under 18. Facebook and other tech companies submitted a formal letter of opposition in response.

Study: Like Button Gathers User Data – The Wall Street Journal published a story on a report the publication completed on social widgets such as Facebook’s Like button. The report notes that such widgets appear on 20-25% of the 1,000 most-visited sites and that Facebook claims it anonymizes this data, deleting it within 90 days.

Facebook’s Acquisitions Mostly for Talent – A New York Times story scrutinizes Facebook’s acquisitions (a long-running trend that we’ve covered in detail before), specifically looking at whether the company paid too much in some cases. The story notes that the $47 million FriendFeed acquisition cost about $4 million per employee and Drop.io brought in only one employee to the company for several million dollars. The point is talent. Engineers today “are worth half a million to a million” dollars, explained Vaughan Smith in the interview.

Facebook Wants Help Section to Go Viral – Facebook is asking users who visit the site’s Help section to share information about how to avoid malicious script scams. [Image via AllFacebook]

New Technology to Fight Child Porn – Facebook is using the Microsoft-created PhotoDNA program to fight child pornography amongst the 200 million images uploaded to the social network daily.

Eventbrite Raises $50M – Eventbrite, a startup that leverages social networks to sell tickets, raised $50 million in Series E funding this week led by Tiger Global. This brings the total funding for Eventbrite for $79.5 million, and the company said the money is set for domestic and international expansion.

Facebook on GigaOm’s Structure 50 List – GigaOm’s Structure 50 list of companies influencing the cloud includes Facebook, in light of its advances in server and database hardware and software. You can find out more about the Structure conference here.

Jive Facebook Connector Syncs Discussion Forums – Jive Software has launched Jive Facebook Connector to allow Facebook Pages to create a version of the Jive community forum found on their website as a tab application. Comments on either instance of the forum are synced with the other, reducing the need to push users from one online presence to the other, and pulling Facebook content offsite to assist with SEO.

Fan Appz Launches Fan Tabz – Fan Appz launched a new custom tab application, Fan Tabz, this week for $19.95 a month.

Baseball Fans Share Team Love on Facebook - Facebook’s Data Team wrote an interesting blog this week detailing the different ways in which fans share their love for baseball teams on Facebook.

Winklevoss Bros Lose Another Court Move – The Winklevoss brothers, who have been suing Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook for several years, lost a bid to have their case heard again in the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Facebook Roundup: Sandberg, Syria, Underage Users, Promotion Guidelines, LinkedIn, Winklevoss Twins and More

Facebook COO Sandberg Profiled – Facebook’s Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg is profiled this week in Bloomberg Business week. The article describes how her steady leadership has helped Facebook monetize. It also mentions that she may be more conservative towards entering China than CEO Mark Zuckerberg. [Image via Facebook]

Facebook, Syria Butt HeadsFacebook shut down the Syrian military’s Page recently because it called for spamming of politically opposing Pages. Then it appeared the Syrian government tried to launch cyber, man-in-the-middle, attacks on Syrian Facebook users.

7.5M Facebook Users Under 13 – Facebook’s minimum 13 year age limit is being flaunted by 7.5 million users, according to a survey from Consumer Reports.

Facebook Reiterates How Developers Can Keep Users Safe - Following claims of new security risk, a post to the Facebook Developers Blog explained how developers can assist its efforts to protect users by acquiring an SSL certificate (which will be mandatory starting October 1st), reviewing the updated authentication and OAuth 2.0 guide, and complying with its Platform policies. It also mentioned that the company is working with other web giants including Google, web browser vendors and the National Institute of Standards and Technology on several web security initiatives.

Facebook Patents Info Sharing – A Facebook patent was published recently, the “Controlling Access of User Information Using Social-Networking Information” patent covers the degrees of separation between people controlling whether different social networks can access information from other networks.

LinkedIn to Raise $274M – LinkedIn is set to offer 7.84 million shares to the public to raise an estimated $274.4 million. The shares are priced between $32 and $35 dollars and LinkedIn will take $146.6 million of the money raised.

Facebook Makes Minor Changes to Promotion Guidelines - As of May 11th, promotions, contests, and sweepstakes on Facebook may no longer use the Like button, comments, or other Facebook features as voting mechanisms, impacting some developers such as Offerpop. Also, promotions may only include Facebook’s names, trademarks, etc in disclosures, not in contest instructions.

Winklevoss Twins Get Sued – In a twist of fate, the Winklevoss twins who have been suing Mark Zuckerberg for several years, are being sued by a software developer in Boston. Wayne Change wants a piece of the twins’ $65 million Facebook settlement for work he did for the twins’ original Facebook rival, ConnectU.

Facebook’s User Info Suit Continues – A lawsuit in which Facebook was accused of sharing user information with third-party advertisers was partially dismissed. The plaintiffs still have a chance to sue Facebook.

Airbnb Takes to Facebook – Airbnb, a global home rental service, implemented Facebook Connect, now allowing users to connect with people in their personal network when renting places to stay.

Claritics Raises $1.5M – Claritics, a startup providing self-serve social analytics tools for brands and game developers, raised $1.5 million in series A funding this week, to be used to develop its analytics suite, as well as sales and operational staff, according to TechCrunch.

BitTorrent Releases Personal Social File Sharing Channels – BitTorrent, developers of the popular file transfer protocol for the same name, has released the beta of its Project Chrysalis. It allows users to create a personal file sharing channel to which friends from Facebook can be invited to download files that exceed Facebook’s file size limit, such as home movies that are over 1024 MB.

Facebook Roundup: Govt Requests, Stock, Skype, Tablet Apps, Like & Send Buttons, Syria, Zuckerberg and More

How Facebook Handles Govt Requests – Facebook recently told Forbes.com that the company has a dedicated team of professionals supervised by two former federal cybercrime prosecutors to deal with governmental requests for user data — subpoenas, for example. The company says they do not have a streamlined process to do this, but respond when necessary to legal requests.

MOL Malaysia Owns $100M Facebook Stock – TechCrunch wrote an interesting post this week pointing to the fact that MOL Global in Malaysia owns $100 million in Facebook stock (valued at $31 a share) that came in a deal when the company sold Friendster’s patents to Facebook last year. MOL received 700,000 shares as part of the deal, which have turned into 3.5 million shares since.

2.5M Sites Have Like Buttons – SearchEngineLand reported that 2.5 million websites have Like buttons.

25,000 Websites Have Integrated the Facebook Send Button – The Facebook + Media Page posted that since the April 25th launch, 25,000 sites have added the Send button social plugin. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Engineering Team posted a note about how the company built the Send button, which allows users to share a URL to their Facebook Groups, to specific friends via Facebook Messages, or in an email.

Facebook, Google, Try to Partner with Skype – Both Facebook and Google are trying to partner with Skype, reported Reuters.

Syria Attacks Facebook – The Electronic Frontier Foundation reported this week that several ISPs in Syria have reported security warnings that are really a man-in-the-middle attack against the HTTPS version of Facebook.

Federal Investigator to Preserve Govt Facebook Posts – The head of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, is concerned that official federal social media updates on platforms like Facebook will not be preserved for posterity. Legally, all documents created by an administration must be archived.


PowerReviews Raises $10M – Ecommerce solutions provider PowerReviews, which we wrote about last month, raised $10 million in new funding led by Four Rivers Group, bringing total funding to $37 million this week, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook Friending in Conflict Regions – The Friends Without Borders Page yesterday released an infographic visualizing data from http://peace.facebook.com/ It shows that the growth rate of friendships across conflicted borders such as Israel – Palestine has increased significantly this year.

Zuckerberg Buys Palo Alto Home – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently purchased a home in Palo Alto, California for $7 million.

Warner Bros. Acquires Flixster - Warner Bros. Home Entertainment recently acquired Flixster, a social movie discovery website, TechCrunch reported. Rotten Tomatoes, the movie rating site, was also included in the acquisition. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Booshaka Classifies Facebook Likes – Booshaka, a Facebook search company, now ranks and classifies your Facebook activity via comments, Likes and posts.

Tigerlily Raises $1.3M – Tigerlily, a French Page management company, raised $1.3 million USD this week and is set to use this additional funding to expand in Europe.

Facebook Roundup: Ph.D. Fellows, Menlo Park, Deals, Credits, f8, Valuation, Engineering, Friendster and More

Facebook Announces Tech Heavy Set of 2011 Fellows – Facebook announced who was selected to become Ph.D. fellows this year. The Facebook Fellowship Program included people with backgrounds in psychology and economics last year; this year the five winners who receive tuition and fees for the 2011-2012 academic year, $5,000 for travel, $2,500 for a computer and a $30,000 stipend all study technical disciplines.

Specifically, Adrienne Porter Felt and Kurt Thomas of the University of California at Berkeley both study computer security, Yinan Li of the Universitiy of Wisconsin at Madison studies databases, Wei Liu of Columbia University studies machine learning, and Marke Olszewski of MIT studies compiler technology.

Facebook to Grow to 9,400 Employees by 2017 – According to public documents in Menlo Park, California Facebook plans to grow its workforce at its new Menlo Park headquarters from 1,400 to 9,400 people by 2017.

Facebook Deals All About Credits – AllFacebook reports that Facebook sources are saying that the company is not initially taking a cut of the revenue from its new Deals program. Instead it reportedly seeks to expand the reach of Credits, the in-Facebook currency.

Facebook to Host f8 in 2011 – Facebook has confirmed that the company will host an f8 conference sometime this year.

Facebook Valued at $70B on Secondary Market - Reuters reports that a group  of investors are trying to sell $1 billion of Facebook stock on secondary markets for amounts that would put the company’s total value at $70 billion; these investors previously tried to sell the shares for a value of $90 billion, but couldn’t move the stock.

Details of Russian Facebook Ownership – Gigaom reported this week that Russian investor Yuri Milner holds a 2.33% stake in Facebook, 1.41% stake in Zynga and a 4.63% stake in Groupon, among other investments and holdings.

Facebook Institutes “Hackamonths” - Facebook Engineering’s Dave Ferugson posted a note to the Facebook Engineering Page this week in which he detailed Facebook’s new “Hackamonth” program for engineers. Essentially the program will allow engineers to temporarily leave their current team to work on a different project; the goal is to have about 10% of the company’s engineerings participating each month. The Hackamonth program could become a recruiting talking point that lures engineers who are tired of working on the same project for years on end at other tech companies.

Details on Facebook’s Messages Server – The Facebook Engineering Team published a note this week that details the internal functioning of the Messages application server.

Facebook Advertises on Gmail – Facebook is running ads on Google, according to this screenshot. [Image via jing]


Friendster Deletes User Info on May 31 – A message sent to registered Friendster users announced that users should export their data because the social network is going to delete all of it on May 31. The company, from which Facebook purchased patents in Auguest 2010, notes that it will delete blogs, photos, comments, groups, etc., but keep accounts active and become an entertainment site, reported TechCrunch.

Blog Suggests New Feature for Facebook – A new blog, Yo Zuck! Implement This, takes suggestions for Facebook and creates mock-ups of their implementation. Youssef Sarhan is in Dublin and runs the blog, and has suggested a translate function, notification change and other interesting features. [Image via Yo Zuck]

MakeMeReach Raises €3M – The French Facebook-approved ad network and Facebook app developer MakeMeReach raised €3 million to fund international outreach for its services. Currently the company employs 25 and will use its funding to double staffing to move into Italian, Spanish and German markets, TechCrunch reports.

Facebook Roundup: Stock, Vietnam, Oregon Data Center, Adaptly, Questions, Pixable, Cars and More

Weekly Facebook Developer Blog Update – This week’s Platform Update to the Facebook Developers Blog announced that developers can now upload videos using the Graph API, and can batch upload binary data, including photos. It also reminded developers not to use fake accounts as admins of their apps, or their apps could be disabled. Developers should use real accounts to create apps, and Graph API-based designated test accounts for testing.

Facebook Unblocked in Vietnam? – Vietnam’s telecom company, FPT, signed a partnership with Facebook this week wherein the company will help promote and sell ads, as well as consulting developing Vietnamese apps for Facebook. The news was reported in PC World Vietnam, which hints that Facebook may be unblocked in that country soon.

Facebook Considers Censorship – Responding to questions about how Facebook sees working in countries that restrict free speech, aspokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that ”Maybe we will block content in some countries, but not others. We are occasionally held in uncomfortable positions because now we’re allowing too much, maybe, free speech in countries that haven’t experienced it before.” Facebook, like Google and other tech companies, do censor some information in specific interests (Nazi propaganda in Germany being an easy example, or hate speech), but have so far resisted widespread censorship of users over political or cultural issues.

Uganda Set to Block Facebook – Facebook is increasingly a target for blocking among governments, regardless of how it handles its service — the free-wheeling nature of the communication medium is what some fear. The government of Uganda is set to order ISPs there to block Twitter and Facebook in the face of widespread protests in the face of high food and fuel prices.

Facebook Increases Lobbying Spending in DC — Although not by much. Spending is up to $230,00 in the first quarter of this year from $41,000 a year before. Other companies and organizations spend many millions of dollars per quarter.

A Look Inside Facebook’s Oregon Data Center - Data Center Knowledge went on a tour of the servers at Facebook’s Prineville, Oregon datacenter and included photos and a video. Robert Scoble also went on the tour an includes more information and photos, such as that Facebook’s datacenter is the most efficient in the world. [Image via Facebook]

Winklevoss Twins Are Back in Court, Again – Although last week we reported that the Winklevoss twins had lost their latest challenge in an ongoing series of lawsuits against Facebook, they’re back. This time, the twins and another UConnect co-founder Divya Narendra, claim that Facebook hid instant messages that could have aided their cause during the course of their lawsuit (the newly-produced emails from a separate case against founder Mark Zuckerberg, from Paul Ceglia).

One User’s Question Goes Viral With 4M Votes – A random Facebook user, Heather Marie Hollingsworth, recently posted a question to her friends that ended up getting 4.11 million votes. AllThingsD reports that the virality designed into Facebook’s Questions product was likely responsible, as Hollingsworth simply asked her network whether they wanted to stay on her friends list as she began to clean it out.

Facebook Glitch Resets Email Notifications – Facebook reported it fixed a glitch that affected the amount of emails users receive from the social network, which users adjust in their account settings. All told users may receive email notifications for up to 73 different actions, such as being tagged in a photo.

Latest Android for Facebook Released – Facebook for Android v1.5.3 was released this week; the latest version allows users to tag friends in status updates, bug fixes and a friend finding feature.

FormSpring Names Former RockYou Executive as COO - Ro Choy, a former business executive at the social developer, is now the chief operating officer of the question and answer site that makes heavy use of Facebook features.

Compete: Financial Services Ok on Facebook – Compete studied the state of financial services firms on Facebook and found that State Farm, Capital One, Progressive beat out iTunes and Ford.

Pixable Raises $3.6M – Pixable, which created the Photofeed app that helps people discover their friends’ photos, raised $3.6 million this week in a second round funding.

Adaptly Raises $2.7M – Adaptly raised $2.7 million this week in seed and Series A funding from investors that included First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures and a group of angels. The money is set to help Adaptly continue to help advertisers spread their message across social networks, not simply Facebook.

Which Green Cars Capture the Most Chatter? – Social media analytics company Infegy ran an analysis of which “green” vehicles captured the most social chatter. Their analysis found that the Chevy Volt, then Audi A3 Diesel and Ford Fusion Hybrid were the top three midsize cars, whereas compacts were the Toyota Prius, Mini E Electric and the Nissan Leaf.

American Express Holds Small Business Contest – American Express Open and Facebook are partnering to hold a contest for small business owners to get a “small business makeover” at Facebook’s headquarters. The contest will award 5 business owners an all-expense paid trip to Palo Alto, California for a two-day, one-on-one business makeover, along with $20,000 to revamp their business’ social media strategy.

Facebook Roundup: White House, Twitter, MySpace, SeeClickFix, Shoutlet, Soccer and More

White House Spokesman Not Headed to Facebook – Although there was widespread speculation that former White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs was being courted by Facebook, The New York Post reports that an interview didn’t favor him. There was also speculation that Gibbs planted the story to boost his image. [Image Via Pete Souza]

Twitter to Offer Pages Similar to Facebook – Marketing Magazine reported this week that Twitter is set to offer branded Pages similar to what Facebook offers. The idea is to allow brands a space to deliver their own content and cultivate more Twitter followers.

Sean Parker Pushed Back Against “The Social Network” – The New York Times reported this week that the first president of Facebook, Sean Parker, used a public relations firm, ID, to undermine the credibility of “The Social Network” during the Oscars race earlier this year.

MySpace SVP Joines Tagged – TechCrunch reported that MySpace’s SVP of Customer Care Tish Whitcraft left the social network to join another, Tagged, as chief customer officer this week.

Marin Software Raises $16M - Marin Software raised $16 million in Series E funding from a variety of investors this week, bringing the company’s total to $51 million. Marin Software creates search engine management software for agencies and advertisers, according to TechCrunch.

SeeClickFix Launches on Facebook Platform – SeeClickFix launched an application on the Facebook platform this week, reported TechCrunch. The service helps people flag issues for officials to tend to.

Shoutlet Updates Management Platform - Shoutlet released an update to its platform this week, Shoutlet 4.0. The new version adds CRM functionality to YouTube and Twitter, in addition to Facebook. It also includes contest functionality, HTML5 compatibility and more.

Vanity Fair’s Facebook Revolution Slideshow - Vanity Fair created a slideshow of Egyptian protesters that used Facebook widely during the recent change in leadership in that country.

Argentine Footballer Gains 7M Fans in 7 Hours – Argentine football (soccer) star Leo Messi just started his Facebook Page Wednesday; 7 hours later he had 7 million Likes, reported Mashable. The sudden growth was likely due to a Facebook merging the various unofficial Pages and community Pages users had created for the athlete before he made his own.

Facebook Roundup: White House, Insider Trading, Intifada, Jive, MTV, HipHop, Fish and Baseball

Facebook Sets Sights on Obama Aide Gibbs – Former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is in talks to work for Facebook to help manage the company’s communications ahead of the rumored 2012 public offering. [Image Via Pete Souza]

Insider Trading Scandal Led to Termination of Facebook Employee – Michael Brown, former corporate development manager for Facebook, abruptly left the company after it was discovered he had engaged in insider trading, reported TechCrunch. Brown purchased Facebook stock on secondary markets, reportedly in September according to TechCrunch, which counts as grounds for immediate termination.

Facebook Grapples With Israel-Palestine Conflict - Facebook recently removed a Page supporting the Third Palestinian Intifada with more than 340,000 Likes after comments devolved into direct calls for violence. This is an example of Facebook’s growing struggle to figure out how to deal with discussions of conflict and controversial political views. Now, an American activist is suing Facebook for $1 billion for not removing the Page fast enough. It needs to balance freedom of speech, human rights, and staying business-friendly.

Jive Software Announces Board Appointments – Jive Software announced new members new joing its board of directors this week, including:Jonathan Heiliger who is the VP of technical operations at Facebook, Charles Robel, former COB of McAfee, David DeWalt who is president of McAfee, and Sundar Pichai who is VP of product management at Google. The company counts Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins as investors, and with the addition of these board seats, Jive Software has amassed a pretty impressive set of advisors.

Facebook Featured on MTV Show “Diary” - Facebook was featured in a half-hour show called “Diary” which included interviews with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a Facebook engineer. The show presented a very positive impression of the company.

Ifeelgoods Wins Web 2.0 Expo ShowcaseIfeelgoods won the Web 2.0 Expo Startup Showcase this week. The company is a marketing service provider that allows clients to rewards their users with Facebook Credits for performing certain actions. The company has done work with 1800 Flowers and recently signed with Netflix.

Facebook’s HipHop Conversion Very Efficient – Facebook’s Engineering Team wrote a note this week about exactly how efficient the HipHop conversion in early 2010 was for the company, allowing them to reduce average CPU usage by more than 50%.

Facebook Helps Fish Scientists Identify Species – Facebook was at the center of an interesting success story of ichthyologists, or fish scientists, who were able to identify more than 5,000 specimens from Guyana in a week with the help of the social network. Basically, the scientists were in a time crunch to identify these specimens and in 24 hours were able to do 90% of the job with Facebook. Most of those helping out had a Ph.D. in ichthyology.

Facebook and Baseball - Facebook’s data and science team culled some interesting information from baseball fans’ status updates and profiles. Less than 50% of any baseball team’s fans were female. Baseball fans have higher than average numbers of friends, averaging 300, even though the Dodgers and Angels have the least number of friends while the Athletics and Nationals have the highest number of friends.

Cross-town rivalries such as the Dodgers/Angels don’t break friendships. And the Phillies have the most devoted team, which is to say the most fans not fans of any other team. Interesting, but there are many confounding variables here. Take the cross-town rivalries: it’s obvious that users who live in the same city would be more likely to be friends. When it comes to baseball fans being friendly, any user with Likes is a more engaged Facebook user, so it’s natural for them to have more Facebook friends.

Facebook Roundup: Skype, Al Jazeera, Video, Mobile, Fusion-io, Music, LinkedIn, Death and More

Facebook, Skype Rumored to be in Talks – There’s a rumor going around that Skype and Facebook are going to partner to allow users to make calls within Facebook.

Al Jazeera Show Will Script From Facebook – A new show on the Al Jazeera English network, “The Stream,” is set to take its content cues from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube streams, rather than its own script.

Justin.tv’s Socialcam Mobile App Shares Video – Justin.tv launched a mobile app called Socialcam to allow users to share videos from their iPhones and Android devices. Users will be able to log into Facebook and share videos via Facebook, as well as other social networks.

Fusion-io’s IPO Helped by Facebook – Fusion-io, a company that uses flash memory to speed up data storage has filed by an IPO, helped in part by the fact that Facebook is a big customer. According to AllThingsD, 80% of Facebook’s Prineville, Ore. data center hardware runs Fusion-io technology, the same will be true of the Rutherford facility in North Carolina.

RootMusic Raises $800K – RootMusic raised $800,000 this week, taking total funding to $3.1 million. Now the company is set to further develop its app to make RootMusic synonymous with music on the Facebook platform.

A Quarter of LinkedIn Friends are on Facebook – A study by MyWebCareer found that 23% of LinkedIn connections are also on Facebook, making it difficult to keep professional and personal lives separate.

BackType Raises $1M - BackType, which offers a free social media analytics dashboard, raises more than $1 million from True Ventures, K9 Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Lowercase Capital, 500 Startups, Founder Collective, Raymond Tonsing and more, according to TechCrunch. The company previously raised $315,000.

Path Photo App Integrates Facebook – Path, an iPhone photo app, has integrated Facebook sharing, along with other features.

PunchTab Releases Mobile App, SolidPunch – PunchTab released an iPhone app, SolidPunch, which allows users to reward Facebook friends for the favors they do for you. The app uses Facebook Connect and allows users to “punch” a virtual ticket of sorts, once the friend does 6 favors, users may send friends a free PunchTab coupon. [Image via TechCrunch]

Context Optional, Websense Partner for Security – Context Optional and Websense have partnered to provide security services for Context Optional’s Social Marketing Suite. Websense’s Defensio product can help guard against socially engineered attacks.

Vain Women Have Bigger Facebook Networks – A study by Michael A. Stefanone in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that women who base a lot of self-worth on their appearance share more photos online and have larger social networks. Facebook, then, becomes a platform for them to compete with other women for attention. There’s a video in which he explains.

Live On Facebook After You Die - An app from Israeli startup Willook, If I Die, allows users to create a video or text message to be published to your Wall after you die. The app works by asking users to select three friends from Facebook to confirm your death, if they all do, the message will publish.

Facebook Roundup: Renren IPO, Trademarks, Sprout Social, Advertising, College and More

Chinese Facebook, Renren, Planning IPO – A Chinese competitor to Facebook, Renren, is set for a $500 million IPO.

Sprout Social Raises $10M – Sprout Social, a Facebook community mangement company, raised $10 million from NEA, putting the company’s total valuation at $50 million.

Facebook’s Sandberg Named to Jobs Council – Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was named with other tech chiefs to President Barack Obama’s council on jobs and competitiveness.

Facebook’s Early Advertising Data – Documents from Facebook’s early days, like really early when it was still TheFacebook, were released to TechCrunch this week. The information is interesting mostly in comparison to Facebook today. For example, only 800 schools were in the network then and there were only 2.7 million registered users.

Facebook Obtains Trademark for Zero - Facebook’s application to trademark its mobile site, Zero (0), was approved this week.

80% of Colleges Use Facebook for Recruiting – Kaplan Test Prep’s 2010 survey of college admissions officers has shown that 82% of respondents reported that Facebook is being used to recruit students.

Job Interviewer Asks for Facebook Login -The Maryland Department of Corrections requires applicants to submit social media logins and passwords for background checks, including Facebook.

News Web Site Moves to Facebook – Rockville Central, a community news web site based in Maryland, is set to move its entire operation from RockvilleCentral.com to its Facebook Page. About 1 in 10 of the hits for the site come from Facebook, and although advertising revenue will be lost with the move, those that run the site say there are other ways to generate revenue.

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