Facebook Roundup: Greenpeace, JavaScript, Marketing, Buddy Media and More

Facebook, Greenpeace Agree on Energy Policy – Facebook and Greenpeace have come to an agreement this week on the promotion of green or renewable energy the social network uses to operate. [Photo via Facebook]

Facebook Updates JavaScript - Facebook announced in a blog post this week that JavaScript SDK changed to OAuth 2.0.

Involver Reports Facebook Marketing Adoption – Involver reported this week, in infographic form, that businesses are adopting Facebook as a marketing tool at faster rates.

Facebook Compiles Top Political Articles of 2011 – In a note on the U.S. Politics on Facebook page, the social network listed the most popular political news articles of the year based on Facebook shares, posts and use of social plugins.

Developers Attend Social Games Hack at Facebook – Developers GameHouse, Tien Len, Attributor and GameFace.me took home prizes for the most innovative hacks at Facebook Games Hack, an event aimed at educating developers on Open Graph integrations.

Other Announcements:

Ticketfly Raises $12M -  Ticketfly reported this week that the company released an integrated in-app Facebook app to allow vendors to sell tickets right on Facebook.

Buddy Media Launches Power Your Connections Contest – Buddy Media launched the Power Your Connections Illustrator contest this week, inviting artists to design their own interpretation of the art of connections, as in social media connections. The prize is $5,000, a feature in Buddy Media’s campaign and a showcase at SXSW.

Airline to Let Passengers Choose Seatmate Using Online Profiles – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is launching “meet and seat,” a way to view Facebook or LinkedIn profiles of the people you could sit next to on your flight.

Vote to See Inside Facebook and Inside Network Panels at SXSW

The Inside Network editorial team has proposed several panels for this year’s South By Southwest Interactive and Music Conferences, but we need your votes to get them on the program. The panels look at:

  1. Why brands need third-party Facebook service providers such as Page management and Ads API companies
  2. How Facebook Credits can power digital media sales and be used as ecommerce purchase incentives
  3. How musicians can best market themselves using Facebook
  4. The ways film and TV studios are integrating with social games

Here’s a closer look at the four panels we’ve proposed. If you think these are important issues, please follow the links and vote for them. Help us out even if you aren’t planning to attend, as some panels will be livestreamed, and we’ll publish coverage of the discussions.

Brands Need 3rd-Party Tools to Succeed on Facebook

Can brands succeed at Facebook marketing on their own? We’ll discuss with the heads of the biggest service providers on the Facebook Platform what problems third-parties can solve for brands more efficiently than they can solve on their own, including advertising, brand presence, and promotion. We’ll also look at some of the biggest questions brands are confronted with when choosing service providers, and why marketing on a social platform requires different partnership strategies than what brand are used to. Moderated by Josh Constine, Lead Writer of Inside Facebook. Panelists include:

  • Michael Lazerow, CEO, Buddy Media, Page management
  • Victoria Ransom, CEO, Wildfire Interactive, Page management
  • Patrick Toland, US Managing Director, TBG Digital Inc., Ads API

Vote here for “Brands Need 3rd-Party tools to Succeed on Facebook”

Facebook Credits: Not Just for Virtual Goods

Facebook Credits, the social network’s virtual currency, has become the exclusive payment method for all Facebook games. Now, more users are maintaining a balance of Facebook Credits, and more users want them. This has opened new business and marketing opportunities. Content owners can license streaming access or downloads of their content in exchange for Facebook Credits. Meanwhile, ecommerce companies can reward users with Credits for marking purchases or signing up for email lists. Representatives of companies pioneering the use of Facebook Credits outside of social games will discuss the current state of Facebook Credits and their typical uses, explain how virtual currencies are already disrupting several industries, and debate which types of transactions are the next to be changed by the emergence of a virtual currency that is in demand and cheap to distribute. Moderated by Eric Eldon, Editor of Inside Network. Panelists include:

  • Suchit Dash, Co-founder, Ifeelgoods, Inc., virtual goods incentives
  • Dean Alms – VP of Marketing and Biz Dev, Milyoni, ecommerce
  • Jennifer Taylor – Manager of Product Marketing, Facebook Inc., social networking

Facebook Music Marketing: Pages, Feeds, and Games

Musicians are adopting Facebook as a core component of their online marketing strategy as the importance of Myspace fades. But which of Facebook’s social channels should artists focus on? Streaming music from their Facebook Page? Gaining fans by trading news feed posts with other musicians? Selling music and and driving listens within social games? Heads of some of most influential Facebook music marketing companies will debate which of these channels is most important, and we’ll discuss how bands can tie the channels together to conduct successful marketing campaigns that don’t spam Facebook’s users. Moderated by Josh Constine, Lead Writer of Inside Facebook. Panelists include:

  1. J Sider – CEO, RootMusic, musician profile apps
  2. Mike More – CEO, Headliner.fm, news feed post exchange
  3. Albin Serviant – CEO, MXP4, music games
  4. Meredith Chin – Manager of Corporate Communications, Facebook, social networking

Vote here for ”Facebook Music Marketing: Pages, Feeds, and Games”

TV & Film in the Age of the Social Game

What does Jersey Shore have to do with FarmVille? Major media producers like Starz, A&E and MTV are capturing new audiences both online and off by leveraging the power of social games on Facebook. As more licensed entertainment brands integrate with social games on the platform, what are the greatest risks, and who is taking the lion’s share of rewards? Join us for a critical look at social game integrations that are headed for a crash, and the ones that are getting it right. Moderated by Amanda Glasser, Lead Writer of Inside Social Games. Panelists include:

  • David Katz – Director of Digital Media, Starz Media, television
  • Kris Soumas - A+E Networks Digital (Games), television and games
  • Catherine Herdlick – Product Manager, 6waves, social games

Vote here for “TV & Film in the Age of the Social Game”

Eventbrite Reduces SXSW Overcrowding, Says Facebook Connect Doubled its Sales

Eventbrite shared data at its South By Southwest Interactive panel on social commerce showing that when the site integrated Facebook Connect at the start of 2009, it hit its inflection point and doubled gross ticket sales that year. The data could inspire more ecommerce sites to consider significant Facebook integration.

The site has also become an even more crucial tool for organizers of SXSW events this year, since the conference reportedly grew 33% to 20,000 registered attendants from 15,000 in 2010. Eventbrite’s ability to cap or cease RSVPs while leaving an event’s page up helps party sponsors avoid negative sentiment by reducing overcrowding and the number of people they have to turn away at the door.

Facebook Events, which experienced a surge of popularity at SXSW 2010, doesn’t offer this function, allowing thousands to RSVP to a party with a capacity of 300. This limits the feature’s value to organizers of popular or exclusive events. Facebook should consider adding RSVP cap or suspension functionality to expand the scope of the gatherings the feature can be used promote.

Eventbrite has previously indicated that Facebook is its top source of referral traffic, but today co-founder Julia Hartz also noted that it ranks Google search at number two, Twitter at number three. and LinkedIn at five or six.

Prior to the Facebook integration, Eventbrite’s referral sources in 2008 ranked:

  1. Direct traffic
  2. Google /organic
  3. Eventbrite.com / referral
  4. Yahoo / organic
  5. Google / cost per click advertising
  6. Facebook / referral

The self-service event promotion and ticketing service website has deepened its Facebook integration since 2009, now allowing users to see events their Facebook friends are attending. The average Facebook share of one its events drives 11 clicks and $2.52 in sales, compared to $2.34 via email share, $0.90 via LinkedIn, and only $0.43 via Twitter.

Last year it looked as if Facebook might partner with Eventbrite to let Facebook users earn affilate fees from ticket buyers who they referred. However, the system never went live and Hartz confirmed the sites have no official partnership at this time.

Post-Purchase Shares and Music Generate More Revenue

Hartz explained that 40% of Facebook shares from the site occur pre-purchase, but that the 60% occurring post-purchase generate 20% more sales per share. This indicates that ecommerce sites should focus more on driving post-purchase shares.

Another new data set Eventbrite revealed was the breakdown of average revenue generated per Facebook share of different event categories. Music events drove an enormous $12 per share, suggesting that musicians have a lot to gain from selling their own concert tickets via EventBrite, especially those with existing Facebook followings.

The rough breakdown of revenue per share by category is:

  1. $12 – Music
  2. $11 – Fundraising / Charity / Giving
  3. $6.75 – Social Events / Mixers
  4. $5.75 – Food / Wine
  5. $2.10 – Classes / Workshops
  6. $1.90 Conferences / Seminars
  7. $1.10 – Networking / Clubs / Associations
  8. $0.90 – Business / Finance / Sales

These figures could be slightly confounded by total number of events in each category and the quality of the event’s page. Still, they demonstrate serious revenue potential from promoting fundraising, food and wine, and social events through a combination of Eventbrite and Facebook.

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