Featured Facebook Campaigns: Toys “R” Us, Taco Cabana, “Mission Impossible,” GLAAD, Walmart, Michael Kors, Macy’s and Visa

Black Friday features prominently in our campaigns this week as Toys “R” Us offered its catalog for download on Facebook and Walmart used an app to help users locate their nearest stores — and the deals to be had there. Macy’s also released an app designed to involve users in the company’s annual Thanksgiving parade, GLAAD’s Thanksgiving effort to promote LGBT equality, movie streaming, free handbags and more.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

The Great Big Toys “R” Us Book

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty

Method: The Great Big Toys “R” Us book is available for download as a PDF on the company’s Page.

Core Mechanic: The app allows users to download the company’s toy catalog that includes holiday shopping specials for leisurely perusal. The company first began releasing the catalog on Facebook in 2009; at the time users could only peruse the catalog on Facebook, thus, the download represents the next level in marketing. The app also offers users the chance to sign up for mobile deals or emails.

Impact: The Page currently stands at 2.3 million and shows steady growth according to PageData.

Taco Cabana’s eClub Free Taco

Goal: Email Acquisition, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase

Method: The Page’s Join Our eClub tab asks users to sign up for the company’s email list, taking them to the website to sign up in exchange for a free taco.

Core Mechanic: The free taco serves as a lure to bring customers into the social media and email offerings the company frequently launches, such as seasonal beverages or foods. The company has also been advertising the offer and its social media presence in-store to boost its email list.

Impact: The Page currently counts about 82,000 Likes and shows steady growth, according to PageData.

Want to learn how top brands are designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of hundreds of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Featured Facebook Campaigns: John Deere, Flex Watches, JC Penney, Ann Taylor, Toyota, Visa and More

In this week’s look at the most interesting new campaigns running on Facebook, we interviewed marketing leaders from agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere about the company’s charity campaign. We also examined commerce campaigns from Flex Watches, Ann Taylor, and JC Penney. There was a fresh group of game integrations between brands and gaming companies, too, including the likes of Best Buy, Zynga, Toyota and Indycar.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

John Deere’s Project “Can Do”

Goal: Charity, Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure

Method: The app allows users to design their own virtual can of food as part of a bigger company effort to donate food.

Core Mechanic: The food donation campaign from John Deere is to construct a life-size version of a combine made of food cans. Users on the app can also watch a live stream if the construction, design their own virtual food can, meet a farmer and learn more about the combine. We spoke to Nicole Schneider, Project Manager and Richard Williamson, Project Manager with John Deere about the campaign for the role farmers and ranchers play in producing safe, healthy and abundant food for a growing world population.

They told us the primary goal of the campaign was to raise awareness “for the essential role farmers and ranchers play in producing safe, healthy and abundant food for a growing world population,” but that Page growth and engagement were also important. By allowing users to design their own food can and share it to the feed, users were helping the company donate one real can for every virtual can designed. The ultimate goal was to donate more than 300,000 cans to a food bank.

Impact: The Page currently stands at about 688,000 Likes and PageData points to steady growth both before and after this particular campaign launched.

Flex Watches’ TabJuice Store

Goal: Product Purchase, Network Exposure

Method: A new TabJuice store for Flex Watches recently launched where users may purchase, Recommend and tweet about watches.

Core Mechanic: The landing tab of the Page is Like-gated, but the store is a tab on the Page that is operated by TabJuice.

Impact: A case study provided by Elle Communications noted that in the first week of the store’s operation, more than $2,000 worth of merchandise was sold in 24 hours (the watches are about $30 a piece). At the time the Page had 11,000 Likes, now the Page stands at 17,400 Likes; PageData notes a recent spike in growth on the Page.

Want to learn how top brands are designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of hundreds of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Roundup: Privacy, Echo Nest, Music, Wal-mart, Ooyala, BrightApps and More

Echo Nest Points Out Flaws in Facebook Music – The CEO of Echo Nest, a music industry service provider, published a blog post this week outlining technical problems with Facebook’s music sharing system. It criticizes errors in how Facebook IDs songs that prevents music shared from one service such as Spotify from being played in a different service such as Rdio.

Wal-Mart Offers Localized Deals for Fans – Wal-Mart and Facebook have partnered to offer the retailer’s Facebook fans deals localized to its 3,500 locations in the U.S. Facebook is not working with other merchants in a similar way because of a lack of resources. We wrote about similar types of deals previously, when Facebook tested tools allowing corporations to administrate all the Places pages of the local instances of their business.

Ooyala Analyzes Facebook Videos – Ooyala recently released a video analysis tool, Custom Analytics with Business Dimension Reporting. The tool helps users segment audiences based on behavior on the Facebook platform.

Flowtown Acquired by Demandforce - Small business marketing firm Flowtown was acquired by Demandforce, a marketing solutions company.

BrightEdge Leverages Open Graph – BrightEdge released a new solution for Facebook Pages trying to improve their SEO, the S3 edition includes things like open graph tags, improved search rankings help, engagement measurement and more.

Other Announcements:

Buddy Media Opens San Francisco, Singapore Offices – Buddy Media has opened new offices in San Francisco and Singapore.

Votigo Launches Self-Service Platform, Offers – Votigo has launched self-service access to its social media promotions platform this week. As part of the promotion, the company is offering contest and sweepstakes apps for two cents to the first 2,000 businesses creating a promotion with the platform before the end of October.

Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pretzel Crisps, Farmers Insurance, Zynga, 7-Eleven and JVC

Some companies tried new methods, and others relied on tried and true ones in their campaigns on Facebook over the last week. Pretzel Crisps engaged customers over their new product flavors, also giving away copious amounts of it for free, and 7-11 gave away free coffee this week. Farmers Insurance teamed up with Zynga to promote its services while JVC is set to create a network of local Facebook Pages to target its customers.

You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

Pretzel Crisps’ Spice Up Your Life Sweepstakes

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure, Engagement

Core Mechanic: A week-long sweepstakes from Pretzel Crisps that both awarded free product to users and asked them to engage with the brand via Facebook app.

Method: The sweepstakes began Monday, September 26, and ran through Friday, September 30 in order to promote the new Pretzel crisps flavors in the Bold & Spicy flavors, specifically Jalapeño Jack and Chipotle Cheddar. Users could enter once an hour to win a case of the new flavors; all told the company would be giving away a case (36 bags) of the new product every hour for 100 hours. Additionally, the grand prize sweepstakes is $5,000 and winners were to be announced on the Sweepstakes tab on the Page.

Once users entered, a feed story was generated. Users could customize each branded entry by selecting a phrase about the product that also described themselves.

We spoke to Pretzel Crisps’ Director of Interactive and Field Marketing Jason Harty, who noted that the two primary goals of the campaign were to build the size of the Page and to engage with customers about the new products. Plus, “I looked at it as a really unique way to seed product to new people in random parts of the country,” he said in reference to the delivery of cases of new product to winners. Harty said he hoped winners would share the new flavors with their family and friends and share their feedback with the company online.

Harty described the role of social media in Pretzel Crisps’ marketing as “very important,” mostly because it’s a two-way dialogue with customers. The company prides itself on its Facebook content that includes more than simply “buy more or eat more,” but suggests different ways for customers to use the product, a dip recipe for example.

Impact: Pretzel Crisps used this campaign, Harty told us, with the goal of reaching the 100,000 Likes milestonefrom 62,000. Ambitious though it may have been, the Page did almost hit this mark, currently standing at 98,700 Likes. The company shared some preliminary results with us, noting that during the sweepstakes the Page received a 57% increase in fans and more than 8,000 Wall posts. PageData showed the Page received about 36,000 new fans during the span of one week.

What Harty highlighted, however, was that the engagement that accompanied the tens of thousands of entries was very high. About 25% of those who entered also posted a branded news story about the product and their entry, which Harty considered high, noting “I view that as genuine, earned media.”

How are top brands in the industry designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of hundreds of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Super 8, Cost Plus and Clearasil

Brands used everything from coupons to nostalgia to recruit Likes on their Facebook Pages this week. Pizza Hut gave out coupons, while Domino’s Pizza gave out free pizzas with a side of nostalgia, then there were sweepstakes for guitars, cars and vacations from Clearasil, Super8 and Cost Plus World Market.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Pizza Hut’s Get Your P’Zone

Goal: Page Growth, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: A coupon application on the Page allowing users to receive a discount on the company’s P’Zone product.

Method: Users who visited the Pizza Hut Page during the past week were able to use a branded application to make an order on the company’s website and then receive $5 off that order. The Page was Like-gated for users who wanted to receive the discount on the pizza and the company also offered customers the chance to receive coupons via email or text message.

Impact: The Page shows good growth last week during the offer, jumping about 130,000 Likes, according to AppData.

Domino’s Pizza Noid Shootout

Goal: Page Growth, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase, Engagement

Core Mechanic: An arcade-style game on the Page that promises free pizzas to the highest scores and then awards coupons, publishes feed stories and adds people to the company’s email lists when the game is over.

Method: The arcade game’s premise is that the company’s old mascot stole 10,080 free pizzas and is set to award those pizzas to the users with the highest scores. The game is basically just shooting pizzas, easy to play in other words, and when it’s over users who do not win are offered coupons for other free food. Then they are prompted to enter their email to receive those pizzas, being added to the company’s email list in the process, and publish a feed story announcing their win.

This campaign has another angle, however, since it incorporate Domino’s Pizza’s older mascot, Noid. The arcade-style game and old mascot trigger nostalgia, and users win free food just for taking the trip down memory lane, even if they don’t win the game. Plus, users can return to play multiple times, increasing engagement.

Impact: The Page grew by about 109,000 Likes in the past week according to PageData. That means probably more than 100,000 users Liked the Page as a result of the game, and the many news feed stories published by game reached even more users.

How are top brands in the industry designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of hundreds of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Roundup: London, Pages, School, Spam, Foursquare, Zuckerberg and More

Facebook’s Page Reaches 50 Million Likes — The company has just reached 50 million Likes on its official Page, which is also unsurprisingly the most popular Page on the site.

Ceglia Facebook Ownership Facebook Looking Even Worse — Despite some turgid articles not too long ago about the possibility of upstate New York entrepreneur and scam artist Paul Ceglia winning his court case claiming that he owns half of Facebook, his big-name lawyers recently left. And now, Facebook says it has found “smoking gun” evidence that he fabricated documents purporting to show his ownership stake. It says it can’t reveal the evidence yet, though.

Facebook Expands in London - Facebook is renting a 36,000 square-foot building in London for its 70 employees that will focus on ad sales.

Unauthorized Pages in Users’ Feeds – Some users are reporting that they are seeing Facebook Pages appearing in their news feeds despite having never Liked them. Facebook has yet to confirm the issue. Thanks to Mike for the tip.

Foursquare Makes Pages Self-Serve - Foursquare’s organizational Pages are now self-serve and aimed at allowing brands to market themselves on the platform.

Facebook Becomes Back-to-School Hub – As happened last year, Facebook is set to become a big place for back to school shopping, giving users the chance to win free items, take advantage of limited time deals and receive discounts.

Spam King Sanford Wallace Indicted – Sanford Wallace, known as the Spam King, was indicted by a federal grand jury in San Jose this week for fraud on the Facebook platform. He faces 16 to 40 years in prison, plus fines.

Zuckerberg Named Silicon Valley’s “Worst Dressed” – GQ magazine named Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg worst dressed man in Silicon Valley despite some stiff competition. [Image Via David Terrar]

Facebook to Offer Digital Citizenship Grants – Facebook has pledged $200,000 in grant money for research “that improves understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with how kids are growing up in a world of media and technology”, such as cyber bullying prevention.

Other Announcements: 

SocialVibe Focuses on Political Ads – SocialVibe announced this week that it would be offering services tailored specifically to political campaigns and action committees ahead of the 2012 election. The company specializes in digital advertising.

DealBurner Sends Group Deals When You Check In - DealBurner is a new service that sends users alerts when they check in to a location on Facebook Places or Foursquare about daily deals and pre-paid coupons offered at that business. The service aggregates deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, ScoutMob, and more.

New Facebook Platform Industry Hires: Claritics, Sharethrough, BranchOut, TBG Digital, Wildfire and More

A few companies hired some top engineering and product talent this week, while most of the rest of the companies we see on our weekly Facebook industry hiring roundup hired account staff and interns.

If your company is bringing in new people or making a notable promotion, please let us know. Email mail (at) insidefacebook (dot) com, and we’ll get it into next week’s post. Also, please note that information about most new hires, below, comes directly from company updates from LinkedIn.

Looking for new opportunities? Check out the Inside Network Job Board, which shows the latest openings at leading companies in the industry.

Here’s this week’s list of hires:


  • Sanjath Shringeri, Director of Engineering – formerly Engineering Manager for Tapjoy.


  • Jay Webster, Chief Product Officer – formerly product officer at Quova.


  • Ravi Teja Vadrevu, Software Engineer – formerly a Software Developer Intern at Civil Resource Group and MySpace.

TBG Digital:

  • Charlotte Knights, Client Services Manager – previously a Senior Social Media Analyst at TBG Digital.


  • Doan Trang TÔ, Manager, Client Solutions – formerly a Senior Account Manager at Hogarth Worldwide.


  • Jason Westerberg, Sales Operations Associate – previously was a student.

Efficient Frontier:

  • Chloe Riley, Search Marketing Specialist Intern – formerly a Loss Control Intern at Lexington Insurance Agency.
  • Riccardo Composto, Associate Account Manager – formerly worked in Sales Planning in channel development at Wind.

Who else is hiring? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry.

Featured Facebook Campaigns: Alamo Rent A Car, National Geographic Channel and Fox

Contests with different types of prizes were utilized by a rental car company and TV networks this week to recruit and engage fans. We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Alamo Rent A Car’s Make Your Escape

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Engagement

Core Mechanic: A sweepstakes that awards users a vacation.

Method: By Liking the Alamo Rent A Car Page, users may enter for a chance to win $5,000 towards a vacation this summer. The contest runs until August 29 and the contest asks users to join the company’s mailing list, and also gives entrants a chance to earn rewards if they are already members of the company’s club.

Impact: The Page has about 32,200 Likes so far, but could have probably grown more by publishing a feed story when a user entered the contest. Overall this is a good contest because it does provide a prize, and gives customers and those who are members of the company’s rewards club extra chances to win, thus promoting brand loyalty.

National Geographic Channel’s Remembering 9/11 App

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement

Core Mechanic: An interactive map users may use to add a location and tell the story of where they were during 9/11.

Method: The National Geographic Channel launched this app to accompany the channel’s “Remembering 9/11” programming that begins at the end of the month, August 28. The app is available in nine languages, across the world; it allows users to invite friends and publishes a feed story after the user completes their information.

Impact: The National Geographic Channel’s Page has about 551,300 Likes and the Remembering 9/11 app is a tab on the Page with just under 200 stories uploaded in just a few days. The app does well by publishing a feed story, although a user needn’t Like the NGC’s Page to use it. The app is both engaging and related to the company’s content, yet, the app itself does not reference the upcoming coverage, thus just using the app may not get a user to watch NGC’s coverage.

How are top brands in the industry designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of dozens of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Facebook Roundup: Prineville, Ceglia, Seattle, Ads, Credits, Mobile and More

Facebook Set for Another Oregon Datacenter – Facebook announced this week that it would build another data center on its Prineville, Oregon campus. Construction is set to begin in October.

Facebook to Expand in Seattle – Facebook is currently looking for more office space in Seattle, according to GeekWire. The company wants as much as 40,000 square feet more that might accommodate about 200 more people (the office is currently at about 40).

Privacy Glitch Makes Videos Public – TechCrunch reported that this week Facebook’s video privacy settings stopped working, allowing users to see listings, names, thumbnails, descriptions and tagged users in others’ videos. The company reported it had addressed the issue.

Alleged Facebook Owner Ceglia’s Case gets Complicated – Paul Ceglia is the man who claims to own half of Facebook. His lawsuit against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is playing out in New York, and he recently lost a fourth law firm in his case. Edelson McGuire just withdrew from the case, according to AllThingsD, as did DLA Pipe, Lippes Mathias, Wexler Friedman and Connors & Vilardo earlier this year.

Also, a Scathing Profile of Paul Ceglia – The Buffalo News wrote a scathing and very unflattering profile of would-be Facebook co-owner Paul Ceglia. Acquaintances and classmates basically call him a con artist, shyster, joke, grifter, lowlife and more. [Image Via Facebook]

User Ads Generated by Ad Companies – John Battelle wrote an interesting post this week detailing how he found out a company (AppSumo) that wasn’t Facebook was using his likeness in an ad, and that this apparently violated Facebook’s terms of service, promoting the social network to look into the issue.

Topps Buys Facebook Gift Card Provider – AllThingsD reported this week that Topps, the trading card company, purchased GMG Entertainment, the company which makes Facebook Credits gift cards. The terms of the purchase were not released.

Vodafone Releases Facebook Phone – Vodafone’s 555 Blue is a “Facebook phone” designed to be popular in emerging markets like India. The phone allows users to logon to Facebook when the phone is turned on, and open an account if they don’t already have one. [Image Via Vodafone]

LivingSocial Shutters Visual Bookshelf – AllFacebook reported this week that, after four years, LivingSocial is closing its Visual Bookshelf app and encouraging users to export their accounts to GoodReads.

Other Announcements:

Migrate Facebook to Google+ – Lifehacker reported this week on how to migrate your Facebook profile data to Google+.

North Social Releases Facebook Faux Pas – North Social released a series of 11 “fan Page fail” videos this week featuring the hapless Jonny Like who demonstrates what not to do to grow your Page’s community.

Trulia, Real Estate Social Search – Trulia.com is a social recommendation service using Facebook to leverage word-of-mouth when it comes to buying and selling real estate.

Shoutlet Releases 4.0 Analytics – Shoutlet released the 4.0 version of its platform this week with better analytics and the ability to take these and transform them into graphics.

Amy Winehouse, Jesus, Dior, Domo, “Captain America,” and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Popular musicians composed about half of our list of the fastest growing Facebook Pages by Likes this week. Topping the list was the recently departed Amy Winehouse, although other pop musicians also made the list. Then there was a bunch of movie and TV show Pages, a few big brands, Jesus, Snapfish and cereal.

Most of the Pages are list regulars in categories like music and media, requiring between 190,300 and 649,400 Likes to make the list this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a Page each week.

Name Likes Gain Gain,%
1.  Amy Winehouse 2,824,662 +649,428 +30%
2.  Special K 462,976 +462,976 +0.0%
3.  Nicki Minaj 12,125,807 +416,398 +4%
4.  Jesus Daily 7,613,180 +414,841 +6%
5.  Dior 4,358,483 +405,517 +10%
6.  Titanic 12,272,585 +382,572 +3%
7.  The Bad Girls Club 3,493,769 +359,674 +11%
8.  Beşiktaş 341,384 +341,384 +0.0%
9.  Domo 338,405 +338,405 +0.0%
10.  Kesha 15,630,328 +303,903 +2%
11.  Captain America 969,959 +297,608 +44%
12. Sagopa Kajmer, En Anlamlı Söz Yazan Rap’ci Diyenler … 246,554 +246,554 +0.0%
13.  Bruno Mars 10,076,700 +244,363 +2%
14.  Chris Brown 13,976,774 +221,274 +2%
15.  Pitbull 9,162,669 +218,603 +2%
16.  Pirates of the Caribbean 8,398,011 +206,042 +3%
17.  Snapfish 201,319 +201,319 +0.0%
18.  Trey Songz 10,932,424 +197,266 +2%
19.  Britney Spears 13,042,547 +190,981 +1%
20.  Wiz Khalifa 10,195,789 +190,281 +2%

As mentioned Amy Winehouse’s Page grew the most this week with 649,400 Likes in light of her death. Nicki Minaj’s Page grew by 416,400 Likes; she’s currently on tour with Britney Spears, whose Page grew by about 191,000 Likes. Kesha’s Page grew by 303,900 Likes, as she’s giving out free tickets to her concerts. Bruno Mars saw 244,400 new Likes, while Chris Brown’s award of free Spotify invites for fans attracted 221,300 Likes for his Page. Pitbull’s new single, combined with his tour and media posts, generated 281,600 Likes while Trey Songz’s new song gathered 197,300 and Wiz Khalifa added 190,300.

There were brands and other Pages on the list. Special K breakfast cereal has been providing users with a free diet app on Facebook, generating about 463,000 Likes in the past week. The Jesus Daily Page grabbed 414,800 likes, Dior’s Page saw 405,500, Turkish Beşiktaş saw 341,400 likes and the Japanese character Domo’s Page grew by 338,400, perhaps in part due to ComiCon or new merch. Snapfish photo service saw 201,300 likes this week, and the Page is currently running a free stuff promotion.

Movie and TV Pages also made the list in force this week. The “Titanic” Community Page grew by 382,600 Likes. Reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club” grew by 359,700 Likes, the “Captain America” movie saw 297,600 new Likes, a Turkish music Page,  Sagopa Kajmer, En Anlamlı Söz Yazan Rap’ci Diyenler … grew by 246,600 Likes and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie Page grew by 206,000 Likes.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.

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