Facebook adds Pages to Watch to insights


Facebook is allowing page admins to keep deeper tabs on their competition by integrating Pages to Watch data into its page insights.

Previously, page admins could choose up to 5 pages to see updates about page popularity and activity, so marketers can easily check how competing or similar pages are doing. Or Fialkov of Fialkov Digital noticed that deeper data about pages tracked in this manner is now available in insights.


Facebook announces newest update to App Insights


Version 2.0 beta of App Insights is now ready for developers, Facebook announced Thursday. All Facebook app developers can opt into this new version of App Insights starting today. It provides developers with a better dashboard to manage apps, as well as more actionable data, a clearer interface and improved warnings when outages occur.


Facebook launches ‘Stories to Share,’ for publishers


It seems Facebook has fallen in-step with news publishers, increasing the average referral traffic by 170 percent, according to new research. The social network also announced Monday that it has launched a new tool — Stories to Share — within the page admin dashboard.


Facebook rolling out new Page Insights globally


The new and improved Page Insights, which have been rolling out slowly to Facebook page admins, are coming to all page owners soon. Facebook announced that all page admins should have the new insights soon, showing data such as performance by post type and deeper demographic data about the fanbase.


Facebook makes move to objective-based ad creation, reporting


For several months, Facebook has been streamlining its ad creation process with one question in mind for marketers: “What do you want to do?”

Facebook took the next big step in this process Tuesday, announcing that the entire ad building flow has been rewired to put the objective first — whether it’s click to the company’s website, event invitations or app installs.


Infographic: Facebook fans of vitamins and supplements outpace clothing, music


Facebook users may love their clothing and music — as evidenced by 185,000 and 172,000 fans respectively of those industries — yet they are even more excited about vitamins and supplements. Almost 35 percent of fans of those products are reached with every post, according to data from AgoraPulse.

Other tidbits include:

—  The clothing industry has the most engagement with fans, reaching 8 percent per post, which outpaces music and movies.

—  Landmarks, movies and musicians have more engaged “storytellers” as evidenced by likes, comments and shares per post that reach 3 percent, 2.8 percent and 2.6 percent respectively.

—  Movies may elicit the hot buzz online, but they are neck-and-neck on engagement with television shows. Still, comments about movies are more apt to go viral than television show opinions.


3 most useful metrics in the new Facebook insights


One thing’s for certain: with the new insights tool, Facebook takes the lead as the social network that provides the most comprehensive analytics for brand promotions. Apart from its updated ad displays, this will be yet another feature that will attract businesses to invest in the largest social network. We’ll take you through why!

We won’t bore you with a step-by-step guide to the new insights as you can easily take a tour on your Facebook page or read countless blog articles like this one by Ben Harper.

We’ll touch upon three main points that we believe are the most useful insights for marketers and brand managers.

Facebook breaks down reach between fans and non-fans so you can know who’s sharing your posts the most. Another important metric is the track of when your fans are online. You no longer have to rely on different infographics telling you the optimal posting times for Facebook. Now, you can gauge optimal times for your page yourself. Lastly, Facebook has finally included official statistics for engagement rate with statuses, photos, videos or links.


Who is winning the battle of network stars — on Facebook?


TV stations are turning to Facebook to not only gain new viewers, but engage with people who already fans of shows. Networks are using Facebook to give fans sneak peeks of shows through exclusive video clips, but also to provide a second-screen experience. Through recap threads, fans of shows can engage with one another. As more users adopt hashtags — which is a popular way for Twitter users to engage about TV shows — Facebook will likely become an even stronger second-screen presence.

Hassan Bawab, the Founder and CEO of digital marketing firm MagicLogix, recently spoke with Inside Facebook about how TV shows and networks are utilizing Facebook for a richer experience. He also talked about how networks are learning more about their target audience through Facebook by giving viewers a forum to discuss their favorite shows:

(The second-screen platform) seems to be the number-one step for using Facebook whenever they have their targeted audience. It’s allowing them to make comments and chat and provide input. It also allows (networks) to build a communication bridge and they can have all of this communication before they start the show, once they start the show, during the show and after the show. So all this data is being collected and it allows the users to respond intelligently.

But what networks are the best at stimulating conversation and buzz through Facebook? According to PageData, Fox News is the most talked about Facebook page run by a major American TV station (such as NBC, ABC and CBS). Meanwhile, Ellen Degeneres’ popular show is the most-talked about TV show in the social network.


Facebook app ecosystem shifts as King overtakes Zynga


As reported by sister site Inside Social Games, King (maker of Candy Crush Saga) has passed Zynga, long the top dog in the Facebook application market, in terms of monthly active users.

This move is the biggest symbol of the shift in Facebook’s gaming and app ecosystem. Since gaming became popular on Facebook in its early days, Zynga was the biggest app developer on the site, and by a wide margin. However, as time went on, more competitors stepped up and delivered quality games.

Zynga had derived much of its traffic from Facebook, while delivering revenue for Facebook with hit titles such as FarmVille, FarmVille 2 and Texas HoldEm Poker. However, the two companies have had a messy divorce, as Facebook tried to cultivate an ecosystem with multiple gaming developers and Zynga sought traffic outside of the social network.

King has rocketed to the top with Candy Crush Saga, the most-used application on Facebook, in terms of monthly active users (MAU). While Zynga still has popular titles, such as Words With Friends and FarmVille 2, King now has five of the top 10 Facebook games in terms of MAU  — more than any other developer.


Facebook’s ad simplification continues with redesign of insights


Facebook’s push to remove redundancies and confusion from advertising took another big step Wednesday, as the company announced some changes to insights to make them easier to understand.

The company has clearly defined metrics such as people talking about this (PTAT) and virality, and made it much simpler to see how a post is performing. Now, page admins can see not just likes, comments, and shares, but also specifically how many clicks a post received.

Facebook has been trying to find ways to make it easier for page admins to understand when a post is gaining popularity (through highlighting it in the admin panel), but now marketers can see how many times a post has been clicked on, as well as negative engagement such as hides and indications of spam.

Page admins also have deeper insights into the demographic makeup of their Facebook fanbase.

These improvements will start today, but will be gradually rolled out, so not everyone will have these new tools at first.

Facebook explained these changes in a blog post:

Facebook News Feed rewards quality posts with greater reach. One major consideration in gauging post quality is the relationship between positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page). Historically, Page Insights has reported on posts’ performance, reach, and engagement in three distinct places. In the new Page Insights, we aggregate all these metrics into a post-specific score card, so marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics together. This will help Page admins better identify content people interact with, produce more of it, and enjoy increased reach and impact on Facebook.


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