Facebook VP of Global Marketing Solutions Grady Burnett joins Flurry

Grady_BurnettFacebook recently sustained another departure, as the company’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, Grady Burnett, has joined San Francisco-based app management and advertising platform Flurry as Chief Operating Officer.

Flurry announced Monday that Burnett will join the company to lead sales, marketing and business development. He spend 4 1/2 years at Facebook, working on the Facebook Preferred Marketing Development program and helping fuel international advertising growth.


China’s firewall cracks: Facebook allowed in free-trade zone of Shanghai


Monday night, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted the above photo to his timeline, showing a map of Facebook friend connections around the world. One commenter pointed out that China looks quite dark.

That may change soon. According to the South China Morning Post, Beijing is lifting the Internet firewall that has prevented residents from legally accessing Facebook and Twitter — but only within the free-trade zone of Shanghai. This decision will also allow residents to view the website of The New York Times.

Previously, such websites were deemed too politically sensitive and have been banned since 2009, but now it appears that Facebook has a foothold into China — and its 1.35 billion residents (roughly 590 million of whom are online). A Facebook representative confirmed to Inside Facebook that the company is aware of this news, but declined to comment further.


Facebook platform news: SPMD SHIFT expands into Europe


SHIFT is still in high gear with its recent announcement that it will expand in Europe and open a London Office.

The Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer has had a host of news lately including the launch of its Media Analyzer, unveiled late last month.

SHIFT, which is based in Los Angeles, also has offices in Chicago, New York and Facebook’s former stomping grounds, Palo Alto.

SHIFT CEO James Borow commented on the company’s growth:

As social continues to gain a larger share of the overall ad budget for marketing campaigns across the globe, we want to provide marketers the technology they need to efficiently manage, advertise and analyze their marketing initiatives in real-time. We currently work with 10 out of the 20 top global advertisers, therefore our expansion into Europe is a natural progression.

Casey McDevitt, SHIFT’s director of international sales, will be charged with leading SHIFT’s new international operation.


Facebook’s ad goals for the future: simpler and more worldwide


As Facebook makes the world more open and connected, the company is also finding ad revenue in all corners of the globe. As David Fischer, Facebook’s Vice President of Advertising and Global Operations, told the crowd Monday at Kenshoo’s K8 summit in Sausalito, Calif., the company is seeing ad revenue growth in countries that have a growing userbase.

Fischer pointed out that Brazil, Indonesia, Japan and Dubai are all rapidly becoming places where Facebook is seeing increasing ad revenue:

It’s incredibly exciting just to look around the world and see the growth that we’re having. The U.S. is obviously the largest market and the most powerful market for us, but as we go around the world, we see places like Brazil, which has just exploded in the past couple of years. And now, the U.K. number of daily active users is second after the U.S. It was nowhere a few years ago.


Facebook European director departs for White Star Capital

ChristianHernandezNot long after losing its advertising and growth chief for Asia, Facebook said goodbye to its director in Europe. Christian Hernandez, who headed up Facebook’s Euro and Pan-European divisions, announced that he is leaving the company to join business partner Eric Martineau-Fortin in the growth of White Star Capital.

Hernandez commented on his career change in a public Facebook post:

Some 1,350 days ago, I walked into Facebook for what has been one of the most amazing rides of my professional career. I have been able to work with and learn from some of the most amazing minds in tech, and have loved working alongside companies seeking to innovate on top of the Facebook Platform and see them scale globally.

The timing, however, is now right to put my passion for entrepreneurship and working with early-stage startups to use in a new way. In a few weeks I will leave Facebook and join my longtime friend and investment partner Eric Martineau-Fortin to scale out White Star Capital.


Lack of teen participation might always be a problem for Facebook but it doesn’t have to spell the end for the social network

friends 2A popular storyline lately is that Facebook is failing to capture interest from teens who are turning to Instagram, Snapchat or other services instead.

The conclusion pundits are making — from primarily anecdotal evidence, it should be noted — is that Facebook is on the decline because it is losing a source of new users. What these reports fail to acknowledge is that teens grow up.

Facebook is very likely looking for ways to engage younger users more, and it recognizes that new tech or new attitudes could prevent the social network from gaining hold among the next generation. The company and investors are right to have concerns, but it is also important to recognize that how teens feel about Facebook now is not necessarily how they’ll feel about it when they’re older.

Instagram announces 100M active users

instagramInstagram today announced a new milestone of 100 million monthly active users.

Just a month ago, Instagram surpassed 90 million MAU, but before that, the company only reported registered users not monthly actives. Some had speculated that Instagram might have lost users or seen growth slow after a controversy related to its data use policy, but there hasn’t been any data to indicate that has been the case. Instagram seems to be continuing to gain app downloads, sign-ups, active users and engagement.

Facebook reached 100 million monthly active users in August 2008 – four and a half years after it was founded. Instagram began in October 2010, and has risen very quickly, in part because of the virality of Facebook, plus the new infrastructure and resources that come along with being owned by the social network.

Percent of monthly active Facebook users who return daily increases

hiresThe percentage of Facebook’s monthly active users who use the service daily increased across all regions in Q4 2012, according to an analysis of data the company released last week.

Overall more than 58 percent of Facebook’s 1.056 billion monthly users are also daily active users.

DAU as a percentage of MAU is an important metric to judge engagement and “stickiness.” If the social network were gaining millions of new users but not maintaining a steady DAU over MAU, it would suggest those users were not finding reasons to return as frequently or that existing users were tiring of Facebook. For the most part that hasn’t been happening.

About 69.95 percent of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada were also daily active users in Q4, which is up slightly from 69.84 percent in Q3, though that’s still a bit below the peak of 70.49 percent in Q1 2012. All other regions surpassed their previous highs in this most recent complete quarter. Europe has a 64.75 DAU over MAU percentage. Asia is at 51.35 percent, and the rest of the world is at 52.96 percent. CFO David Ebersman said on the company’s earnings call last week that mobile usage is a key factor driving the increase in daily engagement. In fact, mobile DAUs surpassed desktop DAUs for the first time in Q4 2012.


Facebook platform now encompasses more than 50M pages and 10M apps

open graph globeMore than 50 million pages and 10 million apps are now part of the Facebook platform, according to a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today.

Facebook provided these updated stats after last reporting 42 million pages and 9 million apps in April. Pages are only counted if they have more than 10 Likes. Apps include those on Facebook.com, as well as websites and mobile applications that use Facebook login or other integrations with the social network.

Along with stats about pages and apps, Facebook provided other updated figures for photo uploads and friend connections in its filing today. On average more than 350 million photos per day were uploaded to Facebook in the fourth quarter of 2012. More than 240 billion photos have been shared on the social network. There were also more than 150 billion friend connections among its more than 1 billion users as of Dec. 31, 2012.

On Wednesday, the company reported that it reached 1.056 billion monthly active users during the fourth quarter of 2012. It also reported that its mobile DAUs have exceeded web DAUs for the first time.

Zuckerberg says mobile-first experiences will be ‘big theme’ of 2013, maximizing profits won’t be

fb iconFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear to investors on Wednesday that 2013 will be a year of growth and innovation, but perhaps not the kind that will help the company’s bottom line in the near future.

“We aren’t operating to maximize our profits this year,” Zuckerberg said on Facebook’s fourth quarter earnings call this week. “We’re doing what we think will build the best service and business over the long term.”

That includes a lot of hiring, especially in the area of product development. Facebook picked up 1,419 additional employees last year, and we’ve heard it plans to hire more than a thousand more this year. Zuckerberg says this is likely to lead the company’s expenses to grow at a faster rate than revenue will.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.02.36 AM

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