Facebook testing mobile web search feature similar to Graph Search (UPDATED)


Not long after Facebook announced Graph Search about a year and a half ago, the big question was when it would be available on mobile. It appears that Facebook is taking steps toward this, as Inside Facebook has discovered a test of search capabilities similar to Graph Search on mobile web. Facebook has previously been testing it on the mobile app, as well.

A Facebook spokesperson told Inside Facebook on Tuesday that this is not officially Graph Search, but rather an improvement to Facebook’s mobile web search feature, borrowing functionality from the desktop product:

We’re testing improvements to Facebook mobile search.

Despite having “graphsearch” in the URL (see below screenshot), Facebook claims that this is not an official mobile web Graph Search product.

On mobile web (not the Facebook app), some users can search for topics and posts, as well as queries such as pages my friends like — with functionality similar to Graph Search on desktop.


Facebook begins warning users of Graph Search privacy change

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 7.05.17 AM

Facebook is removing a privacy setting the company says was sparsely used, allowing all users to be found via Graph Search. The social network is in the process of sunsetting the “Who can look up your timeline by name?” feature, which essentially allowed users to be undiscoverable through Graph Search.

Facebook is notifying users who currently have this feature enabled through a prompt atop News Feed and in an email.


Report: Facebook to add Graph Search to iOS app, update Messenger


Facebook is reportedly planning on bringing Graph Search to mobile, starting with iOS, according to 9to5Mac.com. The site reported Wednesday that Facebook will soon release a major update to both its native iOS app and Messenger.

The report suggests that Facebook is testing two versions of Messenger for iOS — one which looks similar to Apple’s native messages feature and another one (which will more likely be released) heavy on white space and fitting with the iOS 7 design.


Facebook rolling out post search within Graph Search


One of the common complaints from Facebook users is the inability to find specific posts or status updates. Now, Facebook is working toward a solution by allowing posts to be found through Graph Search.

Facebook announced Monday that posts and status updates within a user’s friend network are searchable via Graph Search. This is rolling out slowly among a small group of users who have Graph Search.


Graph Search now available for all U.S. English Facebook users

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.51.37 PM

Graph Search, Facebook’s search product, is growing. The company announced Wednesday that now, all U.S. English Facebook users have access to Graph Search, which allows users to find things their friends like.

Last month, Facebook announced that it was in the process of rolling it out to all U.S. English users, but apparently, this phase has completed.

Facebook announced the news on its newsroom blog, reminding users to check privacy settings:

As a reminder, we introduced new privacy controls back in December and announced that we would be retiring the old “who can look up my timeline by name?” setting in the coming months. Now that people have had an opportunity to explore those tools, we are starting to retire this setting for the small percentage of people that use it.

As we continue to work on other improvements to Graph Search, such as searching for posts, comments and mobile, we encourage everyone to use your privacy shortcuts and Activity Log to review and adjust whom you have shared with, including status updates.

Readers: How do you like Graph Search so far?

1 powerful tactic allows businesses to take advantage of Facebook’s new mobile game publishing platform today

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 4.58.24 PM

After announcing that 41 percent of its advertising revenue was due to mobile efforts, Facebook took the next logical step of mobile advertising by announcing it will now assist developers in publishing their mobile games.

I am NOT surprised by this move.

Facebook can offer its entire social network for distribution, which is already fine-tuned for advertising.


STUDY: Facebook beating out niche sites for local search

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 2.51.37 PM

Through Facebook’s Graph Search, the company is trying to become a player in local search. As Yext discovered in a recent study, Facebook is already a more popular local search engine than TripAdvisor and other niche sites, yet still has a long way to go to catch up with Google.

When more than 1,000 people were asked about websites they access to find local business information, 12.4 percent said Facebook, while 6 percent said specialized sites. This pales in comparison, however, to Google, which earned a 50 percent mark on that question.

Yext did find out that small businesses love Facebook, as it was the most widely-used social media tool for promotion — 68.7 percent of those polled said they used Facebook to promote their business. While 42 percent said they had no plans to spend on online advertising, 28 percent (the most of any positive answer) said they ran Facebook ads.


INFOGRAPHIC: Optimizing your small business page for Facebook Graph Search

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.04.57 AM

Graph Search is rolling out to all U.S. English Facebook users. Is your page ready and Graph Search-friendly?

Right On-No Bull Marketing recently published an infographic showing how page admins and small business owners can make their page more easily found on Facebook’s Graph Search.


Facebook expanding Graph Search to all U.S. English users, working on mobile version


Graph Search, what Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the third pillar of Facebook, is rolling out to more users. The company announced Monday that the beta version of Graph Search, which allows users to search for things throughout their social graph, will be available within the next few weeks to all users who view Facebook in U.S. English.

Facebook also noted that it has started working on a mobile version of Graph Search, as well as a way for people to search posts and comments.

The company has improved privacy controls, so users have better control over what data of theirs is accessible via Graph Search — a major sticking point for many people.

Facebook noted in a Newsroom blog post that feedback from early Graph Search users has made the product faster (both at suggesting searches and displaying results), better at understanding queries, better at showing relevant results, and easier to see and use.


A closer look at Facebook’s hashtags


Facebook recently introduced something that has been a staple of social media for years — hashtags. However, hashtags on Facebook feel somewhat incomplete. Facebook only rolled out hashtags on Wednesday to a portion of its users, leaving brands unable to take full advantage of this new feature, as many users were bewildered.

While Facebook’s younger and power users, who are also on Twitter and Instagram (where hashtags are the norm), may have understood, it confused others who aren’t on those other social channels.

So why did Facebook introduce support for hashtags, which are now searchable and clickable for some users? As other sites have speculated, Facebook (empowered by its acquisition of Storylane) could possibly announce on June 20 a revamp of notes or some other kind of blogging service that would serve as a Tumblr competitor. While this is not to say that Facebook will unveil such a product, it could happen in the future. Someday, users might be able to sort through posts and notes searchable by hashtags.


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