Facebook and Labor Department Deliver Career Resources Through Social Jobs Partnership Page

Facebook and the United States Department of Labor today announced a partnership to help the country’s unemployed find work, the LA Times reports. Together they’ve launched the Social Jobs Partnership Facebook Page that aggregates career resources including job search education, job boards, and services that match a visitor’s skills with opportunities. The goal is to make it easier for those without jobs to discover these resources that were previously scattered across .gov and .org websites. Public service announcements will be run on Facebook and in the 10 states with the highest unemployment to promote the new Page.

With Americans spending so much time on the free social network, Facebook is in a unique position to assist the labor department. The partnership could help Facebook dispel the belief that it is purely a procrastination tool and demonstrate how it can improve peoples lives.

14 million Americans are out of work, yet there are 3 million open jobs. This disconnect is in part due to a lack of awareness of free government career resources (along with systemic factors, like people not having the necessary qualifications for some job openings). Job seekers may be looking at local listings and sending out resume after resume. However, if they haven’t received assistance in determining what opportunities are best suited for them, optimizing their resume, and learning how to navigate the interview process, they may have further difficulty securing employment.

In addition to Facebook and the Labor Department, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), DirectEmployers Association (DE), and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) are participating in the project.

The Social Jobs Partnership Page they’ve created acts as a portal to services that can help, including:

  • CareerOneStop – a Department of Labor site that educates users on job seeking, resume writing, interviews, and more
  • My Next Move – A tool that provides skills and salary information on hundreds of careers, and personalized career suggestions
  • My Skills My Future – A skills-to-job matching tool
  • Job Corps – A free job training and education program for young people from low income families
  • NACElink – A board of job and internship postings for college students

Users can Like the Page to receive news feed updates about new career resources, answer surveys about their needs, and receive job listings. The Page also features a Share Your Story app that lets users describe how Facebook helped them find a job. Submissions will presumably be featured on the Page or used in promotions for the partnership.

Studies show 55.5% of recruiters are already using Facebook to source hires, meaning Facebook users may have a better chance of finding employment than those that abstain from social networking. Several applications have launched to assist these recruiters, such as BranchOut and Monster’s BeKnown for professional networking and recruiter search, Jobvite for viral job listing distribution, and Work For Us for displaying personalized job opportunities on brand Pages.

In the past, Facebook has worked with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and local government agencies to set up Pages that further their goals. These initiatives have strengthened its relationship with the US government in ways that complement its increasing lobbying effortsto prevent unfavorable privacy laws and other types of regulation from being levied against the site.

The Social Jobs Partnership could also improve the site’s image amongst users, some of who view it as a fun way to waste time rather than a place to learn and grow. Its viral nature will make success stories stemming from the partnership especially visible. It might only take one friend getting a job thanks to the Social Jobs Partnership Page to persuade their network that Facebook can help one connect with employment, not just friends.

Facebook Roundup: Political Action Committee, Security, Timeline, iPad, eBay, Buddy Media, and More

Facebook Forms a PAC – Facebook filed paperwork this week to start its own political action committee, which will allow the company to lobby its causes more effectively in Washington, D.C. The company registered the FBPAC.org and FBPAC.us domain names.

Facebook Addresses Logout Issue – Nik Cubrilovic wrote a post this week breaking down privacy issues that emerged on the platform in wake of the recent redesign.

Politicos Demand Facebook Investigation – A few lawmakers demanded an investigations into the lawfulness of Facebook’s cookie software this week.

Facebook iPad Designer Quits, Works for Google – Jeff Verkoeyen is a former Facebook employee who designed the company’s iPad app. Writing on his blog, he said the iPad app has been feature complete since May. He left the company to work for Google since there wasn’t any progress on releasing the app.

Facebook Sued Over Timeline - CNET reported this week that a trademark infringement lawsuit was filed again Facebook by a Chicago company, Timelines. The company claims that Facebook’s new design endangers its livelihood, and that Facebook has taken over the URL of its Facebook Page.

Facebook’s Katie Mitic joins eBay Board – Facebook’s Platform and Mobile Marketing executive Katie Mitic is set to join eBay’s board. [Image via]

Buddy Media Opens Two New Offices – Page management giant Buddy Media has just opened two more offices, one in San Francisco to be managed by  Carla Bourque who was hired from Six Apart, and another in Singapore to be led by Ken Mandel who was hired from the Yahoo! Asia Pacific ads team.

Facebook Prominent at NYC Ad Week – Facebook and other tech companies are set to be prominent features of Advertising Week in New York City next week.

FanBridge Launches “Social Digest” – Brand and musician relationship management company FanBridge this week launched “Social Digest”, an email marketing tool that automatically creates summaries of the top content published to a client’s social presences, and delivers it to subscribers in a form that increases open rates.

“Social Series” Premieres on Facebook – Warner Bros will release a “social series” called “Aim High” on Facebook on October 18. The show will be personalized to each viewer who adds their profile information. [Image via Facebook]

Socialbakers raises $2M – Social media analytics company Socialbakers raised $2 million this week led by Earlybird Venture Capital. The company is set to expand its social media monitoring with the funding.

Facebook Roundup: Photo Apps, Video, Movies, AT&T, Pageviews, Places, Credits, Growth and More

UK Won’t Ban Facebook – Facebook, Twitter and Research In Motion met with United Kingdom officials Thursday regarding the social networks’ role in summer riots there. The government ended up not moving to restrict access to the social networks in emergencies such as riots.

Facebook Takes Third Spot for Video – Facebook becomes the third largest video site on the Internet, comScore reported. That is 51.5 million people who watched videos on the platform in July.

AT&T to Discontinue Facebook Phone – AT&T is reportedly set to drop its “Facebook phone” called the Status, according to TechCrunch.

Places More Popular Than Foursquare – London developer Golden Gekko reports its clients report much more Facebook check-ins than Foursquare in Europe. Magnus Jern reported that the ratio ranged from 5-10 to 1. However, the future of the service is unclear.

Facebook Hit 1 Trillion Pageviews - Facebook surpassed 1 trillion pageviews according to Google’s Ad Planner tool, although comScore says otherwise.

Facebook Mobile App to Offer Photo Filters - Facebook looks to be competing with Instagram’s classy mobile app by offering almost a dozen photo filters to its mobile own application — following Facebook’s attempt to buy the startup, according to The New York Times. News of the feature first leaked out in June.

Recapping Facebook’s Bug Bounty – Neal Poole did a basic rundown of Facebook’s Security Bug Bounty program, which included information about multi-line JavaScript URI, redirects preserving fragment portions of URLs, XSS filters and more.

Facebook Wraps Up Farm Bureau Dispute – Facebook and the Farm Bureau had a dispute over Facebook trademarking “FB,” but it seems like the lawsuit is set to be wrapped up.

Milyoni Chart for Credits – Milyoni created a nice chart and whitepaper that includes ways that Facebook Credits can, and cannot, be used.

Facebook to Open Second Campus - Facebook is set to open up an additional campus from its current Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters. The second campus pwill be southwest of the current location, to be constructed in 2013 to accommodate about 2,800 employees.

Ticketmaster Allows Users to Find Friends – Line Nation’s Ticketmaster service launched an app that allows users to see where their friends are sitting on seat maps and tag themselves.

BBC Does Facebook On-Demand Video – BBC has developed an on-demand Facebook application allowing users to rent episodes from the show “Top Gear” for 48 hours.

ShopIgniter, Involver Partner – The two companies are entered into a partnership to help online retail businesses with a management content system.

Facebook Roundup: Germany, Ceglia, Comments Box, Stock, Social Experiments and More

German Privacy Office Condemns Like Button – The privacy office of Northern German state Schleswig-Holstein has called for a ban of the Like button on grounds that it violates user privacy by sending browsing behavior data to Facebook. Starting at the end of September, it plans to sue German websites still using the plugin for 50,000 euro. Facebook says it is operating in compliance with European data and privacy laws, is approved by German’s central government, and the head of the complaining office, Thilo Weichert, is known to be a grandstander

Facebook Claims Ceglia Forged Docs – Facebook’s lawyers have revealed that they believe to be in possession of the “real” contract signed between Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Ceglia, who claims to own half of Facebook. The original contract, Facebook’s lawyers say, does not mention anything about Facebook. This same contract was also found on the servers of a law firm in Chicago. [Image Via Facebook]

Comments Box Helps Websites – A side-by-side comparison by the LA Times of Facebook’s Comments Box social plugin and an unauthenticated identity commenting system showed Facebook’s plugin improved civility of comments, drove more referral traffic, and sped up site loading.

Interpublic Group Sells Half Facebook Stake – IPG sold about half its Facebook stake, initially purchased for $5 million in 2006, for about $133 million this week. Now the group will take its profits and buy $450 million worth in shares.

Apple Store Incorporates Facebook - Apple’s online store now incorporates Facebook and Twitter integrations, allowing customers to share what they plan to purchase.

Facebook, Yahoo Test 6 Degrees of Separation – Facebook and Yahoo have partnered for a social experiment to see by how many associations people around the world are connected. The Small World Experiment will test the hypothesis that people are connected by “six degrees of separation.”

Facebook Publishes Security Guide – Facebook has published “A Guide to Facebook Security”, a 20-page .PDF written by security researchers designed to teach Facebook users how to protect themselves. It outlines how to avoid common scams, use Facebook’s security features, and explains that hackers might pretend to be popular apps like FarmVille, but Zynga and other developers aren’t to blame.

Facebook Zip Code Ad Targeting InaccuraciesClickZ reports that some early tests by Ads API developer XA.net indicate that in some cases Facebook may be showing that the expected audience for ads targeted to a specific zip code is higher than the census population for that zip code. This could be due to inaccuracy in how Facebook assigns users a zip code based on the city they list in their profile or where the site believes their IP address is located.

Sony’s PSVita to Include Facebook – Sony’s Vita handheld game console will include Facebook and other social apps when or soon after it launches, according to Electronista. The apps will be available for free on the PlayStation store.

Facebook Roundup: UK Gov, Police, Netlog, Ceglia, Narcissism, Google+ and More

UK Officials Meet With Facebook to Stem Riots – United Kingdom officials are set to meet with Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry regarding their corporate responsibility to not fuel riots, such as those recently plaguing London. One possible outcome: to suspend social networks when governments deem it an emergency.

NYPD Forms Social Media Tracking Unit – The New York Police Department has recently formed a unit specifically to track activity on Facebook and Twitter. Specifically information about parties, gang activity and other problems will be the focus. [Image via Facebook]

Facebook is Not Posting Phone Numbers – Facebook is responding to a viral warning that the company is “stealing” or posting users’ phone numbers for everyone to see. It says phone numbers of friends are kept private.

European Social Network Netlog Banned From Facebook – Netlog, a European social network with roughly 80 million user has been banned from the Facebook Platform after it tried to “access internal Facebook APIs and deliberately compromised intended limitations of our platform acebook has banned the European,” Facebook said.

Facebook, Ceglia, Continue to Duel – Last week Facebook announced that it had “smoking gun” evidence against would-be Facebook owner Paul Ceglia to prove that his lawsuit is frivolous. Then, it turns out, Ceglia is in Ireland and saying he’s being harassed by Facebook.

More Facebook Means More Narcissism – Facebook can lead to mental health issues for teens according to one psychology professor’s research. The American Psychological Association conference presentation included information that heavy Facebook users suffering anxiety and depression, and are more likely to be narcissistic.

Facebook Helps College Newspapers – Facebook has created a guide for college media on how to use Facebook in different ways in the newsroom. [Image via Facebook]

Our Eyes Perceive Facebook, Google+ Similarly – A study found that Google+ has a setup that allows users to perceive it almost identically to Facebook. The study from EyeTrackShop tracked the order of visual fixation for 54 users, finding high correlation between the two networks.

Google+ Set to Surpass Twitter – A study from the UK found that Google+ is set to become the second-largest social network after Facebook.

Other Announcements:

Vitrue, Clear Channel Radio Partner – Vitrue and Clear Channel Radio have announced a partnership in which all of the company’s 850 radio stations will implement Vitrue’s SRM platform.

Buckaroo Unveils Social Media PromotionsBuckaroo has announced a new way that businesses can combine social deals with email marketing, Facebook and Twitter. The technology is designed for small businesses.

Career Notify Leverages Facebook in Job HuntCareer Notify is a recruitment and head hunting service that sends email notifications to Facebook friends and contacts whenever anyone gets a new job, promotion, or resigns.

Facebook Hires and Departures: Stocky, Feinberg, Engineering, Africa, Asia and More

Facebook made some exciting hires this week, in addition to the usual suspects from the company’s Careers Page and LinkedIn feed, the company hired a former aide to President Barack Obama, Sarah Feinberg, and Google’s former director of product management for search, client and infrastructure products, Tom Stocky.

Feinberg was formerly a special assistant tot he president, worked as the communication director for the House Democratic Caucus, a press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and was also a press secretary for former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Now Feinberg will still work in communications, focusing on safety, security and litigation. Stocky has worked for Google since 2005 and is joining Facebook as a director of product.

The company also hired more interns, some engineers, people in Asia and Africa, marketing and more.

New hires per LinkedIn and Other Sources:

  • Elke Karskens, Head of Platform Marketing & Communication EMEA – formerly the Platform marketing Manager at Skype.
  • Alex Şuhan, Software Engineer – formerly a Teaching Assistant at Politechnica University of Bucharest.
  • Connor Hayes, Analyst, Online Sales Operations – formerly a features editor at The Rice Thresher.
  • Justin Allen, Account Executive – previously did similar work at Apple.
  • Caitlin Hipskind, University Recruiting – formerly a Recruiter Coordinator at Facebook.
  • Tatyana Bezuglova, MBA Intern, User Operations for EMEA – previously worked as a Senior Associate at The Boston Consulting Group.
  • Jonasz Pamuła, Software Engineering Intern – formerly a Linux Software Engineer at NComputing.
  • Ivan Georgiev,  Software Engineer Intern – previously did similar work at Musala Soft.
  • Shomir Dutt, User Operations Analyst – formerly a student.
  • Binoy Xavier, Network Deployment Engineer – previously worked as a Network QA Test Engineer at Brocade.
  • Jesse Chen, Marketing & Product Analytics Intern – previously did similar work at LinkedIn.
  • Heather Marquez, Asset Manager – formerly a manager of Asset Lifecycle & Logistics at eBay.

Prior listings now removed from the Facebook Careers Page:

  • Business Analyst, Hyperion
  • Product Manager, Tax Technology
  • Product Manager, Technical Operations
  • Strategic Product Manager
  • Growth Manager Africa – Contract (Nigeria or Kenya)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Local Monetization (Palo Alto)
  • Lead, Data Warehouse Operations
  • User Interface Engineer, Communication Design
  • Financial Analyst – Information Technology
  • Account Executive (Hong Kong)
  • Account Executive (Sydney)
  • Client Partner (Paris)
  • Sales Associate (Sao Paulo)
  • DSO Account Manager (Hong Kong)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Local Monetization (Palo Alto)
  • Manager, Online Sales Operations (Palo Alto)
  • Associate, Ad Operations (Chicago)
  • Manager of Online Sales & Operations (Austin)
  • Manager of Online Sales & Operations (Palo Alto)
  • Manager of Online Sales & Operations (Austin)
  • Manager, Online Sales Operations (Palo Alto)
  • Lead, Risk Management (Austin)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations (Hyderabad)
  • Monetization Product Marketing – Sales and Marketing Solutions
  • Marketing Communications Copywriter
  • Web Optimization Engineer 1106002

Who else is hiring? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry.

Facebook Roundup: Credits, Deals, Hacker Hire, TV, Hulu, Lawsuits, and Thailand

Facebook’s Upcoming “Awesome” Announcement Could Be Video Skype – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted to reporters that a big announcement was set for next week, specifically, something “awesome.” A press event has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th. Some sources and the invite to the event suggest that Facebook might unveil a video chat system built in partnership with Microsoft’s Skype. Other possibilities include Facebook’s leaked mobile photos app, it’s iPad app, or the Music Dashboard.

Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Facebook Over Credits – Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group, has filed an antitrust complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding Facebook’s Platform currency, Credits. Their complaint is that Credits is an “anticompetitive” virtual currency that could drive up prices of virtual goods.

Facebook Deals Coming to Three More Cities – Facebook tell us it is expanding the beta test of its prepaid coupon service Deals from its initial five cities to include Charlotte, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. Facebook says early feedback from businesses has been positive, though we haven’t seen much adoption in San Francisco.

Facebook Hires Hacker – Facebook hired George Hotz, the guy who jailbroke the iPhone. He’s now helping Facebook create its iPad app.

Photos From Facebook’s New Office – Gawker published photos from Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, which the company plans to start moving to soon. The gallery depicts an open office floor plan similar to the current Facebook HQ’s design.

Facebook Pitches Social Program Guide to Media Industry – Facebook’s SVP of Strategic Partner Development Andy Mitchell spoke at at the PromaxBDA conference, telling media industry representatives about how a television program guide that showed what a viewer’s friends watch could get people to watch more.

Hulu Botches Facebook Connect Integration –  A error in how Hulu implemented a Facebook login system on its video site caused people to become logged in to the accounts of other users. Hulu claims responsibility for the problem and says no highly sensitive information was exposed. The site will remove the Facebook integration temporarily before trying another implementation.

Facebook Scores in Ownership Lawsuit – Paul Ceglia, a man in New York who claims to own most of Facebook, has been ordered to give Facebook access to his emails and computer. The company is set to accuse him of forgery.

American Express Launches Free Social Media Monitoring Tool - In a bid to help and attract small businesses, American Express launched a free tool called YourBuzz that lets businesses monitor mentions of them on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other web services.

How the NHL Gained 2.2M Fans - AllFacebook reported an interesting case study detailing the National Hockey League’s efforts to grow its Facebook Page by 2.2 million Likes by targeting its affluent and tech savvy fans. [Screenshot Via AF]

Thailand Bans Facebook Before Vote – The Thai government has banned Facebook political campaigning the day before a Saturday vote for prime minister.

Facebook Roundup: 750M Users, Congress, Ads, Skype, Winklevoss and Real Estate

Facebook Reaches 750M UsersTechCrunch reported this week that Facebook has reached 750 million monthly active users according to a “source close to the company.” The data we recorded in Inside Facebook Gold as of June 1st showed 687 million worldwide. Facebook’s last official update was 500 million, last July.

Facebook Display Ads Pass $2B – A new report from eMarketer claims that this year Facebook will be the top online display advertiser with $2.19 billion in revenue, representing 81% growth over last year.

Skype Deepens Facebook Integration – Skype reported new Facebook features this week, including instant messaging, integrated contacts and the ability to Like or comment on statuses.

Facebook’s IPO Rumors Spur Real Estate Inflation – In light of rumors of a Facebook IPO next year, Silicon Valley home prices are surging, prompting some residents who begin to sell off their homes.

Report: 1 Like is Worth 20 Pageviews – A new report from Hitwise found that 1 Facebook fan, or Like, is equal to 20 visits to a retailer website during the course of the year when it comes to ROI.


Techlightenment Launches Social Attribution System —This week Techlightenment launched its Social Attribution System, which anonymizes user data, tracking their actions, and then identifies the viral nature of those actions.

ShortStack Launches Free Tab App for Small Biz – Reno, Nevada-based ShortStack launched a tab design app this week free of charge for small businesses with 2,000 Likes or less to run contests, sweepstakes, create landing tabs with videos or photos, and other features.

Facebook Roundup: IPO, Political Ads, Well Being, Apple, Copious, and Iceland’s Constitution

New Rules Could Delay Facebook IPO – Congress may change laws regulating companies with shareholders, ultimately meaning that Facebook could delay its IPO if it wanted to. Fortune Magazine reported that the rules currently state that companies breaking 500 shareholders must go public, but the new rules would allow companies to remain private indefinitely.

Facebook IPO Could Surpass $100B – Facebook may make an IPO in early 2012, according to a report from CNBC. What’s more, they are saying the valuation could be more than $100 billion.

Existing Rules Apply to Political Ads on Facebook - The FEC declined to rule on creating extra regulations for Facebook political ads, reported AllFacebook. This means that ads can be bought and run with the same disclosure that applies to other online ads instead of having to state who paid for an authorized the ads, which could take up much of their character limit.

Facebook Users More Social in Real Life – A Pew Center for Internet & American Life Project study found that Facebook users tend to be more trusting, have more closer friends, are more civically engaged and get more social support from friends in real life.

Most Will Engage With Facebook Political Messages – SocialVibe conducted a study on political engagement advertising, finding among other things, that 94% of users who engaged with political messages ended up watching the entire message, and almost 40% of them shared political ads with Facebook friends.

iOS Integrated With Facebook Before Twitter - TechCrunch wrote an interesting piece this week noting that, before Apple’s iOS deeply integrated with Twitter, it was pretty obvious the company had looked into doing the same thing with Facebook.

Copious Launches Social Marketplace – Copious, co-founded by former Facebook employee Jonathan Ehrlich, launched a social marketplace this week that’s meant to incorporate Facebook’s social data into the business of buying and selling merchandise between individuals. TechCrunch reported that Copious has raised $2 million, in part from Foundation Capital, Google Ventures and BlackBerry Partners Fund.

Iceland Crowdsources its Constitution – The Icelandic government has turned to Facebook, in part, to help draft a new Constitution. Members of the country’s constitutional council are posting drafts of clauses for the constitution, and fans are invited to leave their comments. The council is also streaming its meetings live.

Zuckerberg Talks to Kids – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to a graduating eighth grade class in Menlo Park, California. He told them that friendships are what make life meaningful, and gave the students some advice, “‘Everything that’s worth doing is actually pretty hard and takes a lot of work.”

Facebook Hires Veteran Political Staffer Joe Lockhart as New VP of Global Communications

Facebook has hired second-term Clinton administration press secretary Joe Lockhart, AllThingsD reported yesterday. He’s going to work as Facebook’s new vice president of global communications, starting in July.

He’ll also be working alongside another former White House staffer, Marne Levine, who recently joined to lead Facebook’s worldwide lobbying efforts.

Both will report to Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s long-time vice president of global communications, marketing and public policy. Schrage will in turn increase his focus on technology and policy issues going forward; his official comment on Lockhart’s hire, below.

Joe’s arrival brings new skills and greater depth to our incredibly busy team. His experience building and running a press office at the White House gives him particular appreciation for the demands of a global 24-hour news cycle and the challenges of responding effectively to intense scrutiny. His experience launching and scaling a communications firm will help us as we seek to build our team and continue to offer great opportunities for growth and professional development.

Lockhart is set to move to California following his daughter graduates from high school in Washington, D.C., according to the report. After leaving the White House, he founded and worked as managing director of the Glover Park Group, a well-respected consulting firm in the capitol.

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