Facebook mobile app ads: More auto-play, more predictable reach & frequency


Facebook on Tuesday introduced some new ways to incentivize advertisers to use mobile app ads. Through mobile app ads, Facebook claims that advertisers will have more reliable reach and frequency. Eligible mobile app ads with video will also play automatically in News Feed.

Additionally, advertisers can now target users on Amazon Fire tablets.

Facebook’s Jun Li wrote about how advertisers can achieve more predictable reach and frequency through mobile app ads:

We’re enabling the ability to buy mobile app ads with a highly predictable reach and frequency. What this means is that now mobile app advertisers can purchase highly predictable unique reach with managed frequency across the lifetime of the campaign. For example, advertisers can set their app ad campaign to reach 5 Million people with a frequency cap of 3 impressions per person for 1 week. Because reach and frequency optimizes first and foremost for unique reach, it is most effective for campaigns with brand awareness objectives, such as an app launch or important app update. For all other times during your ad campaign, you should use oCPM for installs.


How can you create unique value on top of Facebook’s platform?


In our meeting at Facebook recently, they told us that our objective should be to create unique value on top of their platform.

So if you’re just running ads, selling tabs, or providing pure agency services, your value will soon be competed down to zero or provided by Facebook themselves (as you can see in this new campaign).

So make sure you drive and measure impact outside of Facebook.


Holiday marketing tips from Facebook


This is arguably the busiest time of a marketer’s year, with Cyber Monday going on today and a few more weeks until Christmas.

Other companies have discussed with Inside Facebook how important (yet costly) advertising and marketing on Facebook can be during the holiday season.

Facebook itself reached out to Inside Facebook, offering five key holiday marketing tips for getting the most in the hyper-competitive News Feed, such as using link ads and utilizing effective targeting techniques.


Adoption of Facebook’s Atlas growing quicker than Google’s DoubleClick


Not long after Facebook re-launched its robust advertising measurement platform Atlas, adoption has boomed. According to Datanyze, more websites added Atlas technology than Google’s DoubleClick in both October and November.

In October, 34,589 websites added Atlas as their ad server, compared to 33,873 for DoubleClick. So far this month, more than 27,000 websites have added Atlas (though it has also been dropped by more than 13,300 sites), compared to roughly 13,000 who added DoubleClick. Datanyze tracks roughly 25 million websites.

Currently, Atlas has 15.6 percent of the Alexa top 1 million websites, but DoubleClick is still king at 67.5 percent.


Overcoming Facebook targeting challenges


There are times when Facebook advertisers lose customers and can’t spend their daily budgets because their own campaigns compete against each other, even before reaching the online auction. The reason is due to duplicate targeting. You can prevent the problem by designing your campaigns carefully with the instructions in this article.

Here’s an example: We are running two Facebook campaigns for our web store called “Kalle’s Comfort Shoes” (name changed). The first campaign, called “WCA, main page visitors,” is targeted at web store visitors in Germany and has a daily budget of 1200 euros. The second one, called “Lookalike, seed audience: checkout page WCA,” is targeted at a lookalike audience in Germany and has a 1000 euro daily budget. Because both campaigns are targeting people in Germany, there is a possibility of overlapping audiences. Thus, you can end up competing against yourself!


How will Facebook ad costs fluctuate this holiday season?


We’re entering the thick of the holiday season for advertisers, as brands gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ampush, a Facebook Marketing Partner, examined the trends of Facebook advertising in Q4 in its Holiday Pricing Strategy Guide.

According to Ampush, the time to find value in Facebook advertising is past, as now CPM roughly doubles from the yearly average. However, there’s high risk/high reward, as CTR is the highest at this time.

Ampush Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Amos talked with Inside Facebook about what will work best for advertisers this holiday season:

Sequencing ads — this is the first year we’re seeing lots of e-commerce retailers leveraging this tactic. It’s only been the past year that this has really caught on,  and we’re seeing great results, especially when video is used and advertisers starting campaigns early.

Amos also recommended multi-product ads, videos ads and right sidebar ads as being key to this holiday season.


The often overlooked reason why Facebook converts so well

Screenshot 2014-07-04 12.45.18
See what’s immediately above this sponsored post? It shows that Joe Chernov, Jill Rowley, Robert Scoble, and a number of my friends like this company.

Kapost is a content marketing software company, so they’ve managed to attract the industry’s top influencers as fans. It had nothing to do with ipad giveaways or buying fans to fluff their fan count. Just building real trust over time.

It had nothing to do with how they tested elements of their landing page. No amount of changing button placement, color, or size substitutes for trusted endorsements from friends.

Four years ago, we called this the “most powerful secret” in Facebook ads. And shy of making it sound like snake oil, wouldn’t you agree that the most powerful marketing is what raving fans say?


Facebook platform news: Adobe, Nanigans


Big news this week from two Facebook Marketing Partners, as Adobe announced new data-driven marketing features added to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Nanigans goes cross-channel with a partnership with MoPub.


How likely are you to tap a Facebook mobile ad?


Facebook, as has been said myriad times, is a mobile company. Mobile advertising is a cornerstone of the company’s revenue, so Spongecell wanted to find out how often and why people engage with mobile ads on the site.

Spongecell found that 75 percent of Americans polled who are on social media and would interact with an ad said they are most likely to do so with a mobile ad on Facebook. Additionally, 33 percent of Facebook users polled who saw advertisements relevant to them said they’d go to the brand’s website for more information or to make a purchase.

Spongecell CEO Ben Kartzman discussed the need for relevant, targeted advertising on Facebook and other social channels:

It’s clear personalized ads are effective in driving consumer engagement. Marketers need to embrace dynamic creative technology, such as the kind Spongecell offers, to give consumers what they want, when they want it. With dynamic creative, advertisers can deliver personalized content to consumers, creating a more engaging ad experience and more impactful brand campaigns.


Study: Local pages outperforming global pages for organic, paid interactions


For brands representing themselves on Facebook with both global and local pages, a recent study reveals that fans of a given local page are far more engaged than fans of the corresponding global page, and this extends to promoted posts as well.

Facebook Marketing Partner Socialbakers cross-analyzed 800 global pages and their accompanying 5,000 local pages and found that while global pages may have more total interactions than local pages, the interactions per 1,000 fans on local pages are significantly higher.

Furthermore, the results showed that as page size increased, so did the interaction gap between global and local pages. Socialbakers Chief Editor Zachary Peterson wrote about the study in a blog post:

The value of posting on Local Pages increased as the Fan base grew. The smallest Local Pages took on 107% more Interactions than Global Pages in the same size range. Middle-sized Local Pages outperformed their Global equivalents by 169%. For the largest Pages, Local Pages gained 346% more Interactions than Global Pages did.


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