How to get attention through Facebook’s mobile ads — blue hair?

shutterstock_98089421As more Facebook users check their News Feed from their phone, the mobile app install advertisement is becoming the hottest trend for developers. But it takes more than just a screenshot of the app to get a user to download it.

Leah Na’aman, the marketing manager for SocialClicks, talked at the Inside Social Apps conference recently in San Francisco to share some best practices for really reaching customers and potential app users through the News Feed.

The one fail-proof tip? Blue hair.


The science and art of Facebook advertising: How to get it right

Joe web versionI’ve read a few articles lately (New York Times, Financial Review, NPR) about the misplacement of brand ads on Facebook and other social networks that have me thinking. While Facebook worked quickly to resolve the issues and get the advertisers back up on the platform, I feel that the whole issue could have been prevented altogether though better practices of Facebook campaigns.

The real power that Facebook puts in the hands of advertisers is the ability to target to a specific audience more accurately than any other mass media, both digital and offline. To quote the amazing Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  This is what advertisers need to recognize. The responsibility of targeting falls on their shoulders. Running a quality Facebook campaign is a mix of targeting science and the art of connecting audiences with messages that speak to them.


Facebook platform industry update: SocialWire joins PMD program, Compass Labs launches conversion tracking tool

socialwireFacebook ads provider SocialWire today announced that it has been accepted into the Preferred Marketing Developer program and awarded the Apps badge.

SocialWire provides a platform for advertisers to run self-serve or managed campaigns. It also offers an SDK to help companies integrate with Facebook Open Graph so that their websites are optimized for Facebook and more Sponsored Stories and targeting options are available to them. It’s for this that SocialWire received the Apps badge and gained entry to the PMD program. SocialWire CRO Bob Buch tells us the company is building a few more ads-related features and will be applying for the Ads badge soon.


compass-labsSocial marketing platform Compass Labs today announced a new conversion tracking and measurement tool for businesses to better understand how their Facebook ads are contributing to sales and other important metrics.

Similar Facebook’s conversion tracking tools, Compass Labs’ solution measures conversions based on both impressions and clicks after advertisers attach pixel tags to their ads and pages on their website. The new tracking and measurement system is available to CLIQ Ads Manager customers.

Compass Labs is a PMD with badges in Ads and more recently Insights with the launch of its CLIQ Social Intelligence platform. Last week the company announced that Devavrat Shah, a professor with the department of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, joined its Advisory Board.


Facebook advertisers can now reach users in News Feed with ‘unpublished posts’

ads logoFacebook has given advertisers new opportunities to run more relevant ads and test their creative in News Feed by allowing them to create “unpublished posts” that intentionally do not appear to all fans of their page.

Previously this option was available for ads on the right hand side of the desktop site, but it was not allowed for feed-based ads until last week. Even though News Feed is the most engaging placement Facebook offers, it had been difficult to use very highly targeted messaging or run multivariate tests there because a page was required to first create posts that could appear to fans.

With unpublished posts, advertisers can now reach users in News Feed without overwhelming their fans with dozens of different posts, which might not be relevant to them. For example, an athletic brand could make an unpublished post about a basketball product and only show that to fans who are interested in basketball, and then do a tennis-related post for tennis fans, and so on.

Facebook introduces ‘tracking specs’ for advertisers to measure actions

AdsFacebook has created “tracking specs,” a new way for advertisers to define and track any action that might be important to their campaigns through the Ads API.

According to documentation on Facebook’s developer site:

“Tracking specs allow you to track what actions are taken by users interacting with your ad. Tracking specs will only track, it will not optimize for that action nor does it charge based on that action.”

Previously, advertisers could use “conversion specs” to track and optimize for actions such as page Likes, offer claims, link clicks or custom Open Graph actions. If advertisers used Optimized CPM, Facebook’s system would automatically show the ads to users who are more likely to take the actions advertisers define through conversion specs. However, some advertisers wanted to track certain actions without having Facebook optimize for them.

To address that, Facebook is now offering tracking specs and conversion specs separately. Advertisers using oCPM can define conversion specs to optimize for, and then use tracking specs to measure results. Advertisers who bid on CPC or CPM will now use tracking specs instead of conversion specs. Tracking specs can be used for any Facebook ad type.

For now, this change primarily affects developers building on the Ads API. Advertisers might ultimately see some small adjustments to the Power Editor or third-party tool they use to manage their campaigns, depending on how developers decide to implement these changes on their platforms.

Guest Post: Embracing the Shift to a Partnership Paradigm

greg-1This is a guest post by Greg Lieber, VP of Business Development at SHIFT, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer that offers a collaboration platform for marketers.

Facebook’s updates to the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) requirements, which put a large emphasis on paid media, will be a huge benefit to both developers and marketers alike.

These changes reflect the fact that the PMD team is refreshing the important ecosystem it created by reminding marketers that the Paid, Owned, and Earned media paradigm is here to stay on Facebook. The new requirements may seem daunting for PMDs not focused primarily on paid media, but compliance will yield a major benefit by allowing PMDs to concentrate on their core competencies through the pursuit of smart partnerships.

Facebook creates new requirements for PMD program

preferred marking developersFacebook today announced that it will once again accept new applications to the Preferred Marketing Developer Program, but with two key changes. Applicants must be referred by a Facebook employee or an existing PMD and there will be additional requirements for earning badges.

Current PMDs will have six months to ensure that they meet the new standards for maintaining their badges.

Earlier this year Facebook had temporarily closed its PMD program to new candidates, while it reconsidered its requirements and overall process as a result of the volume of applications it was receiving. The company periodically revises its criteria for entry and for awarding its qualification badges in ads, apps, insights and pages. This time around it is putting more emphasis on skills and software related to advertising and reporting.

Zuckerberg, Twitter, Yahoo and more in this week’s Facebook news roundup

Zuckerberg and Brin collaborate to launch Foundation – Mark Zuckerberg, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and technology investor Yuri Milner are joining forces to launch the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, which will award 11 scientists $3 million each. The prize will spotlight outstanding minds in medicine and hopes to enhance medical innovation.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 6.32.44 PM


Twitter announces Ads API – Twitter has officially launched its Ads API which it began testing last January. Marketers will be able to work with Ads API partners to manage Twitter Ad campaigns and both desktop and mobile ads. The initial partners include Adobe, Hootsuite, Salesforce, SHIFT and TBG Digital. This means advertisers will be able to buy Twitter’s promoted products in similar ways to how they purchase Facebook ads, and many Facebook Ads API companies are likely to incorporate Twitter’s Ads API in their platforms soon.

Case study: FBX ads result in more sales when combined with Facebook Ads API

fbxE-commerce customers who were targeted with Facebook Exchange remarketing ads after first seeing a traditional Facebook ad generated 89 percent more in sales revenue than customers who entered the remarketing pool through non-Facebook channels, according to a study by Nanigans.

In a four-month study of an online retailer that generated $1.2 million in sales revenue from 5,188 customers who were retargeted through the Facebook Exchange, Nanigans found that the combination of FBX ads and native Facebook audience targeting through the Ads API was more effective in generating sales than either tactic alone.


FBX, Eventbrite, Marin Software and more in this week’s Facebook news roundup

fbxDiligant integrates FBX – Media-buying platform Diligant announced this week that it has begun serving ads through the Facebook Exchange real-time bidding system. Digilant says it is the first partner to serve FBX ads direct in Mexico.

Adobe shares FBX results – Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Adobe this week shared results from its first month of targeting ads through the Facebook Exchange. Adobe says FBX resulted in a conversion rate nearly 70 percent higher, and a cost per lead more than 50 percent lower than the average for eight other real-time bidding sources, though it was the second best performing ad supply source overall, not No. 1. Adobe noted FBX’s “favorable pricing” and “lower competition levels” than other exchanges.

legalCourt rules Facebook doesn’t have to allow pseudonyms – Facebook won a case this week against a German privacy organization that argued the social network should not force users to use their real name on the site, according to the Associated Press. Germany has strict privacy laws, but the court ruled that the laws weren’t applicable in this case because Facebook has European headquarters in Ireland. Facebook says its real name policy helps protect users.

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