Jack Daniel’s Facebook ads rock in Brazil: extremely low cost per engagement

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The most iconic brand in whiskey, Jack Daniel’s, drives amazing engagement worldwide.

In Brazil, they show different content than they do in the United States.

And it rocks (no pun intended).


How Break.com broke the one million fan barrier


On January 19, Break.com crossed a million fans. Two years ago, they only had 193,000 fans. What is behind this nearly five-fold increase? How have they adapted to the many Facebook algorithmic changes? How does paid media most effectively counter decreases in organic newsfeed reach?

Chris Strickland of Defy Media is the social guru behind Break.com. He was courteous enough to give us a peek at the numbers. You can read our interview here.

We know that engagement is more important than just raw fan count. Break.com has been averaging 97,000 for their daily PTAT (People Talking About This), also known as storytellers. They hit 1.8 million active users when they reached a million fans.


Music startup breaks all the rules in Facebook advertising — and gets 397 conversions for $19.43

My friend Jaron Ray Hinds shared this with us today — a social music startup that is getting conversions for 5 cents each.
Screenshot 2014-01-07 at 1.12.52 AM

No jedi tricks, mass-scaled ad multiplication, or crazy targeting.

Just optimized CPM bidding against 6 images he’s testing.

But which “well-established” rules did he break?


7 cents a fan: Fitness instructor whips his B2B ad campaigns into shape


Scott Rawcliffe is a personal trainer from the Gold Coast region of Australia. He also trains other fitness professionals, selling bootcamp programs to help them improve their business practices — little of it online. Rawcliffe also utilizes Facebook ads to boost his customer base. We spoke with him to learn more about his strategies — which has led to Facebook fan acquisition at as little as 7 cents per fan.


Coffee Bean brews great Facebook engagement without a venti budget

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics and will speak at the Inside Social Marketing conference in New York City, Dec. 3-4. Yu will moderate an expert panel, “Social Media Metrics: What Does it All Mean?” Register for the conference by clicking here.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been stirring up Facebook engagement. Local fans have grown by 136 percent and they drove a 560 percent return on investment. How did they do it?


Small tennis program hits a grand slam on Facebook

Most youth tennis programs on Facebook have only a few dozen fans. The chicken and egg of small pages is that they don’t get seen by parents or kids in the neighborhood, so they get no engagement.
But you’re supposed to be posting dutifully on Facebook and twitter each day– because there are 1.2 billion people there, right?

How well do B2B emails match to Facebook?


B2B marketers using Facebook’s custom audiences to match their email lists to Facebook often report a 20 to 30 percent average match rate. B2C companies typically report 70 to 80 percent, which says most of their audience is targetable on Facebook.

Users typically don’t associate their work email with their Facebook account, so a 20 to 30 percent match rate is normal for B2B.

Kinvey, a mobile back-end cloud service, gave us a peek into their match rates.


How a TV show gained 567,106 new Facebook fans without running ads

Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics and will speak at the Inside Social Marketing conference in New York City, Dec. 3-4. Yu will moderate an expert panel, “Social Media Metrics: What Does it All Mean?” Register for the conference by clicking here.


Want more fans without spending a dime on ads? Operation Repo, a reality TV show, wanted to double its fan base from just over 200,000 to half a million.

So they enlisted the help of fans. Their pitch: Get us to half a million Facebook fans and we’ll film a bonus episode at the end of the season. Invite at least 5 friends and we’ll share some exclusive content, too.

Here’s what happened:


Exploring Power Editor’s recent changes


Change 1: Ad Creation Flow and Interface Polishing

One first thing that you will notice when using the new power editor is the reconfiguration of how you create ads.  Instead of cycling through the different steps on the left hand side, you do this from the top.


To abuse or not to abuse your power on Facebook? Social PR pros weigh in

2013-09-02 03_02_34-Jan Rezab - Guys, probably the worst experience and treatment I...

Recently, the CEO of a social media firm ranted publicly about a brand we all know, calling their reps liars on his blog and in social channels. Neither the name of the CEO nor the name of the brand is important here.
What matters is if or when he should do this, using his prominence to draw attention or get satisfaction through a Facebook post. I asked him about it publicly, to which he said “We need to — it’s how it should be used.”
I’ve been guilty of using social to “jump the line” in customer service, but only after trying all the regular channels first. Does complaining personally also reflect on the company you work for, as Adam Smith discovered when he filmed his anti-gay diatribe at a Chick-Fil-A drive through?
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