3 verticals poised for breakout success in Facebook advertising


Over the last five years, a number of industries and consumer verticals have found success with Facebook advertising. From home services to mobile app downloads and consumer finance, many direct-response advertisers have achieved significant returns from their Facebook ad campaigns.

Several consumer verticals are on the cusp of breakout success with Facebook advertising. They have been given a shot in the arm by Facebook in recent months with the social network’s addition of several new performance-oriented ad solutions. Those solutions are helping turn Facebook into a hybrid engagement plus performance ad solution.

Retail, online gambling and automotive are all poised for breakout success in Facebook advertising. Let’s take a closer look at each and some of the new ad solutions Facebook provides companies in these verticals.


Understanding Facebook’s new reach & frequency campaign type


Facebook ads have long been scrutinized by major advertisers for a lack of control over frequency capping and a lack of accurate traffic estimates. In an effort to answer these concerns, Facebook has started beta testing a new campaign type that focusses specifically on those points.

The new reach & frequency campaign type from Facebook is the newest campaign structure created for major advertisers who wish to more accurately plan and predict the delivery, cost and reach of brand campaigns.


How to constantly improve your Facebook content strategy


I tend to judge businesses’ social media efforts based on how much content optimization they are doing based on data. A lot of Facebook marketers simply post content and hope for the best – safe to say this isn’t the best way to run your page, and definitely won’t lead to constant improvement in your efforts.

We all have to report to someone, be it clients, our marketing director, or the business owner. Naturally, everyone wants to show improvements in what they’re doing.  The first step in achieving improvement is to start tracking your key metrics if you aren’t already. You can do this using Facebook Insights, or more detailed analytics platforms like Socialbakers.


Facebook ads — effective or not?


There has been a buzz around the interwebs about Facebook ads not being very effective. Veritasium released a video on February 10 claiming proof of fraud within Facebook’s paid advertising mechanism. Derek Muller, owner of Veritasium’s YouTube channel, experimented with Facebook’s ads on a random page about cats.

Derek argues that since there are a lot of fake accounts on Facebook, thanks to click farms around the world, when Facebook sends out ads to your chosen audience, most of these sponsored stories end up in the News Feed of fake accounts. As the number of spamming fans grows on your page, your engagement rate slows down, forcing you to buy another ad campaign from Facebook to increase interaction with users.


5 best practices for great Facebook ad creative

Screenshot 4 (1)

Facebook ads have come a long way in a few short years. The days of a brand posting a blurry photo from an event with a caption “Like Us Now!” are (thankfully) coming to an end. Through numerous algorithm changes, Facebook has made it clear to marketers that it wants – and its users expect – a compelling, visually appealing reason to engage with a brand’s ad.

This means that marketers need to jettison generic ad creative and text-heavy wall posts in favor of high-quality, engaging ad creative with smart imagery and limited text. Facebook will reward them for doing so with greater exposure in users’ News Feeds.


Testing the impact of Facebook’s new call to action button


Facebook began allowing page administrators to add a call-to-action button to the lower-right-hand corner of page post ads in February. Ever since reports of this feature first surfaced, we were excited about its potential impact and looking forward to testing.

Our digital team at Electronic Merchant Systems has been successful with paid social campaigns in the past. Facebook ads, in particular, have generated approximately 65 percent of online signups for our mobile credit card processing solution, EMS+.

When the call-to-action buttons became available, we believed it would help drive our conversion prices down on a per-ad basis. After running a series of initial tests, however, that hasn’t been the result.


On Facebook, should native ads be made by the natives?


The term native advertising gets bandied around every now and then. Its popularity has been spurred on by the ad format’s appropriate fit in the appropriate setting and context.

I’ve seen native advertising defined as: “Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.” — Share Through. That’s a pretty good definition.

What we at Reqvu have experienced on Facebook by helping our customers harness social word of mouth, however, is that while most brands and businesses can easily copy the form and function part of the definition, where they fall down is in their ability to mimic the user experience of social.


10 first reactions to Facebook Paper


Facebook Paper for iPhone and iPod hit the iOS App Store this week and if you haven’t downloaded it, you should. It’s actually pretty great. So much so that it inspired me to pull together ten first impressions of what it means for digital marketers.

1. Facebook is a mobile company.

If there were any remaining questions about Facebook’s mobile chops after the Q4 earnings call, then Paper cements Facebook’s status as an elite mobile company. They know their future is mobile and this app shows they’re able to not only create a fun and elegant user experience, but as you’ll see below, illustrates that they can be very forward thinking about how mobile will impact their business going forward.

In juxtaposition to their miserable first mobile attempts, Paper fixes everything. Every detail is considered; world-class professionals have crafted this app.

The “unboxing” experience (if an app can be unboxed) is easy and helpful — no logging-in because iPhone already has my credentials; the intro video is sweet; the gestures are easy to understand and get the hang of; and the app’s personality (she’s sweet) suggests things as she discovers you might need help.


4 reasons to target email subscribers with Facebook ads


Only 20 percent of people open your emails, and 5 percent click. That’s 95 percent of your email subscribers who are not going to your landing page that you spent so much time optimizing!

So what are you going to do? Just let those subscribers (read: sales leads) go to waste? Well, read on. In this article I’ll show you how (and why) to reach and convert that 95 percent using Custom Audience-targeted Facebook ads.

I know that you may still have reservations. A lot of marketers think that spending their ad budget targeting people they have already acquired as subscribers is just throwing their money away. You may have already spent money on ads to acquire them in the first place. So why should you do it again?


Case Study: How a ski resort hit 30 percent email conversion rate via Facebook


If you’re reading this you’re likely interested in how to get a 30 percent conversion rate on your Facebook contest.

On January 17, Heyo customer and CEO of Out and About Marketing, Milena Regos, launched a Facebook contest for her client, Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Squaw Valley wanted the contest to drive additional likes for the page in addition to capturing fan emails.

Over the first 11 days, the campaign has converted at over 30 percent and helped drive 6,975 new likes. This means for every 100 people that view the campaign, 30 are entering their email.


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