New Year’s Greetings Fill This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

A last wave of year’s end greeting apps has appeared on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users. In the case of most of the non-game apps on the list this week, they’ll never get over a million MAU; growth already trailed off in the early part of this week.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. yeni yıl tebriği 773,877 +674,728 +681%
2. Happy New Year Greetings 916,437 +526,943 +135%
3. My Friends in 2010 589,336 +394,076 +202%
4. GodsWar Online 382,414 +271,885 +246%
5. TheFacepad 267,449 +267,422 +990,452%
6. ツ Happy New Year 2011 ツ 362,732 +254,372 +235%
7. ♥ NEW YEAR Greeting Card ♥ 428,163 +251,658 +143%
8. Famous Status Update 838,159 +245,135 +41%
9. Happy New Year To All My Friends 567,800 +241,221 +74%
10. Happy New Year♥♥Hugglicious 671,774 +223,853 +50%
11. My Best Friends 658,484 +208,540 +46%
12. UNO® Boost 570,512 +201,684 +55%
13. Miscrits: World of Adventure 490,817 +194,518 +66%
14. Xmas Cards 485,942 +192,891 +66%
15. Hero 914,466 +182,006 +25%
16. Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun 223,495 +179,328 +406%
17. My Photos in 2010 394,387 +169,551 +75%
18. New Year Greetings to all my Friends 471,308 +167,166 +55%
19. Photo Framers 460,004 +160,851 +54%
20. ˙·٠•●❤ This heart for you ❤●•٠·˙ 527,201 +156,224 +42%

Yeni yıl tebriği is the first of the New Year’s apps, and notable only for the fact that it’s in Turkish. Most of the remaining apps in the category are in English, starting with Happy New Year Greetings; in all, there are 11 holiday-themed apps.

GodsWar Online is the first non-holiday app, and it’s a game, too. This massively-multiplayer game is one of several that have launched of late, mostly copies or imports of Asian free-to-play titles. What makes this one stand out is that it actually loads and runs smoothly, whereas technical problems have plagued its competitors.

There’s not much more on the list worthy of notice. TheFacepad, right below GodsWar, is the only one that stands out, and it’s actually just another iPad connect app, of which we’ve seen several. Although growing quickly, TheFacePad’s stickiness is much lower than most mobile connect apps, which suggests that users don’t like it that much.

Likes, Dating and Games Appear on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

The last of the holiday apps have disappeared from this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users. They’ve been replaced by several large utility apps, as well as a handful of sizable games.

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 16,971,602 +1,416,008 +9%
2. Likelicious 471,871 +421,334 +834%
3. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,848,469 +359,662 +6%
4. Hey I Like 594,021 +359,080 +153%
5. Give Hearts 1,422,899 +317,436 +29%
6. Windows Live Messenger 11,738,331 +300,008 +3%
7. Are YOU Interested? 976,241 +196,210 +25%
8. Bejeweled Blitz 3,876,922 +194,170 +5%
9. FrontierVille 5,970,568 +193,729 +3%
10. Café World 3,295,202 +170,122 +5%
11. Status Shuffle 857,906 +165,048 +24%
12. Badoo 1,257,974 +153,670 +14%
13. Zuma Blitz 1,124,458 +148,480 +15%
14. Horoscopes 3,247,278 +136,269 +4%
15. Formspring 895,437 +134,271 +18%
16. Games 1,431,253 +134,052 +10%
17. BandPage by RootMusic 601,849 +132,912 +28%
18. Zoosk 626,638 +125,553 +25%
19. Birthday Cards 499,408 +124,439 +33%
20. MindJolt Games 1,623,564 +117,994 +8%

CityVille is again at the top of the list, but this may be its last week as the leader on this particular chart. The game’s DAU gains have slowed significantly, despite its continued monthly active user growth; although its stickiness, or percentage of MAU that returns as DAU, is not totally stabilized yet, it looks like it will come to around 20 percent.

Likelicious and Hey I Like are both by Digitware, and are effectively identical, offering their users the ability to make up their own quote for friends to “Like” or choose one from a pre-set list. Both apps are losing MAU but showing a large uptick in DAU, which usually indicates that the developer has figured out some clever way of bringing users back.

Two more related apps, though not by the same devleper, acn be seen at numbers 7 and 12: Are YOU Interested? and Badoo, the two Hot-or-Not style dating apps on Facebook. Badoo has managed to surpass AYI in both MAU and DAU, but as you can see from the respective growth stats, the battle is not over yet.

Innovative Games Join Holiday Apps on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Holiday apps are getting a last cheer in on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook app by monthly active users, with several titles topping ten million MAU total. CityVille is also back; as we point out this morning over on Inside Social Games, CityVille has just taken the crown as Facebook’s largest app ever, and it’s not done growing yet.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 84,222,766 +21,944,807 +46%
2. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends :) 13,379,361 +8,362,583 +414%
3. Badoo 14,713,846 +3,853,653 +47%
4. My Year In Status 15,987,998 +1,783,588 +13%
5. Causes 23,574,585 +1,729,006 +8%
6. Tarjetitas 5,344,676 +1,549,517 +57%
7. Monster Galaxy 3,981,947 +1,397,648 +102%
8. Zuma Blitz 6,981,482 +1,344,490 +28%
9. My Top Words of 2010 1,733,035 +1,236,716 +681%
10. My Year In Photos 3,092,258 +1,213,064 +110%
11. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel 2,771,690 +1,164,929 +115%
12. JibJab 6,325,137 +1,131,294 +21%
13. ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥ 2,427,086 +1,068,718 +120%
14. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad 2,689,976 +1,054,477 +70%
15. @Hearts 10,808,024 +960,588 +10%
16. FarmVille 57,982,474 +924,896 +2%
17. @Hugs 11,570,415 +871,906 +9%
18. Zoo World 8,499,807 +823,056 +11%
19. My Best Friends of 2010 935,172 +739,412 +57,009%
20. Treasure Isle 14,625,696 +730,937 +5%

Prosperous New Year To All My Friends :) and My Year In Status are by far the biggest holiday apps this season. The first is actually an AppBank user-generated title that has helped the developer top 37 million MAU, if only for a short time.

Badoo has also nearing a milestone of sorts: once it adds just half a million more MAU, it will surpass the largest size that its competitor, Are You Interested?, ever reached. It appears that Badoo may hold onto users a bit better, with a stickiness of 10 percent to AYI’s 7 percent.

If you want to parse through all the holiday apps, look down to Monster Galaxy and Zuma Blitz, two games that both muscled in with 1.3 million new MAU. What’s interesting about these titles is that neither is in the sim category that has been so dominant over the past few months; each also has higher production values than many recent titles.

More Holiday Apps Arrive on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Following on the holiday trend we saw last week, several holiday apps are on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, including the top gainer for the week: My Best Friends of 2010.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. My Best Friends of 2010 838,821 +739,412 +57,009%
2. Famous Status Update 593,024 +479,611 +4,897%
3. Komşu Çiftlik 898,017 +442,478 +182%
4. ·٠•●★●·Blessed New Year To My Friends·●★●• 998,216 +366,370 +70%
5. Little War 878,692 +298,633 +61%
6. Big Business 654,324 +265,172 +97%
7. Christmas Card 401,257 +228,616 +175%
8. Trial Madness 2 635,585 +227,613 +63%
9. * ♥ AngeL MesSage for YoU * ♥ 834,483 +226,805 +40%
10. Longest Status Update 274,836 +224,285 +4,398%
11. Xmas Cards 293,051 +221,251 +674%
12. Hero 732,460 +209,535 +48%
13. AppBank 544,078 +206,109 +70%
14. Snowball Smack! 379,744 +204,153 +152%
15. Cute and Sexy 237,772 +203,604 +1,164%
16. Happy New Year♥♥Especially for You 977,990 +202,819 +32%
17. Galaxy X 739,384 +184,632 +37%
18. ♥ Only For You ♥ 749,165 +180,816 +34%
19. Merry Kissmas and Happy New Year! 454,632 +174,819 +69%
20. New Year Greetings to all my Friends 304,142 +169,127 +219%

Apps like My Best Friends of 2010 aren’t unique; for the most part they copy existing, larger titles. The other holiday apps on the list are all greeting apps: ·٠•●★●·Blessed New Year To My Friends·●★●•, Christmas Card, Happy New Year♥♥Especially for You, Merry Kissmas and Happy New Year! and New Year Greetings to all my Friends.

Famous Status Update is a lot like My Best Friends in that it looks over your wall activity to come up with a top activity, but it’s not tied to the holiday. The better name for the app might be (Your) Famous Status Update.

Komşu Çiftlik is the first of the games on the list, although oddly, its developer did not classify it as a game on Facebook. It’s a Turkish-language title, and one of the first polished sims we’ve seen in that language.

Mobile Apps Add Users on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Several mobile apps have added significant numbers of users on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing apps by daily active users, perhaps signaling that new smartphones and tablets were a popular Christmas gift this year. There are four total starting with HTC Sense:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Yahoo! 4,663,256 +2,489,067 +114%
2. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends :) 1,454,836 +678,660 +87%
3. Windows Live Messenger 11,371,674 +283,842 +3%
4. CityVille 13,897,851 +223,175 +2%
5. HTC Sense 3,667,569 +206,437 +6%
6. FarmVille 中文版 222,649 +184,595 +485%
7. Tavla 235,140 +177,567 +308%
8. Tarjetitas 400,365 +158,337 +65%
9. Friendly for iPad 417,061 +150,247 +56%
10. Samsung Mobile 1,454,466 +140,801 +11%
11. My Top Friends (new) 150,777 +122,206 +428%
12. Ovi by Nokia 504,085 +118,847 +31%
13. ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥ 221,999 +115,365 +108%
14. Nokia 1,020,219 +77,927 +8%
15. My Top Followers 120,073 +74,295 +162%
16. iPhoto Uploader 207,689 +58,098 +39%
17. ☻ ♥ My BesT WisheS to YoU ♥☻ 117,369 +49,371 +73%
18. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel 211,266 +45,826 +28%
19. Feliz Año Nuevo ♥ Especialmente para ti 123,732 +44,187 +56%
20. xo Hearts xo 89,175 +44,175 +98%

You’d see more mobile apps on the list, but there are a handful, like Facebook for iPhone and Facebook for Blackberry, that we’ve removed from our leaderboards to prevent them from obscuring apps that live on the platform. Those two respectively added about 1.5 million and 400,000 new DAU. HTC Sense, Samsung Mobile, Ovi by Nokia and Nokia are all smaller mobile apps that are gaining, while Friendly for iPad is an alternative iPad social networking app.

Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger are two Connect apps that we’ve seen many times before, so we’ll pass over them. And Prosperous New Year To All My Friends is one of the short-lived season’s greetings apps that will probably be gone in a week.

CityVille has been the big story for a few weeks, but you’ll note that it’s only number four this week. Although the app is still making huge gains of monthly active users, its DAU is dropping as the stickiness, or percentage of monthly users who come back daily, falls to normal levels.

The Year Plays Back Out in This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Now that Christmas and the various other denominational holidays are mostly past, all that’s left is to look back over 2010 and wait for the calendar year to change. Most of the fastest-growing apps (but not games) on this week’s AppData list by monthly active users are year-in-review titles of various types.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 69,871,125 +21,944,807 +46%
2. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends :) 10,383,935 +8,362,583 +414%
3. Badoo 12,007,165 +3,853,653 +47%
4. My Year In Status 15,329,391 +1,783,588 +13%
5. Causes 22,837,964 +1,729,006 +8%
6. Tarjetitas 4,252,426 +1,549,517 +57%
7. Monster Galaxy 2,769,157 +1,397,648 +102%
8. Zuma Blitz 6,157,812 +1,344,490 +28%
9. My Top Words of 2010 1,418,363 +1,236,716 +681%
10. My Year In Photos 2,319,007 +1,213,064 +110%
11. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel 2,173,690 +1,164,929 +115%
12. JibJab 6,574,281 +1,131,294 +21%
13. ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥ 1,959,902 +1,068,718 +120%
14. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad 2,567,667 +1,054,477 +70%
15. @Hearts 10,349,872 +960,588 +10%
16. FarmVille 57,240,576 +924,896 +2%
17. @Hugs 11,116,690 +871,906 +9%
18. Zoo World 8,199,648 +823,056 +11%
19. My Best Friends of 2010 740,709 +739,412 +57,009%
20. Treasure Isle 14,166,285 +730,937 +5%

CityVille, of course, is still blowing away everything else. The new Zynga game has the momentum to cross 85 million MAU, the number required for it to become the largest Facebook app ever by MAU.

The eight million MAU gained by Prosperous New Year To All My Friends :) is nothing to scoff at, though. The greetings and wall-posting app has burst upward; it should retain its users for a few days, though it will quickly fall once 2011 arrives. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel and Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad will already be on their way down.

My Year In Status, My Top Words of 2010, My Year In Photos and My Best Friends of 2010 are the aforementioned review apps, helping active Facebook users to look back over what they did in 2010. Unlike the greeting apps, which tend to only do well once, these looks more like perennial plants, growing anew each year.

Likes and Christmas Greetings Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Our weekly AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, has a handful of seasonal and wall post apps, along with several interesting games:

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Like This Like This 835,074 +336,481 +67%
2. FarmVille 中文版 326,301 +326,171 +250,901%
3. Famous Status Update 303,434 +296,639 +4,366%
4. ☻ ♥ ChristmaS BesT WisheS to YoU ♥☻ 990,917 +282,667 +40%
5. My Top Followers 655,348 +257,521 +65%
6. ·٠•●★●·Merry Christmas,Dear Friend ★ Blessings·● 678,244 +249,102 +58%
7. Big Business 398,533 +232,216 +140%
8. Snowball Smack! 281,821 +227,182 +416%
9. Hero 560,354 +221,739 +65%
10. Trial Madness 2 512,123 +205,181 +67%
11. My Top Friends (new) 384,744 +200,332 +109%
12. Paradise Life 449,422 +195,301 +77%
13. The oldest user 288,072 +194,489 +208%
14. Famous Celebrities That Share Your Birthday 527,237 +191,776 +57%
15. My Vineyard 879,549 +190,961 +28%
16. Galaxy X 608,596 +188,672 +45%
17. O-Meter App Factory 301,633 +187,152 +163%
18. Especially for You 739,857 +185,120 +33%
19. ♥ Only For You ♥ 641,377 +183,899 +40%
20. Crazy Cabbie 702,565 +180,022 +34%

The seasonal apps include ☻ ♥ ChristmaS BesT WisheS to YoU ♥☻, ·٠•●★●·Merry Christmas,Dear Friend ★ Blessings·● and Snowball Smack!. As you can see, developers have figured out that having the loudest name possible is important for most season’s greetings apps.

Like This Like This is an exact repeat of an app that we’ve seen several times, which has users vote through Likes on comments that they think are funny or original. Famous Status Update is pretty similar.

Some of the apps lower down on the list are a bit more interesting, including The oldest user, which compares the ages of people using the app but is actually in French, and O-Meter App Factory, which is a variation on create your own quiz apps, available in both English and Spanish.

The games are probably the most interesting apps on the list, headed up by FarmVille 中文版, which is a Chinese-language version and update of the FarmVille. We cover it over on Inside Social Games this morning, along with CityVille passing the original FarmVille in size.

Another Christmas App Grows Large on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

Although CityVille is once again the leader of our weekly AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users, there are two other apps with gains of over a million DAU: Yahoo, which tracks how many people log into Yahoo with their Facebook credentials, and Merry Christmas to All My Friends, a season’s greetings app.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 15,667,523 +4,111,826 +36%
2. Yahoo! 4,706,844 +2,404,126 +104%
3. Merry Christmas To All My Friends :) 1,535,619 +1,474,844 +2,427%
4. Zuma Blitz 1,244,959 +475,276 +62%
5. Badoo 1,392,973 +457,339 +49%
6. Frases Diarias 1,807,964 +406,796 +29%
7. Windows Live Messenger 11,187,706 +377,915 +3%
8. Monster Galaxy 477,666 +289,754 +154%
9. Treasure Isle 3,158,593 +203,639 +7%
10. Zoo World 875,255 +194,552 +29%
11. Pet Society 2,316,823 +173,711 +8%
12. Tarjetitas 352,259 +170,033 +93%
13. Ninja Saga 1,134,280 +163,586 +17%
14. ♥ MerRy ChristmaS ♥ LoVe To YoU ♥ 214,524 +154,934 +260%
15. Causes 1,501,693 +152,319 +11%
16. Traveler IQ Challenge 153,909 +148,593 +2,795%
17. HTC Sense 3,509,666 +145,906 +4%
18. 開心農場 1,329,727 +136,915 +11%
19. Horoscopes 3,160,603 +136,354 +5%
20. xo Hearts xo 184,405 +133,003 +259%

We wrote about CityVille’s meteoric rise on Monday, and since then the new Zynga game has showed no signs of slowing down. On average, it’s adding around half a million DAU per day.

It’s actually a bit surprising that Merry Christmas to All My Friends is the only app gaining millions of users on the list, considering that Facebook’s Christmas-celebrating population is now in the hundreds of millions; a bit further down, MerRy ChristmaS is doing decently well at number 15. As always, these apps are extremely simple, and likely to only last a week or two.

The remaining apps are those that have been doing well for weeks on end: Badoo, Frases Diarias, Windows Live Messenger and Tarjetitas did best.

From Germany to Russia: A Model for Facebook’s Worldwide Growth

One of Facebook’s most surprising victories to date, offering proof of its viability worldwide, has been its spread eastward through Europe.

The expansion began in the west, spreading through the United Kingdom to France, Italy, even the Czech Republic. Many of these markets had their own social networks which, like MySpace in the United States, seemed viable up until months before being passed by Facebook.

After becoming the largest network by market share in any given country, Facebook tends to marginalize its competitors — intentionally or not, its model favors dominance over coexistence. As Facebook became the top network in country after country in Europe, it began to look as if it might do the same worldwide.

However, that has not yet happened. A small but extremely significant group of countries could present challenges that Facebook won’t be able to overcome.

Defining those challenges presents a moving target for forecasters. Germany appeared to be a holdout for over a year, but is today becoming a strong market for Facebook, and the resistance against Facebook has moved further eastward.

In October, CEO Mark Zuckerberg named Russia one of four tough countries to penetrate in the coming year (the others were China, Japan and South Korea). But although partially located in Europe, Russia may present unique cultural and geographic barriers, even as central European countries like Poland appear to be joining the exodus to Facebook.


Unlike either Germany or Poland, Russia is still holding out against Facebook. Despite high growth in percentage terms, Russia is still a tiny market for Facebook, with only 1.5 percent penetration by the social network.

Facebook’s two million users look insignificant against Alexa estimates of the size of Russia’s two biggest social networks, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. While Alexa can sometimes be very wrong, its numbers offer the best guideline, in this case, as both networks significantly exaggerate their respective sizes.

Russia is a mix of the German and Polish pros and cons for Facebook: it has its set of competitive social networks, that may help Facebook break in, but a less metropolitan populace than Germany. But it also has its own unique characteristics. Here are a few that could affect Facebook’s Russian growth:

  • National pride and desire to use local services
  • Higher levels of geographic and cultural isolation than the rest of Europe
  • Availability of pirated and/or illegal media on Russian social networks
  • Forewarning — especially given the involvement of investment firm DST

Taking these concerns in order, national pride and geographic isolation alone are not enough to block Facebook’s growth. Like privacy concerns in the United States or, for that matter, Germany, cultural factors are enough to slow, but not stop, the intrusion of an outside social network.

Pirated material is a more serious competitive advantage for Russia’s social networks. As Americans should well remember — the days of easily-accessible pirated material being in the very recent past — free access to media and entertainment will draw legions of users. Vkontakte, at least, is well known as a haven for such material.

There is some hope for Facebook here. Russian networks including both Vkontakte and have come under increased international scrutiny and pressure from copyright holders recently, a fact that could threaten their plans to list on public stock exchanges.

Alexey Kostarev, a general producer at Russian game social game publisher i-Jet Media, told us in an interview that he expects rampant copyright violations on Russian social networks to mostly disappear in 2011.

That may leave forewarning and the innovation of Russian entrepreneurs as the only permanent barrier to Facebook. We can’t predict whether these companies will make the right moves in 2011 to hold their market, but both Odnoklassniki and have a significant ally: DST, the savvy international investment firm that owns both.

DST is also one of the biggest shareholders in Facebook, which would seem to justify the firm letting events run their natural course. However, DST will only gain slightly if Facebook wins in Russia.

As majority owner of Odnoklassniki, DST would benefit far more if that company were to take the Russian market. Thus, we find it likely that DST will bring its expertise — and, as a shareholder, insight into Facebook’s operating principles — to bear in helping Odnoklassniki do what western European social networks could not.

DST’s own view is unclear. CEO Yuri Milner has opined that US internet companies may soon dominate globally “to an extent never seen before”, a statement that acknowledges Facebook’s successes elsewhere. However, DST only took full ownership of Odnoklassniki in August of 2010 — the same month that it exited Poland’s Nasza Klasa.

With its experience across a range of social networks, DST is worth watching as both a friend and potentially foe of Facebook.

In the end analysis, no one of these factors is enough to draw a clear picture of whether Facebook can succeed in Russia, so we’ll have to wait until 2011 to see whether Facebook’s growth in the country continues at its current pace.

This article is an excerpt from the full December 2010 Monthly Growth Report, available only through Inside Facebook Gold. Inside Facebook Gold also includes analyst-focused data downloads covering Facebook’s traffic and demographic growth around the world. Learn more at Inside Facebook Gold.

CityVille Approaches FarmVille on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

For only the second time in Facebook’s history, a game is threatening to break past 50 million players. Zynga’s new title CityVille has burst upward to its present size of 47.9 million monthly active users in less than three weeks, easily leading this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU.

There are a number of factors contributing to CityVille’s growth, including strong cross-promotion, international users and moving third-party app notifications back to the top menu bar earlier in the month. We’ve covered these as the game progressed, with our latest post on the subject this morning at Inside Social Games. Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 47,926,318 +25,872,767 +117%
2. My Year In Status 13,545,803 +4,563,995 +51%
3. Zuma Blitz 4,813,322 +3,820,088 +385%
4. Causes 21,108,958 +3,434,729 +19%
5. Badoo 8,153,512 +2,533,146 +45%
6. Merry Christmas To All My Friends :) 2,021,352 +1,936,028 +2,269%
7. @Hearts 9,389,284 +1,342,499 +17%
8. @Hugs 10,244,784 +1,312,409 +15%
9. FarmVille 56,315,680 +1,276,909 +2%
10. @Smiles 10,480,081 +1,145,949 +12%
11. JibJab 5,442,987 +1,050,656 +24%
12. Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad 1,513,190 +984,614 +186%
13. Monster Galaxy 1,371,509 +924,177 +207%
14. My Year In Photos 1,105,943 +877,594 +384%
15. Give Hearts 14,596,531 +864,343 +6%
16. Frases Diarias 11,509,640 +758,006 +7%
17. phrases 4 fun 4,443,265 +730,784 +20%
18. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel 1,008,761 +722,826 +253%
19. Texas HoldEm Poker 34,347,919 +656,578 +2%
20. City of Wonder 8,282,207 +629,893 +8%

Regular readers will note that the gains are a bit higher than normal across the board. Some of that is a surge in use of wall posting and gifting apps around Christmas, but the other half is likely the same third-party notification change that’s helping CityVille.

My Year In Status is making hay with the holiday, even more so than last year, when it topped seven million MAU. That makes sense, of course, Facebook being twice the size it was at that point. It’s followed by Popcap’s newest game, Zuma Blitz, which is a pretty significant growth story in itself.

Causes has been up and down in recent months; this week it has an impressive gain of 3.4 million MAU. Dating app Badoo, meanwhile, is doing quite well, and has a quite respectable stickiness to go with its MAU growth, showing about 13 percent of its total user count coming back as daily active users.

The top 10 is mostly completed by various @Apps titles, including @Hearts, @Hugs and @Smiles. In the last week, @Apps has gained over three million MAU, leaving it ready to break through 30 million total.

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