Facebook careers: Instagram PR, Gifts partner manager, ethnographer and more

hiresFacebook added 31 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the research, recruiting, business operations, global marketing and sales teams.

Instagram seems to be looking for its first international employee: a communications manager based in London.

Facebook has an interesting opening for an ethnographer, which includes the following in the job description:

Facebook aims to connect the world in a big way, across all cultures and creeds, cities and countrysides. And to do that successfully, we need to understand the unique character of all those communities: what Facebook means or could mean to each of them, what themes are common across them, what themes are unique to each, and how best to make our products and technology work for all of them.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • International Communications Manager – Instagram (London)
  • Business Operations Associate – SMB/MM (Menlo Park)
  • Finance Revenue Operations Lead (APAC) (Singapore)
  • Executive Assistant, Global Marketing Solutions (New York)
  • Global Data Center Security Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Law Enforcement Response Team Analyst (Austin)
  • Recruiter, APAC (Contract) (Seoul)
  • Recruiting Assistant (contractor) (São Paulo)
  • Recruitment Coordinator (Contract) (Dublin)
  • Ethnographer (Menlo Park)
  • Research Manager, Growth and Analytics (Menlo Park)
  • UX Researcher (Contractor) (Palo Alto)
  • Critical Facility Technician (Forest City)
  • Operations Engineering Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Global Creative Solutions: Creative Strategist (Hamburg)
  • Vertical Manager, Marketing Communications (Menlo Park)
  • Analyst, User Operations (Dublin)
  • Account Manager, ANZ (Sydney) (Sydney)
  • Merchant Partner Manager, Facebook Gifts/Commerce (Menlo Park)
  • Growth Manager Latin America – Brasil (São Paulo)
  • Associate, Ad Operations (Tokyo) (Tokyo)
  • Analyst, SMB Growth, Global Marketing Solutions (Austin)
  • Small Business Associate (Singapore)
  • Executive Assistant (London)
  • Client Partner Australia (Sydney)
  • Intern, Global Marketing Solutions (Tokyo)
  • Client Partner, Mobile (Chicago)
  • Client Partner, E-Commerce (Austin)
  • Client Partner, Financial Services (Menlo Park)
  • Client Partner, Retail (Austin)
  • Quantitative Analyst, Monetization (Menlo Park)

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Facebook hires: Sydney vertical leads, data tools engineer, finance manager, more

hiresFacebook removed 38 positions from its careers page this week, likely after making hires in the areas of sales, HR, finance and user operations, among others.

The company appears to have filled a number of key sales roles in Sydney: Head of Financial Services & Travel; Head of Technology, Telecommunications & Entertainment; and Head of Sales Mid-Market, Australia & New Zealand. That team seems to be growing quickly over the past few months as Facebook looks to build deeper relationships with advertisers all over the world.

Prior listings removed from Facebook’s careers page:

  • Hardware Test Engineer, Intern (Menlo Park)
  • Solutions Engineer (London)
  • Manager, Software Engineering (Menlo Park)
  • Business Operations Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Finance Manager, FP&A – IT (Menlo Park)
  • International General Ledger Accountant (Contract) (Hyderabad)
  • Administrative Assistant, Platform Partnerships (Menlo Park)
  • Regional Product Marketing Partner (Dublin)
  • Data Tools Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Systems Principal, APAC (Hyderabad)
  • IT Operations Lead (Menlo Park)
  • HR Generalist – Contract (Hyderabad) (Hyderabad)
  • Lead, People Services, L&D Benefits Ops (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Global Compensation (Menlo Park)
  • People Operations Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Sourcer, Diversity – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Sourcer, Diversity (Menlo Park)
  • Training and Development Program Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Content Strategist (Menlo Park)
  • Data Center Facility Operations Engineering Manager (Altoona)
  • Ads Policy Enforcement Associate (Austin)
  • Data Analyst, Latin America (São Paulo)
  • Analyst, User Operations, Vietnamese (Dublin)
  • Media Solutions (Mexico City)
  • Media Solutions (Buenos Aires)
  • Account Manager (Paris)
  • Account Manager Brazil (São Paulo)
  • Client Partner Miami (Miami)
  • Client Partner (Buenos Aires)
  • Head of Financial Services & Travel (Sydney)
  • Head of Sales Mid-Market, Australia & New Zealand (Sydney)
  • Head of Technology, Telecommunications & Entertainment (Sydney)
  • Manager, Global Sales Outsourcing (São Paulo)
  • Account Manager (London)
  • Agency Manager (London)
  • Client Partner, National Sales (Menlo Park)
  • Client Partner, QSR (Chicago)
  • Client Partner (Austin)

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Advertisers can now target Facebook ads by recency of activity

ads logoFacebook has created a new way for businesses and developers to target ads to users who have taken an action on Facebook or in an app within a more specific time range.

Using the “action spec” targeting capability, which allows advertisers to reach users by the actions they take in Open Graph apps and on Facebook directly, an advertiser could designate a time range shorter than 14 days. The default is still 14 days, but previously there was no option to set a shorter window.

This change gives advertisers more accuracy in reaching the most relevant users for a particular message. For instance, a local business might want to reach users who checked into their store within the past week. A developer might want to target users who installed their app in the past three days. A page owner might want to retarget users who viewed one of their page tabs the day before.

Action spec targeting is still a beta feature limited to advertisers working with Preferred Marketing Developers with the Ads API, so it isn’t widely known or understood. However, the feature offers developers unique opportunities to reach users who have taken specific in-app actions, including in their competitor’s apps. It also gives brands ways to segment and target their fans by the actions they take on their page or a competitor’s page.

Facebook brings post insights back to Pages Manager app after temporary removal

pages managerA recent update to Pages Manager for iOS has returned detailed post insights to the product after a version earlier this month was released without them.

Facebook released version 2.0 of its Pages Manager app for iOS in early May to make the app faster and include new features like photo filters. However, it did not include the same level of per-post analytics as previous versions. Page owners could see how many people they reached but when they tapped the area that used to lead to more information, they were instead directed to a screen where they could buy Promoted Posts. Now, the additional metrics have been brought back.

Users can tap the “reach” metric to be taken to a new screen with an additional breakdown of how much of that reach was organic, paid or viral. They can swipe left to see details about engaged users, post clicks, link clicks and stories created. Another swipe will present People Talking About This, likes, comments and shares for the given post.


Page owners can still promote their posts from the app by tapping the “promote” button. Another feature that Facebook removed from Pages Manager a few weeks ago, but hasn’t brought back yet is the option to create an Offer post. Admins have to create those from Facebook.com.

Facebook also made some bug fixes and performance updates in the latest version of Pages Manager released this week.

Ifeelgoods enters Facebook PMD program with specialty in digital rewards apps

ifeelgoodsDigital promotions platform Ifeelgoods today announced that it has been named a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer with an Apps badge.

The company offers customizable white-labeled Facebook apps that deliver digital rewards to customers. For example, a retailer could incentivize people to make a large purchase by giving them a $10 iTunes gift card in return. After the user completes a transaction, the Ifeelgoods integration will allow him or her to connect with Facebook and claim the gift card. Users will also be prompted to share back to Facebook or on Twitter. Ifeelgoods says 60 percent of customers do this.



Facebook adds Atlas view tag support for custom audiences and partner categories

friends 2Atlas view tags can now be used to measure Facebook ads targeted to custom audiences, partner categories and lookalike audiences, the social network informed its largest advertisers this week.

Those targeting types are relatively new to Facebook and weren’t previously supported in the Atlas platform, which advertisers and agencies use to plan, manage, track and optimize their digital marketing. Facebook recently bought Atlas from Microsoft. Now, the tool will enable advertisers to track Facebook’s new ad types the same as any other. This gives advertisers better view-through measurement on their campaigns that take advantage of the social network’s latest capabilities.

Custom audiences allows advertisers to retarget consumers by email addresses, phone numbers or user IDs they already have from previous marketing or sales interactions. “Lookalike audiences” helps advertisers target users similar to those in their custom audience databases, using algorithms to identify audience segments with the same customer profiles. Partner categories are audience segments created by third-party data providers that U.S. advertisers can use for targeting via Power Editor or the API. These categories are informed with transactional data, survey information and other online or offline behaviors. Collectively, these represent tremendous new opportunities for advertisers to target Facebook users by first-party or third-party data.

The social network agreed to acquire Atlas from Microsoft in February. The deal closed at the end of April, and the Atlas team in Seattle is now officially part of Facebook. The company says it bought Atlas to improve measurement capabilities for advertising both on Facebook and across other digital platforms. Atlas says it is working to update its user interface to be more intuitive and effective, as well as create “unique differentiators under Facebook.”

Facebook platform industry news: AdRoll, iNvolved Media, Moontoast and SHIFT


Retargeting platform AdRoll announced today that it has added the option for advertisers to run self-serve Facebook Exchange retargeting ads in the News Feed. Facebook made this inventory available to Qualified DSPs, including AdRoll, earlier this month. Previously, AdRoll and other companies could only run FBX ads in the right hand sidebar of Facebook.com, but now they can bid on desktop News Feed placement. AdRoll says early tests show clickthrough rates in the single-digit percentages for News Feed, as opposed to fractions of percent in the sidebar. Unlike other retargeting ads, retargeted News Feed ads incorporate Facebook’s share, comment, and like functionalities, which leads to additional engagement and viral potential. An example of a News Feed FBX ad is below. AdRoll is actually running FBX ads retargeting visitors to its own site.



Facebook Gifts gets a scheduling feature to let users decide when to notify recipients

giftsFacebook has a new “schedule gift” feature for its Gifts product, which allows users to buy something for a friend, but notify them at a later date. Previously, recipients would receive a notification immediately after the gift was purchased.

Now, when users get to the review page after selecting a gift and writing a card, there is a section where they can choose when to notify the recipient. The default is to notify the friend now, but users can also pick a day up to two weeks in advance. This option gives Facebook Gifts an additional convenience now that users can buy a birthday gift or something for another special occasion ahead of time, rather than having to complete the purchase the day of.


The social network used to offer scheduled gifts from its virtual Gift Shop in 2009, but it hadn’t brought the feature to its new Gifts product until now. The old Gift Shop was primarily a way to share virtual stickers on a friend’s Wall, until it was shut down in July 2010. The new Facebook Gifts, launched in September 2012, focuses on physical gifts, like food, wine, home goods and tchotchkes, as well as digital goods like gift cards and subscriptions to streaming services.

There is not a way to schedule the delivery of a gift for a particular day because Facebook Gifts asks the recipient for their address when they are first notified about the gift.

Facebook gives admins new way to create ‘unpublished posts’ directly from page

fb-targetingFacebook is testing a new way for page owners to create “unpublished posts” — those that intentionally do not appear to all fans of their page – directly from the composer on their page.

Unpublished posts do not appear on a page’s Timeline or in fans’ News Feeds, but they can be promoted with ads. This allows page owners to make posts that are tailored to a specific audience and ensure that they are only seen by that audience, not distributed to anyone who Likes the page. It also creates a way for advertisers to test different creative options for their page post ads without overwhelming their fans with multiple posts. Unpublished posts do not contribute to People Talking About This counts or appear in Page Insights.


Now page owners can make these kinds of posts directly from their page by clicking the clock icon used to schedule posts. After users select a year, a “hide from News Feed” option will appear. Checking that box will prevent the post from being distributed to fans’ feeds, though it will still appear on the page’s Timeline. Then a page could promote the post or use it as part of a page post ad in the mobile or desktop News Feed. Photo posts, link posts and video posts are eligible.

Facebook platform industry news: Nimble and Crowdbabble


Social CRM company Nimble this today released a new version of its platform with more features for managing business contacts. A new “Today Screen” is an improved dashboard with a to-do list, milestones and key events among a user’s network. The “Signals Screen” gives users notifications from across their social networks, such as invitations, likes, shares and mentions. Nimble also made updates to its search feature and created a way for users to easily retrieve their last contacted connection. Nimble now connects with more than 100 other platforms so users can bring in all their contacts and audiences.

nimble signals screen showing filters


Toronto-based start-up Crowdbabble today announced its Real-Time Facebook Monitor, a tool for Facebook page admins to monitor their pages and keep track of competitors. Users can get real-time analytics or generate historical reports. It aims to help page owners understand when they should post and how often, along with how well their posts are performing and how they compare to others in the business.


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