Grandparents prove Facebook is no longer just for the young


People say that Facebook is for kids, but one of the fastest growing categories is grandparents — folks older than 50.

Click below to find out what 45.3 million folks 50 and older in the U.S. like.

(more…) is off the charts on Facebook

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 8.34.18 AM

Previously,’s Facebook page had 273k fans, but 339k active users. You don’t have to be a fan to interact with the page, so being a “fan” is not as important as it once was.

Likely, the fans are first to consume the content, who then activate others to like, comment, and share.  These secondary interactions are key to the high engagement. The fact that people can “like” the content and also “like” the page is an intentional confusion on Facebook’s part.

The unique reach of these 273k fans is 82,797,695 users worldwide. This is 303 friends per fan. Facebook has said that the average number of friends per user is 130. We know the average fan has 320 friends (since not all users are fans of pages).


Wonder what a $75,000 daily credit line on Facebook looks like?

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.53.41 AM

When you start off on Facebook, they give you a tiny daily budget. This is like training wheels for new accounts — to prevent accidental overspending. And it also is in place to prevent spammers from jacking up huge budgets, since there’s a market for selling new accounts that eventually get disabled.

As you ramp up, your daily budget automatically goes up.


How TigerTail hooked Facebook engagement at 5 cents

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.45.53 PM

Kevin McGinnis runs online marketing for TigerTail, a manufacturer of ATV equipment in Minneapolis, MN.

Like most small businesses, he has a website, shopping cart, email list, and Facebook page. These different systems don’t talk to one another.

He knows that when he sends email, it drives sales. But it’s not exactly clear how all his marketing efforts come together.

So this is what he did to kick his marketing into high gear on Facebook.

He uploaded his email list to Facebook, getting 500 users to match.

Ferrari mechanic tunes his Facebook presence for lead gen

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.09.43 AM

Owning a Ferrari is not the same thing as liking Ferrari on Facebook. Rob Schermerhorn tunes Ferraris for a living.

As you can see, 51% of Ferrari’s Facebook fans are kids. So to hit real Ferrari owners, Rob targeted members of the Sports Car Club of America, those who participate in the FerrariChat forum (where owners hang out), and similar interests.


How do hotels and resorts stack up on Facebook?


We looked at 2,121 hotels and resorts on Facebook, covering 114,634 posts.


  • Scenery shots generate the most likes at 28.71 per 1,000 impressions — almost 5 times as much as link posts.
  • People are more likely to comment or share on food photos (.99 comments per 1,000 impressions and 2.98 shares per 1,000 impressions).
  • The destination, not the room amenities, drives interactions — less than 50% of engagement is on posts related to facilities.


Want a bunch of cheap Facebook fans? Don’t make this mistake

Screenshot 2014-01-08 at 9.53.49 AM

6 cent cost per click. 1,476 fans for only $210. That’s only 14 cents a fan. But look at the targeting.

They’re buying traffic from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, and all sorts of places. Traffic there is a fraction of the cost of the United States, UK, or Canada. Unless you’re able to monetize fans outside of your target country, don’t make this irreversible mistake.

Provided you have your campaigns properly split up into audience (fan growth), engagement, and conversion, the junk fans feed into the engagement stage campaign, clogging things up. That means your News Feed campaigns have to work harder, since they are having to also reach your junk fans.

That’s wasting money. You can’t remove these fans or exclude them in your targeting, unless you have country-level targeting.


Step-by-Step: How a welding company erected a Facebook presence for $6 a day

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.57.38 PM

Kelly Householder works at Infusionsoft, a company that produces marketing software for small businesses. The company encourages employees to have a small business of their own.

So Kelly sells welding plans for $19.97 online for DIY welders — should you want to make a folding table, workbench, welding cart, or other object to prove your manhood.

He had just over 1,000 fans on Facebook and produces content regularly.


Facebook uses gauges to help advertisers with targeting

Screenshot 2013-12-27 at 9.36.03 PM

Facebook wants to let you know when they think you’re targeting too broadly or too narrowly.

Check out this speedometer gauge on the audience counts.

In this case, we’re targeting the 90,000 people in the United States who list themselves as working at Facebook.


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