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Who We Are

Blogs, analytics products, and research services are what we create. Social and mobile platforms, apps, and user trends are what we cover.

What’s different about Inside Network?

The short story is: We provide expert analysis and valuable insights that industry professionals can’t find anywhere else.

The medium-length story is:

  • Our blog network stands head and shoulders above the competition for its quality, thoughtful coverage grounded in deep historical knowledge of industry trends. Readers rely on our content for its accuracy, timeliness, relevance, and analytical coverage grounded in our research products and services.
  • Our analytics products offer more than just performance stats—they provide the largest historical data sets, have the most robust functionality, and are informed by original industry research and analysis. Data-driven customers trust our products to scout the competition and obtain the metrics they need to make informed business decisions.
  • Our research services provide insight into user and developer trends in specific social and mobile app genres, and also explore broader implications for the social and mobile ecosystems as a whole. These original monthly reports are focused in topical coverage and methodology to provide specific, relevant results and actionable insights for social and mobile decision-makers.

Our Audience

Inside Network’s blogs and research products have a dedicated audience of C-level managers, developers, marketers, analysts, and investors from leading marketing agencies, game and app developers, social media companies, finance and VC firms, and news outlets. We are the B2B resource for social and mobile industry insiders.

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How many people visit our sites?

Quantity isn’t everything, but it does make a difference when considering ad placement. We reach a large pool of readers and users who regularly visit our sites—more than 1.9 million monthly page views and 842,000 monthly unique visitors across all of our properties. Here’s a quick rundown of average monthly traffic for each Inside Network site:

  • Inside Facebook has an average of 587,000 page views per month and 400,000 unique visitors.
  • Inside Social Games has an average of 304,000 page views per month and 158,000 unique visitors.
  • Inside Mobile Apps has an average of 150,000 page views per month and 71,000 unique visitors.
  • AppData has an average of 736,000 page views per month and 157,000 unique visitors.
  • PageData has an average of 137,000 page views per month and 56,000 unique visitors.
  • GPlusData is a recently launched site with rapidly-growing traffic.

 What’s the demographics breakdown for individual sites?

Each of our sites offer a slightly different audience, which means that you can effectively target your messaging to potential customers.

The audience for Inside Facebook, PageData, and GPlusData consists of marketers/advertisers/press (55%), c-level managers (20%), developers (20%), and analysts (5%). Our users come from companies who do social media and e-commerce (55%), software and game/app development (20%), news (10%), finance (10%), and analytics (5%). 46% of users come the Americas, 25% from Europe, and 20% from Asia.

Facebook Product Demographics

Inside Social Games’ audience consists of developers (35%), C-level managers (30%), analysts/investors (20%), and marketers/advertisers (15%). Our readers come from companies who do game development (55%), game publishing (30%), finance/VC (10%), and eCommerce (5%). 47% of readers come from the Americas, 26% from Europe, and 22% from Asia.

Inside Social Games Demographics

Inside Mobile Apps’ audience consists of C-level mangers (55%), developers (30%), marketers/advertisers/PR (10%), and analysts/investors (5%). Our readers come from companies who do app development (60%), advertising (15%), game publishing (10%), news (10%), and finance/VC (5%). 50% of readers come from the Americas, 25% from Europe, and 19% from Asia.

Inside Mobile Apps Demographics

AppData’s audience consists of game and app developers (60%), finance/VC firms (30%), and various tech, advertising, and legal companies (10%). 42% of users come from the Americas, 28% from Europe, and 22% from Asia.

AppData Demographics

GPlusData is targeted towards marketing, advertising, and e-commerce professionals. 48% of users come from the Americas, 25% from Europe, and 19% from Asia.

GPlusData Demographics

What makes our audience so valuable?

Firstly, our readers and clients are fantastic. If you don’t believe us, you should come to our Inside Social Apps event and meet them.

Secondly, our customers come specifically from the social and mobile app industries, which means they’re highly engaged with content and advertising relevant to their field.

Lastly, and most importantly, Inside Network’s audience views us as industry experts whose products are reliable, current, and insightful. They therefore trust us to provide meaningful content—including advertisements.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to reach people who will actually use your products and be motivated to engage with your ads, Inside Network has the solution.

Ad Specs and Pricing

Inside Network offers a variety of ad sizes and rates. Contact us for more details.

Contact us

Ready to start reaching your dream audience? Contact our Sales Team for more information.

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