‘The Simpsons,’ LMFAO, sports, BlueStacks, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

“The Simpsons” topped our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages this week. There was also “Titanic,” the band LMFAO, several sports stars, a few blog-related pages, Miracle-Gro and Android app player for Windows PC BlueStacks.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 285,000 to 1.9 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

Name Likes Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1.   The Simpsons 44,388,546 416,148 +835,279 +1,913,849
2.   LMFAO 13,964,422 2,327,809 +136,306 +1,574,657
3.   Dwyane Wade 5,206,525 34,869 +2,401 +709,534
4.   I ♥ THE WEEKEND 6,606,346 668,306 +55,773 +539,287
5.   Resident Evil 5 655,578 15,711 +177,775 +455,448
6.   Last Day of School 6,312,351 661,527 +35,405 +441,777
7.   Jeremy Lin 954,881 552,606 +34,979 +438,508
8.   Chicken Soup for … 525,922 5,512 +5,686 +418,915
9.   Mc Lovin 4,403,756 482,270 +34,748 +413,329
10.   Forever Alone 1,843,527 479,678 +38,449 +399,371
11.   The Truman Show 368,284 358 +113 +364,700
12.   BlueStacks 589,748 266,681 +63,643 +316,351
13.   Miracle-Gro 1,121,750 686,078 +29,902 +313,355
14.   Texas HoldEm Poker 59,469,048 538,264 +47,177 +307,692
15.   Titanic 18,899,103 617,864 +33,334 +296,471
16.   Target 10,322,110 404,038 +7,030 +295,323
17.   Enemy at the Gates 307,448 242 -72 +291,809
18.   Nemo 8,410,373 389,243 +27,081 +290,031
19.   I dont care how o… 863,169 364,008 +20,399 +287,133
20.   ThaiMarketing 480,837 455,786 +22,077 +285,040

As mentioned, “The Simpsons” topped our list with almost 2 million new Likes. A few other movies made the list as a result of what appeared to be page consolidations, as the Likes spiked tremendously over a period of a few days. In the case of Nemo, an updated cover photo seemed to generate activity on the page. Then, “Titanic” was very popular; the page is ripe with all manner of promotions related to the upcoming 3D re-release of the film.

The band LMFAO was second on the list; during the past week the page shared several popular events, including awards nominations, media appearances, a band anniversary and President Obama singing one of their songs. There were two athletes who rode their popularity to our list, Dwyane Wade and Jeremy Lin. There were some fun, unofficial pages that made the list, including I ♥ THE WEEKENDForever Alone and I dont care how o… These are often humorous and inspire high engagement by users.

BlueStacks, an Android app player for Windows PC, makes its first appearance on the PageData charts this week. The beta version of the app just went live this week. Miracle-Gro continued to be popular, probably due to its FarmVille integration, since there was no apparent reason for growth on the page alone.

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