Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know

We’ll be covering detailed best practices in preparation for the March 1st migration to the new Pages in the Facebook Marketing Bible, our guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook.

Today Facebook launches a major redesign and expansion of functionality of its Pages for businesses, brands, media, and public figures. The Page layout will now match the December user profile redesign, with a left-hand navigation menu replacing the tabs above the wall. Page admins will also be able to login as their Page, giving them access to Facebook and email notifications about activity on their Page, and other options.

Page admins will begin seeing a preview and tour of the new features today, and will have the choice to voluntarily upgrade until March 1st when all Pages will be automatically migrated to the redesign.

New Layout

Users now navigate between a Page’s wall, info, and third-party tab applications using a menu of links on the left side of the Page beneath the profile picture. The menu permits longer tab names and between eight and nine tab apps above the fold. To reorder tabs, click “More”, then “Edit” and drag and drop any of your tabs except “Wall” and “Info”. Only Pages with more tabs than spaces above the fold can edit the order of their tabs.

As tabs are no longer front-and-center, the redesign could reduce the frequency with which users visits tabs other than the default landing tab.

Similar to the redesigned user profile, Pages have a Photostrip above the wall that displays the latest photos the Page has tagged itself in. However, the five thumbnails appear in a different order upon each reload, preventing Pages from creating a continuous banner out of the Photostrip. The profile picture is slightly reduced in size from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540. The About blurb has moved from the wall tab to the info tab.

Users will see a mutual friends and interests panel on the top right displaying the friends who also Like the Page, and the Likes the user and the Page have in common. Pages will have the option to Like other Pages, not just favorite them, and feature “Page Owners”. Links and profile pics of these Likes and admins can be made visible below the navigation menu and reordered through the new “Featured” section of the Edit Page admin interface.

When Pages update, their default landing tab will be reset. Admins should be sure to reselect the tab they want visitors who haven’t Liked their Page to see first. If Pages use a welcome tab with some sort of arrow pointing to the Like button at the top of the Page, they’ll need to modify the tab’s design as the Like button has moved slightly.

Admins can edit their Page’s category by going to the Basic Information tab of the Edit Page admin interface.

Relevant Posts Wall Filter

Page admins can select between an “All Posts” and a Page posts only default tab for the wall. All Posts is broken up into “Top Posts” and “Most Recent” tabs.

Top Posts, which displays first when All Posts is set as the default view, shows users posts Facebook thinks will be the most relevant. Recent posts by friends, posts by other users in same language or country, and posts that have received a lot of Likes and comments will bubble to the top.

Most Recent shows a reverse chronological, real-time stream of posts by the Page and its fans. Users can click to view Most Recent when viewing Top Posts, but admins can’t set Most Recent as the default view.

Users will see a Page’s wall display the same tab as it last showed. So if they switch from Top Posts to Most Recent, leave the site, then come back, they’ll still see the wall display the Most Recent tab. This persistent wall state works the same way as the Top News and Most Recent tabs for the news feed, which similarly maintain state between visits.

Admins can click the “Hidden Posts” link beneath wall in the navigation menu to view a feed of posts they or Facebook’s spam detectors have filtered out of public view. Admins can select to unhide posts from this feed.

Admins Can “Use Facebook as Page”

Page admins can choose to “Use Facebook as Page” from the Account drop-down menu in the top right corner of Facebook. Admins will then see a special version of the site chrome where they can post and comment around the site under their Page’s alias, though not on user profiles a Pages can’t have friends. Since Pages can now Like other Pages, admins see a news feed of updates from Liked Pages.

The notifications drop-down in the top navigation bar shows the latest user posts and comments to the Page the admin is using. The friend request drop-down shows how many Likes their Page has received since the admin last used the site as their Page.

In response to frequent requests, Facebook admins can now turn on email notifications to alert them to activity on their Page through the “Your Settings” tab of the Edit Page admin interface. These emails could be overwhelming for popular Pages that receive thousands of posts and comments a day, but will certainly help smaller Pages stay attentive to their fan community. Hence, smaller Pages default to having notifications turned on, while larger Pages default to off.

Developers: No API Changes, but Tab Apps Can Now Use Iframes

The Page redesign does not affect the Page APIs, so developers don’t need to worry about their applications breaking. The expanded tab name space in the new navigation menu means developers can try using longer, more descriptive titles for when their application is installed as tab.

However, the Facebook Developers Blog has just announced that Pages can finally feature iFrame tab applications. Facebook announced the option in August as being slated for Q4 2010, but today says it has postponed the implementation until March 11, 2011. We’ll have more details in a forthcoming post.

Some Pages and Places briefly experienced a bug that caused the width of their tab applications to be smaller than it should be, cutting off the right edge of the app. Facebook has now fixed this bug.

An Upgrade, Not Just a Redesign

As users have grown familiar with the new profile over the last two months, it should be easy for them to acclimate to this redesign, which was accidentally pushed live for a few minutes in December. As well as creating a more consistent browsing experience, Facebook has granted many requests from the Page admin community. The only potential downside is that the less prominent placement of links to tabs could reduce their use.

Of all the beneficial changes, the Top Posts wall filter in particular will make sure users see high quality content each time they visit a Page. This will bolster confidence in brands and businesses that users directed to their Page will have an enjoyable, engaging experience. This will in turn lead them to spend more on Facebook ads that drive traffic to their Pages, generating more revenue for Facebook.

Page admins looking for updated best practices for the redesign should see the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s comprehensive guide to brand marketing on Facebook.

Update 3/2/2011: Facebook has made several changes to Pages since the redesign, including providing a reverse chronological “Most Recent” view of the Page wall, which some admins requested. It has also increased the number of Page tab apps that appear above the fold in the navigation menu.

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119 Responses to “Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know”

  1. Mitchell Miller says:

    I’m guessing they completely scrapped the ability to invite friends to your page then? The option hasn’t worked for a while and now it’s completely gone.

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  3. Danielle Edberg says:

    Man, I really dislike the new design, despite all of these features. So many brands have spent time developing great tabs, it’s unfortunate that they will probably have way less traffic. On a positive note, I’m stoked about the e-mail notifications! That’s one tool we’ve been waiting for forever!

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  6. Kalli Lawrence says:

    I do not see that we can maintain unique landing pages with the new profile… yes they are still there on the side, but i dont see that the admins con control what page a new fan might see first anymore.

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  11. Paul Chaney says:

    It appears that the width of custom tabbed pages made with staticFBML is narrower, now 493 pixels. Can anyone confirm whether this is a bug or now the new standard?

  12. Nathan says:

    Great write up guys. Thanks for the quick content. Biggest issue thus far seems to be a tab cutoff rollout bug. Many pages rendering at 493px. Do you guys have any insight into this?

  13. Savannah Brentnall says:

    You forgot to mention that custom tabs have been reduced in width again, from 520px to 494px. That means we have to redesign all our tabs again.

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  15. Mik says:

    So we should stop calling these “tabs”!

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  18. syrin says:

    Relevant Posts Wall Filter

    This is bad, really really bad. The chronological order was important for everyone who wants to show which events are taking place right now, not which ones are the most “liked”.

    This will totally ruin the experience for someone who’s looking for current information, and for pages that deal with up to date information, such as newspapers. :s

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  20. Julian says:

    I don’t like Facebook rearranging the news feed for my business page. It works best for me when it’s in reverse chronological order. How can I go back to that order for posts?

  21. Josh Constine says:

    @Julian: There is currently no way to use the old, unfiltered reverse-chronological stream of wall posts.

  22. Josh Constine says:

    @Syrin: I agree that this could be an issue for certain types of Pages. Facebook told us recency is still the main signal in deciding the order of posts, and it should predominantly impact user wall posts, not the Pages own.

  23. Josh Constine says:

    @Savannah and Nathan: The tab app width issue is a bug that Facebook says it is currently working to resolve.

  24. Josh Constine says:

    @Kalli: Facebook confirmed with us that Pages will still be able to set a default landing tab for those who haven’t Liked the Page.

  25. Josh Constine says:

    @Mitchell: Facebook confirmed with us today that the redesign won’t reinstate the ability for fans to Suggest to Friends. We also covered earlier: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/01/28/removal-suggest-friends-pages/

  26. Stephen Wayne says:

    This is 90% bad news. Removing the tab navigation and rearranging the news feed destroys most of the functionality of the page. Facebook is making pages nearly useless. Does anyone know if we will have the option to keep the top tab navigation?

  27. Mary DeNora says:

    I put all my friend into groups. When facebook changed the layout I can no longer select which group of posts I want to look at. Can you tell me if that is still an option and if so how do I do it. If not will I be able to do it with the new layout?

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  29. M. McCormick says:

    The Like Box code that used to work with our Fan Pages no longer works. Anyone know what happened with that?

    The page ID has not changed but the whole Like Box simply has not shown since this lovely redesign went live. :(

  30. Kirill Storch says:

    Facebook branding apps.

    hey we just took advantage of this new developer license to create a branded app on our page

    Can you tell me a little bit about whether or not 1) This should increase conversions? and 2) do you believe that having an app iframed is better than raw coding in fbml…..i know iframes should be used sparingly? does fb have a policy on this

  31. Stephanie says:

    Nice, in-depth coverage as always with great screenshots.

  32. Muhammad Yaseen Khan says:

    Being a facebook developer I Loved

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  34. syrin says:

    @John Constantine: I went ahead and changed to the new design on one of my smaller pages and this “Wall Filter” really does screw up the timeline.

    An author’s comment about the end of the convention was sent down the timeline, while the post we wrote about the start of the convention is now right up top.

    This is not good, really really not good. All of the work we’ve put in having up to date pages, with the latest information, will be wasted as of March 10th.

  35. Amit Verma says:

    Its really more convenient now. Thanks to Facebook developers making our life easy on FB as an administrator of business pages.

  36. Karl says:

    Why the hell should Facebook decide what I, as creator of a Fan Page, think is most important to show in my wall??? Fucking stupidity!! Bring back reverse chronological order right now!!!!

  37. Danny says:

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I’ve clicked review on my Page – how do I revert back to the old view?

    Any help much appreciated!

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  39. Henrik Mattsson says:

    There´s alot of settings that won´t be benifitial for company pages. I just wonder why the thumbnail images isn´t sticky but just shows up randomly when reloding the page. Is there a reason for that?

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  41. Gene Wicker Jr says:

    Is there a way to set the default wall view (filter) to your Pages view instead of Everyone?

  42. Denis Melun says:

    This new version is a total miss. Where is the LIKE tab ? Besides that, it seems impossible to chose other pics than the ones automatically selected on the top ;-(

  43. jodiontheweblog » Blog Archive » My Take on the New Facebook Fan Pages says:

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  44. Gene Wicker Jr says:

    Duh. Found answer to my question. Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Wall Tab Shows > make your selection from the drop down.

  45. Facebook’s New Fan Page Design – Reduced Width of Page Tabs? | HyperArts says:

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  46. Pascal Provencel says:

    Thanks for this recap !

  47. Kevin Blakeley says:

    What good is logging into FB as a page? I got excited about this feature because I thought I would be able to write on other people’s wall, especially the ones that have liked my page.

    Unfortunately, when I use FB as my page, I don’t have access to write on any walls because I am not their friend…. people don’t friend pages…they like them, so this needs to be adjusted for this feature to be useful.

  48. Bob says:

    Oooh. How exciting.

  49. Stacey says:

    I frames & Custom Tabs
    If our current tabs which are in FBML, show up in the preview looking OK right now, will they still look the same after March 10.
    I am hopefully assuming so….

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  52. Josh Constine says:

    @Henrik: This prevents users from creating a continuous banner image by splitting an image into five parts and uploading in the right order, as profiles can http://www.insidefacebook.com/2010/12/07/recently-tagged-photos-abused/

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  57. Hans says:

    I think there are some issues with the new layout. Page owners can not access their fans’ walls to post on. Also, the number of links has disappeared from the left hand sidebar. I hope these will be fixed.

  58. Susie says:

    The changes are cool, but I am noticing my posts are out of order. Some of the posts I did yesterday are mixed in with the posts from today. I noticed some others are having this issue. I hope this will be resolved, because it looks ridiculous.

  59. TopDog says:

    At least you get more real estate for your products…..

  60. Josh Constine says:

    @Susie: That is the Everyone feed in action. It surfaces the most relevant posts. You can’t show a Most Recent feed to users, but admins can view it by clicking the Admin View link in the navigation panel. This shows them a Most Recent feed that is useful for moderation.

  61. New design on Facebook pages « People like to share says:

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  62. Rhonda says:

    The inability for fans not to see the posts in chronological order is going to RUIN the point of a Facebook business page for many businesses. For mine, timeliness is of essence.

  63. Facebook Pages krijgen redesign | iShaper says:

    [...] van alle persoonlijke profielen kon het niet lang duren, voordat ook de Pages aan de beurt waren. Donderdag heeft Facebook wat wijzigingen doorgevoerd die de layout en functionaliteiten van de pagina’s veranderen. Deze [...]

  64. edg says:

    all the pages I “upgraded” are down today – walls won’t load!

  65. Julian says:

    I REALLY, REALLY don’t like whatever algorithm FB is using to display posts on my business page. Today (Feb 12) the second post is from Feb 1 and the fourth post is from Jan 30 and they are no longer relevant from my point of view when placed with other, more recent posts. Why should FB decide what is more important on my page and not me, the creator of the content?

  66. DJ Heckes says:

    I do not like the new design limitations that FB has incorporated. We have just finished custom designing many customer’s business pages and now the new design took that away. It is much more professional for a business to have the custom tabs at the top with custom designed welcome page for the “first impression” and now that is gone. Too bad.

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  69. Larry Witmer says:

    This is a disaster! The loss or reverse chronological order makes the page almost useless. Whatever Facebook’s algorithm is to elevate “popular” posts is way off. Reverse chronological order HAS to be reinstated!

  70. Nouveau design des pages Facebook pour mars 2011 | AGF Consultant - Conseils en Identité numérique, personal branding, E-Réputation says:

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  71. Chloe George says:

    Really don’t like the ‘everyone’ feed – our page is used for peer support for disabled people, and no one can see recent (often desperate for support) posts.

    Does anyone know how to reorder the links on the left hand side? Someone said you can reorder anything but the ‘wall’ and ‘info’ links by clicking and dragging, but this isn’t working for me …

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  73. Brian Gallagher says:

    I agree that we should at least have an option to sort the feed by date, as we post upcoming events here and a popular event that happened a month ago should not bump out events coming up this week.

    This makes absolutely no sense, and it doesn’t help our students that an administrator can see things in order when they can’t.

  74. Michelle says:

    Anyone have any idea why you can’t see my page’s wall unless you’re logged in? It acts like it’s trying to load, but never does. All of the other “tabs” work and are accessible.

  75. Erica says:

    Not being able to see Everyone’s posts in chronological order is a disaster for many businesses and nonprofits who are event-based or who engage with fans by having everyone’s posts show in order. More than 90% of comments on the Facebook Pages upgrade announcement are in response to this negative change. A page has been started for all of us who are unhappy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Back-Chronological-Posts-On-Pages/193751363985888

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  78. Josh Constine says:

    @Michelle: There is currently a bug preventing logged out users from seeing iframe Page tab apps or the wall of Pages that haven’t excepted the upgrade: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/02/14/bug-iframe-page-wall-loading/

  79. Michelle says:

    @Josh, but I did the upgrade. It wasn’t working this morning, so I thought that might be the problem. I did the upgrade 6-7 hours ago, and it still isn’t working.

  80. Leo Mendoza says:

    We MUST have chronological order! our page depends on current info, not ‘relevant’ info. Popular post mean NOTHING once they become outdated!

    So, after 3 days of complaining with no response from Facebook, my company is definitely ready to make a choice. The way we see it, there are two ways to spend our money:

    1- We keep paying for advertisements on Facebook, have customers come to our page thanks to the ads, BUT the customers see 2-week old content on top, no new updates, no current events, and LEAVE NEVER TO RETURN.

    2- We abandon FB advertisement, and put our money into more robust web hosting on our WWW page, and maintain THAT updated as we want. We only use the FB page to put a HUGE link to our WWW, and hope the internet works better in 2004 than 2011.

    Grim choices, but in this economy no one can risk the chance to lose customers over the megalomaniac fascism or a 26 year old hotshot who thinks he can unilaterally control the internet.

    Mr Zukerberg, you are very smart. But you are not smart enough to write a computer code that knows what is more ‘interesting’ to my customers. And remember, there was was time when Myspace ruled the world…. AOL had it’s day. POP mail accounts…. you too can fail. never forget that.

    Facebook ALMOST broke into being an effective tool for business. But with this change it reverted into what it used to be in 2004. A site to rate if girls are hot or not. A teenager’s gossip board. A toy.

    Good bye and farewell; my company will return to pre 2010, when we started our FB page. until the next network comes along.

  81. More on new Facebook Page changes… « yMarketingMatters says:

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  83. Jeremy says:

    I have 2 business/non-profit pages…I upgraded and now cannot post any status’ on the wall or pictures…what am I doing wrong and why is this feature missing???

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  85. Julian says:

    Personal walls have an option to show “Most Recent” or “Top News.” When you click on “Top News” the posts show up in random order like they now do on Pages. It appears the FB programmers set Pages to show “Top News” and deleted the option for “Most Recent.” Give us back the option!!!

  86. Latest Facebook Page Template in a Layered Photoshop Doc | Nick Soper's Website says:

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  87. Husker Faithful says:

    As a page admin, for some reason I can’t post on my page’s wall since I moved to the new layout. Is this because I don’t have a personal profile? I used to be able to post status updates on my page and now I can’t. Very frustrating because I’m slowly leaking fans of my site since I haven’t been able to post anything for about a week now. Any ideas?

  88. Descubre el nuevo upgrade a las páginas de Facebook | Alterno Media says:

    [...] InsideFacebook.com [...]

  89. Malakai says:

    I’m losing a lot of fans because of the jumbled order FB decides to place everyone’s posts by… Also the hidden wall tab is a complete FAIL… Why is there a hidden wall tab, I want everything that all my fans post to be seen by everybody… Who’s in charge of these so called upgrades, Mark Zucker’s 7 yr old nieces & nephews??? Get it together FACEBOOK or hire me as an employee…

  90. Molly Burke, Queen of Confidence says:

    This whole “bubbling up” of “relevant content” on fan pages is CRAP. My site’s content is not always time specific, but it is sometimes, and what I consider relevant is being lost to my fans. I lose, my clients lose, and that means that Facebook is less relevant to me as a way to stay in contact with my fan base.

    I don’t like losing so much functionality.

    FAIL, Facebook.

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    “Everybody can use a boost of confidence every now and again!”

  91. coyotitonyc says:

    Not having a correct chronological order of posts is a grave error, and is ruining many a fan page. There has even been a facebook fan page set up to try and get the essential feature of a chronologically correct wall brought back. For any business or organization correct chronological order is essential, and random order is detrimental. Order by relevance may be applicable to social interaction, but not interaction in business. Facebook may begin to instruct people to change the wall default view to just show posts from moderators, which makes the page chronologically correct. The problem there is you then eliminate posts from outsiders, which are essential to the healthy functioning of many pages. There is no reason it should be either/or. Correct chronological order with outside input allowed should be an option, an option 99.9% of facebook moderatos would likely choose.

    If you don’t like what is going on with fan page changes here are some places to complain…


    …and more formally, here…


    …and here…


  92. Jeremy says:

    I am a page administator and having the same problem as husker above. I can’t post anything on our wall or pictures. WHY??????

  93. The Complete Guide to the New Facebook Brand Pages Redesign | feel says:

    [...] All in all, the changes to the business profile, which you can read about in depth here and here, are designed to better integrate brand Pages users’ experience with the rest of their time spent [...]

  94. JW says:

    @Chloe George Have you foud a solution?
    Does anyone know how to reorder the links on the left hand side?

  95. Lil Wayne vs Oreos, SEOs ugly side, and your phone as your remote — for everything. — Creativing says:

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  96. Elza says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have the same problems, can’t post links, images or reply to posts. And I can’t switch back to my personal identity.

  97. dena says:

    i am having the same problem as @jeremy & @husker. i cannot post a status or pictures to my wall. Help!!

  98. Anna says:

    Jeremy, I am having the same problem! Last week everything was ok but this wednesday I started having some problems and now I can switch off the page, neither post pictures or create albums.
    ¿Anyone knows why?
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  99. polly says:

    I am having the same problems as @Jeremy, @husker, and @anna! I haven’t been able to add photos or posts since 2/15/2011

  100. dena says:

    Can’t post to your wall on the new Page design? You have to have your personal account linked to the page or have your personal account set up as an admin. Then you can switch over from your personal page to your Fan page and post. That was my problem. Thanks to Dave Gallant (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sfrm=1#!/ConnectWithDave?sk=info), he helped me figure this out.

  101. dena says:

    The link to Dave Gallant is http://www.facebook.com/dave.gallant I’ll be contacting him next time i need help.

  102. 5 Things You Should Know about the New 2011 Fan Page Design | Belkis Marketing says:

    [...] For more information, check out this guide for the Facebook 2011 redesign. [...]

  103. Peter says:

    Anyone have any idea why you can’t see my page’s wall unless you’re logged in? It acts like it’s trying to load, but never does. All of the other “tabs” work and are accessible.

  104. heather says:

    To reorder the left navigation:
    > Expand the list by clicking more
    > At the bottom of the list you should see Less & Edit
    > Click Edit
    > You can now drag and drop items in the left nav
    Note: you still cannot move wall or info

  105. Victor Canada says:

    @ Peter: Check your settings under Manage Permissions. If you have any restrictions set like location or age, Facebook will force a user to login before they see your wall (or page in some cases).

  106. markmark says:

    Facebook is out of their minds. A business page has different needs and priorities than a personal page – they are not the same at all. Tabs at the top, a custom landing page, and posts in chronological order are critical for a business. Not a busy page with so much confusing crap on it. And our page cannot post on the wall of our friends. Facebook is trying to drive away business, not attract it. They are out of touch.

  107. Josh Constine says:

    @Heather: I believe this option was just recently added. Thanks for the heads up.

  108. Christina M *_ says:

    -i dont like how facebook took away that box where u could write stuff.
    -i hateeeeeeeeee when u click a pic it goes into a new page and it slows everything down

  109. » Velkomment til online trends - Daniel Laursen says:

    [...] din side er fan af. Men husk ikke at overdriv og brug det kun når det er relevant.Eksterne links:http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/02/10/page-redesign-2011-guide/Google tager kampen op med iTunesDet har længe været rygter, men nu skulle det være rigtigt, [...]

  110. MIchà Soucy says:

    mrs miss
    i have publied a letter but it impossible to open title: Letter to my friends
    my friends dont open my letter

    je viens de publier une lettre à mes amis mais il est impossible à moi et mes amis d’ouvrir le lien et de lire la lettre. Le titre est Lettre à mes amis amies

  111. Rob Willox says:

    Have added a number of new iframe tabs but not seeing the more option beneath new left navigation to be able to re-order the tab list.

    Is there something else that needs done to get it to show or could it be a bug?

  112. How to Add a Custom Tab to Your Facebook Page with iFrames :: Made You Look says:

    [...] month Facebook announced some huge changes to the way businesses can use their Facebook Page to connect with their audience on the [...]

  113. Josh Constine says:

    @Syrin, Julian, Susie: Facebook has returned the Most Recent tab to Page walls. Users can click to it from the Top Posts tab (formerly the Everyone tab). However, admins can only set the All Posts version of the wall as the default view, which shows Top Posts first and requires an extra click from users to view Most Recent.

  114. Facebook Page Strategy — What Works? says:

    [...] Inside Facebook: Facebook Pages Redesign Guide 2011 [...]

  115. Recent Facebook Changes & Their Impact for Your Brand | Collective Voices says:

    [...] Lose Prominence In February Facebook announced a significant revision to the design of Facebook Pages that among other changes moved the tabs from the top of the page to the left side menu (replaced by [...]

  116. Facebook Drops FMBL | CRE Outsider says:

    [...] you’re interested in what they did, here’s a pretty comprehensive post from the Inside Facebook site. When I get some time, maybe I’ll read up to try to figure it [...]

  117. Comment on Your Brand’s Facebook Page as Yourself | 30 Lines says:

    [...] you want a status update or comment on the page (or other pages on Facebook — see Admins Can “Use Facebook as Page”) to come from the brand, you need to [...]

  118. Top 3 tips on how to optimise your Facebook Page for SEO | The Digital Bandit says:

    [...] In addition, BE SMART on Facebook. Like Sub-Pages: If you have content or products that can be categorised, create new Pages especially for these and ‘Like’ them from your main Brand Facebook Page. Better still, set these up similarly to how your website is laid out. For example, if you have main navigational elements for Skincare, Bodycare and Gift Sets, set up Pages for these. Link from your website to these pages and vice versa. Amazon is a great example of this and has sub-Pages for its Amazon MP3 and Student Stores. Here’s how to set up the Featured Likes option > [...]

  119. The Giddy Social Whirl: News Round-up | eModeration says:

    [...] and brands’ pages to their heart’s content. For more nitty-gritty, Inside Facebook has the skinny on the new layout, and Mashable has another brand-facing guide here. Between these and our own Tia Fisher’s [...]

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