Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages: Turkey, The Simpsons, Eminem and Coca-Cola

There’s an interesting mix of Pages on our list of Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages this week, everything from a Turkish politician to big brands like Coca-Cola to TV shows and movies to a boatload of musicians. We compile the list using our PageData tool, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. It took between 438,500 1.2 million new Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. Atatürk 1,279,353 +1,269,295 +12,619.76
2. Eminem 15,886,614 +859,259 +5.72
3. Facebook 21,380,830 +830,525 +4.04
4. YouTube 15,576,835 +778,550 +5.26
5. The Simpsons 9,201,887 +659,067 +7.71
6. Rihanna 10,766,159 +607,307 +5.98
7. Coca-Cola 13,549,758 +580,561 +4.48
8. Lady Gaga 19,860,417 +577,840 +3.00
9. Linkin Park 13,946,789 +541,646 +4.04
10. Katy Perry 10,131,941 +526,704 +5.48
11. South Park 14,375,416 +521,406 +3.76
12. Harry Potter 3,538,764 +519,193 +17.19
13. Shakira 10,086,857 +491,887 +5.13
14. Family Guy 18,678,610 +486,428 +2.67
15. Lil Wayne 13,076,536 +479,677 +3.81
16. Bob Marley 11,678,735 +471,525 +4.21
17. Beyoncé 9,030,379 +463,928 +5.42
18. Justin Bieber 13,003,574 +454,462 +3.62
19. Usher 4,535,959 +439,428 +10.73
20. Megan Fox 14,714,960 +438,502 +3.07

First on our list this week is the Atatürk Page, a famous Turkish politician who was the first president of that country. The Page has been experiencing generally slow and steady growth; the spike this week appears to be due to a bug.

Big brands were on the list this week, too. Facebook was in third place, adding 830,500 Likes to its 21.3 million total. The company announced new Groups feature and applications dashboard last week. YouTube was fourth, adding 778,600 Likes to reach 15.5 million. Coca-Cola was seventh, adding 580,600 Likes to total 13.5 million by the end of the week.

Television shows were on the list, too. “The Simpsons” was at number five, adding 659,000 Likes to reach a total of 9.2 million. Then “South Park” at number 11 added 521,400 Likes to reach 14.3 million. Finally, “Family Guy” added 486,400 Likes to grow to 18.6 million.

The Harry Potter Page was at number 12 this week, adding 519,200 Likes to its 3.5 million base; the Page has experienced significant growth in the past week due to the start of the next installment’s December marketing campaign. Megan Fox’s Facebook Page landed at number 20 this week, adding 438,500 Likes to reach 14.7 million, mostly by promoting her Armani ad campaign.

Musicians made up the rest of the list.

Eminem was at number 2, adding 859,300 Likes to reach a total of 15.8 million; his new single and video premiered recently. Rihanna’s Page was sixth, with 607,300 new Likes at a total of 10.7 million. Next was Lady Gaga at number 8, she’s been touring and was nominated for awards in Europe, adding 577,800 Likes to her near 20 million-strong Page. Linkin Park followed at ninth, adding 541,600 to the 13.9 total, perhaps in part because their new music video premiered recently.

Katy Perry was next at number 10, adding 526,700 new Likes to her 10.1 million-strong Page; she’s been touring and made appearances in the press. Shakira’s Page was at number 13, with 491,900 new Likes and breaking 10 million; the songstress has been touring, premiered a new video and is running a fan video contest. Lil Wayne came in at number 15, adding 479,700 Likes to pass 13 million after his new album went up for sale on iTunes and his release from jail is eminent.

Bob Marley’s Page was sixteenth, with 471,500 new Likes, passing 11.6 million.l Beyoncé followed at 17, adding 463,900 new Likes to pass 9 million. Justin Bieber’s Page took eighteenth place by adding 454,500 new Likes to beat 13 million. Finally, Usher’s performances and tour scheduled bumped his Page by 439,400 Likes to a total of 4.5 million.

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