Facebook Groups – A Walkthrough of Group Email, Docs, Chat, and More

Facebook’s Groups is a powerful new product allowing for sharing, organizing, chatting, and collaborating with a set of friends. The product is heavily integrated into the rest of Facebook’s core apps, but also includes new features such as Docs, and enhanced functionality such as automatic Event invitations and Group Chat. Here we’ll take a detailed tour of how users can create and use Groups.

Group Creation and Privacy

To start a Group, users click the “Create Group” link in the Facebook home page’s left navigation sidebar. This may be buried under the “More” button if a user is already a member of several Groups. Users will then see a pop-up where they can name the Group, use a typeahead to select friends to add to the Group, and choose a privacy setting to make the Group open (Group name, members, and content visible to everyone), closed (Group name and members visible to everyone, content visible only to members), or secret (Group name, members, and content visible only to Group members).

Non-members of open Groups can see the Group name, existing posts, members, description, Group Events, and can view but not edit Docs. They can’t see the publisher or Group Chat. Non-members of closed Groups can only see the Group name, members, description, and Group Events. Users must be a member to Like, comment, or subscribe to posts.

A drop-down menu in the Group creator lets users choose a favicon which will be shown alongside the Group’s name in the home page navigation panel. Choices hint at the types of Groups Facebook thinks users might create, including a red plastic cup, a soccer ball, a solidarity fist, and many icons already used on Facebook such as the video camera, and briefcase.

Group Editing and Admins

Once created, users are brought to their new Group’s page. In the top right, a Group’s founder and anyone they’ve set as an admin can click “Edit Group” to change the settings chosen when the Group was created. The default Basic Information tab lets admins enter a description of the Group, but they must click the easily missed tabs in the left navigation sidebar to upload a profile picture for the Group, and assign admin privileges to members. Members can only be made admins one at a time, which makes creating an egalitarian Group by sharing the privilege with large numbers of members a laborious task. Admins cannot remove admin privileges from those who have been admins longer than them.

Admins can remove members from the Group by going to “See All” in the members panel of the Group page, then clicking “See All” on the members page, then clicking the “x” next to a user’s name, or by clicking the “x” next to a user’s name in the members tab of the “Edit Group” page. Admins can permanently ban users from joining the Group, viewing the Group’s content, or finding the Group via search by checking the “Ban Permanently” box when removing a user.

Group Email

Groups can act as email lists. Admins request a Group email address which will have the format “[Any untaken prefix]@groups.facebook.com.” Note that a Group’s email address cannot be changed once it is set. Members can send emails to this address from the email address they’ve connected to their Facebook profile, and the message will show up on the Group page. The message is then syndicated out to all Group members who have email notifications turned on for “Posts on the Wall of one of your groups.” Currently, Gmail is routing some Group emails to the spam filter — something Facebook will have to work out if it wants users to replace their present listserv system with Facebook Groups.

Group Notifications

All members can click “Edit Notifications” on the Group Page to turn on or off email notifications from that specific Group. They can also select whose actions generate both email notifications and in-Facebook notifications which appear as red counts on the globe icon in Facebook’s top navigation bar. For granular control over exactly which actions generate notifications, user can go to Account->Account Settings->Notifications.

Group Publisher

At the top center of the Group Page, users see the Group’s name, its privacy setting and the content publisher. Alongside the standard post, link, photo, and video content choices present on the news feed publisher, the Groups publisher includes tabs for creating an Event or Doc (more on those later). When users click one of the content types to compose, they’ll see the distribution parameter for the post, which always reads “Post: [Content type] with [The currently viewed Group’s name].” This reminds users that content posted within a Group is only visible to Group members.

Group Feed

Below the publisher, a Group’s existing posts are shown in similar fashion to the news feed. Each time a member visits the Group page, they’ll see the posts made since their last visit above a gray line marked “Older Posts”, and content they’ve already seen below the line. Members can click a button on a post to subscribe to notifications of future Likes and comments to that post, or to unsubscribe if they wrote or are tagged in the post. Below the content, all Groups show a “Report” button for notifying Facebook of terms of service violations of intellectual property infringement, and open and closed groups show a “Share” button for posting the Group page to the news feed.

Group Events

Clicking the Event tab in the publisher brings up the Group Event composer. Members can type in an event name, select a date and time, choose a location, and input context which will appear in the Group feed story about the Event. A lock icon lets members set whether the Event can been seen or RSVP’d to by only Group members and invitees (default), or by anyone. All Group members are automatically invited to a Group’s Events, but this can be changed through the “Add Details” link. Once created, a Group’s upcoming Events are shown in the right sidebar of the Group page.

Interestingly, Group Events can have a Places page set as the location of an event — something not available to non-Group Events.


If a member clicks the Doc tab in the publisher, they’re prompted to add a title and begin composing a collaborative text document. Members can use simple formatting tools like bold, italics, and numbered or bulleted lists. Once saved, the Doc is posted to the Group feed and shown in the Group page’s right sidebar. Any member can then edit and save the Doc, while only the creator can delete it. Recent Changes are shown in the right sidebar of the Doc editor, and Members can use the arrow buttons below the Doc’s text to cycle through the Recent Changes listed by author in the right sidebar. Comments can be posted at the bottom. Group Docs don’t support simultaneous editing, so members won’t be able to see changes happen in real-time and instead must refresh to see another member’s edits.

Group Chat

In the top of the Group page right sidebar, users see the profile picture thumbnails of all Group members who are currently online, with those who are active showing a green square in the lower right hand corner of the thumbnail, and those who are inactive but online showing a gray square. Users can click Chat with Group to open a Group Chat window at the bottom of the page. Typing a message and hitting enter pops up a Group Chat window on the screen of all online Group members, and once that Chat window is minimized but not closed, red counts denote additional messages. Users will see profile pictures with status squares at the top of the Chat window, but won’’t see the “other user is now typing” icon as with one-on-one Facebook Chat. Currently, there’s no way of knowing if a Group Chat is going on without you, something you might want to be notified of so you can join the conversation.

Leaving and Inviting Others to a Group

In the right sidebar there are also links for inviting additional friends to the Group, or for leaving the Group. Upon clicking the “Leave Group” link, users are shown a warning that other members won’t be able to re-add them to the Group. This prevents a user from being repeatedly added to a Group against their will, as there is currently no permission step when a current member adds a friend to a Group. Users can, however, request admission to a Group after they’ve left, and simply need to be approved by an admin.


Groups collates collaboration functionality from a number of other web services and brings them where people’s friends are. However, a major strength of Groups may be its inherent virality — similar to how users enjoy receiving friend requests, they enjoy the social validation of being added to a Group. As such, users are happy to add others to their Groups, and soon many of Facebook’s users will have alternative channels to the news feed through which to consume content.

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  3. sunny says:

    i have readed your message but how are you. please tell me now

  4. Kathy Colaiacovo says:

    Thanks so much for this post – very detailed and informative. Really appreciate your taking the time and I will be sharing with my contacts.

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  6. Joe Sheehan says:

    The “Create Group” link does not appear in the left column of my facebook home page, even after clicking the “more” button.

  7. Susan says:

    With apologies for my ignorance…

    Why do the screen shots in this tutuorial look different from those I see when trying to set up the email for my new group?

  8. Josh Constine says:

    @Joe: Groups is being rolled out slowly, so it may be a few days or weeks until everyone is able to access the feature.

  9. Josh Constine says:

    @Susan: You can send us screenshots at the address listed here: http://www.insidefacebook.com/submit-your-app/ We may then be able to determine why what you are seeing is different.

  10. MadCiapka says:

    Maybe I missed that – did the “old” groupse get these new features? Maybe something to do for admins, or it’s just not planned?

  11. Josh Constine says:

    @MadCiapka: No, old groups will not gain these new features. Users will still be able to access their old groups, and developers can still control old groups through the API, but soon users will no longer be able to create additional old groups.

  12. Joe Sheehan says:

    @ Josh – Thanks for the clarification.

  13. Sarah says:

    Thanks a lot, this is very clear and helpful.

    One question–I’m setting up a closed group for specific people attending a work-related event, whom I don’t know and who aren’t my FB friends.

    Is it possible to invite these participants to join via e-mail? (This seemed to be possible with the old groups structure.) Or can they navigate to the closed group page and ask to join?

    thanks again…

  14. Josh Constine says:

    @Sarah: Thanks. You can share a closed Group with people you aren’t friends with by navigating to the Group, then copying the URL and emailing it out. When they visit the URL, they’ll be able to join via a button in the top right corner of the Group’s page. They can also click through any news feed story about the Group, which for closed Groups would include stories about their friends adding other or being added to the Group. Hope this helps.

  15. Max says:

    If we are in a group, how do we opt out of the new chat option, and can we disable it if we are admins?

  16. Josh Constine says:

    @Max: Members can opt out of seeing Group Chat windows pop up while they’re using Facebook by logging out of Chat in the bottom right corner of Facebook. There is no way for admins to turn off the feature for a Group entirely, though Groups lose the Group Chat feature once their membership grows larger than 250 members.

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  18. Matt says:


    This report is excellent…I will print it off & study it further.

    I do not like the feature that someone can ADD me to a Group.

    Thanks again for this great report!

    Matt Geib

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  20. tasha says:

    what i need to know is how to remove or disable a group email address.. an @facebook.com address… I set one up not knowing how it worked, we dont want it but cant seem to get rid!! can anyone help please?

  21. ne says:

    Good Day,

    I would like to report that the previous comment’s suggestion does not work with the new group design as there is no option button to delete or rename Facebook group emails. The ammount of information available on the internet and Facebook’s Help Centre is very small.

    A proper solution to this issue would be much appreciated.


  22. tasha says:

    @Josh:There is no option to change the address after clcking the edit group button, I had tried several times & have just gone back to check after reading your post. The email address shows as a link & opens outlook when clicked. I have made it clear on our group NOT to use the address so hopefully we wont have any problems…but how annoying the whole thing is. Thanks for your help.

  23. Josh Constine says:

    @Tasha and Ne: You two are correct, there is currently no option to alter a Group email address once it has been set. Admins should take care when choosing an email address for the Group. I am adding this information to the article.

    For those who’ve already set their Group’s email address and would like to change it, you can leave feedback with Facebook regarding the new Groups design here: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=ui_groups There’s no guarantee that Facebook will follow suggestions or respond to you directly, but they could include the ability to change the email address in future updates to the Groups feature.

  24. เกศริน says:

    ทำไมหน้าต่างแชทไม่มีในfacebook ช่วยตอบกลับด้วยค่ะ

  25. Josh Constine says:

    @เกศริน: ถ้าคุณไม่เห็นตัวเลือกในการสนทนากลุ่มในกลุ่มเพจให้คลิกที่ปุ่มแชทในมุมล่างขวาของหน้าจอของคุณ คุณอาจต้องคลิก”Pop ในการแชท”ปุ่มในมุมขวาล่างของหน้าจอของคุณหากคุณเคยสนทนาในหน้าต่างใหม่แล้วปิดหน้าต่าง เราเคยได้ยินว่ากลุ่มใหญ่มากไม่อาจมีตัวเลือกในการสนทนากลุ่ม [Translated with Google Translate, apologies for any inaccuracy]

  26. Will Carey says:

    I think this is good. Facebook groups have already been invaluable for working collaboratively with my University peers, so any new features should come in handy. I’m not sure about the group email though. If it just posts to the group page then can’t I just post it on the group page to the same effect?

  27. Paul says:

    My friend created a group, and even though she wrote a group description it doesn’t appear anywhere on the group page, with no link to it or anything. With the new policy that people are automatically added to groups without their express consent this just makes things even more confusing for unsuspecting members. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I [we] sort this out?

  28. Alexandre B says:

    Is that possible to convert old groups into new groups ?
    Thx :)

  29. Josh Constine says:

    @Alexandre: No, there is no way to convert an old group into a new Group at this time

  30. مصطفى says:

    انا عندى شات المجموعة بتاعتى مغلق لا يرسل ولكنه موجود وظاهر فيه الاعضاء الاونلين اللى عندى مش عارف اعمل ايه بجد تعبت مش عارف اى حل

  31. Ravyk says:

    I’m having an issue with a group I was added to. I don’t want to leave it, but I cannot turn off notifications appearing in my general feed. Is there a way to do so?

    In the group settings on the group page, there is no ‘never notify me’ option.

  32. Josh Constine says:

    @Ravyk: Good question. There is no way to prevent posts from Groups you’re a member of from appearing in your feed. You may be able to decrease their presence by not visiting the Group’s page.

  33. Jm Bustillo says:

    Hello sir.. I’m a current Admin of a group in facebook.. I cant open my group chat box.. And i cant see the “Chat with group” above the “add friends to the group” and “leave the group” options…

    Can you please help me with my problem??
    my god my members are leaving…

    please pm me in facebook…

    here’s my e-mail there :

  34. Rajeev Sajja says:

    Can we restrict adding members to a group only to the admin?

  35. Josh Constine says:

    @Rajeev: No, but a story about each new member who is added and who added them is displayed in the Group feed.

  36. pranny says:

    There is an application, Group Email Digest that provides you daily email digest of your facebook group. So, turn off the email option within the group, visit the app, and start getting email digest summary of the activities of groups. This way your mailbox will remain uncluttered and updated.

  37. Pamela says:

    Greetings! I recently created a “World Series watching party” group. Now that the Series is over, I’d like to delete the group altogether, but don’t know how.
    If there is no way to do this, would you recommend deleting each person from the group individually, then leaving the group myself? Or should I “Permanently Ban” them? If one is permanently banned, do they receive notification that they are banned? I wouldn’t want them to feel bad. :)
    Thank you very much for any advice you can give!

  38. Jasper says:

    I recently created a group. Is there a way for me to delete postings? For example, postings that state who I just added or even that I am the creator of the group?

  39. Josh Constine says:

    @Jasper: You can only delete content posts, not activity posts such as members being added.

  40. Jasper says:

    is there a way to hide them? I dont see them in other groups I belong to.

  41. Ben says:

    Really useful, thank you. However, the text I want to put into a Doc will not save.

    If I write “Test”, that will save, but it will not save the actual information I want… Any ideas?

  42. Muminah says:

    Whenever I try to post a link to the new groups, I click “post”, then past a link; then I see the thumnail to the article or video and the title; however, when I click “share”, all that posts is the link which looks like this:
    htt://www.youtube. . . .
    This does not happen when I post to my own wall or to my old Facebook groups. I’ve searched the “help” section of FB but have not found anyone else who is experiencing this problem

    Someone posted a similar problem, and the solution for it was:
    “One solution is this. If you are running link scanning software that came out just recently you have a new feature. It attaches a link onto any link you try to post on FB/Myspace that says it was scanned and secured. Facebook calls this spam and thus will not allow you to post the link. To disable this, open the interface, click “Components” at the top, “Scan links”, “Tools/Advanced Settings”, and uncheck the box for Adding ‘Secured’.”

    I tried this and it didn’t work for me.

  43. tanya says:

    I started a group, and I can’t figure out how to post as an admin (or as the group) instead of as me sharing with the group page. Any advice?

  44. Josh Constine says:

    @Tanya: You can only post as yourself in Groups, though you can create an Event as a Group, and that Group will show up as the Event’s host.

  45. Virus? says:

    I just made a group. The problem is, one of the members will automatically give comment to the post. Then, she said she didn’t made this comment. Every time I will delete this kind of comment. It will appear, again and again. How can I get rid of this one? Please reply asap. Hopefully you can help me.

    The comment:

    Dear friend, How are you going? I would like to introduce you a really good space, where mainly run various kinds of famous electornic products. Now the company is under promotion, all of the products are sold nearly as the same as their cost. The xgdfa offers the best service to customers, and provides you with original products which are very cheap, but good-quality. It is really a good opportunity for taking action. Let’s go! Just do it, and you will fall in love with it. Please remove the parentheses,then you can open our website.

  46. Henrik says:

    You write that Groups can act as email lists. I’ve searched and searched fb to find how to do this but I can’t find any information.

    Can you please tell me how?

  47. Josh Constine says:

    @Henrik: Create a Group, add friends, post content to the Group. Each Group member will default to receive an email notification of each post, replicating the functionality of an email list.

  48. Wanda Merrill says:

    Hi, I really need some help! I created a group a few days ago that is growing by leaps and bounds each day. On the first day I saw some of the members chatting but could not join them for some reason, so I was experiencing problems with the chat feature.. then on the second day the entire “Chat with group feature was GONE from my group page.. How do I restore the chat feature to a group page?

  49. Ibi says:


    First of all, thanks for the very informative post. The issue I’m having is that I have a group of over 1000 people and many of them have started complaining about getting way too many emails every time someone posts on the group wall. its quite annoying for them honestly. I realize that they can disable it from their own settings, but the majority of those users are not really tech savy at all. Is there any way to edit group settings so that as an admin I can define what notifications are sent and what aren’t?


  50. Josh Constine says:

    @Ibi: Unfortunately, you can only control your own Group notification settings.

  51. WAKi says:

    Great WT! I’d just like to ask you 2 q;

    -is it possible to have discussion board in new groups or forums?
    -can i switch from old style group to new style of groups?
    thanks, Waki!

  52. Josh Constine says:

    @Waki: You can use the Group feed for discussion, but you can’t add tab applications such as forums or discussion board. You can’t convert old groups into new Groups.

  53. Akshay says:

    Sir, i’ve created a group named ‘FrIeNdShIp ZoNe FoR PeRsOnS FrOm JaIpUr AnD NeAr By PlAcEs’. I’ve created this group so that persons from ‘jaipur(india)’ can make new friends. I am the only administrator of this group. I’ve a problem with this group. The ‘chat with group’ option is not available in the group homepage. I can’t communicate to all group members at a time and the same problem is with the group members. Most of the group members are leaving this group because of this reason. The ‘chat with group’ option was earlier available in the group homepage but it is unavailable since 20-25 days. Now only 539 members are left in the group. Please give me a working solution for this problem, before all the members leave this group. I thought that this problem is ocurring because i’ve made 6 or 7 members, the administrator of this group. So, i’ve removed them as administrators, but the problem is as it is. Now i’m the only administrator of this group, but the group chat option is still unavailable in the actions window of the group home page. All the members are complaining about this problem. Please help me sir. I hope that u’ll give me a working solution of this problem as soon as possible. I’m waiting for your positive response. Thanks…..

  54. Cynthia says:

    Are they going to upgrade the old groups to have these new group features? Or do we have to delete old groups and create a new one? Thanks.

  55. Josh Constine says:

    @Cynthia: The old Groups will not be upgraded and cannot be converted into New Groups. If you want a Group with the new functionalities, you have to create a new one.

  56. Josh Constine says:

    @Ashkay: We’ve heard from Facebook that the Group Chat is removed from Groups with more than a few hundred members. If you want the functionality back, you could try bringing your user count down below 200, though there is no guarantee that this will work.

  57. Paula says:

    Thanks so very much for your primer on groups.

    A question: We’re not seeing a Comment button on posts when they are displayed on the group page. The only way we’ve found to post the comment is to hit the Enter key. This makes it impossible to put white space between paragraphs. We do have the comment button if the post appears in our news feeds, but most people read and comment from the group page. Is the absence of the Comment button a bug that we can hope might be fixed in the future or an (ill-conceived) design choice?

  58. Josh Constine says:

    @Paula: This sounds like a bug. You can try holding down shift and hitting enter to put a space between paragraphs.

  59. manjeet says:

    chat with group link not show on my group

  60. okta says:

    help please
    I’m admin from a group, but i can’t view the group content. Anybody know why?
    by the way, my group privacy is closed

  61. ollie says:

    hi is it still possible to build a group of a few thousand? also the message all members is gone! and the simplicity of adding people in bulk with the new predictive text invite friends bar..

    i guess my new main issue with the groups is before it was easy to add alot of people with the java invite all code.. could invite all my friends in one go! i use fb for business purposes to promote my nightclub in my area, what i did was add alot of friends to the profile of the club then create a group and all the friends as members in one go.

    Also the ability to message all members was important to me and thats gone! plus i hear they are limiting group members?!

    can anyone shed any light on if i can still do any of the above another way… ??? thanks

  62. Antonio says:

    Good Evening!!
    First i have to thank you for the valuable info and guide through group settings.
    To my problem and concern, is the group chat, it worked at first but not anymore, keeps telling
    (Your chat message wasn’t sent because {Hells Angels} Recruitment open page [Mafia Wars] is offline.). And i really dont know why this is happening, someone told me, its because i have above 200 members. current members of the group is 400 now. Is this real fact? that means i have to create several groups with same name, just get all my members in the group we’re interested in? i hate to delete my friends from the group, i wont do it. And how can facebook allow us to have 5000 friends but only 200 friends in groups. I dont understand this.
    Pls PLs help me to turn on my chat box, we really need it. we play mafia everyday and we’re known each other for over 2 years now. i dont want to separate from my friends.

    thank you

  63. Antonia says:


    We’ve just set a group up and are wondering why the discussion board isn’t there. Is there any way we can add one?



  64. james says:

    Thanks for the guide. I have a small group 80 people, and some are having difficulty with the group chat, it seems that the chat is up but can’t see any correspondence between people and if there type nothing is seen to them but the group can see it.. any thoughts appreciated.

  65. ansh says:

    how to remoce group chat from the group if i m admin of any group..?

  66. PROBLEM! says:

    There’s a group I’m in. And I don’t know why, but “I” always post this on the group’s page.

    Dear friend,
    How are you going? I would like to introduce you a really good
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    do it, and you will fall in love with it.
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    Please remove the parentheses,then you can open our website.

    How am I gonna stop this?

  67. Ron says:

    I would like to create a group but that has categories within it for people to go to to see different types of info. I am planning a group to promote a family reunion this next summer. In order to build interest I was hoping to have several different sections where the family group members to go to. I want a section for weekly family trivia questions. Another section for a family weekly who am I question. A section where members can go look at interesting family history facts and another to link of to family members with common interests. I thought the site navigation tabs on the old groups would be good for that but I don’t see how to get tabs in the new groups. Any thoughts on how to set this up? Thank You!

  68. Josh Constine says:

    @Ron: There is no way to create tabs in the new Groups product. I suggest you use a Facebook Page.

  69. Ron says:

    Is there a way I can limit who joins or likes a facebook page? Sounds like I would really like a page for our family reunion info but would like to be able to limit it to just members of the family.

  70. Laurie says:

    To PAUL re: Group DESCRIPTION and auto-adds of others… YES, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I’ve been Googling everywhere for the lost Description/Info Tab. What the heck? How can people read and learn about the Group? And the small update box on the left side of the Group page… GONE! It was GREAT for permanent short notes/updates/quotes, etc. that won’t get lost in the page feed of posts… Parts of the new Group pages I like, but parts are definitely missed, and in my opinion, NECESSARY ! Anyone???

  71. Josh Constine says:

    @Laurie: A Group’s description, which can be edited by admins, appears about the Group feed.

  72. Monisha says:

    I have deleted my fb a/c but can still see that the groups I created are still there online. I would like to have the groups removed. Is there anyway possible that I can have this done?

    Would really appreciated this.

  73. David says:

    Is there any way to get a private discussion group in the new Facebook?

    I can’t find any way to add a Discussion Board to anything but a public page, so I can’t limit the people who see it and join in.

  74. Josh Constine says:

    @David: You can set up a secret new Group. Only those you invite and who join will be able to see the content inside. You can’t set up individual topics, but instead just post updates and have people leave feedback.

  75. David says:

    I can’t believe that the wonderful Discussion Boards which used to be available for Groups have been withdrawn. That would simply make people look elsewhere to host their groups.

    I’ve seen quite a few people on the web asking where the Discussion Boards are, and I haven’t seen any official announcement. Perhaps the new Facebook Groups are just broken and we have to wait for the programmers to finish their holidays?

  76. John W says:

    I really need to edit group email as I made a spelling mistake surely there is a way???

  77. abdel-karim says:

    I am a group admin and I dont know how I can disable group chat

  78. Belal says:

    thanks for the information

    i wanna ask if i can stop the members from adding other members to my group
    i want to be the only one who is able to add others to my group ????

  79. Stephanie Ericsson says:

    One of the members of our Closed group says she cannot post to the group. That the little blue SHARE button is missing from the group’s feed. It wasn’t happening yesterday, but it is today. I checked to confirm that she’s a member, and she is. I’m administrator and creator, and want to help her.Can you get back to me Please?

  80. rania says:

    i don’t have action menue in my group to choose chat option what shall i do?

  81. rania says:

    i don’t have action menu in my facebook group to choose chat option what shall i do?

  82. Rex says:

    What kind of conclusion was that? It didn’t tell me anything about what was described in the article, only some fairy tale dream

  83. walt says:

    so anybody can invite to a group, regardless if they’re admin or not? this is stupid. it should be an admin’s job to add/remove members… i read in another blog that “there’s an assumption” that people won’t do stupid things, like invite someone that nobody else wants in the group… how many online groups have the developers been members of? because some of their ideas and actions regarding internet communities is completely newbish.

  84. yota says:

    hi, my group chat doesn’t appear & the options of changing name & group type aren’t available , i don’t know how to fix it !!! plz i need help :(

  85. James Ward says:

    Group Digest question?
    We have a group and people are getting annoyed by getting too many hourly notices/emails by other members making inane comments. Is there a way to set up a daily digest within your group? Thanks, James

  86. Josh Constine says:

    @James: There is no native way to do this, though some products such as Constant Contact’s Nutshell Mail http://nutshellmail.com/ might be able to help. Your best bet is to post instructions for how Group members can edit their own notification settings.

  87. Josh Constine says:

    @Yota: In some cases, Facebook may remove the Group option from Groups that are over 250 members. Removing users until you have less than 250 won’t necessarily reactive the option, though.

  88. Josh Constine says:

    @Walt: When users add someone to the Group, it publishes a story to the Group feed. This way people who add users who misbehave can be identified and either warned or removed from the Group. The ability for members to add others is important to the feature’s growth.

  89. New Facebook Groups- What They Mean for Your Clients | Gray Street says:

    [...] an excellent walkthrough of Facebook Groups including the improved Email, Document and Chat functionality, the blog “ Inside Facebook” is [...]

  90. Facebook fan page, group page, community page or places? says:

    [...] What’s the Difference? Facebook Introduces Community Pages A Field Guide to Using Facebook Places Facebook Groups – A Walkthrough of Group Email, Docs, Chat, and More Tweet this!Share Filed Under: Social [...]

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