Users Not Able to Comment or Like Some Posts on Facebook Page Walls

Facebook Pages began exhibiting a change yesterday afternoon wherein posts made to a Page’s wall directly or through tagging do not show the option to comment. Page admins are frustrated because they can’t respond to comments, queries or accusations made to their Page through tagged updates, and can only remove the post. Also, users who Like a Page can’t comment on posts made to the Page’s wall by others who Like it. However, posts made by the Page itself which show up on its own wall are unaffected.

Update from Facebook: “This is a known bug that is only affecting some Pages. The team is actively working on fixing it.”

In the above screenshot, taken from the perspective of a non-admin who Likes the Washington Redskins Page, you can see that the post made to the wall of the Washington Redskins by The Real Estate Page doesn’t show Like or comment buttons, only a link to “View Post”. Clicking this link shows the post with only “Share” and “Report” options, and still no Like or comment buttons. The post made to the wall of the Washington Redskins by user Craig also lacks Like and comment buttons, and only shows the option to “Flag” the post. An admin to the Washington Redskins Page would see the same thing, except with the added option remove any post from the wall. In the screenshot below, you can see how posts from before noon yesterday, September 2nd, are unaffected and still show comment and Like buttons, while posts from today exhibit the issue.

Facebook has recently been tweaking the status update tagging tool, displaying a suggested match tagging dropdown when a user capitalizes a word matching the name of one of their friends or Likes. Facebook also changed the color of status update tag backgrounds. This issue could be related to these changes, or the slow rollout of the new publisher. We’ll return with any additional information and Facebook’s response as soon as possible.

Matt Holliday contributed to this article

And thanks to BrandGlue for sending this in.

Update:  The bug has since been fixed. Comments made directly to Page walls during the breakage period between the evenings of September 2nd and 3rd still exhibit the issue and do not show Like or comment buttons. Posts from the breakage period appearing on a Page’s wall because they were tagged now correctly link to the full post showing Like and comment buttons. All posts made after the evening of September 3rd when the bug was fixed are unaffected.

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9 Responses to “Users Not Able to Comment or Like Some Posts on Facebook Page Walls”

  1. wale says:

    Hola yo también e tenido algunos errores y lo frustrante es que nadie te ayuda, saludos

  2. esteban says:

    if someone posts something thru their iPhone, facebook will let comments be added to that post

  3. Brittany says:

    For the record, liking or commenting on tagged items was never an option. You always have had to view the original post.

    I did notice this on my fan page today, but figured it was a matter of an individual’s privacy settings since you can make them so people can’t like or comment on your own items. Guess not if so many people are experiencing it for the first time today.

  4. Persnickety Prints says:

    not gonna see this movie until it’s fixed!
    just kidding… love my fb, we have 2,000 followers in less than 6 months.

  5. thatcommentonpoespage says:

    jesus facebook. you got friends pages getting auto deleted at times, can’t comment…will you be collecting dust like myspace soon? diaspora (sp?) is night, amirite?

  6. Guest says:

    Yeah well you haven’t noticed they also screwed the system up so that liking posts or comment replies on a post no longer show up on the likers wall, If you liked a page or comment on your friends wall, it would post that you liked it on YOUR wall. Not anymore.

    Also those idiots removed the status posting on your wall if you join a group. They’re trying to screw over group owners in favor of “fan” page owners. Idiot FB engineers.

  7. FACEBOOK naujienos ir patarimai #56 | Komunikacija FACEBOOK'e says:

    [...] Dalis puslapių administratorių praėjusią savaitę turėjo galimybę matyti ant sienos parašytus…. [...]

  8. jimmyjimjim says:

    I’ve noticed you can add a comment only if you find it in your news feed… frustrating…

  9. Liza says:

    Well, looks like Facebook is having this issue again. Being able to comment is sporadic at best with no rhyme or reason.

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