Facebook Launches Prepaid Cards for Credits with Target

Following recent efforts by Zynga, Playdom and other social gaming companies to launch pre-paid cards for virtual goods in stores, Facebook is going direct — starting this Sunday, it will allow users to buy pre-paid cards for its virtual currency, Credits, within 1,743 Target retail locations across the US and on Target.com.

Cards can be purchased in $15, $25 and $50 increments, similar pricing to what you’ll see for a wide variety of other pre-paid game cards already available in Targets and other stores around the country.

Facebook itself is also helping to push the new integration, by including a Target store finder on its official Credits splash page. When users click on the “Redeem Gift Card” in the Facebook Credits gift cards section of the Credits page, they’ll see a popup window asking them to enter the scratch-off number on the back of the Credits card. Clicking “Redeem Now” will add the amount of Credits purchased to their Facebook account.

Social gaming companies have increasingly experimented with stored value cards as an alternative payment method for virtual currency and virtual goods over the last year, with mixed success in different geographies around the world, we hear. MMO game developers, iTunes and many other digital goods sellers have already used these cards. Facebook is going through GMG Entertainment, a card provider who is already partnered with gaming and virtual entertainment companies like Stardoll, Three Rings, NBC Universal and more, and a variety of retail chains. Zynga and Playdom have partnered with InComm for card distribution services; they and other developers have been going through a variety of retail partners, too, including 7-11 convenience storescoin exchange kiosks, and other options.

The company has repeatedly said that it aims to provide hundreds of payment options for Credits through partners, so expect it to continue expanding with real-life card sales as part of that effort. It already offers Paypal, mobile payments through Zong, Rixty cash machine exchanges, Malaysia-based MOL Points payments, gift card exchange through Plastic Jungle, and a variety of other options.

The virtual goods market is expected to reach $1.6 billion in the US alone this year, according to our Inside Virtual Goods report, with $835 million coming from social games alone. Meanwhile, Facebook itself has moved to make Credits the exclusive payment option in all platform applications, by the end of this year. We expect these cards to begin making money for the partners immediately, and should contribute to the volume of Credits on Facebook — a way that the currency will make more money for developers. So far, Credits are being used in 150 games and other applications, made by around 70 developers.

One final note: we haven’t gotten the chance to try these cards yet, so it’s not clear if this is the best value. Credits normally redeem at a $0.10 to 1 Credit rate, but certain payment methods sometimes extract a larger fee that reduces what users get. Facebook also offers bulk discounting in games, so you can pay less for larger amounts of Credits purchases. [Update: Facebook says that the Credits conversion rate is 1:10 as usual for these cards, and it also reiterates that the payout to developers is the same regardless of the payment method.]

To dig deeper into the social gaming market, check out our recent report: Inside Virtual Goods: The Future of Social Gaming 2010.

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49 Responses to “Facebook Launches Prepaid Cards for Credits with Target”

  1. alic says:


  2. alic says:

    cool this increra bool

  3. JORGE CANO says:


  4. carolyn says:

    bought card….cannot redeem…says site does not exist…stuck with dud and out of real money

  5. tamix says:

    que estafa!

  6. Social Media Update | MemeMe says:

    [...] billion in the US alone this year, with $835 million coming from social games alone (figures from Inside Facebook). If this launch proves successful, expect to see similar partnerships in the UK soon. Facebook [...]

  7. Diego Armando Ardila says:

    Donde podemos Conseguirlas en Bogota/Colombia ? Gracias…

  8. mike says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz matagaan ko cridit

  9. Anna Leung says:

    Is there any facebook credit Gift card which can be bought in Hong Kong?

  10. Facebook “Targets” pay-to-play gift cards | Trademarkia says:

    [...] in between status updates. Facebook has raised the stakes and availability of the gift card market by announcing that the all-game-inclusive F card will be available at Target. 1,750 retail stores and at Target.com will offer these cards, in values of $15, $25 and $50. More [...]

  11. janet says:

    i got fbcridits but wont let me redeam them on my farmville acc as it just keeps coming up in usdollers then straight to cridit card tried every way to get them im most annoyed

  12. joyce baumgardner says:

    It would be nice to get to use this card but can’t find instructions on this cite….i surely hope this isn’t a SCAM!!! I certainly don’t have money to waste(like getting no actual credits), but I think the idea though is a good one with those of us that aren’t well off…

  13. laura says:

    Ireceived a card for a gift and I too cannot use it. I wish someone would help

  14. Lorraine Dewitt says:

    I can’t afford to buy invalad card.I won’t buy one again.

  15. stonehill says:

    this is not fair u can take the time out to line ur pockets with our hard earned money and cant fix a game that lags out things disaper and many other things and you go to the game developer and they send you to face book developer. I 4 one will never buy a game card nor online pay till these items are fixed u want happy people to play the games but u do nothing to fix the issue.myspace is the same way thats y i came to face book.is for no issues now look nothing but issues.

    P.S koc is bad with issue and farmville

  16. susan says:

    well this is a mess now fix it

  17. mimi says:

    got target facebook credit card. tried to redeem and it says …site does not exist… any suggestions,

  18. annanholy says:

    i know it`s easy to buy it but it`s easy to redeem it.Should set the redeem way to each profile with the easy way.

  19. Bonnie says:


  20. Betty Morris says:

    I redeemed my $15 Target Gift card on Facebook ok (by using Google Search). No credits show up any where. Is it illegal to show gift cards that don’t work?

  21. Jackie says:

    I bought a $25.00 FB Credits at Target yesterday. Followed instructions to redeem, but points are not showing up! Tried again, and says that card has already been redeemed – and yet – no credits! Anyone have any ideas?

  22. Facebook Is Advertising Target Credits Gift Cards Above Canvas Applications says:

    [...] introduced these gift cards with retail chain Target at the beginning of the month as another way to get more users purchasing the currency. Social game [...]

  23. Lois Davis says:

    bought a 15.00 gift card at target and when i go to put it on , says does not exist. did i get taken and out my money and card? if your selling these thing you should make sure they work. I am very un happy with facebook right now.

  24. Facebook begins running Facebook Credits gift card advertising as well as placement in big box retailer Target- it’s like printing money! « Mobile Redirect says:

    [...] introduced these gift cards with retail chain Target at the beginning of the month as another way to get more users purchasing the currency. Social game [...]

  25. Ilse says:

    bought $ 15 card at target ,redeemed have 160 Credits and can not use to buy anything .
    what can I do
    can u please fix it

  26. joan cook says:

    bought card to find out i cannot use on farmtown. bummer

  27. Jennie says:

    Hi, I also bought a $15 facebook credit card, redeemed it and got my credits. My problemis that I can’t use the credits on my Yoville game. Please help!

  28. walter says:

    how the hell do u redeem these dam cash cards that u buy at wal mart

  29. A justification of Facebook’s $33bn price tag | The Equity Kicker says:

    [...] well: if you give Facebook users a few free Credits with the block of Credits they buy (at Target, online, and soon anywhere), they will spend all of those Credits and then want to purchase more. [...]

  30. D K Lewandowski says:

    I just got stuck for 50.00 Says site doesn’t exsit. I should have known this is a farce can’t even keep HA friends, can’t train, items disappear, just like the money.

  31. jet says:

    what aq waste of money! I’m pissed! FACEBOOK STOLE MY MONEY! I’M GOING TO THE PRESS!

  32. Laura Kunz says:

    Oct 23, 2010 – Bought the “facebook game card” at Target and it put the credits in my facebook account. I was unable to use w/farmville, even tho farmville is listed as available to use credits. I was able to use with fronterville, but I don’t want to waste 50.00 on fronterville. I won’t make the mistake again of buying a “facebook game card again”… It looks like now you have to buy a farmville game card – what a RACKET!!!

  33. anthony says:

    lol can u buy these cards in australia because if i get 1 and it doesnt work i dont wanna travel halfway across the world just for a fucking used gamecard.

  34. Guadalupe says:

    compre una targeta de facebook credits para usarla en farmville y no puedo activarla que puedo hacer? quiere decir que el dinero que use para comprarla se fue a la basura….

  35. jd says:

    I purchased a card once I noticed my game card was not sold at Target any longer. It took a while to convert the facebook credits to my game money, but it worked. Now, that conversion link is gone. Now I, too, am stuck with facebook credits that I won’t use and can’t convert. I am not happy!

  36. Pat Brown says:

    I bought two 5.00 face book ceidts it took one
    I put that in in farmville then when Ttied again it it would not take it Here is the pin no.5861375873 I tried several times. I know it is just 5.00 but it was my 5.00

  37. Pat Brown says:

    Please help me it is the right thing to do Walmart will not take it back

  38. InComm Works Toward Expanding Gift Card Reach in Social Gaming says:

    [...] their future revenue, though. InComm is one of the partners Facebook works with to distribute the new Facebook Credits gift cards, and Incomm is also working to launch Zeevex, a virtual currency startup that it bought in March, [...]

  39. Tery Mayes says:

    unable to activate my facebook card I brought at target

  40. linda barney says:

    can’t find sight to redeem target cards

  41. yitzhakbenavi says:

    I got one for christmas. I wouldn’t buy anything from facebook. I think that probably it is a ripoff. I couldn’t get it to redeem and am finding out that the one game that I play “Farmtown” you can’t use it on. Facebook as a “Hole” is getting very very annoying and I am starting to think that even free it is not worth it to stay with it. The card I think is either a rip off or they put it out like microsoft did vista. To soon . They have no clue what to do with it.

  42. Rita Jones says:

    what a rip off. I love farmtown and wanted to give my sister in law a gift to help her buy stuff, guess what? THE CARD IS NO GOOD, NO WHERE TO REDEEM THE CARD. JUST GOT RIPPED OFF FOR $10.00

  43. linda says:

    have 2 $15 gift cards, can not redeem them, why are you selling useless cards ?

  44. Scott Hall says:

    Shame on you Facebook!!!!! Where is the Better Business Bureau? You can’t call anyone at Facebook. I tried. No wonder this guy is a billionaire. Somebody step up. I bought $30.00 worth. Target and Facebook step up and Face the music and take care of your customer. We are not done with this. NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS where are you?

  45. Molly says:

    I was going to buy a $15.00 one with a target gift card I got for Christmas. After reading these I think i’ll wait a while to see if they fix these issues because I want to get Ameba Gold on Ameba Pico but I dont want it so bad as to waste 15 dollars. Thank you people for putting the issues with the cards on here. And sorry for any money you’ve wasted on Facebook…
    P.S. Has anyone tried to use these on Ameba Pico? If you have does it work on it?

  46. debbie krebsbach says:

    It does work sorry for my comment.But you should explain better how to redeem these gift cards. Took me almost 2 hours to fugure it out.

  47. george kampa says:

    I bought a 15.00 facebook credits card form Target, I want to put these credits on farmtown, how do I accomplish this task

  48. Facebook Credits: What will happen to Zynga Game Cards come July 1 2011? - Quora says:

    [...] social games They will be gone, even before then. Facebook has been rolling out their own cards.http://www.insidefacebook.com/20…3:07pmView All 0 CommentsCannot add comment at this time. Add [...]

  49. Facebook and Amazon Change the Streaming Video Marketplace | Talking Media Group says:

    [...] (games, movies, other products and services) and a variety of ways to acquire it (you can even buy gift cards at Target).  This will make it easy to make an impulse buy of a movie (whereas Netflix and Amazon at their [...]

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