Facebook Job Listings: Mobile, Legal, Partnerships, and New International Locations

Starting today, we’ll be taking a look at Facebook’s latest job openings, as seen on the company’s Careers page and on LinkedIn. We’ll begin by listing all postings that we’ve seen over the past several weeks; in the future, we’ll just focus on the most interesting listings.

Among hundreds of openings at its Palo Alto headquarters and in locations around the world, here are a few that stood out.

Facebook has made mobile a special focus in the past year, launching new versions of its mobile apps and mobile sites, and hiring a lead product manager of Google’s Android operating system to be its new head of mobile products. The company is continuing to expand in this area, currently looking for a mobile product manager, a partner engineering lead, and engineering and business staff overseas. We expect it to continue hiring here indefinitely, as mobile devices become ever more prevalent around the world.

As Facebook becomes more relevant with more industries, it is also looking to develop more direct relationships with other companies and organizations. It’s hiring positions handling what it calls “Strategic Partner Development” in the following areas: media, community and communication, and search and commerce. It is also looking for a head of games partnerships to “develop and enhance successful partnerships and influence internal and external partners and industry stakeholders in the Gaming industry.”

Finally, the company is also stocking up on lawyers. One notable position is “Corporate Counsel – Corporate/Securities/M&A.” It recently told Bloomberg that it hopes to start making more acquisitions, and not just small ones like it has been. Whoever gets the job is likely to have a fast-paced start. Facebook is also looking for a “Payments Counsel,” which likely ties into the expansion of its Credits virtual currency, and all the legal issues that come with the product.

The international expansion is continuing as well, with Facebook’s European offices looking for new hires, along with its new India location — and smaller, unannounced offices in Singapore and South Korea. We expect to see Facebook hire more employees to focus on Asia, as it has gained millions of new users in some countries in the region, and hopes to gain millions more in holdouts like Korea and Japan.

Overall, Facebook’s hiring efforts are not surprising given the company’s fast traffic and revenue growth this year — it is trying to fill positions across the organizational chart, from software engineering to human resoures, facilities operations and everything else you’d expect.

Some final notes before the list: we’ve been covering people who Facebok is bringing on, in past weeks, using publicly available information on LinkedIn. That information is no longer available for Facebook, for whatever reason. Also, if you’re looking for more information about jobs available with companies on Facebook’s platform, be sure to check out our Inside Network Job Board.

The list, after the jump:

Communications and Public Policy

Palo Alto

  • Associate, Corporate Communications
  • Manager, Corporate Communications


  • Communications Manager (Germany)
  • Manager – Privacy and Policy, Europe North (Hamburg or Berlin)

Design and User Experience

Palo Alto

  • Communication Design Lead
  • Product Designer
  • UEX Researcher
  • User Interface Engineer (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

Growth and Internationalization

Palo Alto

  • Analyst, Growth Analytics
  • Analyst, Product Analytics
  • Director, Partner Engineer
  • Partner Engineering Lead, Mobile
  • SEO Analyst
  • SEO Manager

New York

  • Partner Engineer (New York)


  • Language Specialist, Turkish (Dublin)
  • Partner Engineer (London)


  • Growth Manager – Contract (Singapore)

Latin America

  • Gerente de negócios, Brasil (prestador de serviço) – Growth Manager (Brazil)

HR and Recruiting

Palo Alto

  • Academic Program Manager
  • Business Analyst, Compensation
  • Compensation Consultant
  • Diversity Programs Manager
  • HR Compliance Manager
  • Manager, Global Compensation
  • Manager, HR & Recruiting Operations
  • Recruiter
  • Recruiter – Contract
  • Recruiter, International
  • Recruiting Operations Lead
  • Recruiting Sourcer – Contract
  • Recruiting Systems Analyst
  • Senior HR Business Analyst
  • Technical Project Manager – HR
  • Technical Recruiter – Contract
  • Technical Sourcer – Contract
  • University Programs Lead
  • University Recruiter – Contract


  • Recruiting Coordinator – Contract (Austin)


  • HR Manager (Dublin)
  • Lead Recruiter (Dublin)
  • Recruiter – Contract (Dublin)
  • Recruiting Coordinator – Contract (Dublin)

IT and Security

Palo Alto

  • Application Engineer
  • Business Analyst, Sales
  • Business Process Engineer, Service Management
  • Business Process Engineer, Supply Chain Management
  • Client Systems Developer
  • IT Field Support Specialist
  • Security Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Web Application Security Specialist


  • Oracle R12 – Business Analyst, IT (Dublin)


  • IT Field Support Principal (India)

Legal, Finance, Facilities and Admin

Palo Alto

  • Corporate Counsel – Corporate/Securities/M&A
  • Corporate Finance Manager
  • Director of Global Facilities and Real Estate Management
  • European Facilities Manager
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Order to Cash Revenue Analyst
  • Payments & Billing Manager
  • Payments Counsel
  • Privacy and Intellectual Property Team Lead, User Operations
  • Revenue Manager
  • Tax Manager


  • Business Operations Associate (London)
  • Corporate Procurement Executive (Dublin)
  • Law Enforcement Response Analyst, French (Dublin)
  • Order to Cash Revenue Analyst – Contractor (Dublin)
  • Order to Cash Revenue Associate – EMEA (Dublin)
  • Privacy Compliance Analyst – Italian (Dublin)
  • Privacy Compliance Analyst – Turkish (Dublin)
  • Revenue Accountant – EMEA (Dublin)


  • Facilities Manager (India)
  • Finance & Accounting Manager (India)

Online Operations

Palo Alto

  • Analyst, Risk Management – Contract
  • Analyst, User Operations – Brazilian Portuguese
  • Analyst, User Operations – Chinese
  • Analyst, User Operations – Spanish
  • Compliance Specialist, Online Operations
  • Contractor, User Operations
  • Data Analyst, Online Operations
  • Director, Inside Sales – North America
  • Director, Platform Operations
  • Online Sales Operations Manager
  • Payments & Billing Manager
  • Policy Manager, Online Sales Operations
  • Privacy and Intellectual Property Team Lead, User Operations
  • Specialist, Payment Operations
  • Training and Development Specialist, Online Sales and Operations
  • Manager, User Operations
  • Manager, Risk Management
  • Manager, Platform Operations
  • Fraud Investigator


  • Account Manager, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Agency Account Manager, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Analyst, Online Operations (Austin)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations (Austin)
  • Analyst, User Operations (Austin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Spanish (Austin)
  • Fraud Analyst (Austin)
  • Fraud Investigator (Austin)
  • Manager, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Manager, Platform Operations (Austin)
  • Manager, Risk Management & Payment Operations (Austin)
  • Manager, User Operations (Austin)
  • Team Lead, User Operations (Austin)


  • Account Manager – Danish (Dublin)
  • Account Manager – Norwegian (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – Arabic (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – Danish (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – German (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – Norwegian (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – Spanish (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Payment Operations (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations – German (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations – French (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Arabic (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Finnish (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – French (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Italian (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Spanish (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Danish (Dublin)
  • Associate Manager, User Operations (Dublin)
  • Community Manager, Platform Operations (Dublin)
  • Fraud Analyst (Dublin)
  • Team Lead, User Operations (Dublin)
  • Technical Analyst, Platform Operations (Dublin)
  • Technical Sales Engineer (Dublin)
  • Manager, Online Sales Operations (Dublin)


  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations (India)
  • Analyst, Platform Operations (India)
  • Analyst, User Operations (India)
  • Business English, Specialist (India)
  • Training and Development Specialist, Online Sales and Operations (Hyderabad)

Platform and Product Marketing

Palo Alto

  • Agency Marketing Manager
  • Analyst, Platform Insights
  • Customer Marketing Manager
  • Director, Partner Engineering
  • Director, Platform Operations
  • Event Marketing Manager
  • Global Online Strategy and Education Marketing Manager
  • Head of Games Partnerships
  • Manager, Platform Operations
  • Market Researcher, Platform Insights
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Mobile Program Manager
  • Partner Engineer
  • Partner Engineering Lead, Mobile
  • Partner Engineering, Mobile
  • Platform Marketing Manager
  • Platform Marketing Manager, Games
  • Strategic Partner Development , Media
  • Strategic Partner Development, Community & Communication
  • Strategic Partner Development, Search & Commerce
  • Strategist, Market Solutions
  • Technical Support Engineer, Platform

New York

  • Market Research Analyst (New York)
  • Partner Engineer (New York)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Media (New York)
  • Strategist, Market Solutions (New York)


  • Analyst, Platform Operations – Spanish (Dublin)
  • Head of UK Marketing Communications (London)
  • Partner Engineer (London)
  • Partner Engineering, Mobile (London)
  • Principle, Market Solutions (London)
  • Product Marketing Communications Manager (London)

Product Management

Palo Alto

  • Mobile Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Manager – Mobile
  • Product Manager, Search Relevance (Ranking)

Technical Operations

Palo Alto

  • Application Operations Engineer
  • Application Operations Technical Lead
  • Capacity Planning Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Datacenter Facility Operations Manager
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Hardware Test Engineer
  • Manufacturing Quality Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer, Servers
  • MySQL Database Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Operations and Planning Analyst
  • Operations Engineer
  • Site Operations Engineer
  • Site Reliability Operations Lead
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Project Coordinator
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Vendor Manager – IT


  • Lead Data Center Technician (Oregon)


  • Operations Engineer (Dublin)
  • Site Reliability Operations Lead (Dublin)

Sales and Business Development


  • Account Associate, Inside Sales – Brand/Agency (Austin)
  • Account Associate, Inside Sales – Direct Response / SEM (Austin)
  • Account Executive (Atlanta)
  • Account Executive (Dallas)
  • Account Executive (Los Angeles)
  • Account Executive (New York)
  • Account Executive (Palo Alto)
  • Account Executive, Inside Sales – Brand/Agency (Austin)
  • Account Executive, Inside Sales – Direct Response / SEM (Austin)
  • Account Manager (Atlanta)
  • Account Manager, Online Sales Operations (Austin)
  • Ad Operations, Analyst (New York)
  • Associate, Ad Operations
  • Associate, Ad Operations (New York)
  • Associate, Ad Operations Latin America (Palo Alto)
  • Business Development Manager, Mobile
  • DSO Account Manager
  • DSO Account Manager (Dallas)
  • DSO Account Manager (New York)
  • Head of Games Partnerships
  • Inside Sales Account Associate – Brand/Agency (Palo Alto)
  • Inside Sales Account Associate – Direct Response / SEM (Palo Alto)
  • Inside Sales Account Executive – Brand/Agency (Palo Alto)
  • Inside Sales Account Executive – Direct Response / SEM (Palo Alto)
  • Manager, Inside Sales (Austin)
  • Market Researcher
  • Online Sales Operations Manager (Austin)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Community & Communication
  • Strategic Partner Development, Media
  • Strategic Partner Development, Media (New York)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Search and Commerce
  • Strategy and Planning Leader (New York)
  • Technical Solutions Engineer, Platform


  • Account Executive (Germany)
  • Account Executive (Madrid)
  • Account Executive, Emerging Markets (Turkish) – London
  • Account Executive, Pan Euro (London)
  • Account Manager (Germany)
  • Account Manager (Italy)
  • Account Manager (London)
  • Associate Manager, Ad Operations (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – French (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – German (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – Hebrew (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – Spanish (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – Turkish (Dublin)
  • Associate, Ad Operations – Italian (Dublin)
  • Business Development Manager, Mobile (London)
  • Head of Sales (Italy)
  • Inside Sales Associate – English (Dublin)
  • Inside Sales Associate – German (Dublin)
  • Inside Sales Associate – Italian (Dublin)
  • Manager, Account Management (London)
  • Inside Sales Associate – Swedish (Dublin)
  • Partner Development Manager (London)
  • Sales Engineer, Online Sales Operations (Dublin)


  • Account Executive (Singapore)
  • Associate, Ad Operations (Singapore)
  • DSO Account Manager (Singapore)
  • Leads Analyst (Hyderabad)

Software Engineering


  • Advertising Auction Expert
  • Data Analyst, Online Operations
  • Director, Partner Engineer
  • HTML 5 Standards Engineer
  • Partner Engineer (London)
  • Partner Engineer (New York)
  • Partner Engineering Lead, Mobile
  • Release Engineer
  • Site Speed Engineering Manager
  • Software Engineer (Seattle)
  • Software Engineer, Ads
  • Software Engineer, Ads Infrastructure and Optimization
  • Software Engineer, Data
  • Software Engineer, Facebook Platform
  • Software Engineer, Growth
  • Software Engineer, Growth (Front-End)
  • Software Engineer, HTML5 Application Developer
  • Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineering
  • Software Engineer, Insights
  • Software Engineer, Machine Learning
  • Software Engineer, Products
  • Software Engineer, Relevance
  • Software Engineer, Tools
  • Technical Data Analyst, Platform
  • Technical Project Manager – Engineering
  • Technical Solutions Engineer, Platform
  • Technical Solutions Engineer, Platform (New York)
  • User Interface Engineer (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • User Interface Engineer, Systems Management


  • Sales Engineer, Online Sales Operations (Dublin)


  • Sales Engineer – Contract (Korea)
  • 세일즈 엔지니어, 대한민국 (계약직) – Sales Engineer, Republic of Korea (contract)

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  3. ELois Poole-Clayton says:

    My concern with this operation, is that, the same “lawyers”, will attempt to use a reverse tactic, to make themselves appear to be more dissatisfied with their prior jobs, when the truth of the matter is that, they were never toned in, on the clients needs in the first place.
    The corrupt judges that has been accomplices in this ill behavior, has not ALL been listed in the judicuary report books and the administrators above them, such as AG’s, has not adhered to the fact findings, of this corruption.
    So much mail fraud and such, has existed that it’s pushing our mayor, out of office.
    Many has complained about his role played in much corruption, such as the Jon Burge sernarial
    and everyone is well aware of the method used by such behavior, when they take a a’resign” position.
    This emplies, that they are involved somehow and opts to step done, (to get their business in order), to avoid having to give back the monies that they have participated in stealing from litigants.
    Stiffer persecution need to be put, on such individuals, to STOP them, from geting away with these theft and for the judges, statues need to be passed, to eliminate them from being exempt from immunity, because they are judges.
    This cat and mouse game that’s played to avoid prosecution, is as clear as 1+1 equalling 2 and it must be STOPPED!
    PS: Thank God, to the Federal Courts!

  4. Like Google and Facebook, Apple Is Hunting for a Gaming, Social Partnership Manager says:

    [...] Apple follows Google and Facebook’s efforts earlier this year to build out teams for strengthening their gaming ecosystems. In addition to filling product management positions around games, Google hired a gaming advocate — although that person, industry veteran Mark DeLoura, left just a few months after being hired, and now the company appears to be looking for a replacement. Facebook, meanwhile, has built out a proper Games team, and continues to look for a head of games partnerships. [...]

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