Facebook Has Users Identify Friends In Photos To Verify Accounts, Prevent Unauthorized Access

Facebook users are now better protected from unauthorized password changes and suspicious logins thanks to a new set of security features. The first: if a user enters an old password that has since been changed, Facebook now tells the user when the password was changed and asks if the user remembers doing so. If they don’t remember, they are asked to verify their identity, and are prompted to reset their password or use the hacked account self-recovery tool.

The other change: if an account is logged into from somewhere distant from its usual login location, the person accessing the account will also be brought through the identity verification flow which instead of changing passwords involves identifying friends in photographs.

However, it’s not perfect. Some users have friends they can’t recognize by photo, or are prompted to identify people in photos that only include logos, pets, or other indistinguishable images — and they have been mistakenly locked out of their accounts by this identity verification method.

As Facebook has grown to more than 500 million monthly active users, it has faced more and more identity-focused attacks. One way users lose control of their Facebook accounts is by visiting phishing sites which looks like Facebook’s login page but are really hacker-designed pages made to trick users into providing their login emails and passwords. Once they have access, these hackers change the password, stranding the account’s legitimate owner. Now, instead of confusing a user by telling them their password is incorrect, Facebook recognizes that they are entering an outdated password, and notifies them of the date that the password was changed. This will either remind the user that they in fact changed it themselves and can login with the new password, or that it was changed without authorization and they need to recover their account.

The other change is more visually interesting. Simon Axten of Facebook explained to us when the last round of security features was added in May that logins from distant locations in a short period of time trigger Facebook’s security system. If a Facebook user almost always logs in from California, and their account is suddenly accessed from Singapore, the user might just be on vacation, but their account may have been compromised. The verification flow can be a nuisance to frequent travelers, but helps protect users from having their account stolen from overseas.

If a login attempt triggers the location-driven security features, Facebook needs to verify the user is the original owner of the account before allowing them access or the ability to create a new password. The answers to typical security questions used by most websites might be found in a hacked user’s profile info or email records, so Facebook utilizes the user’s own social network to create a verification system that is hard to fool. Users are shown a profile picture of a friend, and given six names of who the photo could be. Out of seven photos they can only skip two and must not answer any incorrectly. While gender can be used to disqualify some incorrect answers, unless the hacker is within one’s social circle, it is unlikely they would be able to pass the test.

While this security feature is innovative, it can cause problems because profile pictures do not always show the face of the user they represent. Childhood photos, favorite sports teams, celebrities, landscapes, and pets are often used as profile pictures. If more than two of these indistinguishable photos are included in a user’s verification questions, or if they wrongly guess which friend has a Boston Red Sox logo as their pic, a user can be denied access to their account. Some users also have many friends they can’t recognize by face, such as those they meet on forums or while playing social games. This security feature could reduce erroneous account suspensions and lock outs by only asking users to identify people that they have been tagged in photos with, and by using photo recognition software to ensure test photos always include a human face.

Users can learn all about safety on Facebook at the new Safety Center page, which includes instructions for recovering accounts, and sections for general users, teens, parents, educators, and law enforcers.

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92 Responses to “Facebook Has Users Identify Friends In Photos To Verify Accounts, Prevent Unauthorized Access”

  1. Talksina says:

    such a disgusting thing! Open access to discrimination against visually impaired people. Well, I am totally blind who knows what I will do when this system will be available for all users! I think it could be another reason, added to the list of reasons, why to get away from facebook as quickly as i can!

  2. Allie says:

    I have already had trouble with this. When I had to login while at my father’s place on vacation. The pictures they gave me were of friends in Halloween masks, as kids (when I only knew them as adults), and people in my social network that I hadn’t met face-to-face. Some of the choices I had clearly marked two different people (I had one pic that was male, the other female), so it was a guess which one they meant for me to identify. It is a very poorly designed system. They should only use photos from your own photos, and not from those of friends. You will know your own photos.

  3. Elite Casting Network says:

    I just wonder how many legitimate members trying to log into their accounts, have a problems and get locked out because they cant recognize the name in the photo vs. how many real hackers this is blocking?

    I think you had it exactly right when you said they could use photo recognition software combined with only asking you to identify people that have been tagged in photos with. I’m really surprised Facebook would implement this new security feature without doing that.

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  5. Nito Niwatori says:

    i force to pass that photo verification … it took me about 90 days…. to pass it

    i have about hundreds of friends and they are not my close friend… ( i add them because of facebook’s games… )

    i have to search in the google for every names that in a choices … for a pictures that possible to be the owner of account.. and make a Database for possible chance to make right choice on next time…

    at last i can get back my account… btw i Almost Give up to this one…

    i hope i can help someone that want to pass it …

    sorry for my bad english.

    Nito Niwatori

  6. Josh Constine says:

    @talksina You’re right, this must cause serious problems for the visually impaired. Like with Captcha, there should be some sort of audio-based option.

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  8. Ken says:

    This is the most stupid method. I got hit by it today after I reported to FB that my account had been hacked. Now it is showing me pictures of ppl I only play games with, strange objects and coloured patterns, and expecting me to identify them. If it asked me to identify some of my own pictures, it might make sense, but as it is, there is little chance of finding out who any of these people are. unless I can spot them in a fb search (but then so could a hacker!) As they have my email and sms, cant they use those in combination to identify me?

  9. Lisa Zirkle says:

    I tried to log into my facebook account while at a Best Buy retail store while looking for a new laptop. Facebook didn’t recognize the location which triggered the location-driven security feature. I was given 7 photos to identify with 7 names to choose from. Of which some of the photos were unidentifiable. One was a knitted red square, another an avatar from an app, a dog and one was even a greeting card that said have a good day! It is impossible to complete with over 900 friends I accepted and do not know personally. I friended them only for the apps games on Facebook! There is no customer support for Facebook to contact and no way for me to log back into my Facebook account. I have around $400 into the Fairyland app just sitting there and no way for me to access my Facebook account let alone the Fairyland app. This security feature is impossible to complete for those who have numerous friends that they accept only for the social Facebook apps. I think Facebook will eventually have to rethink this type of security feature and will be losing many users of Facebook over this issue.

  10. denise says:

    I have been away from “home” for about 6 months now, traveling. I can not access my account, for about a month. The Pictures that are shown to me are “flashed” then logs me out. I am not even given enough time to try to identify! I have written countless of emails to customer service and any email I can find to facebook to report this. No Live customer service.
    Still Not able to Acess my account.

  11. Emmanuel says:

    The situation isn’t funny at all,lemme ask facebook, how does someone identify his friends when he has over a thousand friends? Please,can you guys at least show us our very close friends so we can identify and enjoy your services? Pleeeeaseee!

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  13. ~ Lloyd says:

    Absolutely rediculous! This is a giant leap backwards and something you’d expect in a 90′s era first-generation web app. Myspace has gotta be loving this!


  14. Arun says:

    Because of this i cant login my Account,

  15. jackson says:

    hey what the f it was i can not log into my account the bloody ask me to recognize the pics and many pics are not of my friend they are my friend of friend pic and how could i recognize my friend of friend or there family member or any child if they had any doubt they can send security code to my email id to verify it they are just bloody fools i m giving up this i am trying to access from many days any body have any solution or i had to thing to leave this bloody social networking site and opth for any other

  16. vmssanthosh says:

    am using facebook for playing games.. i am having 500 + friends to play games.. how can identify anyones name.. atlease they could have collected some security questions and ask for that at this kind of situation.. asking for some photos to identify reallys s’s


  17. Frustrated says:

    I travel all the time with my laptop, and so every time I try to log in, I’m asked for all this security verification because I’m at an unrecognized location. It was irritating before, but now this new “friends” verification thing makes it impossible. I am totally blocked from my account. I own a business, and have hundreds of friends who are past clients who wish to stay in touch with us, but who I don’t personally recognize their profile photos. Plus many of the profile photos aren’t even of the people themselves, they’re of some celebrity or something, and with hundreds of friends, I can’t keep track of who every person has up as their profile photo. Anybody can tag a photo anything, so tags are not an accurate way to do it. I’m continually getting tagged on photos that have nothing to do with me as a way for people to spam my account, plus lots of people post photos of my business and then tag them with my name, so if it based it’s asking on tagged photos that would be just as useless. This has got to change, or thousands of people will be blocked out of their accounts for no reason due to this feature. Several of my friends and associates have already had their accounts totally blocked out and rendered unusable because of this feature because they couldn’t identify a sufficient number of their friends photos. Facebook, are you listening?

  18. Kurt Nicholson says:

    Totally ridiculous, I cannot log into my accouny and was asked to identify a female friend with the choice of an Evony screenshot or some dude that either could be a friend of her or not. The level of stupitidy for this security system really frightens me as the if the people that make decisions at Face book are so completely daft as to make this security system live, we are all in trouble because the people who probably cannot tie their shoes control millions of people’s personal information. We are doomed.

  19. Sydney says:

    I am sorry; I do not look at every single one of my “friends’” photos, therefore, I can’t figure out which person was tagged in every picture. Nor do I care to look at the thousands of old photos or their constantly new additions. No, I can’t guess which friend was tagged as a blade of grass.

    I have been locked out of my account because I moved. Not because I borrowed a laptop or tried to go to the library. I moved to another state and I am stuck here. I am using the same laptop I always use.

    Yeah, and Facebook should realize that a lot of people just add friends for games. I do. Games don’t work right without neighbors, so I add people I don’t know. And now I am getting pictures of unfamiliar faces or screenshots of random game character. What gives, Facebook?!

  20. Pete says:

    Happend to me last night, wasn’t much hassle getting my account back up and running. Luckly my photos are all clear and easy to identify.
    However with all the problems with facebook and the other e-community sites, have cancelled my account and will stick to webcam, email and phone to keep in touch, its a lot less hassle than all these sites with poor protection for users…

  21. Trinity says:

    I’ve been locked out for about a month now for the same reason.

    Most of my “friends” are Vampire Wars clan members, so I don’t know them by their photos.

    This method sucks. They know how many people play Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, etc.

  22. Simon Jaeger says:

    Here’s another scenario. What if you’re blind. Even if you know every single one of your friends by name, you can’t tell them from Adam when it comes to pictures. Facebook claims to be accessible to the blind but they aren’t. Most of all though, it’s absolutely ludicrous to expect anyone, blind or sighted, to identify pictures on something like facebook. I know a few people with hundreds, sometimes thousands of friends. Should they be expected to recognize the fac e of everyone on their friends list?

    I, in fact, am totally blind, as are a few of my friends who have had this happen. Not only is it impossible to get past their security check, but it is very unlikely that anyone sighted could help identify the photos shown, unless they know a large number of the user’s friends.

    I don’t know what they were thinking when they implemented this, but they need to get a clue and learn to listen to their users a bit more. At least Im not the only one who’s fed up with this.

  23. Simon Jaeger says:

    It’s nice to see that someone else who is blind / low vision came out here, I didn’t see that before I commented. It’s definitely a major problem. I’ve been moving around from place to place all summer, I only got asked to do this once and eventually it soehow allowed me to log in normally. My girlfriend has now been asked to do it twice. I emailed their accessibility team, maybe if enough of us send complaints directly to facebook, start a group perhaps (assuming you can even get on to do that), something can get done about this. Im absolutely disgusted with this supposedly large company which supposedly has an accessibility team that supposedly helps blind people access facebook. So much for access. They’ve changed their layout so many times that I now use the mobile site because it’s easier to navigate with a screen reader. The mobile facebook constantly has issues (I think they use it to test new features or something), and it doesn’t have all the functionality of the regular facebook, yet, the accessibility page recommends it to people who have trouble with the main page? So much for equal access. Facebook? Still listening?

  24. stickbear says:

    as a blind individual, a varrification system like this is absolutely inaccessible, without someone you know and trust that has sight and that knows your friends and social life being available to help you pass this test. This is an extreme step backwards in facebooks commitment to accessibility in my opinion.

  25. H. Cates says:

    I am Thoroughly PISSED!!!!! I am locked out of my FB account because of this photo recognition BullSh!T…My account is Basically a Mafia Wars Gaming account, I have over 1000 friends. I cannot recognize every f#cking photo of people tagged to get into my account.. I don’t know these people. The Hell man….Just let me answer personal questions that I used when I set up the damn Account. FUck YOU FACEBITCH!!!!!

  26. bryan teskey says:

    I am trying to get back into my account by identifying pictures. I know these people but facebook says my answers are inaccurate!! Come on!!! Please help!!!

  27. Martin Holmes says:

    I used my mob a few day’s ago on fb..now using my pc to log in I get…In order to proceed, Facebook needs to verify that you are the owner of this account. To do this, please identify the people tagged in the following series of photos.

    To pass, you cannot get any answers wrong. If you aren’t sure about a question, please skip it. You can only skip 2 questions.

    haha sorry I have too laugh..I play MWs & have over 2,200 friends…how the hell can I identify them..been trying now for 2 days….

  28. harley says:

    ok, you know what’s really fucking bullshit, the fact that it says that if facebook recognises the url you are getting from, then you can bypass it, i try to log in from the same computer, i always have, cause i was on vacation for the past week, so, what the fuck facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Allie says:

    One of the big problems is, you have to depend on your friends tagging their 1000′s photos accurately. Your friend accidently tags “John” as “Mike”, and you are screwed. So, even if you do know the people in the pics, if your friend makes a mistake, you get blocked out of your account. I have also noticed that people tag celebrity photos as their friends, for a joke. So you get a picture of Brad Pitt, and you have to guess which of your idiot friends decided to tag who as Brad Pitt.

    Notice how no one here can think of anything good about this system? I also agree with the poster who says it is not horrible to get around it, if you are willing to spend the time google imaging the names you are given. If we can figure that out, so can a hacker. Duh.

  30. Hon says:

    I agree with Allie, “They should only use photos from your own photos, and not from those of friends. You will know your own photos.”

    Now I could not verify my account!

  31. Tasha says:

    all that money I put into them facebook games and now I cannot get into my account this really sucks!

  32. thbbt says:

    facebook photo verification = PHAIL
    the fact that they did not fix this over teh WHOLE summer or beta test it = MEAN PHAIL

  33. locomotive says:

    Thank you Facebook developers.

    After failing to verify my facebook friends names(all games app friends), I found better things to do rather than wasting time on facebook.

    Hope facebook will continue this shit to chase away more facebook users. I spent more than $1000 on facebook apps, but no regret now as I found life without Facebook is much better.

  34. happymannow says:

    I am not coming back to FB anymore. Thanks for making the FB account verification such a nuisance.
    FB can even pay me $100 to join..but sorry , I am not interested anymore on this FB bullshit.
    I dont trust them anymore, as eventually they will comeup with more bullshit in future.

  35. Acting With Celebrities says:

    I have been locked out of my FB page when I tried to log in at another location? The Public Library here in New York….I was locked out for about two weeks. Since FB has over 500 million people, this is making things alot harder for them to keep up… For now on, I only log in my FB account if I am a home….There should also be some kind of resolution for one that is blind as well….I hope somebody from FB is taking a look at this…And the only way I am not locked out is, I have to log in from my same location always….I am limited and it shouldn’t be…

  36. Sara says:

    Thanks FB, What the hell serves us to get a wireless and mobile conection if you use this bullshit for “protect us”, fuck you off FB

  37. Floyd says:

    This new security policy, which basically denies
    access to fb users out of town, is a NIGHTMARE.
    Even if the application worked as intended,
    (it does not, most images to ID do not appear)
    this level of security is impractical and and absolutely UNNECESSARY. Why wasn’t a new policy with so much potential for user inconvience “SAMPLED” and “TESTED” with the user community, before implementation.
    Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORK not a FINANIAL SYSTEM the implementation of all security policies need to be balanced against the every day practical usage via the community.
    These new security changes need to be

  38. Conerned says:

    Can’t get in because of new security pictures.
    Many pictures are of dogs, shirts, blank, high school pictures, trees, shirts, signs, logos, their kids, their kids dogs, their friends dogs, horses, mountain views, favorite care, flags, photos–Changing all the time and don’t know many that well.. How in the world is anyone to remember a couple pictures let alone 7. Then they seem to show the same ones over and over again. Well it look it’s Facebook history for me– I’m done.

  39. Donna Leroux says:

    I have been locked out of FB for 2 weeks, it says I have been abusive, I have never download a movie, pictures, music or anything else or done anything wrong, I am a little old lady that likes to keep in touch with my school friends, I still can’t get in, what is going on………

  40. Abigail says:

    I am locked out of my facebook because I am on holiday in Hong Kong. It is totally frustrating FB. I have just heard my friend’s husband has died and I cannot login to send her a message. It’s unbelievable. This is a stupid system of making one recognise other people’s photos. I don’t look at other people’s photos. I have hudnreds of friends and some are not known to me but I need friends as neighbours for Farmville. I have no idea who their friends and relatives are so I will never be able to gain access to my business account again… What gives. What on earth can i do for heaven’s sake. It’s ridiculous.

  41. Abigail says:

    Is there a help desk for Facebook??? Does anyone actually help people like us who are locked out for no good reason?? Please help someone.

  42. Lillian Johnson says:

    Yeah this is utterly stupid, there is no other way to say it. I got locked out because I miskeyed the password on the front page, and then when I tried it on the redundant page, even though I made sure I got it right this time, it flagged it as suspicious. Now I am going through the same problem trying to id photos of people Ive never even talked to more than once, let alone “having checked their whole profile”. Either way facebooks gonna take a hard hit because of this, because this is gonna end up hurting alot of people.

  43. mjm says:

    so does one get back in their facebook account if they cant get around dang picture security ?????

  44. melys zega says:

    can you help me about my facebook, I can not identify like that

  45. Sihan from SRI LANKA says:

    “FACEBOOK HELPS YOU CONNECT AND SHARE WITH THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE ” does fb really help u to connect with the people in ur Life ??? .yes facebook did it before .but unfortunately its fading now.facebook has introduced a foolish security method.its really not suitable security method for HUMANS!! Its suitable for Robots.its really impossible human to do. I THINK THEREs SOMETHING BEHIND THIS ISSUE !! I think facebook needed to cut off their members because of the amount of highly increasing members. Actually i think they can not control all these members ,so they are cutting off members using such an “asshole” method. i have an ” idea ” to stop this ! I’ll explain ya. I know all the people here are suffering by dis issue.if we all can be together we can win from dis . Determine to SEND ONE THOUSAND EMAIL COMPLAINTS TO FACEBOOK FROM ONE PERSON.here is the facebook complaint email address ! ” support@causes.com ” . I kindly and forcefully ask from all u guys to send continuely even one thousand email complaints mentioning about the issue . If we all guys do so, i think facebook must have to concern on this issue. Im sure about it and i believe in it. Sorry about my bad english. Wish u All the best and DETERMINE TO DO CARRY OUT MY IDEA ! ! !

  46. Jay says:

    Security…what a joke. More like Stupidity. Those who use facebook for advertising is getting ripped off. If you have an ad running and want to pause it for budgeting reasons but are locked out, it is theft. You can’t even cancel your account if you want since you can’t log in. Facebook’s arrogance is crappy.

  47. obah sophie uchenna says:

    HELP cant access ma account dnt know wat to do….

  48. Jenny says:

    Ya, this security issue sucks. I don’t even recognize the ppl in some of the pictures. They show my friend’s pets that I didn’t know they had. I haven’t been able to get into my FB in several months, so, of course a lot of friends have changed their pictures or added them, so how am i going to be able to know who they are with the new pictures…especially if it is not of my friend! Come on FB, find another security for us to use if you detect something not good!

  49. Suzanne Alberts says:

    I am not allowed to reset my password even after being offered to. If I put in the code that has been sent it is claimed it is invalid. I have tried to do the picture lineup but too many of the pictures are unfamiliar as I used the site to play Cafe World and Farmville. They should be using pictures you would see in the feed because these would actually be familiar as opposed to in depth wall photos, which a gamer does not look at all that much. A gamer primarily looks at the feed, not in depth wall pictures.

  50. vikramjit says:

    i am not able to recognize some of my friends in some pictures and land up in a unverified account and wait for another hour to continue … i am not able to log onto my account help me with this…

  51. Almontada Aliraqi says:

    I got 5 photos not 1 of them is for real person, last one was empty nothing and asking me the name of my friend.

    Here I published them:


  52. emelita gomez muckert says:

    our computer is in the shop so I would like to use the public for time being as I have a lot of trouble getting into my account..

  53. Chris Holloman says:

    I am also highly upset over this issue. I use FB for Christian networking, to spread the Gospel, and I am locked out because I tried to log on using my new cell phone app. Facebook…what is wrong with you?

  54. Chris Holloman says:

    How about we all just leave FB? Here is a new christian site similar to fb, http://www.faithbook.tuntc.com.

  55. fs says:

    use this url to try and get access again – http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=17846&ref_query=roa

  56. vicky says:

    urggggggggggh this is sooooooooooo stupid its unreal!! :@ im so angry right now i cant log on i havent got a clue of what all my thousands of facebook friends look like!!!!

  57. Princess Stephanie says:

    I ogged into facebook with my phone and now i can’t because i was asked to identify the pictures of some of my friends,which i can’t. This is so irritating and it SUCKS!

  58. Wanda says:

    It won’t let me get past the second step (the friend photos). I don’t even see any pictures!! It’s pissing me off. What @#%!$ thought this up?!

  59. Kiran Sheikh says:

    I got the method to pass this security check!
    It is not very simple but i think the only option for people who have thousands of friends for games etc…

    First of all open your account as usual and when you reach the stage to identify the photos of your friends(tagged), do the following procedure.

    Save all tagged pictures along with the names of your friends mention one by one by answering any option (which will usually be wrong at first) at any place in your computer like Microsoft WORD.
    When you have finished, log in again after one hour. You are again asked to identify the photos of your friends but now it repeats some pictures (that you have saved in your computer along-with names) but not the names( only correct answer will repeat). Match the same answer in both photos which will be the correct answer.
    Do this procedure for 4 or 5 times and you will get all the tagged pictures with correct answer.
    Best of Luck!
    NOTE: Facebook repeats photos but not all the names but only the correct name.

  60. Facebook Account Verification Process Is Broken! | TEABROOKE says:

    [...] Facebook Has Users Identify Friends In Photos To Verify Accounts, Prevent Unauthorized Access (insidefacebook.com) [...]

  61. Brian Honey says:

    I tried the link above, in another attempt to gain access to an account I need to manage. This is incredibly frustrating. I bet nearly ALL Facebook users would have trouble ID’ing photos of their Friends. http://teabrooke.com/2010/10/12/facebook-account-verification-process-is-broken/

  62. Brad Sherman says:

    Attempted to access my facebook account with my new iphone 4 and now im locked out. I can’t recognize anyone of my friend photos. Mostly they are just random mafia wars players. this new feature sucks!

  63. SAVIOR says:

    make your complaint HERE http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=photo_recog_roadblock

  64. RetroRita says:

    I’m having the same problem and it’s happened 3 times now. the first 2 i recognize some people and guessed at other but I got in. Now almost all the pictures are of sinsless crap that I can’t identify.
    Goodbye Facebook I’m done with you.

  65. Josh Constine says:

    @Savior: Thanks for helping out your fellow users with that link.

  66. Mico says:

    this happened to me(i tihnk because i tried logging in to the iphone) and now i cant login how do you do the picture identify because i can’t identify my cousins and i have lots of cousins…

  67. Bridget says:

    I sent the following letter to Zynga

    Facebook Has Users Identify Friends In Photos To Verify Accounts.
    I haven’t been able to log in for over a week because I can’t identify the hundreds of friends I have to have to play these games. I have spent money on these games and I feel like I’ve been ripped off by Zynga because of your affiliation with Facebook. You made the games to where you have to have friends to succeed or progress. Facebook has made it to where thousands of your clients and customers are losing money, time and effort and their Facebook account!!! I’m protesting to you! I would also like a refund on all cash tokens I bought for games by Zynga that I can no longer spend because of your affiliation with Facebook. I don’t think it is fair or legal.
    Thank you for your time,

  68. javi says:

    Ahh, thank God Im not the only one! I’m out of town and I can’t get into my account. Recognize friends of friend’s photos? Yeah right, I don’t even recognize half of my nearly 2000 friends that follow because of my newsletter, let alone their friends.

    This is an absolutely terrible idea and implementation by Facebook, like none of us travel. Did they even test this idea?? Maybe if they had some kind of contact form they would get the message and fix this problem.

  69. Jake says:

    What the hell was FaceBook thinking when implementing such a freacking bunch of bull…. hell i dont know who half these pics belong to.. randomly picking photos of (who knows what or who it belongs too)for verification…. heres an idea ,,,, get the stupid idiot that thought up this idea and kick him square in the nutts every day until they turn this crap off…. not to mention it is not co-operating with laws to help those that are blind or other hani-caps…

  70. C J Hindman says:

    I have trifd to get in my account,it always says that my account is disabled, Uhave sent me somthing in an email to use to get inti my account,i have used it as instructed ,then i get the same msg saying my account has been disabled,lol cjhnd@yahoo.com

  71. larryclintin says:

    plase i dont know what is rong with my acctunt is black can you help me at to open it for me

  72. ChengSeong Minje Kim says:

    Woww , OMG ! this is BS why do they have to do this ! its no fair ~! x( for a week i cant log in my fb because of this stupid security check ! … -_____- the fb people needs to read ALL of these complaints from us fb users !

  73. Nicholas Juntilla says:

    This is ABSOLUTE BULL SH*T. Facebook is going waaay overboard here. Not only did it take me 10 minutes to get to this point from my android phone, but once I got there the faces didn’t even show up. This is crap. Now I have to wait an hour?? This is yet another reason to find a facebook alternative. I can’t BELIEVE anyone would want this much security. I would rather risk getting hacked, which will never happen because I am safe with my passwords. Facebook can go to he11! Thanks.

  74. Bijay says:

    I AM OUT OF COUNTRY.there is no internet zone.

  75. KANDI says:



  76. Brad Curtin says:

    I was trying to help my Mom log in and do stuff on facebook. She has finally been able to remember her email adress and password. Then this locks her out… Sigh… Come on Facebook, this a bit silly. She has a bunch of friends and relatives she hardly sees and how can you expect her to identify random photos from all these people? KISS treatment please! (Keep it simple stupid!)

  77. anne says:

    This is so stupid! I have lots of friends on my account and I ran into trouble and couldn’t access my own account! And there was no way around it. What the fuck?

  78. MasterMo says:

    I am sorry I don’t recognize my friend in the real world and facebook. Because of this, I am quiting Facebook now.

  79. Katie says:

    My boyfriend had this problem too. He has over 300 friends and most of them are only there because of games. He couldn’t recognize maybe but 5 of them over 5 hours.

    The only way we could get through this was to have facebook open on two separate pcs and go to his page on one pc and search through his friends and try and match names to pictures on the other pc. That’s my only suggestion of being able to get around it than recognizing the people. good luck.

  80. Jesse Smith says:

    :::That’s my only suggestion of being able to get around it than recognizing the people. good luck.

    That’s what i tried doing, but they also have a time cap. Too slow and you don’t get access. I used two different browsers/Facebook accounts instead of two different computers.

  81. sunil says:

    hey,my name is sunil sachdeva.i was in india nd 25 dec, i came to south africa.i try to login face book but its showing ur account is temperary unavilable.its showing security questoins but i forget.i don’t knw wat to do?plz help.

  82. lorain says:

    hi,, why i cant verify my acount??????? please help to verify it!

  83. iramfatma says:

    b’coz my fb account has hacked.

  84. markjaycollamar says:

    how to verify my account

  85. Daniel James says:

    Their is a simple way to beat this, and I suggest everyone takes 5 minutes to email Facebook and make a complaint. The overwhelming number of complaints will force Facebook to do A you turn on this.

  86. Eric sleeza crawford says:

    I logged in wit a phone datt I dont have access to

  87. barbara clark jones says:

    why are you locking me out of my old orig. acct now there is one just barb jones not me, my niece is trying to help me get back on laurie clark niederer misss jones mckessoon eula chiodini tim jones kelly duncan leo bachinski some of my friends linda martorelli kelly martorelli ruth edwards one of my new friends what more do you want pls help me i am me no one else

  88. Norman Boshoff says:

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! Identify pictures. (one set of pictures involved a full halloween outfit with mask!) My very conservative ultra cautious brokerage account is easier to log into than facebook. I have over 400 friends. They have friends and pictures. What Harvard genius came up with this wacked idea.

  89. rachel says:

    What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!! Identify pictures. (one set of pictures involved a full halloween outfit with mask!) My very conservative ultra cautious brokerage account is easier to log into than facebook. I have about 200 friends. They have friends and pictures.that is not possible.

  90. Facebook Wants Your Number « Vaneese says:

    [...] their social life. Over the years Facebook has added more ways to reclaim lost accounts through identifying friends in photos andanswering security questions. But before then when I’d write about Facebook security and [...]

  91. Facebook pede a cada usuário um número de telefone, | Site para Empresas – Blog sobre Internet e Criação de Site says:

    [...] longo dos anos Facebook adicionou mais maneiras para recuperar contas perdidas através da identificação de amigos em fotos e respondendo a questões de [...]

  92. VIRTUAL SECURITY — Все о безопасности виртуальных сред » Facebook заставит пользователей сообщить номера телефонов says:

    [...] разработок: например, в 2010 году Facebook вводил для этого идентификацию друзей по фотографиям, что не представляется совершенным методом. Запрсом [...]

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