Facebook News Feed Design Test Places Large Popular Photos on Top For Some Users

Facebook is testing a new design of the news feed that displays 3 popular photos above the stream of friend and page updates, as some users are spotting. These photos are sized much larger than any others on the home page and are accompanied by their album title, caption, author, and tallies of engagement.

The feature change offers enhanced visibility to popular content on a user’s network.

The design change “is simply to help [users with few friends] discover interesting content and create an instantly valuable experience for them,” the company tells Business Insider. People who see the new popular photos new feed don’t have the option to change between top news and most recent modes — the removal of the different modes makes sense for those with few friends because their wouldn’t be enough content to make the two distinct.

Like the new Photo Memories sidebar panel, popular photos puts less emphasis on newness, which defines the order in which most current content is displayed on Facebook. By instead using the like and comments tallies as indicators of quality, it places the most interesting photos in a big and prominent location to create a more instantly gratifying home page.

[Image from hotlou.com]

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359 Responses to “Facebook News Feed Design Test Places Large Popular Photos on Top For Some Users”

  1. Liam says:

    Sorry but I don’t see the point in that whatsoever. Also, would there be a way to opt-out of having some of your own pictures displayed there? I for one wouldn’t necessarily like one of my uploads displayed in such a prominent place – just uploading it to an album is fine.

  2. Josh Constine says:

    That’s an interesting perspective, Liam. When one posts a photo to a wall or selects it as a profie pic, they understand there is a higher level of visibility, but uploading to a personal album is different. This might lead users to think twice about posting more embarrassing, unsightly, or controversial photos.

  3. Ralph says:

    Nicely copied, sorry borrowed, from http://www.hyves.nl.
    The Dutch community social network.

  4. Diane says:

    Don’t like it. Please put it back to as it was. How many friends do you have to have before you are not regarded has having ‘only a few friends’?

  5. Berdie says:

    I don’t like it….please put it back the way it was…..

  6. mkd says:

    Thanks for the story- this has been driving me nuts trying to figure what has been going on w/FB!
    Don’t agree with -or- like this new test and hijacking of my page.
    Facebook just isn’t fun like this – and my usage has definitely gone way down out of frustration!
    Not good for advertisers.
    I have to access my husband’s site to get up to date on some people- and he has LESS friends on FB than I do!
    Hope they can reverse this- or at least make it “Optional”

  7. Shenola says:

    I don’t like it either!!! Very frustrated!! How popular do you have to be?? Sorry some of us have a life outside Facebook, and some of us don’t want everyone as friends! Please change it back!

  8. Aranthe says:

    As an involuntary guinea pig for this latest annoyance, I don’t appreciate it in the least. I have Adblock and NoScript, so I’m not bothered with their promos, but eliminating “Most Recent” DOES make a difference. I often found interesting entries in my Most Recent feed that were missing from the News Feed. Just because it doesn’t get comments from others doesn’t mean I won’t be interested in it–and vice versa.

  9. Pam says:

    Not impressed. I have been looking at the same up-loads for a few days and quite frankly im sick of seeing them. Please put it back….

  10. Cheryl Byers says:

    I REALLY Hate this format. It doesn’t even give me updates on all my friends. I have to go check each ones wall manually. This really puts me off using Facebook. If this continues I am thinking of canceling my Profile.

  11. Mark says:

    What kind of arrogant jackasses run Facebook? They actually think they can just redesign a user’s page. F**k Facebook.

  12. rd says:

    i have 44 friends… still? but regardless of how many friends i have…. this feature sucks….. having to see an animation over and over everytime i open the facebook is f%&king my brain! and again…. i don’t wanna see a F&%k face (someone’s new profile pic) everytime i log on. TAKE that F(/king feature away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Paula Roberts says:

    Why doesn’t facebook let us decide what we want to see on our own site. We aren’t first graders. We don’t need you to make out decisions for us. Maybe we don’t want to see new interesting content!!! Get out of our business. You gave us the product now let us use it the way we want to, not the way you want it. Are you trying to be the government now????

  14. Mark says:

    Same thing with me. I thought I screwed something up. I’m starting to hate facebook for doing stuff like this.

  15. ros says:

    Obviously facebook is only interested in making its website a popularity contest. I find it very frustrating and annoying to have this done to my facebook page. Did they ever consider that by attacking the people who have only a small number of friends, that they are relagated to seeing the same photos at the top of their page for possibly weeks at a time, and it is likely to be things they may not be interested in. For example, just because I have a friend who likes to post photos of their horse, doesn’t me I like horses. Talk about not thinking your decision through before inflicting it on the unsuspecting population.

  16. dsevert says:

    If my fb page can’t be changed back and fb feels I have “too few friends” then I guess I’ll have to stop using it competely! I HATE this new format!!!!!!!

  17. Jane says:

    Facebook- Please STOP the experiment- put my home page back the way it was! Maybe I don’t want a zillion friends and choose to only have a small number, you don’t need to try to help me out by putting those friends pictures where I HAVE to see them everytime I go to my page! Unless the experiment is to DRIVE those of us you have burdened with this away, then it just might work! Back to Myspace!

  18. Teresa says:

    I don’t like this either. I used Top New and Most Recent all the time and would like the page back to its original format, I have about 40 friends.
    What’s worse is that I didn’t know this change was from Facebook itself so I reported my account hacked which automatically suspended my account. I’ve spent the last week trying to get someone to listen and restore access to my account, still no luck with that. No response to any of my requests for help. So in a nut shell Facebook shut down my account because of hacking and the hacker was….FACEBOOK.
    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this dilemma please let me know!

  19. Marty says:

    I think FB is very inconsiderate. Not only for making this change but by doing it without any notice to the user. Like myself I’m sure other users have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with their FB settings or if they were have computer issues. Shame on you FB. Is this what you think of us.

  20. Dazza says:

    4 words for FB….GET RID OF IT. It is nothing but an annoyance, i don’t care if i don’t have a lot of friends on facebook i do have a face to face life aswell. I thought FB would be a good way to keep in touch with my family on the other side of the country and overseas but if i only get to see what FB reckons we should see then i will go back to weekly phone calls and plain old e-mails.I thought a home page was for the content that individual wanted not what FB sees fit to display. Just put it back the way it was please……

  21. Catherine says:

    To Facebook:I think it’s sad to test market something without bothering to inform the ‘small people’ about what you are doing. Not everyone wants busy posts forced to the top, especially when they will become old if they are too popular to ever get bumped. Was it your goal to force me to make big fan sites invisible because I don’t want to see the same posts at the top all the time? I am not looking to follow some cult of popularity – that’s for Twitter. Like a repetitious ad, you’ll alienate people, and we all know your real goal is to please marketers, and you won’t by making us hide big sites to escape force-feeding. We choose to keep our circles small for a reason- respect that.

  22. Mo says:

    I completely with all the above mentioned comments and have another to add…certain applications have also been removed from the newsfeed, meaning that everytime I want to use these I have to search for the respective page and then click on “go to application” instead of simply clicking the link that used to be there. Is this also meant to make it EASIER??? Also Displaying friends that are NOT online is annoying to say the least. FB Please listen to your users and change this back, your TEST group has spoken!!!!

  23. kristi says:

    I really hate this new feed. please change it back

  24. Jeff says:

    Dont like this new format at all. I agree with above posts that as people QUIT using facebook advertisers will be getting LESS exposure. Dont think that is what makes $$. If you are going to do something stupid like that at least make it optional. Since we have “so few friends” it should be easier for us to look at our friends pictures as we want to not when FB thinks we should! Put it BACK!!!!!

  25. Catherine says:

    I think it’s sad to test market something without bothering to inform the ‘small people’ about what you are doing. Not everyone wants busy posts forced to the top, especially when they will become old if they are too popular to ever get bumped. Was it your goal to force me to make big fan sites invisible because I don’t want to see the same posts at the top all the time? I am not looking to follow some cult of popularity – that’s for Twitter. Like a repetitious ad, you’ll alienate people, and we all know your real goal is to please marketers, and you won’t by making us hide big sites to escape force-feeding. We choose to keep our circles small for a reason- respect that.

  26. ewen carmichael says:

    I say Bollox to Facebook…I deliberately keep my ‘friends’ to a minimum as dont want a psuedo type friendship with those I don’t know or care about…so I guess I’m stuck with those pics in my home page. Cmon Facebook, this is not a kindergarten…

  27. Rockin2814 says:

    Hate the new format. Please return mine to the old format.

  28. Barb says:

    Please go back to the old page. The pictires are annoying

  29. Michele Boyd says:

    Please get rid of it. If it stays much longer, I’m getting rid of facebook. It’s the most annoying thing ever and I’m tired of it. Didn’t ask for it and don’t want it.

  30. Marlys says:

    Worst experiment in this century. Please get rid of it. Very frustrating to look at the same big pictures every day. What idiot figured that would want us to have more friends? We’d want more friends if we could have MOST RECENT so we would see our friends’ RECENT comments, not the same pictures every day! Hope FB is reading these comments. Fix it, please!!!

  31. Linda Swiatocha says:

    I hate those pictrues on the top of my page and want to get back the old setup. Please fix.

  32. Cheri says:

    Clearly, those of us who were “chosen” hate it. Do you get the picture yet, Facebook? Your test shows it’s a bad idea!!

  33. patricia burkert says:

    It whould have been nice of fb to ask about changes befor they change thing have missed so much this week hope they change it back as quick as they took it away

  34. Barbara says:

    I guess I am lucky enough to have enough friends with a huge total of 34. I like keeping my FB community small for my own personal reasons. If FB decides they need to help me have more friends or find content I don’t want or care about, than I won’t be using FB either. I did without it before and I can live without it in the future. You guys working at FB need to get your heads out of your a**es.

  35. Deb Power says:

    Please return my most recent and top news!! Hate not having it – not fair that only those with “few” friends has had it taken away!!!

  36. Ryan says:

    HORRIBLE… I don’t want to look at the same damn pictures every time I log on… PUT IT BACK ZTO THE WAY IT WAS!


  37. Dave says:

    This is the dumbest thing. I have few friends for a reason that I choose. I do not like the fact that I have to see larger photos every time I log in. I have seen the photos already and don’t need to continually see them over and over. They should have at least put an option to change it back. Been thinking of just leaving FB.

  38. Dianne Spayde says:

    Put it back the way it was..I like my Top News and Recent News at the Top..not all those pictures……PLEASE……,

  39. Lora Greene says:

    I hate this..put it back to top news and most recent..

  40. Eric says:

    I guess facebook does not care about those of us who only want a small friends list. So they decide what works better for us. I have had enough of facebooks BS and will delete my account

  41. ann says:

    it is very fustrating when you get use to something. then you go change it without our knowledge. then you spend countless hours trying to find out what is wrong with your computer. you should have left it alone. or at least asked us to voluntarly participate. i too don’t enjoy facebook under this format sorry i like the old way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. chula says:

    the only thing that the new test format does for me is to push me closer to deleting my account altogether. If this is FB’s idea of more user control, then they can have full non-user control of someone else’s FB account. I’ll be out of here, if it’s not fixed, real soon.

  43. Clara says:

    Hi FB,
    I also do not care for this change. I liked it the other way, please change back.


  44. Meg says:

    I agree with everything said above. I hATE it. I’ve lost touch with half my family now because FB thinks it know best as to what/who I’m interested in. PLEASE let us have an opt-out button.
    I also agree very much that it was the hight of BAD MANNERS to make us guinea pigs without asking our permission FIRST or making it opt-out or in.

  45. Sydney says:

    Well, I wouldn’t mind the pictures if they were ones I wanted to see, but getting pics from applications (ie. Island Paradise is one that ALWAYS shows up) is stupid. …and I should still have the option to sort by most recent if I want. Just because I have fewer friends who are on facebook than others doesn’t mean I want to scroll to find new items.

  46. luis mares says:

    got to agree dnt like it and would like it back the way it was…..plus a lot of my freinds dnt have FB so cant add if they dnt have it duh

  47. Craig says:

    I thought I had a setting wrong somewhere and have been wasting my time trying to figure it out. My wife has the old settings and I want them back too. Hate it… Facebook is about to lose an account holder!

  48. Matt Stewart says:

    Thought my account was broken or I somehow changed the settings in my sleep but know I know. I’m not really complaining because I don’t pay for FB, but I have to wonder; if so many users seem to be opposed to this new test format then who thought it was a good idea? Also it is intriguing that one would say they have “lost touch with half of my family” because FB changed its style. What did we do before FB? All I know is if I paid for this and it was changed I’d be pissed, but since it’s free, I don’t really care.

  49. Vikki says:

    I thought for days that I had screwed up my FB page because “Most Recent” was missing. Now I found out that they removed it!!!!! Now I have to hunt and peck my way through friends just to see whats happening, don’t like this one bit! My advice to those that made this decission, PUT IT BACK, it wasn’t broken! I hate people making decissions for me it sucks!

  50. Ryan says:

    Put it back already… Obviously there is not one person that likes this RETARDED new layout. Facebook is only going to piss people off enough to delete their accounts the longer this goes on.

  51. Catherine says:

    It’s naive or disingenuous to call fb free. They need members and eyeballs for their ad revenue – they are not charitable or free any more than a TV network is. That is why they nag us to add more friends and thank us for getting our friends to join. We need to remember that there are many other venues to switch to for communication if they don’t make it a mutually beneficial relationship – anyone remember Myspace?

  52. Catherine says:

    PS Not recommending Myspace here, just mentioning a large site that did not stay popular because they did not listen to their users complaints.

  53. Jean says:

    Spent wasted time looking for what I had done wrong and looking at picture Son-in-law’s naked back filled with tatoos.Please put it back the way it was.

  54. Chris Creager says:

    I hate it – change it back

  55. Darcy says:

    This new format sucks! Sorry that I do not have enough friends for FB to consider how I would like to view my home page! PLEASE put it back to the way it was!!!!!

  56. Cheryl Byers says:

    Hey to all above. I don’t know if FB listened or not. But I added some friends. I now over 50 friends. My Home page went back to normal. YEA!

  57. Catherine says:

    I did notice they listened just enough to remove all my responses to anyone’s questions in the community forum about the subject – nice censoring fb – other cursing posts left in, any criticism about the effects of the change removed, despite having about 10 people choose my answer directing them here as the most helpful posts. The minion still claiming it’s a facebook ‘teething’ glitch left in -lol.

  58. Bronwyn says:

    I too am having this problem,am frustrated with it.Sick of seeing tired pics of stuff i really am not interested in,like my friends burnt oven(once was enough)like so and so’s cousins aunt whos father is living in texas,like anothers problems in farmville who needs fertilizer or her crops will die or the other friend who is concocting punch at uni and so on!BORING!Like I am sure my friends dont want to open theirs to see my ugly face weeks on end cause i changed my profile pic!CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!I too only have a selected amount of friends!BAAAAHHHHHH!

  59. Judi says:

    I agree, this is lame… My husband has less friends and his has not changed… I like to be able to see who posted last and thn on down in time and choose which photos to look at.. Facebook listen to your users and give USERS the option to go either way…

  60. Lori says:

    I really do not appreciate being the Guinea Pig, especially with out warning. I do not like not having Most Recent available, since that is my primary mode of viewing. As for my number of friends, that is none of FB business. CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!

  61. dazza says:

    wat do yous call a small amount of friends. i have 211 friends. if i accepted everyone of them i would have had at least 400. would yous have taken my homepage,news feed & older posts off me then. fix it now please. the way it was before. im an everyday user to view family photos & catch up with old friends.

  62. H. T. says:

    My husband and I have spent days looking for a way to change my news feed back to normal. We wasted hours and while I was pretty sure that FB had something to do with this I still thought they would have a way to change it back. I have already “hide” family members and groups I like because I was annoyed at the pictures or new feeds in the three boxes. It would be fine if I could pick what was in those boxes. I really don’t want to see my brother-in-law ex-girlfriend who I hate on the top of my page everyday. Most of the three boxes are the same because other people liked them. It’s quite frustrating. I will delete my account if they don’t change it soon. I am also very angry that they didn’t let us know bout this.

  63. Catherine says:

    Isn’t this discriminatory, since we’re being singled out based on our unwillingness to be random with our connections? I don’t want to be a friendwhore and expose myself to a nasty app virus – can Facebook withhold certain member privileges to coerce us let them pimp us out?? Is that legal?

  64. Bonnie says:

    I don’t have my TOP NEWS/ MOST CURRENT or any fancy new photos. I hate what FB is doing. Is this some exec’s way of justifying their job? Good way to lose subcribers. Anyone ever hear of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  65. sarah says:

    Help files say the only way to unhide an application is to go to “TOP NEWS” then edit options at the bottom. I have this new feature and I cannot go to “top news” and the edit list at the bottom does not include applications. Does anyone know a way around this? Facebook help says to unblock an application one must go to “top news” first and I don’t have top news.

  66. Mike says:

    I think it is totally BS. I don’t like the way it looks and could care less on what photos my friends post. If they have a really intersting photo they want me to see, they message me about it. I want it back the way it was, when you could acutally NAVIGATE from your home page. My girlfriend has LESS friends than me and doesn’t have the problem with a F*ed up home page like I do.

  67. Kerry says:

    I am yet another unsatisfied user submitted to this “test”. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Not only was i un-notified and unwilling, but I’m tired of seeing the same 3 pics all the time, and all my bookmarks are gone. Thanks for messing up my page once again facebook.

  68. Margaret L Terry says:

    I dislike this new format – I would like to have the option of getting the old format back. This stinks

  69. Lora says:

    I hate it. I think what happened was that I clicked on:

    Get a Facebook Sneak Peek
    Apply to be a beta tester and get the first look at upcoming Facebook products.

    Now when you click on that link that’s to the right on your stupid facebook page, it goes to where it talks about doing damn essays for facebook being a tester and shit. I didn’t fill it in, but because none of my friends NONE OF THEM have this shit with the photos up on top, it still signed my damn profile up. I’m pissed. Don’t click on that at all. I think Facebook forces you to be a tester even if you don’t fill it out.

    I asked all my friends there, do you see what I’m seeing? I had to make a screen capture because NO ONE knew what I was talking about. It’s stupid. I only clicked the stupid link, I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR BETA TESTING.

    Did anyone else click on that “apply to be a beta tester” link? IDK maybe that’s what got us all f*ed over.

    NOT happy, Facebook, geez. This company fails.

  70. cannie huee fong ngan says:

    please give me back / set back the old format of news feed ….

  71. patricia burkert says:

    I have lost the 3 pics but still not gone back to old profile what happens next?

  72. Karen Pengelski says:

    Change my page back to the way it was. Do not like the pictures at the top at all.

  73. Chris Creager says:

    I hate the new format. I don’t want the three pictures and want top news/most recent back. At least they can put an opt out so we could go back to other format. I wish they would leave well enough alone and let us have the home page we want.

  74. Chantal says:

    Well, at least there’s one relief – I couldn’t find ANYTHING about this new News Feed look, so I’m pleased to read the explanation and to see I’m not the only one completely frustrated. How can Fb decide on something like this and not let people know? Also, there’s a very extensive Fb test panel, why have people test it that do not want to? Like so many others have said, I keep my friends on Fb to a minimum deliberately, because I use Fb rather seriously, sharing things only with ‘real’ friends. This means the three pictures stay the same for ages, and my News Feed looks completely out of proportion and really crowded. We live in the free world Fb, how can you force something down our throats without the option to change it back?

  75. cheryl peoples says:

    I dont like the new format. I am new to facebook therefore I am building my friends list. I would like to see recent news from the friends I already have as they are constantly posting new comments and pictures.

  76. Jim says:

    I agree, I don’t like…..is this enough feedback for you or are you going to drag your feet like many of our politicians do and ask us to write our local Represenatives? :(

  77. Bev says:

    Please return my Facebook page back to the original one. I hate this new format.

  78. gisele says:

    Please return my most recent and top news back. Dont like this new format at all.

  79. Mark says:

    Don’t like it,can it be changed back?

  80. Linda Brown says:

    Very wrong! I thought fb was for the subscribers,not the corp.,silly me! I don’t know about every one else but I’m done! I can make up my own mind,thank you.I was doing fine without fb and I’ll continue without it.You don’t seem to care about the subscribers any more,just forget about our thoughts (you make them for us anyway)go on about your business and pretty soon you wont have a business anymore. Goodbye!

  81. rd says:

    the most irritating madafaking thing is having to see some f%&k face posted by one of the friends…. hey i don’t wanna see that fuck thing over and over……

    facebook…. take that fucking this away

  82. mark says:

    I’m tired of Facebook ignoring this issue. It’s blatantly discriminatory, so I just filed a complaint with the FTC.


  83. Connie says:

    Please change back to the old format. Do not like the way it is now and cannot understand why my daughter gets the most recent option and I do not. Do not think that it is right to take that away from people who do not have as many friends as other people. It’s just not fair.

  84. Bob Smith says:

    I hate the format who wants to see the same stupid pictures on the top of thier news feed. where did they get thier research from, robots.i spend days opening FB to see the same offensive pics without the choice to turn them off. I guess it’s the choice of turnning off FB. they assume that all pics are wanted to be seen by the home user, how stupid. they dont’ even ask what we think.

  85. Martha C says:

    Put it back the way it was!

  86. Trish says:

    I hate this new thing!! I only have 44 frineds because I dont’ want every Tom , Dick and Harry on it..I have the right to limit who I befriend on FB…and I don’t think I should be penalized for it…Also the 3 pix on top ARE annoying …I posted a pix of a huge sandwich my son was eating, you could have put 5 buns on top of it is how big it was…I figured I’d share and people would look at it and move on to the next whatever..now I see that stupid sandwich EVERYDAY!! Put my FB page back the way it sued to be!!!!!

  87. Barbara says:

    I am hiding or deleting friends one by one as I have no interest in seeing pics of their surgeries, their vacations, or people I don’t even know their names for several days in a row in large size at the top of my news feed. And I refuse to cave and just add tons of friends because hey FB pressures me to. Not part of the herd mentality. BUH BYE FB!

  88. Barbara says:

    Ok just checked again, now I am seeing pictures from people whose news feed I have hidden. . .I am thinking they want to me to leave, I can take a hint. Going to remove all my pictures and stuff and delete account.

  89. Linda says:

    I hate that I wasted time trying to figure out why my layout sucked-I agree that putting the pictures on top is one of the biggest lame-ass thing I have seen them do yet. I am sooooooo close to deleting the whole stupid thing. At least give us a way to move it, opt out of it, or even change the dam pictures manually. They are super bastards for not even letting us know we were “test” subjects.

  90. Bronwyn says:

    Any news anyone??I am getting EXTREMELY over Facebook like this!

  91. Heidi says:

    It has taken me a long time and now know that this new format is not something I messed up in my account profile. I don’t like the new format. I don’t like that it was changed without a notice from Facebook with an option to ‘opt out’. I don’t like that photos that friends have posted now show up at the top. They are photos I posted and I don’t necessarily like the photos my friends have posted, so why do I have to look at them?.. and I can’t get rid of them. Like the others, I want Facebook to know I want my old page back.

  92. Morgan says:

    I have pretty much stopped using facebook now. I have a lovely *note the sarcasm* photo up there of my friends surgery on her nose. You can see right up her bloodied nostrels. WHY do I want to see that every time I go on facebok? It’s gross.

  93. Greg says:

    I want my old format back. By not having top news and most recent makes playing games difficult at best. I wasted hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my settings. I have become so frustrated that I was ready to stop using facebook and now I find that you changed my settings without telling me. Thanks alot for nothing……

  94. Wayne Hewitt says:

    Can you spell ‘monopoly’? F A C E B O O K

    I also find it annoying that I can not decide what I find interesting. I think the most disconcerting issue though is that these changes continuously occur without notice and, as others have noted, I assume that I have done something and waste time trying to undo it. I don’t think there is any point in worrying about all those rumors concerning FB become a service for fee operation – their business practices would quickly settle the issue. On the other hand, bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

  95. Hank says:

    Stop trying to do what our our government is trying to do, you offered a product, I CHOSE to become a part of it but if I have to keep wondering who has control of MY content, just remember, I did just fine without Facebook before I joined and will be just fine again. Change it back please and before you decide to just make a change to something people like and use, think AMERICA, you know, freedom, liberty, personal choices.

  96. carolyn atkins says:

    Please change it back, I liked the old format without the pictures along the top and recent news and top news are very important to me. I’ve only been on FB for a few months and as I’m learning the computer and FB I do not have a lot of friends yet.

  97. Bronwyn says:

    Seems like posting here is going unoticed.So many disgruntled users and no feedback,no answers or solutions.does anyone reading this post have any further suggestions before I pull the plug?????????I am so over FACEBOOK now,it used to be a bit of fun,now I cant be bothered even looking,todays pics are of idiots i dont even know.For gods sake,ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. the dude says:

    The A-holes have forced this junk on me and I hate it!

  99. Bronwyn says:

    Not only now do I have 3 pics of no significance to me,,,i now can only see posts that are 23 hours old,this totally sucks facebook.i am so over it.

  100. Greg Gill says:

    So, they didn’t tell us about it first.
    How can we opt out??

  101. Sue says:

    I HATE, HATE, HATE the new format that Facebook decided “I should use”!!! The three pictures at the top drive me crazy, I now have totally disorganized news feed (which I can’t change) The order to the postings make no sense. The top posting might be 2 days old while others toward the bottom are a few hours old and somewhere in the middle are the latest postings.
    If this isn’t changed soon…I am DONE with Facebook!!!

  102. Elaine says:

    Please put facebook back to its original settings. I liked it, that is why I chose facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. I want to see my family and friends recent posts not ones that were posted 13 hours previous. Please fix this, you will be losing alot of users. Thanks

  103. Norah says:

    So are we supposed to put a bunch of “friends” on our list just so we are not used as ginuea pigs? I prefer to have my page the way I like it not the way fb thinks it should be. Do we need to start a petition to get it back. I have spent alot of wasted time trying to figure out what is wrong and fb doesnt have the guts to ask if we would like it changed. They assume we are unpopular so they can pick on us. Did they ever think maybe we don’t need all of the extra unknown “friends” on our page. I prefer to actually chat with people I know not just have them on my friends list so it benefits my farmvill.

  104. Kristie Hetzel says:

    I want my recent activity or top news choic back!!!!!!! I cannot play farmville without seeing recent activity the way I used to….Please put it back the way it was!!!! Thanks

  105. Connie Neuberger says:

    I hate it!!!!!!!!!! If you want to leave the three pictures at the top I don’t really care but at lease let me sort my feed in chronilogical order!!! And who is facebook to decide how many friends is ‘few’. I thought this was a site for everyone!! Put it back the way it was! Facebook – please read all the comments on this site – WE HATE IT! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET RID OF USERS CAUSE YOUR SUCEEDING!!!

  106. Caryl says:

    I thought I had done something wrong and now I find out that FB is the culprit. This is really getting to be a pain in my ass. I hate this new format. I hate the 3 pictures that are just so f**king huge. I hate not being able to keep up the the few friends that I have on my friend list. I wanted my list to be small not like some who have 1000′s. I’m not a rock star or movie star that needs that much attention, I am happy with my small group and want it back.

  107. Caryl says:

    Most of us are adults and can make our own choices so put back recent activity like it was or you may find lots of people deciding to leave fb and choose another site.

  108. Mary says:

    I really don’t like this new feed. I prefer seeing most recent posts first since they are clearly updated. And who makes the determination what I, (or anyone else!) finds most interesting!!

  109. Wendy Kaiser says:

    I do not appreciate being a “test dummy” for fb. I want my most recent back so I can actually keep up with the friends I have. Please return to the old format.

  110. Xander says:

    Please change it back. This format makes it impossible to play the games(farmville and treasure Isle) with my grandparents whose posts are not deemed interesting by FB. This used to be a quick and easy way to check on them without seeming to be checking up on them. I need a most recent option.

  111. Fred George says:

    i want it back the way it was this stinks very much with the 3 pic. at top and no recent posts get it right FB

  112. Lucy says:

    I want my top news and most recent news back!!!! If you are going to change something I think you should ask if I want to change or not before changing. Please put it back the way it was!!!!! Thanks

  113. Tony says:

    Dont tike it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Faith Johnson says:

    I hate this messed up format…it was good the old way. why fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place? it makes no sense whatsoever:/ i can’t even play my games because i can’t get recent feeds…this is crazy.

  115. GinaB says:

    This is very frustrating for several of my friends that play games. They have to type in each neighbors name and then go to their profile page to access bonus’ or facilities. Any changes should be optional and be able to opt out if it’s not working for you, or at least be informed and given a feedback link to post how it’s working. Their home pages are always 12-15 hours behind and not up to date.

  116. Sand says:

    Add me to the list, the wall pictures at the top are a waste of space and the “omnipotent” fools at facebook are seemingly unable to even put the postings in any sort of order. Give me back my most recent. Since they are so anxious for us to play their games it seems self defeating to make it impossible to see the postings for shared energy, keys etc.

  117. Dawn says:

    I hate this new format. My home page news feed is showing old post from days ago and it is not even showing “my” latest wall post at all. My “most recent” & “top news” tabs are gone so I have no way of organizing the post. Please change the format back!!!

  118. Mark says:

    This new format SUCKS!!!! Because of this, my Home Page is completely blank and I cannot send nor can I receive messages/notifications. All I have left is my Profile. PLEASE go back to the old format. One word of advise for the future….IF IT IS NOT BROKEN….THEN DON’T FIX IT!!!!!!

  119. Mary says:

    I agree with everyone. I want to see the “latest” and never mind what FB thinks I should see first. Bring it back to where we can choose how we want to see our home page. Please bring back the old format. I’m tempted to cancel my account….

  120. Sue Sheppard says:

    I HATE THIS!!!! I can not find any new post from my friends and I have stopped using facebook to up to date with things. I only used to keep in touch with my family who don’t live close by. The pictures at the top of the page are just annoying. I want my most recent button back. Please.

  121. Tom says:

    this is seriously dumb, i saw a top rated and most recent link even with thos eboxes for a second, then i refreshed and they were gone. i see nothing but old posts now. i hate this.

  122. Michele says:

    Yes, it’s awful. Posts are in no order whatsoever, some people’s aren’t even showing up (pages I like etc.). Facebook is pointless if it’s just random posting.

  123. Jacques Lopp says:

    I hate this . I want most recent back. With it this way i have to spend too much time looking for the last posting. It will have 8 hrs ago then 12 hrs ago will be ahead of it and then 3 min ago will be at the bottom of the page. Makes no since at all. Please change it back.

  124. Hazel Moon says:

    I do NOT like the photos at the top. They are annoying and I agree with everyone who has taken the time to protest this new format. Please tell me how to remove the photos off my home page. I can no longer find the most recent posts by my friends. I want them on my home page, and not somewhere else. I believe the photos are the reason and they take up too much space. Please FIX THIS by changing it back.

  125. Hazel Moon says:

    On twitter you can see immediate postings, but hot here on Facebook. Why are they so long ago on my home page. Please remove the 3 photos at the top. I think they are the reason.

  126. Hazel Moon says:

    I do NOT like the photos at the top. They are annoying and I agree with everyone who has taken the time to protest this new format. Please tell me how to remove the photos off my home page. I can no longer find the most recent posts by my friends. Please FIX THIS by changing it back.

  127. Jamie Renae says:

    Please change back to the way it was. I can’t find my recent stories!! This stinks!

  128. Brenda says:

    put back my page I hate everytime I open my page and see 3 big pictures.

  129. Joanne Frank says:

    I HATE THIS. I don’t need to use Facebook if I cab’t see my most recent news. I miss current offers, messages from friends – it’s meaningless. Please bring back most recent. It may seem unimportant to you but to us it’s very important.

  130. Gerald David says:

    What happened to my Most Recent news??????

    Please fix it. These scattered comments are a waste to try to read or follow up on.

  131. Johnny Rasputin says:

    I don’t have any annoying photos on top of the page but I still don’t have “top news” and “most recent” options – so instead of being able to choose “most recent” and see what my “too few friends” last posted, I see posts from days ago that the Facenazis have designated “top news”.

  132. StephenDianne says:

    Facebook News Feed Design Test Places Large Popular Photos on Top
    I am having this problem also and sometimes the page opens half way down my screen.
    Can someone at Facebook please correct this asap as I am getting fed up with his view and if it is not correct very very soon I am going to opt out of Facebook and use another site.

  133. Ed Kovar says:

    This change royally SUCKS!!!!! It has ruined the fun of having Facebook!!! No one else I know has the problem of not being able to click on the most recent news feed. Without that capability it is no fun at all. Those three big squares of crap are just that CRAP I want to choose what I will go to, why do I have to wait 20 hours to see what my friends may have recently done? THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. chris bottomley says:

    Put the page back as it was i choose how many friends i have and dont need to be told i have not enough to be able to see what everyone else as sees i dont like it and many others will feel the same you are taking our rights away to be able to choose

  135. Beverly Lemons says:

    Please change it back to what it was. Nothing is is order it shows an 11 hour post then a post from thursday then maybe a 8 hour post. This is an offle experience. When Can I expect to have my FB back to the way it was…..With Top Stories and Most Resent. The Photo’s at the top are just annoying, if I want to look at someone’s photo’s I will look at them when I am ready. So again when can I expect for my FB to be back to what it was before your started messing with it?

  136. Rose Lopez says:


  137. Paula Walker says:

    I HATE HATE HATE the new format. I HATE photos at the top of my page… they aren’t even my photos…they are my friends. Plus my posting don’t appear on the wall for quite a long time because we dont have the Recent button…… GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY….

  138. B. Jay Bowman says:

    I for one will definitely close my account with face book and go back to comunicating with friends via email if this doesn;t cahange soon.

  139. cheryl noel says:

    I was just fine with my homepage the way it was before I lost my “top news most recent button” Please put it back! I don’t want news or posts that ae 13 hours old!!

  140. Deborah Wall says:

    This has been driving me nuts! I have been looking at the same photo all week!Facebook seems to love having the power and keeps finding ways to leave us no choice.I want it back the way it was.I want to see the most recent news, not have to hunt for it.

  141. Arianne says:


  142. N.A.T. says:

    I guess comunicating with friends via email is best-by-far (if this doesn’t change back SOON!

    HATE THIS. FACEBOOK IS COMPLETELY USELESS NOW. Apparently Facebook doesn’t need me, so I guess I don’t need it either. They act like “dum-dums.”

  143. gloria frizzell says:

    I want my most recent button back

  144. Sandra Jordan says:

    If this isn’t fixed, I will quit using facebook!

  145. Jan Butler says:

    i dont like the fact that my news feed is all messed up on the time lines
    it is really frustrating and i dont see why it should be changed just because i dont have loads of friends on here, please put it back to how it was

  146. Sue says:

    I can not even begin to tell you how much I HATE this new FB page!!! What the hell are the FB developers thinking???? How is it their business how many friends I have that they hijack my homepage and decide which photos are more important or more interesting to me???? GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS FB!!!!

  147. Don says:

    This makes my newsfeed absolutely useless. I do not like this feature. It’s too bad no one at facebook cares!

  148. Melissa says:

    I dont have the big pictures at the top but not having most recent sure is annoying thought I had accidently changed a setting tried to figure it out for two days not happy with this at all to find out that you have to have 50 friends or more to have recent news this is just about the most idiotic idea ever by facebook! please give it back! games just arent much fun when have to go to each wall indiviually to get gifts and by the time you find them they are expired!

  149. Kathy says:

    I have 47 friends and the same problem. Maybe we should write to the businesses who use FB….especially the TV stations. Maybe they will be able to get answers for us.

  150. fred matrulla says:

    what has happened to my home page I dont have the news feed or recent news they are just gone when are you going to restore this back to the way it was everything I post goes directly to my profile page and not seen on my home page

  151. Barbara says:

    I hate this new facebook. I want my facebook back. This is Bullsh.t. I hate having three big photos on top of my facebook page.

  152. joyce says:

    this really sucks!
    please change it back, i have to scroll down through everything to see if the recent stuff! it’s stupid

  153. Kalee says:

    I am a new user but have another family member using FB. I HATE the news feed set up with the 3 boxes and mixed up postings. I am also not receiving the posts of all of my friends, although I don’t have many.

  154. Tammy Mims says:

    I Want my live feed back…. I like to see what is most current without having to read all pages where the info is mixed together!!!!

  155. David says:

    I think that if FaceBook is not listening to us by returning our “recent news” then we should contact the advertisers and tell them that we are planing to boycot them as a result of FaceBooks inaction. This has been going on for too long with too many of us.

  156. rd says:

    let’s create a facebook group…. denouncing this motherfucking feature of facebook!

  157. SM says:

    I hate it.

  158. liz says:

    Driving me nuts as well………..Please facebook, give me the old page back

  159. Sean Hartwick says:

    I am missing my most recent and top news. Please restore them.

  160. JOYCE KIDCAFF says:


  161. Eric Smith says:

    What happened to the MOST RECENT PAGE!!!
    need an answer or it isn’t any use to me anymore

  162. Debbie Cruce says:

    I don’t like this change. I have to keep scrolling to see what was newly posted. It is useless now.

  163. Pam says:

    I hate this new format…you should ask us if we want it before imposing it upon us. If this continues I will close my FB account. This is entertainment for me and if I’m more frustrated than entertained, I’ll be gone. Learn from Yahoo. They have a new and an old version and the option to remain with the version we like

  164. Sara Hines says:

    I really don’t like this format. I agree with everyone. I want to see the “latest” and I don’t give a crap what FB thinks I should see first. Bring it back to where we can choose how we want to see our home page. Please bring back the old format. I’m tempted to cancel my account…

  165. sioux z q says:

    This has been driving me up the wall for weeks. I want my Most Recent option and remove these photos!

  166. Terry says:


  167. Amanda says:

    I hate this format that is being tested. Please change it back!!!!! PLEASE

  168. Nina Olsen says:

    As with all the other posts here, I HATE THIS FORMAT!!!!! What right do they have to change this without asking? I should have the option to opt in or opt out. The same stupid pictures have been there for days and I can’t get the posts to assist my friends in their games. HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT!! Bring back my previous format.

  169. Megan says:

    PLEASE put new feed back the way it was… no good to me if the arrival of times are WAY out…. Will give up completely if there is no change.

  170. Megan says:

    Looking at the time on my abov e message THAT is wrong for a start its ism 7.20pm GREAT

  171. prue says:

    how can u play games when you can’t get recent posts they are so way out and hard to find pls reutne it back to the way it was before

  172. byron says:


  173. Twyla McGinnis says:

    I hate this change. I have to wade through too many posts to find the recent ones that I have not read. It is NOT FAIR. Put it back the way it was.

  174. ross foco says:

    cant stand this new layout please give me the one everyone else has.

  175. M Woodward says:

    How do we complain to Facebook? Are they watching this thread? If so…


    Sorry all other readers, but they have me mad enough that I would drive a hundred miles, maybe more, to kick the @ss of the jerk who did this to me. To arbitrarily select who can use the most Recent button and who can’t is plain WRONG and what they seem to think is most important to me is ABSOLUTLY WRONG!!! If they must do this to me then they need to leave the format in the MOST RECENT MODE ALWAYS!!!

    Leaving Facebook forever in seven days.

  176. mike says:

    Facebook, when you are going to change somthing please ask, or at least have the decency to tell us. Millions of people have spent days trying to work out what has happend. and are really pissed off. Do you think that this is good business sense?

  177. mike says:

    And does the moron that thought that this was a good idea still have a job?

  178. Christine says:

    It is infuriating to know that me and some of my friends have been wasting endless amounts of time trying to figure out what we did wrong and how do we fix it since there is NO WAY to contact the FB team directly to get help.

    PUT IT BACK and MAKE THIS HIDEOUS CHANGE OPTIONAL!!! I should not have to be forced to look a crap that is meaningless to me and then have to search through all of the postings to figure out what is recent vs. what is three days ago!
    Enough is engough FB. I have lived w/o this before and can definitley do it again.

    Advertisers think carefully before using this tool as you may just see a mass exodus of people who are tired of being “tested” by FB!!

  179. KL says:

    My daughter has facebook and less friends than me and her page hasn’t changed? I would like the option to keep the old home page. There is now way to know if you are getting the most current information.

  180. Amy says:

    I have spent hours trying to figure out how to “fix” my home page. Yup, to eveyones comments. Can’t figure out what’s new and what is days old. Want it back the ols way! Will open up a new account.

  181. Ron Johnson says:

    Facebook! You are ruining this application for many people.Those of us who play games(millions and millions) can not receive the up to date information we need to play the games.I have spent months working on these games.You have ruined everything.I don’t even have edit options any more!Is anyone at Facebook even reading these comments???

  182. Fred Stubbe says:

    I agree with all above! Not only do I not have the “most recent” button, all my postings are out of order, NEW postings are showing 9 ad 10 hrs. old! My postings are only going to my profile wall and not the common wall I share with my (apparently not enough) friends. C’mon F/B quit jackin’ around and just leave well enough alone!!

  183. Ron Johnson says:

    Someone from Zynga needs to have some discussion with Facebook.It seems no one is listing.

  184. Ahmed R Malik says:

    Facebook please restore the previous settings. this is not a good change.

  185. Carol Peterson says:

    I don’t like it! I agree with everyone above. Especially regarding the game postings. Everything is out of order. I don’t care about old postings that I’ve already read. I want the settings back the way they were. Or at least make it optional.

  186. linda says:

    …so this is the answer as to where my TOP NEWS and MOST RECENT have disappeared. Does FACEBOOK really think that I’ll add about 20 more friends just so they’ll return those features? I’ll quit the network if it comes to that…Also, I don’t like or appreciate the large pictures at the top of my Home Page….really disappointed….

  187. bethsawatsky says:

    Just re-joined Facebook after a long absence. This stupid format of pictures and no top/recent news feed is ridiculous. May well lead me to abandoning Facebook again in the very near future.

  188. lindsay says:

    The only reason that i joined facebook was to keep in touch with my friends and family that live halfway around the country and now I do not even get to see their feed this is absurd

  189. Rachel says:

    I’m fed up with seeing stuff in the morning that my friends have posted 3 days earlier. I want to sort my posts according to chronological order not what fb decides I might want to read.

    I’m fed up with the bloody photos at the top too.

    Sure, make changes, but stop taking away our right to read what we want to read rather than what you decide we want to read. I’m missing important posts and I’m fed up with it

  190. Liz Schneyr says:

    I’m disgusted with the new format. Everytime I hit home I get a different feed. I don’t know what I actually get to see from my friends anymore. Not worth looking at news feed on my own home page. Hate the photos at the top. Put my options back and let me decide what I want to see. I will be sure to let your advertisers know how disgusted I am too.

  191. Brenna Lindahl says:

    Dear Facebook,
    I hope you are reading all of thesse peoples comment because, frankly, I’m pissed with it too!! I want to be able to control what’s on MY news feed!! GIVE ME BACK CONTROL!! I’m very capable of making my own decisions, thank you very much!!!! I want to be able to decide what I want to see on it too!! I’m very capable of going to my friends albums if I want to, and deciding what I think is interesting!!!!!! CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!

  192. Celina says:

    I totally agree….this sucks a@#!! How can I keep up with what my friends/family are doing lately if I don’t have the option to choose RECENT. I don’t want to keep looking at the same crap all the time. How boring and useless. If this keeps up I am going to quit using FB. All this does is piss me off every time I sign on now. I am not a child and I don’t need FB telling me what to look at and read. STUPID!! Fix it or I am deleting my account!

  193. Kalee says:

    Okay, I agree this new set up is MOST ANNOYING! I think the feedback above shows FB this was not a good idea, so PLEASE give me my recent news stories back the way they were. It keeps me from getting reports of things I need to see as they happen….I don’t want to search for new news.
    Do you realize how annoying it is when you have a friend who is suffering with brain cancer and who has limited time (I mean weeks-days)and I can’t see if there are updates on her from her family or friends unless I go searching all over the place? PLEEEEEASE give me my recent news…..thanks!

  194. Linda says:

    I also spent days and days trying to figure out how to fix this…I HATE IT…ready to just delete the whole thing and be done with it..

  195. Andrew says:

    Recent news is useful. Crawling through stale meaningless updates is a pain in the a*se. Also, who decided to start adding all the fluff to the news feeds? All of a sudden I’m getting “xxx posted on yyy’s comment”. I don’t give a rat’s bottom.
    FB was a great way of keeping in touch with family. Now, not so much. Please FB give the users the power to properly filter our own news feeds.

  196. Darla says:

    Do NOT like this feature at all! I am relatively new to facebook and use it to keep up with friends & family who live far away. I don’t want every Tom, Dick, or Harry to be my friend and will probably never have 50.

    Please put back the original features!

  197. Michael Tiggler says:

    I want my Most Recent back. I don’t get updates properly. I have no bookmarks on the homepage.
    Please return to the old FB home page.

  198. rachel says:

    Who’s the blooming-GENIUS-that made this change.At the very least,you could have let us know.Put it back the way it was.

  199. Kimmy says:

    I too want my “top news” and “most recent” back!!!! PLEASE DO IT SOON!!!! I’m not getting all my postings!!!! Hate this!!!!

  200. Shelli says:

    Whoever is in charge PLEASE PUT IT BACK!!!! What did any of us with less than 50 friends do to you. It’s not fair. We should have a say in this matter. I really have been thinking about quitting all together.I was really enjoying facebook until this happened now I hardly ever come here.Even my times when things are posted are all out of order.Very frustrating!!!!!!!!! Also when I share something it will not post on the main wall for others to see.It goes on my profile wall.How is anybody out there even know I’m if if they can’t see my stuff I put out there.This whole thing is wrong!!!!!

  201. Catherine says:

    This is TOO funny – here’s a link to a story that claims this design change is to make the News Feed feel MORE intimate, by allowing people with hundreds of ‘friends’ to keep their feed uncluttered by their extra ‘tail friends’! Hello??? FB, you’re testing it on the very people who already do that by keeping their list small. People already have a feature that makes friends they don’t want on their feed invisible at any time – it’s called ‘HIDE’, FB, in case you don’t know. Or they could, I don’t know, not friend people they don’t want to talk to?

    And since when are pages topped with what look like 3 banner ads intimate or friendly or classy? Smooth way to compete with the small Quora – I’ll have to check it out – hope you get a commission for drumming up business for them :o)


  202. Andrew says:

    I’ve been doing some experimentation between my and my wife’s accounts. Mine is still normal, her account has the ‘new’ test layout. I’ve found by using the url: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf it will revert to the latest news without the pictures. You still don’t get the choice between news types but its better than the test layout.

    Log in as normal then use the url above. It seems to keep the setting for a while even after logging out then back in.

  203. Barbara says:

    I am going to start using Google WAVE. You have competition FB!

  204. rosy little says:

    I have just spent 2days trying to figure out what i,ve done wrong. Now i find a lot of people have been having the same problems. Give me the options of having pics up or changing my format, And choosing who i wish to be friends with and how many i have . This is ridiculous. I,m looking into that google Wave .

  205. Don says:

    I’m seriously considering quitting FB. It isn’t worth the hassle. They obviously mess with it too much. They need to find something to do. Recent news made it much easier, and they don’t want anything to be easy. They think they have the final say about FB, I do, I have a delete button.

  206. Debbie says:


  207. Lisa says:

    I am not usually opposed to change but I REALLY dislike this new format and losing the ‘most recent’. I am missing out on postings that I want to see – please can I have the old format back soon!!

  208. Olga says:

    I just found out that FB has decided to discriminate against me because I have less than 50 friends. I have been struggling with this freaked out test page for days that won’t give me posts in chronological order. I know socialism is being implemented by the new administration but I won’t let FB tell me how many friends I have to have in order to have the good layout others are enjoying. I will return to email and posting my pictures in Kodak and sharing with my friends. Any decent, well run organization asks for volunteer test subjects. I guess FB isn’t one of them. In case my feedback on your new test page is not clear, IT REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME.

  209. patrea says:

    I don’t like it. My friends post videos and pics THEY want to see but I don’t necessarily want to see them repeatedly. I want to read the posts in order and have the option to view their pictures. I want to see the most recent things posted. Get RID of the change.

  210. Nance says:

    I hate it! Pisses me off that I have to scroll down to find anything new. Please put it back to the way it was with the most recent option button!

  211. Sharon Evers says:

    I am hoping that the more of us that complain about how unhappy we are about this change to our accounts will force facebook to reconsider their decision. We are not happy!! We cannot get recent posts..I play Farmville…I can’t compete as my posts are 20 hrs. old…how can I get the latest items my neighbors are giving away, etc. My husband and daughter (who also have less than 50 friends but so far their accounts have not been changed) send me a post that I never reply to because it is not on my home page right away. I/We don’t like this and I don’t appreciate being discriminated against and also used as a guinea pig. Are you trying to tell me that I am not a popular person because I have less than 50 friends? Well, thank you very much for the insult! Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Mike says:

    Every single post on here including mine HATES this new crap change, my guess is they simply don’t care and want everyone to enjoy their SH!+ sandwich. I know we’re not the only ones complaining about it. Are they brain dead?

  213. Mike says:

    I’ve done some searching and found these email addresses, privacy@facebook.com, login@facebook.com, info@facebook.com, disabled@facebook.com, info+nvcevmr@facebook.com, abuse+dwybo1b@facebook.com, appeals@facebook.com.

    I’ve emailed every one of them

  214. Susa Mohica says:

    To be blunt – if my page isn’t returned to the way it was, i’ll cancel my account – nobody has the right to change my page without my consent for one thing. I only keep a few friends because that’s the way i WANT it, and having to search all over the place for the information i want or need is not the way i choose to relax.

  215. John says:

    I HATE IT!!!!!!!

    FB didn’t ask me if I wanted it, FB didn’t tell me they were going to do it AND FB doesn’t give me a way to change it back! IT SUCKS!! IT IS DISTRACTING and FRUSTRATING!!

    Oh yeah, did I mention that I HATE IT?!!

    Get these album pictures OFF OF MY NEWS FEED, please.

    Thank you.

  216. Veronica says:

    I HATE this layout. I want my “most recent” option back. I hate the photos up top. I hate the not being able to see my news feed in order. I did not ask for this layout and i want the old one back.

  217. Davis says:

    I do not like the new lay out. I want my most recent back at the least. Why not just give us the ability to lay out our own page like yohoo does for a home page, can move stuff around as WE see fit. I have to deal with of doing stuff at work that is what somebody else says, “because that is the we want it.” I want the this the way i want it, or i will stop using it and go back to Myspace.

  218. Edward says:

    Like so many others, I have chosen to keep my FB circle small; but I guess that’s just not good for the FB Bottom line. Like so many other things in this country we don’t get to choose what we want only what OTHERS choose for us.

    Maybe this is a way for FB to clear out “non-productive” profiles (with small opportunities for marketing).

    Change it back soon, or you’ll have another deleted profile.

    Let’s see what happens.

    And did you all know that Facebook is one of most hated organizations in the country, according to CNNMoney.com? Take a look: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2010/news/1006/gallery.ten_hated_companies/6.html

    I wonder why? lol.

  219. Linda says:

    PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS!!!! This new layout SUCKS!!!!! I don’t want so the same pictures for several days and I want to have the news feed in order, not random out of sequence order. And I don’t want to get the same 10 news feeds EVERY DAY. Don’t you guys have enough to do to keep the site secure without screwing with the layout every couple of months???? Is this your way of reducing the number of people on facebook?? If you all keep it up, everyone will be leaving it like they did MySpace…me included!!

  220. Mary says:

    This format sucks. Makes me not want to get on facebook any longer.

  221. jesaus_1999@yahoo.com says:

    WHO’S BRILLIANT IDEA WAS THIS??? We have 10% unemployment and some ‘tard is getting paid big money to decide what people want to see at the top of their page, and THIS is what they come up with? This makes me want to use FB even less than I do, considering now I don’t even know if anybody has made a recent post, and I have to scroll through two pages of stuff I read yesterday to find out what anybody wrote today. This makes me miss MySpace….at least they didn’t do anything this stupid.

  222. r.myers says:

    I can’t say enough how much I Hate the new format with the pictures at the top. Can’t believe someone was paid money to come up with that imbecilic idea

  223. ede says:

    Get rid of running our lives. Let us choose our own layout and photos.

  224. Puynun says:

    I agree with many comment ,the new design isn’t work and I don’t like very very very much

    Please put most recently Back I can’t see any update from my friends!!

  225. lara says:

    Yeah im so not happy with what fb have done with MY home page, some of the pictures they post in those stupid boxes are of people im not that interested in seeing too much off!!!

  226. brian weir says:

    put it back the way it was please. very annoying and not useful.

  227. Coleen Root says:

    I HATE this new layout & it seems everybody else does also! It would have been nice to know that some of us were going to be guinie pigs, but instead we had to figure out what was going on ourselves. I’m most angered by the fact that we can’t get ‘Most Recent’ stuff. It makes me NOT want to use Facebook anymore!!! It has been this way for 2 weeks now & I can’t deal with it much longer & my other friends that have the same issue are about to stop using Facebook as well.

  228. shawn says:

    This sucks things in the hew feed are so mixed up some at top are 3 days old below that is newer. UGGGGG why does fb need to keep changing things like this. I want my most recent back.

  229. will says:

    whats with changing my shit? put in back to normal.
    shits driving me crazy

  230. Jeanine says:

    I totally agree with everyone else who has posted a comment. I can get by with the 3 stupid pictures – but I’m tired of seeing posts from friends that are 12-24 hours old. I am retired, I’m on FB at least twice a day, and love keeping up with friends and family that post on FB. Plus I play 4 games and can’t even see posts from anyone I play with. I have contacted the games developers to complain. I have to go on friends profile pages and that’s a pain plus I feel I’m invading their “privacy”. FB needs to get their act together and at least listen to the millions who don’t have hundreds of friends and have to live with this every day. My belief is that FB wants to charge a fee to use their services and if people want to be on, they will give in and pay the fee. I guess we’ll have to wait and see who stays and who goes!!

  231. Vicky says:

    This is horrible, I have been trying to figure this out for days. Complete garbage! Sooooooo fed up with facebook. Now they are displaying people’s telephone numbers. What a joke this sit is becoming.

  232. Linda says:

    Well–I totally agree with everyone here. I am not on fb as much & am considering getting off completely. Obviously they don’t care.

  233. Sharon Eads says:

    I strongly dislike the new format! It is frustrating and I wish you would change it back to the way it was! I did not think there was anything wrong with the old format and I am sure you have heard’ “If it is not broken, don’t fix it!”

  234. KATH FEINKEDD says:


  235. Craig says:

    It sucks big donkey you know what… Go back to the way it was.

  236. Dan says:

    My Top News / Recent News has disappeared. It has been approximately 3 weeks and I cannot get it back. Please help me find it

  237. Sharon says:

    I just hope FB reads these and figures out that most of us don’t appreciate the FB Police deciding what’s “important.” I like to see posts in chronological order. I can always go to older posts if I want to. I also don’t like having them decide what photos to post so prominently at the top of my page. I am about ready to drop off FB.

  238. Bronwyn says:

    Ok,,enough!Since their are so many of us,why dosent someone start a page and get us all to join the group?WE HATE FACEBOOK CHANGE IT BACK!or similar.I would do it but dont really know how.Anyone with me on this?????Can email me on brandygirl0077@hotmail.com

  239. Jennifer D says:

    This is extremely annoying, and very insulting that it was done without asking. I use the Most Recent tab the most, since sometimes it can be days between chances for me to get on Facebook. Some posts are time sensitive, and those three huge picture/posts at the top are extremely distracting. The fact that I only have a few friends gives you the right to determine when I can see my friends posts? This type of News Feed organizing should be something you opt *into*, not something that’s an unchangeable default. *Please* change the news feed to the way it was.

  240. rd says:

    For all those who have suffered. Please join this group. Let’s our voices be heard!


  241. John DeVincentis says:

    Please restore Top News and Most Recent viewing options…

  242. GENEVIEVE says:


  243. Audrey says:

    I do not like this format, it is not logical. I would suggest you change it back so I can get the most recent posts. I have to click on each of my friends invidually in order to get thier most recent post, it is a waste of my time. Maybe Facebook is just a big waste of time. Thanks!!!

  244. Jason says:

    Bring back the “Most Recent”. I hate what Facebook have done to my home page. I have 41 friends. How many friends is too few???

    I need to be able to see whats going on at any one time in chronological order, so I know I haven’t missed anything. Since when was showing a post that happened a week ago and I have had to read 8 times already more important than anything else?

    Change it back Facebook, or at least give us the option to show things “Most Recent” if we want too, and allow us to choose which view we want as the default.

    Vent finished.

  245. DIANE COEN says:

    Very annoying to have to keep searching through, Do Not Like It.

  246. John says:

    My wife has less friends than I do and I currently have 46 her page was not changed. Without the most recent FB is useless and get rid of the 3 pictures at the top of the page.

  247. Jo says:

    This is a test??? It has obviously failed. So why doesn’t facebook just admit it and go back to the old way. Ditto ditto ditto all the previous complaints. There is just no sense to it.

  248. Lily says:

    I hate it please put it back as it was

  249. Kenny says:

    I have been so lost about this for weeks now, and I find this out.
    Please, change it back, this is ridiculous.
    I do not like this a bit, isn’t this kinda Biased?
    The Pictures at the top are, ummm, NOT a big hit.

    If this is your way to force people to leave, it just might work, as you see, No one likes this format.


  250. Steve says:

    Do not like this format!! If I want to look at pics I will go to the pics to look at!! please put it back the way it was, or tell me how many friends I need to get rid of it.

  251. Gin says:

    Give me back the old FB. I do not like this new system. I do not know what is happening with my friends. I agree with everyone’s who has complained. I don’t need to know old postings esp if they are all over the place/jumbled up!!!

  252. Caryl says:

    Well, I finally broke and got the 50 friends so that I could get my Recent Activity back. Yeah I know I said I would not do it, BUT it was driving me crazy seeing the same pictures on top over and over again. And having to search through everyones home page to see what was happening was driving me crazy. So FACEBOOK you have won the war against me…. Sorry people.

  253. Suzy says:


  254. LAURA says:


  255. Bear says:

    This format sucks butt. Hate it. Change it back. It’s stupid stupid STUPID!!!!!

  256. ivan says:

    i also want the old format back

  257. rd says:

    Please let’s create one voice-loud and clear against this ridiculous feature of facebook,


  258. Wendy says:

    Oh come on! Give me my home page back this is stupid! I miss tons of things my family posts because you think myself and my family are unimportant. So what if I have only a few friends, I’m not going to go around adding strangers for games and stuff just so I can have a news feed! I recently REMOVED a bunch of friends to make my facebook more for my family members so I stay in touch with them than random people I don’t know reading my business.

  259. boo says:

    Put it back the way it was..I like my Top News and Recent News at the Top..not all those pictures……PLEASE……

  260. Sandy says:

    Why do I have photos in a strip on the top of my newsfeed? Also my “Most Recent” button is missing. I don’t like it! (this is me looking for help)

    I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my facebook settings….Angry!!!

    If I want to see my friends photos I would go to their page just like I used too! I don’t need it in my face every time I log in!! My notifications were alerting me to new photos just fine before!!!

    Also it sucks when I log in to see the most recent news from my friends and the so called News Feed has stuff on their from many days ago (that I have already seen) and not the new posts!!!

  261. Briana says:

    I have over 300 friends yet I lost the Most Recent news feed also. GET FUCKED. i want it back.

  262. Alisa says:

    I have 83 friends but I also lost the Most Recent feed. Facebook is useless to me without the Most Recent feed. I want it back!

  263. Keri says:

    I want my newsfeed to be the way it used to be, with most recent back, all the statuses are mixed up, with 10 hours ago being first. Change it back!

  264. Christine says:

    Facebook, why would I want to re-read posts I saw yesterday? I don’t have the 3 photos at the top, but my Most Recent feed is gone. I have over 230 friends, so the 50 friends thing is a bunch of BS. This is just a waste of time, because now rather than just looking at the feed to get updates, I have to go to individual friends’ pages to see their updates… so, this makes me less likely to want to log in more often, since I probably won’t get recent information anyway. So, Facebook, you’re going to get fewer people logging in – is that your goal? What IS your goal?

  265. Angelo says:

    I use fb to keep up with friends and family no longer in the area I do not need alot of unwanted friends in order to keep my old format put it back or give us a option to choose the format we want

  266. Darlene says:

    I hate it!! Please put my view back the way it was!!!

  267. richard says:

    i use facebook to keep in touch with friends and play games. i have almost 400 friends so dont know what is going on here last night everything was working just fine. now my to stories/most recent has disappeared. whats going on. please put it back its so fustrating looking for something and seeing yesterdays or a few hrs ago feed. what about nows feed. how do you play and talk to someone when things are all whacky.

  268. Eco says:

    I use FB to keep in touch with people I actually interact with. I’m private and don’t want every person I’ve uttered a word to become a “friend”, or to know my business. With these format changes, I feel like I’m being discriminated against. I don’t like this new format,FB, bleh!

  269. Helen says:

    Come on Facebook stop playing games with us and restore the “most recent” to our home pages and get rid of those three HUGE, RIDICULOUS pictures at the top of the page

  270. Sarah says:

    I have over 100 friends and mine is gone too. I want it back the way it was. The changes are very fraustrating. It does make it hard to keep up with everything when the change the formats. Why change things that are working well.

  271. Callie McKenzie says:

    I HATE what you’ve done to my wall. It is so annoying. Change it back!!!!

  272. Chris says:

    Come on FB change this back!! I know people with less friends that still have top news and current
    I think this is just random. Enough is enough now
    get your act together and fix this problem!!!

  273. Lori says:

    Hate it…..but so far they cannot mess with my Iphone.

  274. Dario Sartori says:

    Give me back my Most Recent button, otherwise i will be forced to quit FB as it is useless to me if I am gettig Jummbled news at best.

  275. Sara says:

    I want my most recent news option back! It disappeared yesterday. I read some things about it being a problem if you have less than 50 friends, but I have over 125, so that’s not it. Please put the news feed back the way it was!

  276. Tiffany says:

    I have over 200 friends, but the new change has happened to my page…I had a hard enough time keeping up with the new posts before the change…now it is impossible!!!!

  277. Amy Murphy Wright says:

    I hate this, I want the old top news and most resent back. I have alot of friends on here, and I heard yall are doin this to people with few friends. Well, some of my friends have less friends than me and their facebook is still top news and most resent. I am a grown woman and I think I can handle what I want to see, not have you show me what you THINK I want to see. PLEASE FIX MY FACEBOOK, I WANT MY MOST RESENT BACK.

  278. joan says:

    i dont like it…
    put it back..!!!!

  279. Arlene Halloran says:

    I hate this change. We were not given the option to get it and we are at the mercy of Facebook. I don’t know of anyone who likes the change sooooo FACEBOOK CHANGE IT BACK….NOW

  280. joy says:

    I have 176 Facebook friends! WTF? This sux.

  281. joy says:

    I have 176 Facebook friends! WTF? This sux.

  282. Alan Del Castillo says:


  283. jemmy says:

    hate this new format, please,please change it back! how can i keep up with friends post or play fb games without this option!

  284. SHELIA says:

    If you want to conduct consumer research offer a choice and have your subscribers vote…Do not arbitrarily select people (under the guise of the “those with few friends” – I have over 200). Or at a minimum, give us the option of returning it to the original after we have submitted feedback. This orchestration was poorly executed and a sad show of your marketing IQ. If you have not gathered, I AM TOTALLY DISSATISFIED with the change. If it remains for much longer at all, I will close my account. We do have alternatives and I have already begun to set up an account elsewhere.

  285. teresa says:

    Please fix mine back… I would like to have the most recent option back.. I cant work it and it is confusing PLEASE!!!! FIX!!!!!!

  286. Cindy says:

    I have 300 friends and apparently that is not enough for FB!!! How insulting of FB to decide that I don’t have enough friends. Wow, I am just floored by your arrogance. I am not getting the picture thing, but they have taken away my “Top Stories” and “Recent Posts”. This “More Stories” is absurd, chaotic and insulting. I would like to see my real time posts in chronological order and I do believe I am quite capable of choosing what I want to see. I am sick of looking at stories from two days ago, over and over. I am missing posts from friends because FB deems them not important. FB you need to lay aside your arrogance and listen to your patrons. It is very obvious by this site, and many more, that people are very unhappy. MySpace is looking better and better. Now you are just arrogant enough to think no, they’ll get used to it and shut up. It is that type of arrogance that will precede your fall. CHANGE IT BACK.

  287. Rose says:

    Please put it back the way it was, I’ve been looking at the same things for days. My friends think it’s hilarious that I have a different facebook homepage to them.. but quite frankly I am getting that annoyed I’m considering deleting my account.
    It would’ve been nice for facebook to ask me if I wanted to be a guinea pig for their new ideas. Sure they want to be the best they can be for their audience etc. But this is just unreal, how are you supposed to see what everyone is doing when all you get is 3 “more stories” and other things that are from.. weeks ago.
    Please fix it. :/

  288. Edmund Cheah says:

    Hey FB, i got 529 friends… is that consider as a few friends user???? I need the old format back pls!!! CHANGE IT BACK NOW!!!!

  289. Scott says:

    I have been wondering what happened to my “most-recent” option! This is a horrible layout and I dont like the way it was done without asking !! Please change it back, this makes it very difficult to keep up with current postings from friends, etc. Please fix soon!!!!

  290. Vashti says:

    I think this is stupid. I have 482 friends on facebook and they took away my top news and most recent button…it was replaced with more stories. I would like to know your reasoning for that is?! Furthermore, when you press the button it gives you updates from days ago or 21hrs etc never the recent updates so never see any of my friends recent posts anymore just old ones that would be on my fb page for more than one day!!!! It’s really maming me mad now!!!

  291. VJJ says:

    I guess all the geeks who keep changing & fixing stuff that isn’t broke on FB really don’t actually use FB for anything. They just keep poking & tweaking it for no good reason. Either that, or they’re totally insane, or stupid, or on drugs. Too much coke in the computer room?

    The newest users would have the least friends, so they want to scare away all the newbies from using FB?

    It makes absolutely no sense at all to eliminate the “recent” link. Why? What was the problem? It’s not even costing them any extra bandwidth or CPU power to keep it the way it should be!

  292. VJJ says:

    I don’t have the time to scroll through dozens of old posts that I already read or know about, that may be days old to find the recent stuff mysteriously randomly scattered on the page. I don’t want too many friends cluttering up my FB, but they post a lot… even from their phones.

  293. VJJ says:

    My local TV morning new anchor is having the same problem. He has thousands of friends. He said FB has become totally useless for him this way… right on the morning news. His co-anchor with less than half as many friends says her account is still the same as it always was. She said if hers was like his, she’s delete the account because it was impossible to use.

  294. VJJ says:

    Tell facebook about it here: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=morestories

  295. VA says:

    Testing this on users who have few friends? I have just under 450 friends on facebook. How is that a few? I absolutely hate this change.

  296. Gordin says:

    It really sucks. Please make it as it was before.

  297. Sara says:

    I read ALL of the above posts, and I didn’t see not one that actually liked the new features. I for one absolutly hate it!!! I have spent hours on trying to fix what I thought was a setting I could fix! I don’t appriciate being some sort of a guinea pig! Hi jacking my account and changing my settings, that is just wrong!!! I am hoping this will all be resolved soon, or I will go back to my myspace account…and before the change, I loved facebook!!!

  298. Sharron Marlett says:

    I hate this. You can’t see any new posts. I have almost quit even getting on it. No fun anymore. You read the same thing over and over. You might get a post from 1 min to 9-15 hrs ago. How much fun is this? NOT!!!! Getting ready to quit all together. Waste of time. I have a lot of friends that feel the same way. If FB is wanting people to quit this is a good way of doing it.

  299. Cindi Eddy says:

    Facebook is automatically thinking that ‘all’ will just LOVE this. Well, I’m here to tell you that I absolutely HATE it. I have no big photos on my wall that you write about, but I do have the ‘new’ “More Stories” button…it STINKS!!! There is absolutely no way to find current postings. The ones that show are so random, it’s frustrating!! And there are times that when I do try to use “More Stories”, I get a reply that there are no new stories to display…not true!! All my friends on here are always posting something. Why is FB concerned about how many friends I have, anyway? It’s my option to accept friend requests, so all the new updates won’t affect my selection of new friends one bit!!! Facebook refuses to reply to anyone with this new update. Why won’t they just listen to us??? Facebook is about ‘us’…we are what keeps them going!! GET IT TAKEN CARE OF FB, OR YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE A LOT OF US!!!!

  300. richard says:

    This is the most stupidest thing that could be done. Testing on people without asking.I for one dont want to be tested on. I WANT MY OLD TOP STORIES/MOST RECENT BACK. Its very hard to play games get postings from people, see posting from your children/grandchildren thats not hrs old or even days old. Hows this suppose to be helping us? Please put it back. I DONT WANT MORE STORIES.

  301. Tiffini says:

    I hate that there is not a choice for most recent or top stories. All of my stuff is mixed together and I want it changed.

  302. LK says:

    It has nothing to do with the number of friends you hae. I have over three hundred friends and still have the same problem. The Top Stories and Recent Stories have gone away and been replaced with More Stories. WHen I log on I am back about 10 hours and when I select More Stories go back to about 22 and find that nothing is in time or date order. I don’t appreciate that I have been put in a test group and not been given a good way to let FB know their recent change sucks. Are they not paying attention to posts or reports. Everyone is complaining who has received this change

  303. LW Glover says:

    The MORE STORIES newsfeed is completely useless. I hate it and I am completely pissed off that they changed it on my page without asking me first.

  304. Donna says:

    I have over 350 friends on FB. My home page does not show the three larger pictures everyone is talking about but it DOES have more stories instead of top news/most recent. I DO NOT LIKE the more stories, and want mine changed back to most recent. These posts are all random, in no particular order and a waste of time. I am seriously considering deactivating my account, or better yet, deleting it. As far as I’m concerned, FB really dropped the ball on this one. Way to alienate your users FB, the same ones who keep you in business. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

  305. Gary says:

    Don’t like it. Please remove me from the test group.

  306. suzanne says:

    This totally sucks and Facebook is not listening. Why in the hell did some idiot want to put a “random shuffle” on posts and not give users the choice? What Aholes

  307. matthew slayen says:

    remove me from the stupid ass three photos at the top of my page test group and DO NOT include me in ANY future test group……RIGHT NOW…..facebook MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE LICKING BITCHES!!!!!

  308. Glenn says:

    What were you thinking? Read the above strings and call off this idiotic and rude hijacking of our FB pages. Yeesh! Talk about stupid!

  309. Beth Richtsteig says:

    I want my “Top News / Most Recent” BACK….

  310. patches says:

    Please!!!! Remove those 3 annoying picture boxes from the top of my profile page! I DON’T like it. I also want to see ALL of my friends post and see them in ORDER.

    THANK YOU!!!

  311. Rhona Grumet says:

    Right now facebook sucks!! Where is my live feed? I feel like I am missing some of my posts. I do not like when you change something without a word explaining it.

  312. Dena Peth says:

    Why would you mess with my page? it sucks now!! I dont even like logging on anymore.. It blows Put my live feed back on my page. You should gives us the option.. I have read that people have under 50 friends that fb is doing this to and I have alot more than that. WTF… I want my page back to live feed PLEASE I want them in order

  313. Terri Bohman says:

    Please put my page back to live feed! I don’t enjoy Facebook as much now that I have to go searching for my friends posts in all different area’s It’s not enjoyable at all! It’s actually very frustrating!! Thanks!

  314. Drew says:

    This is just ridiculous! I am sick of it. I have a few friends for a few games and tired of the BS. News feeds are NOT live nor according to the proper time line 22 hrs. ago, 2 hrs 18 hrs ago etc. First they block friends for adding too many in a day NOW we have to add to get the other way back. I’m sorry but if it ISN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.

  315. Phyllis Meadors says:

    Why do I have very old news feed? Why doesn’t things stay hidden when I hide them? Why can’t I have the friends selected for the news feed?

  316. christine says:

    please put the homepage back!!!!!!!!!! very annoying. just make it normal-none of my friends have this problem. just me.

  317. Angel Miranda says:

    The whole reason I joined facebook was to keep in touch with friends so WHY would you take most recent away? That’s what I’m looking for. If I don’t get it back I will simply leave and not use it. After all why would I use a site that doesn’t suit the purpose one intended to use it for? PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY MOST RECENT POST!

  318. teresa says:

    i want my news feed back or i quit

  319. cathy says:

    I hate not having feeds in an order. I deleted a bunch of friends by choice, to keep it simple and now I pay the price for this. Just not right.

  320. Darryll says:

    I am considering getting rid of my FB account if I can’t have “most recent” in my news feed. What I have now is not only useless, it’s an idiotic change and makes no sense what so ever. Why would I want randomly selected posts from my friends?

  321. Olga says:

    PUT BACK MOST RECENT OPTION!!! I want to see posts IN ORDER. Get the idots who came up with this to reverse it. Give me back the regular page.

  322. Olga says:

    I guess Facebook really doesn’t care what their users want. After 321 posts telling them it is horrible and we don’t want it, they choose to ignore us. >>>>> Can’t wait for “Google ME” so I can drop FB. The only good thing is that I have more time since I spend less time on FB.

  323. Olga says:

    Fire all the morons that came up with this Idea. I WANT MY POSTS IN ORDER. GIVE ME BACK “MOST RECENT” option.

  324. Sandra says:

    well i have over 1000 friends and they put “more stories” in place of top news/ most recent and I HATE EVERY MINATE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want most recent back NOW!!!!!!!!!!! This is annoying and useless. I use fb daily to talk to friends and play alot of games and this messes up everything. The feeds are old and i can’t get my game feeds so i can play my games like i use to or talk to my friends like i use to. SO PLEASE PUT IT BACK NOONE LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. wanda lynn says:

    i have over 600 friends and have had this “more stories” for over a week now. i hate it hate it hate it and feel facebook had no right to hijack my feed. i have asked repeatedly for this to be changed back the way it was but no reply. (imagine that). this is more than annoying. where can i file a complaint?

  326. Cindi Eddy says:

    UPDATE: My wall is back to “Most Recent and Top News”! YAY!! I could absolutely cry; that’s how happy I am! :D I’m trying to control myself, though. It may not stay that way for long…keeping my fingers crossed, though!! If my wall actually stays this way, I will publicly thank Facebook.

  327. a flynn says:

    put top news an most recent back! this accounts
    almost useless without it!! im seeing “new posts”
    18 hours later! what the hell use is that!
    put it back fb idiots!!!!

  328. debra says:

    I do not like this at all just because I have few friends change it back to the way it was. I do not even care to use it because I have to go to my profile to leave a status, I have lost everything except news feed and I can not click on it what is the point?

  329. mamawcheryl says:

    i hate what you have done with top news and most recent. Please put it back like it was. This is the dumbest idea you could have possibly had. No one wants to read through every post to find a recent post. The things that are showing up at the top is some silly thing that several people have clicked like. Again, i hate what you have done.

  330. Jerry says:

    Please give us the option to revert back to the way it was. I want to select Top News/ Most Recent and could care less about the pictures.

  331. Denisue says:

    Also can stand seeing the ANNOYING trio of pictures at top of Home Page every day!!!!
    Looooose it guys!!

  332. Cindi Eddy says:

    Well, it has been five (05) days since Facebook changed my wall back from “More Stories” to “Most Recent” and “Top Stories”. THANK YOU FACEBOOK!! I absolutely hated “more stories” and am glad to see that it is gone. I appreciate that you actually listened to your users, though you never publicly announced that you had a problem and that it has been resolved. PLEASE DON’T FORGET THESE OTHER PEOPLE. CHANGE THEIRS BACK TOO!!

  333. Victoria Dobson says:

    Just because my friends number in the dozens instead of the hundreds, they take away my option to view news in a timely manner? EPIC FAIL! I want “most recent” back!

  334. elizabeth wallace says:

    i hate it ,please change it back as i like things 2 be nice n simple

  335. Clyde James says:

    The pictures at the top went away for approximately 6 hours and now they are back. Game feeds from 16-22 hours ago are useless Please, please change it back!

  336. Elizabeth Robertson says:

    I can’t stand the pictures that pop up every time I get on fb. Please get this back to the original fb we all know and love !!!

  337. ewen carmichael says:

    It’s just crazy, that’s all. Discrinatory too. Why should I have to find more ‘friends’ to normailse my Facebook Acct, to return it as it was? Whenever I want to say anything on ‘what’s on my mind’, or any status update, I have to use my profile page. I dont want these pics on top of my Home page. And why no ‘top news’? Ok, you gave your answer to that, but it’s unfair. Pse remove the pics and act in a resposible manner to your clients….

  338. Teresa Land says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE put it back the way it was. I too have been trying to figure out what was wrong with my facebook page. Facebook, if you want to “offer” it then do that but don’t force it on your users.

  339. Julia says:

    It sucks. I dont’ like it. It needs to be put back. Facebook is taking away what WE want from the site. It’s terrible!

  340. David says:

    No one else I know has been subjected to this, so they just wonder what I am talking about. I want to get off this special list they put me on. I hate it. I agree with every comment above. Is this where they are going to start putting ads to generate more revenue? Sucks.

  341. uccy says:

    I hate those 3 squares appearing over and over again. I also want to hide some friends, but not delete them as I find their comments not nice sometimes!

  342. Suzi says:

    If the purpose of this exercise was to encourage the likes of me to add hundreds of people I don’t know to my list of friends, FB have failed miserably. I don’t want them.

    We can’t go back to the status quo as FB have said there’s no reversal.

    This set-up is no good to me at all as I have to use my mobile at the same time as my laptop to check recent posts and to view links, etc..

  343. Suzi says:

    And if FB can have our posts moderated, why can’t we get an answer from anyone as to what the proposals are for dealing with this issue?

  344. Chris says:

    I am complaining of the behalf of my 75 year old mother. she is not a computer person and does not understand that FB has rearranged her profile. She thinks that she is looking at recent post that are sometimes over 24 hours old. She only has 46 FB friends and they are all family and close friends. PLEASE FB OFFER A WAY TO PUT HER WALL BACK. She will make comments of items and person that she comments too have no idea what is going on and she is more confused than ever. DO NOT LIKE!!! Hey FB is anyone listening to theses people? If you had done this to my FB wall you would have lost me a long time ago.

  345. Michelle says:

    You did this to my mother’s page without her permission. She is confused and is not using her account at all now.

    I really think your development team is a bunch of idiots. Look at your demographics. Who has small accounts? Minors whose parents are monitoring content and older people who are here for photos of grandchildren. Neither group is going to respond well to this experiment.

    If you were to do this to my account I would dump it.

  346. Deonizia D'Asaro says:

    I too truly hate the new format. I have spent time off and on all week trying to find the help item that would get rid of this feature, or even make mention to it AT ALL which your help does not!
    I finally go to the discussions and low and behold! more people who hate it. Do you know the statistic that for every 1 person who says something, there are 20 who feel the same way but don’t say?? most of those 20 will just fall away from facebook to one of the other numerous social networking sites without offering you a way to keep them.
    Change it back, or at least allow the user the option to remove it.

  347. Chris Creager says:

    I used to go on facebook several times a day to check recent news. Since they have changed to this ridiculous format, I go on in the morning and play the two games I play and that’s it. I don’t even bother looking at the news or what friends are saying because you can’t get the most recent and I’m not going to go through each post to find new stuff. I also hate those three pictures at the top with a passion – rarely do I even know who the people are. This is ridiculous.

  348. Fred Fateh says:

    How many “I hate the new format” do you need to realize that people do not like this? it is ridiculous! Please give my “Top News” back!

  349. Joanne Codd says:

    I have less than 50 FB friends and i am the only one that lost Top News and most recent..I want it back. It interefers when playing a game and need to know what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350. Cathy Leonhard says:

    I agree with everyone here. I have to go to my husband’s homepage to see what my friends have posted. I have missed several very important posts, and I’m frustrated beyond tolerance. My suggestion is to fire the persons in your marketing department, and restore our homepages to what they were. The whole point of Facebook is to stay connected to our friends. You’ve decided to disconnect me.

  351. danni says:

    how do you get rid of it it’s really annoying me :l

  352. Colleen Embury says:

    put back the old format these pics are a pain in the butt they have nothing to do with me and i really dont care whose pics they are i want to see the top news and most recent news and let me decide if i want pics face book please fix this now

  353. Bonnie A. Bailey says:

    How many friends do you need! Even my feed comes in all jumbled up and I’ve missed important news because of this. Who are they to determine whats important? This is BS! If it weren’t for my out of state friends, I’d leave FB. Or is that it? They know we won’t!

  354. mary says:

    i hate this new fb..i’ve had it for 2 months and am tired of it..ready to drop out and i play all the freakin games. the time being screwed up is the most annoying. i had a friend who hung himself lately and someone posted the obit and pic, so now he is one of the top 3 pics..just sad
    ask people if they want to be guinea pigs, don’t just slam it on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  355. Patricia Knott says:

    Please put my ‘top news and ‘most recent’ back onto my home page. This morning’s top news is a week old. I have to keep schrolling down to see if any of my friends have put something on my wall. The obvious order is to put the latest first. My grandchildren could work that out without being paid to do so. As for the three squares of photos, yuk. I dont want to keep seeing the same old pics. I want to be able to choose which photos I look at and not forced to see the ones fb want me to see. Even a TV has button I can push if I don’t want to watch something. With todays technology, why can’t fb have a button. I only want true friends on my fb,and fb should not penalise me for this. PUT THE OLD FORMAT BACK, PLEASE ……

  356. mary says:

    the response i got to this problem is a joke. there are 354 people mad as hell about this problem and you give me as an answer the one older person “gee, it seems like no problem to me!!” ALL the others are complaining and because 1, count it, 1 person says duh, “gee, fine with me everything is okay” we are all supposed to put up with it? i don’t know if you folks @fb are reading these posts but 353 angry comments to 1 does not pacify us, only makes me madder!

  357. Paulina says:

    I HATE IT!!! I don’t see my friends posts anymore, so I cannot react to anything, also I play FV on FB which I also might forget about as well now, because I cannot see what my friends are posting!
    I want to be off the TESTERS or whatever it’s called list.!!!!!

  358. Diane says:

    hate the new design – have to scroll down and over side to side to read posts. VERY ANNOYING!!!! Fix it Facebook!!!!! I don’t care how many friends someone has, this new format is terrible.

  359. Nancy Upton Downard says:

    Hating the new format…I thought it was me at first……..really hate the way pics now display….i want to be able to click on them and have them enlarge…I find the BIG black box around them really annoying.

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