The Top 25 Facebook Pages People Like Most

[Editor's note: This list is from late spring of 2010. It is not current. For the fall list, see this article, and for the latest day-to-day changes check out PageData. In other words, no need to comment saying that this list is outdated.]

The Facebook Pages with the largest number of fans are almost entirely relegated to entertainment — including musicians, actors, television shows and movies. According to Inside Facebook’s tool PageData, which counts how many fans Pages acquire, only seven of the Top 25 Pages on Facebook do not fall into this category.

The last time we took a look at the status of the Top 25 Pages on Facebook it was six months after Pages were introduced in 2008, when the U.S. presidential election was in full swing. Back then, candidate Barack Obama was on top with 834,550 fans while candidates Hillary Clinton and John McCain made do with less than 200,000 a piece.

Politics only holds people’s attention for so long, it seems — the rest of the Pages were largely related to entertainment as well, primarily musicians.

Top 25 Facebook Pages

1. Texas Hold’em Poker – 19,440,702 people

2. Michael Jackson – 12,672,924 people

3. Mafia Wars – 12,540,270 people

4. Facebook – 9,737,014 people

5. Barack Obama – 8,773,340 people

6. Family Guy – 8,622,916 people

7. Vin Diesel - 8,514,437 people

8. Lady Gaga – 8,377,202 people

9. Starbucks – 7,671,258 people

10. Megan Fox – 7,120,146 people

11. House – 6,832,881 people

12. The Twilight Saga – 6,215,718 people

13. Dr. House – 6,075,306 people

14. South Park – 5,801,264 people

15. Linkin Park – 5,785,544 people

16. Coca-Cola – 5,707,554 people

17. Will Smith – 5,339,186 people

18. YouTube – 5,297,675 people

19. Lil Wayne – 5,245,830 people

20. Taylor Swift – 5,161,578 people

21. Justin Bieber - 4,934,515 people

22. Skittles – 4,837,473 people

23. Selena Gomez – 4,820,062 people

24. Grey’s Anatomy – 4,742,629 people

25. Oreo – 4,683,850 people

Of course much has changed since 2008, not the least of which is that there is no such thing as “fans” anymore, but rather, Likes. And although now-President Obama is still on the list, he’s lost his lead to move to fifth place, with slightly more fans than two years ago: 8.7 million.

As a matter of fact, it takes at least 4.6 million fans to get onto the Top 25 Pages these days. Some notable highlights from the list:

  • Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker takes the cake with 19.4 million fans while Mafia Wars comes in third with 12.5 million.
  • Barack Obama is now the only politician on the list, taking number 5 with 8.7 million Likes.
  • Musicians rule in terms of raw numbers of Likes on Facebook: Michael Jackson in second place with 12.6 million fans, Lady Gaga at number 8 with 8.3 million, Linkin Park fifteenth with 5.7 million, Will Smith at seventeenth with 5.3 million, Lil Wayne nineteenth with 5.2 million, followed by Taylor Swift at number 20 with 5.1 million, then Justin Bieber at 21 with 4.9 million and number 23, Selena Gomez with 4.8 million.
  • Actors were also popular on the list:  Number 7 Vin Diesel with 8.5 million LIkes, Megan Fox in tenth place with 7.1 million (technically Selena Gomez and Will Smith also count as actors).
  • Television shows:  “Family Guy” in sixth place with 8.6 million Likes, “House” in eleventh place with 6.8 million, “Dr. House” at number 13 with 6 million, “South Park” follows at fourteenth with 5.8 million and “Grey’s Anatomy” at 24 with 4.7 million Likes.
  • Movies, or at least movies popular with teenagers, were also present:  “The Twilight Saga” came in at number 12 with 6.2 million Likes.
  • Global consumer brands filled out the rest of the list:  Facebook’s Page fourth with 9.7 million Likes, Starbucks ninth with 7.6 million, Coca-Cola at 16 with 5.7 million fans, YouTube at 18 with 5.2 million, Skittles at number 22 with 4.8 million and Oreo rounding out the list at number 25 with 4.6 million.

Judging from this most recent list, Facebook’s 2008 launch of Pages for businesses and other brands has been very successful. Pages that aren’t entertainment-related belong to global brands with millions of people around the world who Like their Pages. Some of these Pages, as well as others, are discussed in-depth in the latest edition of the Inside Facebook Marketing Bible.

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42 Responses to “The Top 25 Facebook Pages People Like Most”

  1. Vipin Wadhwa says:

    This is really nice compilation of most famous media evens, people and organizations ! helps me reconnect to the world. How can I forget this last year when things have turned around so much in economy, politics and media mediated by these famous brands and events.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Fan Page List says:

    Check out that has similar rankings that are more real-time and also has Twitter followers.

  3. Brian Arfi says:

    Wow, this is a great list to learn from :) gotta head to those pages to see what differs them from the rest. Though mostly are already popular by themselves

  4. Phil says:

    Vin Diesel has the coolest updates

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  6. malin says:

    it’s not that they do something fantastic on FB, it’s that they are fantastic from the beginning -to many people

  7. Populiariausi “Facebook” puslapiai pasaulyje | Dansu Dansu says:

    [...] Pasižiūrėti čia. [...]

  8. Julie says:

    So how do get people to like your page as a ordinary blogger? :) Here is mine (based on my blog):

    I know, shameless plug!

  9. harshal8feb says:

    Great list of Top 25 Facebook Pages People Likes. thanks for that shared list whit us.

  10. Harry J fisher says:

    vin diesel is has more likes than barack obama you need to do another look at the likes now and you will see cuz im not on barack obamas like list. micheal jackson has passed i do agree with that of an overall but you should do one with real people and who is alive not dissing micheal but come on please i like to see one with ppl and who is alive not a list with games and false numbers vin diesel has 14+ million likes barack 12 million and his likes mostly comes from probably illegals and not americans cuz i hear only complaints from my fellow legal americans did not hear as many complaints when bush was in office he new what our military needs not barack he is an office and we deal with it until the next elections.

  11. jignesh says:

    Great information..

    This will help in my Presentation.


  12. christy says:

    Hey everybody who’s happy that justin bieber is going to be ive on tv that will be me yeah

  13. Funny Facebook Statuses says:

    I’ve fanned most of these pages and from a marketing perspective, they truly have a lot of lessons to teach us, just by following these pages, one can learn alot about how to keep your page optimized for highest impact on facebook. Cool Article by the way, it surely helps!

  14. tegan says:

    u need to put some more good ones on like different once xxx but i love the micheal jackson one tho lol :)

  15. tegan says:

    any one up for a chat xxxx <3 :) xx

  16. Helen says:

    Good list to learn from must go to those pages to see what makes them standout from the rest. Could you do a list on the most facebook likes for an external site?

  17. dan says:

    eminem has 14,716,763

  18. James says:

    Everyone on this page is a fucking cunt

  19. dylan says:

    linking park has 11,000,000 too this isnt that accurate

  20. Josh Constine says:

    @Dylan: This article was published on June 17th, 2010. As of then it was accurate.

  21. Mike says:

    Vin Diesel has 16mil now.

  22. LbR says:

    Woha! Texas Hold’EM have over double now :S 24,977,045

  23. karan says:

    Great !!
    i like the article and this will help me a lot

  24. FF says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo: 13.000.000

  25. eminem lover says:

    yo wtf !!! where is Eminem’s page ha
    it has 17,927,607 and should be in the 3rd place after Michael Jackson’s page coz it got more than 22 million

  26. gaga hater says:

    lady gaga = 21.x mil now

  27. life says:

    woof. Mike Rocks! =D well, that’s one good list that’s true. Others are either eons old or false. Good work! =D

  28. life says:

    er…i take it back! :P Mike’s page has 22 million+ likes :/ sorry for the previous comment.

  29. Shelly says:

    wow,im surprised that Eminem came first

  30. hghghf says:


  31. Messages says:

    Cool post.

    A+ fomr my side.

  32. Chad Black says:

    um Lil Wayne has 16,353,909 likes as of 1:26pm(alaska) 11-31-10…..and it grows by the hundreds every second.

  33. Josh Constine says:

    @Chad: As you mention, Lil Wayne is constantly gaining new Likes. This post is over five months old, so the Like counts are expected to be out of date by now.

  34. sammy newman says:

    I’m surprised MJ is only #2. I would have thought he’d be #1 lol he’s the best ever!

  35. Alex Powell says:

    How did Justin Bieber get more likes than oreo?

  36. Nikhil says:

    Where is Linkin park on this list??

  37. KevT says:

    Reads like a list of the most vile things/people of all time. Absolute rubbish all of it – is it a requirement of having a facebook account that you must either be American or not have an IQ over 75(pretty much the same thing)?

    You sad, sad people!

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  39. Salvatore Conti says:

    people loving mainstream entertainement Are more likeli to’ like on fb. Support projects u think deserve to’ be’ pushed.

  40. david henry says:

    yu guys got tge ryte fig?

  41. lovinJBforeverGirlss says:

    ILOVEFB!!! These likes are brilliant matee!!!!! :) <3

  42. Josh Harris says:

    A little bit out of date. Get the updated top 25!

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