Note to Facebook Page Owners: Any Page Admin Is Now Removable

In a small tweak to the ownership rules of Facebook Pages that is likely to come as welcome news to many Page administrators, Facebook is now allowing any Page administrator to be removed.

Previously, the Page’s original administrator was unable to be removed – creating a headache for agencies and companies who had an employee create a Page, only to discover that they were then apparently permanent administrators.

That could be a problem if, say, that person were fired or moved on to a different role. As a result, many agencies had resorted to creating fake “dummy” Facebook accounts to serve as the creator and original administrator of the Page. Now, that’s no longer necessary.

Thanks to Hazel Grace at SocialBees and Jeff Widman at BrandGlue for the tip.

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24 Responses to “Note to Facebook Page Owners: Any Page Admin Is Now Removable”

  1. Tracey says:

    Wow great idea. Sadly I will never be able to see if it works as once again my facebook account is unavailable due to site maintenance. It was 5 days last time, we are up to 3 and counting this. What the hell is going on?? I am so fed up with the lack of information on this ongoing and error and the total lack of any warning which would suggest this is not maintenance and a serious error.

    If this were a paid service Facebook would be losing customers and some rate.

  2. Hazel Grace says:

    Justin, Thanks for the mention, this was a pleasant surprise. You do an awesome job with this blog – it’s my favorite :) – HG

  3. Cassie says:

    Hmmmm… this is not working as described for me, it still works the old way.

  4. Kris Olin says:

    This is truly a great upgrade from Facebook! I have been waiting for this long time as it has been a real nuisance to go and create those FB pages for clients under a Google profile or some other “invented” identity.

    Kris Olin MSc(econ.)
    Social Media Marketing Consultant

  5. Hernan says:

    Some Help Please. I am looking at this change now, and it happens that any page administrator can now deleate another page administrator. So, if I am the original owner and creator of a page, another administrator can deleate me??

  6. Chuck Brown says:

    This definitely useful from a business side and allows companies to take control of their own pages.

  7. Lisa says:

    So what does this mean for the data stored with your admin? Do other admins now have access to the ads placed?

  8. Social Media Digest: June 5 through June 21 | S'WORLD says:

    [...] Facebook Admins Can Now Be Removed – Facebook Page Admins have full control over a Facebook Page, but Facebook prevented the person who set up a page from removing their admin status, which caused problems when they were no longer associated with the company or organization that they set up the page for. Thankfully, Facebook recently revised that policy, and now any admin can be removed by any other admin of the same page at any time. [...]

  9. Administrator-Löschung in Fanpages says:

    [...] der Blog berichtet über diese Neuerung. Artikel veröffentlicht am Dienstag, den 15. Juni 2010 um [...]

  10. Pet Products says:

    I’ll go check this out as it’s been a real nightmare for us to try and sort out so far.

  11. TG says:

    Great to find this article, but still unable to do this. As an admin appointed after the original admin (who has since left the business, which is a band in this case), of mutual respect; we can’t seem to remove his admin status, and he’s tried to, but it doesnt seem to allow him to remove himself from admin status either; and he’s (as well as we are) afraid that any extra risk might delete the actual page… any feedback? is he just not going through the correct steps to remove himself as an admin?

  12. Paul Tovey says:

    This is not a very well thought out idea. It now means that any admin can now take over a page. What was needed was a way of the creator could hand over their hold on the page. This will result in many pages being hijacked and devalue their use!

  13. Chris says:

    As Paul says, a very bad idea. In the UK at the moment there is a controversial battle going on between those who wish to see the law banning Fox hunting removed and those who wish it to remain in place, with a large part of it (especailly publicity) taking place on Facebook. There have always been dirty tricks (mostly from the pro-hunt side) such as false accounts, cloned accounts (including posting inflamatory messages which are then screenshotted and sent to the media) and general trolling, but since this chance has come in we have already seen an anti hunting group taken over by pro-hunters.
    Owners of controversial groups must be very aware of who they set as admins now, as once someone is an admin they have the power to take over the entire group.
    Thanks Facebook, another poorly thought out change.

  14. Raul says:

    Hey Chris..

    Nice propaganda dig on the “pro-hunt” side. Political dirty tricks are what the left is best at.

  15. r says:

    Ok. I did this on accident and want to make the creator admin again. Is there a way to do this without making the creators business account a personal account?

  16. Unit says:

    It would be much more useful if two levels of admin were created. One being the owner (creator), and the second being the admins.

    A company should be able to create a facebook account for the company, be the owner of a page and have employees as admins.
    If the company wants to transfer ownership (creator) it should be able to do so.

    The creator/owner should always have control of admins to prevent a rogue admin.

    The current situation as of Sept 2010 is that everyone is an admin and can delete anyone else. Thus if Joe hates Kevin and Kevin hates Sally, then Kevin can remove Sally as an Admin, and Joe can remove Kevin as admin, leaving Joe the guy we were going to terminate the only admin. Total nonsense.

  17. Shayde Cohrs says:

    Alright, Someone made a page, and they are put down as the admin, how does that person delete themselves as being the admin?

  18. Morten says:

    so if i understand this correctly, other admins i have appointed to my pages can remove me as the page creator?

    So it there any changes of reganing the page or is it simply lost in that case?


  19. Rena says:

    Really, there must be 2-levels. Why make a financial commitment to advertising a FB page to have your own hired administrators give you the boot? Crazy. lol.

  20. Beverly Cabral says:

    I set up a page for my daughter and we decided to delete her as admin so members had no back door to her personal account. Then we discovered there was no longer the freedom for her to control other critical things and wanted to redo her admin status, but I think its not possible. Does anyone know the answer to this dilema??

  21. Medulin says:

    If I understood this correctly original admin of the page can be kicked by admins which he appointed?

  22. Rubianca says:

    Since this change has implemented I lost my admin rights to my own FB page. In one of the short occasions where I happened to have access again, I added my husband as a second admin just in case I lost it again. But surprise surprise he has the same problem.
    It’s really annoying as I can’t control my page anymore and have to click on refresh the whole time, praying that I would see my admin rights back.
    Something went terribly wrong in this implementation and on FB’s Help Center I read that a lot of people are having the same problem. No one seems to get any response from FB.
    Anyone having this issue as well?

  23. Donna says:

    This is wrong. The admin who set up the page shouldnt be able to be removed
    by other admins. it makes no sense, anyone can take over the page, it sucks .

  24. jessica colaluca says:

    i had my Page for over a year w/over 10,000 fans … i somehow lost access this AM :/ i am unable to get any help either.
    does anyone have any advice on how they got access back?

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