Who’s Using Facebook Around the World? The Demographics of Facebook’s Top 15 Country Markets

[Editor's Note: The following stats are excerpted from Inside Facebook Gold, our membership service tracking Facebook's business and growth around the world. Click here to learn more about our complete data and analysis offering.]

Today, we present recent findings on demographic breakdowns in Facebook’s top country markets around the world.

For years, we’ve observed Facebook capture the US market, demographic by demographic. We know that in the US, Facebook has slightly more female than male users, and that the site boasts a large percentage of users in the middle of the age spectrum, with plenty of users over 25. But that’s just the US — and other markets look quite different. Now, with over 70% of Facebook’s nearly 500 million users in countries outside of the US, it’s time for the savviest marketers and developers to start digging in to demographic data for Facebook’s many other important markets.

The country market data outlined below is a selected sample of the full data overview, available through Inside Facebook Gold.

The United Kingdom

In the UK, Facebook’s second largest country market, we see a pretty even split by gender. Women outnumber men by just 2.2%.

For age demographics, the 26 – 34 age group rivals the 18 – 25 age group, and holds true across both genders. In the UK, there’s also a substantial number of users of both genders in the 35 – 44 age range, though women lead this age group by 2 percentage points.

43.5% of Facebook users in the UK are under 25. This is a substantial number, but of course the flip side is that well over half of all Facebook users in that country are over 25. In the US, 39% of Facebook users are under 25. Overall, across age and gender, it’s clear that the UK and the US share similar demographic profiles (see the most recent US demographic data we released last week).


In Facebook’s third largest country market, a completely different picture emerges.

Among Indonesian Facebook users, there are substantially more men than women, with men leading by 18.4% overall. Indonesian Facebook users trend younger, too. 45.2% of women are between the ages of 18 – 25, and 31.8% are between 13 – 17.

For men, 45.9% are between the ages of 18 – 25 and 23.5% are between 13 – 17.

Overall, users under 25 make up 72.5% of all Facebook users in that country, with more women in the younger categories than men.

But, men make up most of Facebook’s Indonesian users. What age group are do most of them fall into? A large percentage of men fall in to the 26 – 34 age group, with a sharp dropoff after that.

Notably, older demographics barely register a blip, with users over 35 making up just 8.9% of the total userbase.


Like Indonesia, Facebook’s Turkish userbase is comprised of vastly more men than women. Of that country’s total Facebook population, 64.4% are men, while women make up just 35.6%. Turkey’s Facebook users are young, too. Among women, 18 to 25 year olds make up 40.5% while 13 to 17 year olds make up 23.2%. The total percentage of female users under the age of 25 is 63.7%. In Turkey, though, a significant number of female users are in the mid-range of ages, too, with 23.4% of female users falling in to the 25 to 24 age group. After that, the numbers decline sharply, with only 12.8% of the female userbase over the age of 35.

Among Turkish men, the younger groups are also big part of Facebook’s audience, but less so. 18 to 25 year olds make up 38.9% of the audience, while 13 to 17 year olds make up 17.6%. The 26 to 34 contingent is slightly larger with men, reaching 26.7%. 16.9% of the male total are over the age of 35.

Overall, Turkey’s Facebook demographics trends strongly male, but are more evenly split across age groups. Well over half of the total audience is under the age of 25, but the 25 to 44 age range makes a strong showing too.


When we get to France, the demographic data again resembles what we’re seeing in US. There are slightly more women than men on Facebook, but the difference is just a few percentage points. Male and female groups show nearly identical age distribution, and total audience numbers are distributed evenly across age groups in general.

A considerable 49.9% of Facebook’s French users are under the age of 25, but of course that also means that those over 25 make up 51.1%! In the US, Facebook is a mature market in many sense, with 38.2% of all users over the age of 35. While Facebook in France is not quite there, the site does appear to be popular with that age group. 25.7% of all French Facebook users are over the age of 35.

Of Facebook’s top 15 country markets around the world, the youngest country is Indonesia, which, as mentioned above, is also the company’s number 3 market globally. The country with the largest percentage of users above 35 is the United States, followed by Canada, the UK, and Spain.

More data at Inside Facebook Gold

The full data overview includes demographic breakdowns for all 15 of Facebook’s leading markets. It’s available as part of Inside Facebook Gold, our data membership service that also includes stats on Facebook’s global traffic growth, top app demographics, language adoption rates, user behavior, and more.

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    All of my friends are using facebook in Turkey. It is really very spreaded web site here.

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