New “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” Features Suggest Facebook Activity to Users

Looking to reengage users with content they’ve missed, Facebook has just introduced new “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” boxes. When users are browsing the home page’s left-hand navigation tabs for events, photos, friends, and groups, they’ll see them on the right-hand column. The boxes show users what the names suggest: Facebook messages that users haven’t read, and photos from months gone by.

[Update on 10/20/10: People who you are no longer in a relationship with on Facebook will stop appearing in your photos. More details here.]

By drawing attention to interesting past content, Facebook is diverging from the strictly chronological, newest-at-the-top format that underlies much of their user experience. We spotted a related photos and messages experiment in February.

Facebook messages, from business deals to romantic courtship, depend on both users consistently reading and replying to their messages.  However, as the medium is only a few years old, norms regarding acceptable response times are still forming. Combined with inbox spam and the distracting nature of Facebook, message threads frequently break down before they are formally concluded.  The messages dropdown on the homepage only shows the 5 most recent messages, making it easy to forget about a vital conversation if a flurry of announcements follows it. “Unread Messages” seeks to awaken these threads by displaying their subject line, sender’s name and profile picture, and a link to the message while users browse other parts of the site. It also makes the “Mark as Unread” button on the full screen of the inbox more useful, because users can mark messages unread so they can see what amount to reminders of them in the “Unread Messages” box.

Currently the feature brings up both personal messages, but also mass group and event announcements that users may have intentionally left unread. By focusing “Unread Messages” on user-to-user conversations, Facebook could increase return visits, time-on-site, and solidify themselves as a venue for highly-sensitive interaction, pulling these exchanges away from mediums like email.

“Photo Memories” functions like a snippet of the news feed that culls content from months ago instead of days.  The feature displays a photograph, its caption (or the album title if there is no caption), when it was added, the name of a friend tagged in the photo, and how many additional friends are tagged in the photo. It can also display photos tagged with Pages a user has liked. Similar to the “Reconnect With…” boxes, an ‘x’ can be clicked to replace the current with a new photo memory.

The algorithm that chooses which photo to display selects for those uploaded between 6 months and more than a year ago, weighted towards photos added 10 months ago from what we can tell. Similar to the news feed, it selects for photos that have received numerous likes and comments, and in which friends you’ve interacted with recently are tagged. Akin to how people decorate their homes with the best photos and paintings, not just the most recent, Facebook is acknowledging that certain content is timeless. The feature also helps illustrate the site’s long-term value, giving users perspective on how they are building a history, as well as a community, on Facebook. If this feature expands to display other types of content like notes and status updates, expect the pleasant experience of being reminded of your networks’ best poems, jokes, links, and memories.

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114 Responses to “New “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” Features Suggest Facebook Activity to Users”

  1. ANON says:


  2. Felix Landry says:

    Did you quit Facebook ?

  3. Daniel Rechel says:

    This is pretty cool, except for the fact all of the “photo memories” i have seen are pretty boring. Very few comments/likes on the photo and there is not really any desire for me to “Go Back Into Time” to look at it. It would be great if the photos were actually “memorable” ….

  4. Ashley says:

    I hate photo memories. I could understand if it was actually related to me but I’m getting nasty pictures from people I never met, and no mutual friends. It’s stupid and we should be able to get rid of it.

  5. Leander says:

    I’m not liking the photo memories. I’m friends with my and many friends moms and I have privatized many of my pictures. I just hope they cant see them in their photo memories but I have a feeling sneaky ass facebook allows them to see the private photos.

  6. callie says:

    i HATE photo memories!!!! what a pile of shit! i thought facebook were supposed to be dealing with privacy issues, not invading its users privacy further!! all these kinds of things should be an option that can be disabled!! facebook fuckers!!

  7. kavajo says:

    i agree, I tried to contact facebook but of course it’s impossible. I would like to quit, but due to the fact that I use at is the only means of contact i have with many people. this will most likely be fixed soon but we need to pressure them.

  8. Diana says:

    I absolutely hate this. I was shocked to see a picture of my baby daughter (a mere hour old, still in the hospital) on my home page WHERE THE ADS USUALLY ARE, with a box around her head and a Facebook message urging me to “tag” her. WTF? Those are my (supposedly) PRIVATE PICTURES and you shouldn’t have the right to shove them in my face at random. Fuck off!

  9. Case says:

    I love photo memories. My kids’ private photos are now popping up on my page and I can see all the things that they are hiding from me! Seriously.

  10. azeem says:


  11. Dan says:

    Photo Memories is a bad idea. My photos are set to private for a reason.

    Mark & Co., this is an invasion of privacy.

  12. Rusty V says:

    I ended up finding out that my ex was cheating on me because of Photo Memories. Thanks Facebook!

  13. Gerald says:


  14. JL says:

    Certain people consistently appear on “photo memories”. What do you think this means?

  15. HArry says:

    how can you disable this?!?!?!

  16. Dom says:

    I would rather be able to browse through pictures without having to suffer thumbnails of my girlfriend on holiday with her ex popping up at me. I can hardly see why I would be recommended that, given i want to **&&%%”%$$!@@#~~#*

  17. Bertrund says:

    I keep getting pics of my ex appearing, even after I have blocked her on facebook. Its like Facebook knows we were together, it must have monitored our contact on there, but it doesnt stop pics of her (and us together) appearing! How do I delete this feature? I dont want to see my ex!! Ever!!

  18. Jason G.W. says:

    Out of the 400 over friends i had, why is it that a friend kept on appearing on the recommended photo memories and photo albums update… how does facebook chooses which friend to recommend to you? Its wierd that its 90% of the time the pictures recommended are always from this friend of mine.

  19. Ergin says:

    FUCK THIS. BULLSHIT. Facebook doesnt give a damn about anybodys privacy anymore. Facebook is gonna die in a couple years because of such stupid actions. It’s stupid to have photo memories, even more stupid that there is no way getting rid of it. Except this one: TRY THIS:

    Go to Privacy Settings – Application And Website Settings – there should be a section that says “Info accessible through your friends” or sth like that. DO NOT ALLOW APPLICATIONS USE YOUR PHOTOS. I just tryed that lets see if it works.

  20. boaz says:

    it keeps showing me pictures of my ex and only her, i’m trying to move on. what is it good for?

  21. Justin says:

    Photo memories are always of 4 friends, in photos of when I never even knew they existed :/

  22. KT says:

    Photo Memories is a terrible idea. Not only is it an invasion of privacy but for me, the pictures that keep appearing are mainly from one person who I could care less about. Please get rid of this – or at lease provide the option of hiding this feature.

  23. Fuck Photo Memories says:

    Fucking Facebook is constantly showing me pictures of a arsehole I hate and I don’t even visit his profile (just to assume they collect infos on my habits). May God take these fuckers with him.

  24. Sick of Photo Memories says:

    I’d really appreciate if something could be done about this, I was dumped last week and miraculously I’m getting each and everyday Photo Memories of him. Is there someway to hide this? It’s making me sick and I seriously need to move on.

  25. Apt604 says:

    Agreed, it’s a really stupid feature.

    But as far as the ex or the arsehole, wouldn’t unfriending them work?

  26. Facebook fails, yet again says:

    Heh…from the several complaints above about Photo Memories showing pictures of their exes, it seems that this new “feature” has a knack for showing people pics they don’t want to see. I too am having this problem! I’m FB friends with someone I’d like to forget about but can’t defriend for fear of the ensuing drama. Apparently filtering them out of my news feed and Adblocking their profile ID isn’t enough – of the 3 or so people who consistently show up in Photo Memories, this person is one of them!

    Congrats, Facebook. Yet another stupid, poorly thought out change. It’s a shame this site is so useful and ubiquitous…because at the same time, I hate it.

  27. Hate Facebook Photo Memories! says:

    how do i get rid of facebook photo memories? anybody figure it out yet? it’s really horrid and making me hate FB – certain people I DON’T want to remember keep popping up – actually this person is the ONLY one that pops up – it’s not even photos that I’m tagged in – so who gives a rats ass? i’m not happy with facebook… if you know how to get rid of it please let me know!

  28. Rebecca says:

    I think more attention needs to be given to Facebook’s invasion of privacy with the Photo Memories feature. If I wanted to see photos of people, I would visit their albums. I don’t think I should be able to see albums of anyone I don’t know either, nor should strangers have access to photos of me.

    And I, too, don’t much like seeing my boyfriend with his ex on my personal profile page. Make it stop!

  29. sally says:

    I hate photo memories. I just broke up with my ex of almost four years and “hid” him from FB page. I know we’re gonna be friends one day and I can unhide him, but right now, I really don’t want to see old pictures of us hanging out together! Please make it stop! It’s really really painful.

  30. If you must do this, please do it randomly says:

    I assume the suggestions are based on whoever’s pics you look at the most because the only pics that ever come up are of a guy I had a thing with and became obsessed about. I’m over him now and have a boyfriend. When my boyfriend’s in the room I really don’t want Facebook pointing out that I stalked this guy for ages. Not that my boyfriend doesn’t know that, but it’s still horrifically cringeworthy.

  31. judd says:

    do you think the photo memories you see are possibly from someone who has been viewing your profile ?
    i keep seeing someone show up and i havent visited their profile and was wondering if maybe they are looking at my profile ?

  32. Not funny says:

    Yup, I can confirm that Photo Memories keeps showing me pictures for two people whose albums I have looked up a lot. This could lead to awkward moments, as I do frequently use facebook while I’m together with my girlfriend where she looks over my shoulder to see what I’m doing or I’m showing her things on my profile, but I would definitely not want her to know that I have been looking at the albums posted by those two people more often than at others.
    So yes, please make Photo Memories more random. This also tells me that facebook collects my browsing history while I’m on facebook. Don’t like that.

  33. tech says:

    I would LOVE to look through pictures on facebook without constantly being shown pictures of my bf with his ex or being told to “tag” pictures that he untagged himself in because they broke up! agh! its so annoying!

  34. melanie says:

    photo memories is terrible. we should at least be given the option of on/off. i don’t want people to be able to see nasty old pictures of me, thanks, and one person keeps on coming up on memories who i don’t really have an interest in seeing either.

  35. elizabeth says:


  36. pawlah says:

    I was horrified to see photos that I specifically did not want viewed…flashing up on “photo memories”
    I have been trying to figure out how to disable it.
    Lose it Facebook or you will lose me.

  37. pawlah says:

    Okay…I just deleted all the pictures of my daughter…I can’t have her beautiful face out there for just anyone to view…Thanks Facebook.

  38. danielle says:

    I HATE PHOTO MEMORIES! all that ever pops up is my boyfriend with his ex girlfriend. That is NOT something I want to be reminded of everyday. FIX IT

  39. lisa says:

    This is a really big nuisance and no one I know likes it. You either see weird and random people that you dont know, or you see people that you DONT WANT to see. Maybe we dont look at those old pictures because WE DONT WANT TO! its not hard to find old pictures if you want to see them, and it sucks to have them thrown in your face. Facebook, PLEASE GET RID OF THIS!

  40. Jose says:

    Go to privacy settings then applications and websites. Then under info accessible through your friends uncheck everything. There is absolutely no reason random people and potentiality hostile applications should be able to see your personal information through one of your friends unless you decide it’s necessary. While your at it you may want to turn off instant personalization and public search because then your Facebook information is available to sites and apps outside of Facebook and though in some instances for some applications this can be useful, the fact is that the few uses does not justify the millions of other sites and harmful programs that utilize the information to find out things about you.

    Note: the steps described will not prevent photo memories from appearing on your Facebook page it will just stop it from taking your photos and information and showing it to others.

    To Facebook:
    I propose you begin a system of voting by facebook users to approve or deny new programs and ideas such as this. I think if you are actually reading through these messages and the countless similar over other topics you’ll realize you are creating a hostile situation between you and your users. You have not been around forever, the world got along without you and if you can’t keep users content with your service they will learn to get along without you. There are countless of programmers out with the expertise to create sites equal to your own. Although a viable competitor has not yet surfaced, I can assure you that angering your users will only drive the demand for an alternative.

  41. Red says:

    I like the FB photo memories. It displays photos of two of my FB friends, one of whom is my best friend. That it displays photos of my other FB friend is curious because I hardly ever look at his profile. I am just wondering how FB selects the photos to display in its “photo memories” box. Again, no complaints as I am always happy to see my friends.

  42. GUEST says:

    I hate Facebook Photo Memories and so does every single person I know. Join this group for now, as there seems to be no other way to do anything about it which is INFURIATING.

  43. Elle says:

    OMG I need this gone. EVERY time it’s the same girl appearing.. she is a friend of my husband but they had a thing right b4 I met him and I’m not convinced she ever got over him. I can’t delete her because of the circle of friends but I am so sick of her being in my photo memories. There has to be a way to disable it surely. If I click the cross a new photo of her pops up and it just keeps going. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR very annoyed..

  44. horseface says:

    Really useful infos, thanks, I also hated this crap, but now i disabled it

  45. JD says:

    Agree with the others – all it does is show pics of my ex. We wanted to stay friends on FB but this is making it hard. FACEBOOK – PLEASE ADD AN OPTION TO DISABLE “MEMORIES” FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE!!!

  46. Janey says:

    It kept showing me pics of this one guy who I didnt want to think about anymore. I had removed him from the news feed but that didnt seem to work. So finally in frustration I deleted all the messages between us and any posts on my wall having to do with him. Then I made it so it wouldnt show his face in my group of friends on the left hand side. And I made myself promise not to look at his profile which was easier once his profile pic wasnt anywhere to be seen on my own page. That seems to have reduced the problem greatly. Now only occasionally does a pic of him pop up in the photo memories thing and it’s not too traumatic like before where every page showed a different pic of him.

    I think that it is really obnoxious and obviously they have designed it to feed addictions, i.e. if you cant get over someone and keep looking at them, their posts, and their messages, they put more and more of that person there so you’ll sit there like an idiot all day getting hooked on FB and not break free of it. FB is a pain in the ass and it’s like a full time job that will suck the life out of you.

  47. kate says:

    I have had photos of my ex constantly and i am trying to move on. lots of people have been experiencing this one….
    the even worse thing is that i constantly get shown photos of my friend who recently died, with a box around his head saying something like “who’s this?” or whatever it is


  48. kate says:

    that feed addictions bit, i completely, completely agree, janey.

  49. julie says:

    I browsed through most of the comments left here and I’m pretty much in the same predicament.

    It keeps showing pics of my ex and their new significant other and it makes me sick! I’m still in love and I’m trying to move on but it’s ridiculously hard when every time I log on, their face pops up on the right hand of screen. IT’S SO FRUSTRATING! Why can’t it be someone else? Anyone else! My ex is the ONLY person that shows in the photo memories.

    It’s getting really ridiculous. Facebook is obviously getting hundreds of complaints on this, there needs to be a change already!

  50. Sara says:

    I do not like this feature either, thus why I’m on here reading this article and the responses…

    I believe that we are getting to see pictures of people whose pages we visit the most. My best friend, my husband and a friend at work are the only three photo memories I’ve ever seen and they are the three that I visit the most frequently.

    I hope this feature goes away!

  51. mkilani says:

    I REALLY HATE PHOTO MEMORIES.. it keeps showing me photos of my x-bf and i really wanna gett over him! I really succeed by not thinkin about him but it always shows up and it makes me weak again .. IT SUCKS.. REMOVVVVE ITTTTTTTTT

  52. lina latartara says:

    Get rid of it, it’s pointless!!!!!
    Also very annoying!

  53. Annoyed says:

    My fiance and I recently has our engagement party. What was posted on the event page as a photo memory for all to see? Me in a pic with a psychotic ex everyone knew I had massive problems with and had to take legal action against.

    Yeah, thanks facebook, thanks a lot.

  54. maria says:

    The photo memory feature is THE WORST. I keep seeing pictures of my boyfriend with his ex. I even blocked her, and they STILL keep popping up. I really don’t want to see that. Please, Facebook, let us disable this feature!

  55. anonymouse says:

    i have ad block for CHROME and this allows me to right mouse click on the photo memory shit and take it off.
    ad block also blocks those annoying fucking singles adds too! and basically anything else that is annoying advertising that didnt exist up until a few years ago.

  56. greg says:

    I figure it’s all about marketing. I noticed when my photos are up there they catch my attention. I think facebook is training our eyes to check out that area thus making their advertising more effective…

  57. Facebook disapprover says:

    I fucking hate this bullshit feature. Stop showing my girlfriend with her fucking ex’s ffs. Who ever thought of this idea has clearly never had a girlfriend and sits in the facebook office knocking one out over his mates woman in photo memories. Fucking virgin, use your brain, not your weener.

  58. Whitney says:

    I also dislike facebook photo memories. Like many others I keep seeing photos of people I don’t wish to see. It also shows unflattering photos of several people. I also don’t like tag this person. They usually aren’t as bad as photo memories, but I know that if the people that it suggested to tag only knew how bad it makes them look they wouldn’t be happy.

  59. Nitty says:

    This is crazy, I’m ONLY seeing my ex with her new boyfriend. There are 3 pics of them stacked one on top of the other, filling each of the 3 “photo memory” slots. I assume it’s because I viewed all her pics before, so I’m going to try cycling through all the pics of a random friend now, to override it.

  60. luiz says:

    down photo memories, i dont like this app neither

  61. Tiff says:

    This needs to be taken off!!! I’m sick of seeing photos of people or events that I don’t want to look at. This has angered me so much that I will rarely look at people’s photos now just becase I don’t want to see the photos memories box. Fb get your shit together and allow us to at the very least disable this function.

  62. Curios says:

    The pictures that pop up in my Photo Memory 90% of the time is always of a guy I have virtually no contact with. I NEVER look at his page, yet he is always on my Photo Memory. The only thing I can figure is that the people that pop up on your page are the ones that are looking at YOUR page all the time. How else could it always be this guy… I don’t think we ever interacted through facebook and I never look at his page.

  63. Torn says:

    All I see are pictures of my ex. I have to use facebook for communication, but am forced to see her EVERY single time I log on. It’s such an emotional time using the platform.

    PHOTO MEMORIES IS DEPRESSING ME. Thanks mark and team!!

  64. irritation says:

    so i admit, im not over my ex completely and i do look at his profile. i make it hard enough on myself. i dont need facebook to try and get me to look at his pics. pls stop photo memories, unless u WANT me to delete facebook.

  65. irritation again says:

    and yes, with me too… its his friggin face 90% of the time. okay photo memories can stay, but let me stop him from popping up then! i just want more control thats all!

  66. the only way says:

    perhaps the only way to remove people we don’t want to see on these (damn) so-called “photo memories” is just to remove that friend completely from our facebook friends list?
    i had a friend who i really don’t want to see there but exactly SHE keeps popping up in my “photo memories”! however, i didn’t remove her as a FB friend. So now I am wondering if a complete removal would help.

  67. Ben says:

    Photo memories is a good idea but it definitely needs an off button. I’ve recently split from my ex and she’s on them all the time. It’s very emotional and this doesn’t make it better.

    It’s a good idea but it needs an off feature, it’s upsetting me.

  68. Bubbleburst says:

    For those who would like to believe it is someone who stalks you, it is not…. it IS in fact a page where you currently view or had previously viewed their pictures/page/etc more frequently than others.

  69. Kir says:

    Americans and their stupid facebook. If that Photo Memories keep showing photos of the persons yall stalked 24/7 then I got a tip fo ya. just go to anotha persons profile (relatives fo example) and browse thru all their albums and make sure you do it alot. Problem solved

  70. Carolyn says:

    All I have to say is first off I am glad and I am not the only person with this Photo Memorie problem. First off to those who say its people’s profile that you view a lot. Its not i tried to go to one of my friends profiles every day and see if they stop poping up and they dont. But Maily i notice that its not only my ex who like everyone stated dont want to see or be remind of them keeps poping up but also my sister and other people who i know view my profile. So i wonder if its people that view your pics that make there pics pop up like telling you to look at them. I dont know but if anyone figures it out let me know!

  71. Michelle says:

    Deleting the person doesn’t work! I got so frustrated that I finally deleted the person, and who is still popping up??? The same person! I feel like facebook is torturing me on purpose!

  72. Ed says:

    This is stupid, recently broke up with my girlfriend, and guess who is in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO!

  73. Jen says:

    Photo memories and unread messages piss me off so much.

    1.) Ever think there is a reason I have left that message unread? That I don’t want to look at it/think about it/read about it? But can’t bring myself to delete it either? Don’t tell me what to do facebook!

    2.) THE ONLY PHOTOS “PHOTO MEMORIES” SHOWS ME ARE PHOTOS OF THE GUY I’M IN LOVE WITH, USUALLY WITH HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND.I don’t look at those for very obvious reasons. I look at his page for this reason. I’m minding my own business, looking at my own photos usually, and there they are, smiling down on me from the top right corner of my screen. It’s torture. Seriously facebook, stop it!!

  74. Feeney says:

    I HATE photo memories. It keeps putting pictures up of the guy I just broke up with. Thanks Facebook. No. Really.

  75. Chris says:

    I’m just so glad I’m not alone on this one.

  76. Aubrey says:

    TOTALLY agree with Jen here, photo memories only shows me photos of someone I’m trying NOT to look at pictures of. I really don’t need the reminder that the guy I like is flippin handsome and SO not into me.

    Thanks facebook.

  77. Sam Odio says:

    Hi All -

    I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo memories product no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them.


    -Sam Odio
    Photos product manager

  78. KC says:

    Hahahaha I can’t BELIEVE how many people are having the same problem. Out of my 300 friends, 90% of my photo memories are from the one girl who dumped me that I am still facebook friends with. I like her enough to stay friends, but I would rather look at ANYONE else’s pictures than her cavorting around with her new girlfriend.

  79. Facebook Stops Constantly Showing You Pictures of Your Ex says:

    [...] but of Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio. Yesterday he commented on a post about the issue over at All Facebook, saying, “I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo [...]

  80. GF says:

    Yet another desperate and ill conceived idea from fb. I do not want to have my content forced into view. I do not want to see pics from others, i do not want a preview of unread messages. I am now down grading my personal content as facebook cannot be trusted

  81. Facebook se compromete a no volver a mostrarte fotos de tu ex | TreceBits says:

    [...] jefe de los proyectos de Fotografía de la red social, Sam Odio, ha contestado a un post en el blog InsideFacebook en el que asegura que van a tomar cartas en el [...]

  82. Rob says:

    This is an awful feature, it constanlty show’s old ex’s in my pictures… How does’s Facebook determine old relationships if you never set the stupid thing to ‘In Relationship with…’??? Have a feature to DISABLE the thing.

  83. פייסבוק הפסיק להציג לכם תמונות של אקסים מיתולוגים | חורים ברשת says:

    [...] תיבת Photo Memories, מנהל פרויקט התמונות בפייסבוק, סם אודיו, הגיב לפוסט ישן בנושא באתר AllFacebook בדברים הבאים: "אנחנו קשובים לביקורת. מעתה מוצר Photo [...]

  84. Facebok Stops Taunting You with Your Ex! | says:

    [...] has revealed that Facebook has tweaked the algorithm to stop the potential parade of past-loves. He proudly announced that: “Photo Memories no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a [...]

  85. Nashville Facebook can make us happy again — Nashville WordPress Web Marketing says:

    [...] but of Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio. Yesterday he commented on a post about the issue over at All Facebook, saying, “I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo memories [...]

  86. Michelle says:

    I hate the photo memories feature. I’ve disabled web applications and apparently my photos are still showing up on other people’s pages. I don’t want my friends’ photos showing up on my pages. I’ll go and look at them if I want to – I don’t want them pushed in my face.

  87. Kay says:

    My cousin committed suicide in February. This feature constantly brings up her photos. I do appreciate that I am still able to view her photos on her FB page, which is being monitored by another family member, but I only want to see her photos and messages WHEN I WANT TO SEE THEM…not when this FB feature decides I need to. This feature is obtrusive, inappropriate and an invasion of privacy.

  88. mike says:

    I am not a huge fan of photo memories because all I am seeing is an ex from college…how many times do i have to click the “x” so that I don’t see her pictures anymore. Im too nice to defriend. haha

  89. arose says:

    I hate this photo memories feature in it’s entirety. Not simply because it pin-points people’s past relationships, but because it is messy looking and contradicts the clean simplicity that attracted me to Facebook in the first place. As if the advertisements weren’t horrible enough (and god, are they horrible) but the photo memories feature is so f’ing irritating. Facebook, get rid of it. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Bring back clean simplicity please, for christ sake.

  90. arose says:

    Ugh, the messiness of Facebook 2k10 is making me nauseated.

  91. Paige says:

    Please just allow us to disable this feature, or at least allow us to disable Photo Memories with certain people. My boyfriend never announced his previous relationship on Facebook, so even with this new fix I still have to see all of the old pics with his ex recommended to me. I manage all social media for my company, which means I have to put up with this all day long, every day. Please allow us to opt-out completely. This is heart-wrenching.

  92. Dylan says:

    Yes I have the same issue, always seeing photos of my gf and her ex-bf. Who needs that! I should be able to block certain people off the photo memories or better still be allowed to not have that box displayed at all.. come on fb!

  93. s says:

    please make it so they no longer show your current significant other with their ex…

    or at least the ability to turn it off…

  94. Bianca says:

    We need to be able to disable this box. Having it tune out people you formerly had relationship status with is useless because not everyone lists their relationship status…

  95. Clara says:

    Hm. I actually am annoyed that they no longer show pictures of people you used to be in relationships with. I “married” a bunch of my best friends back in the day, and they’re the only people whose pictures I’d really care to see.

    BUT on that note, why on EARTH does facebook think i care about my friends’ summer program photos from 2006? I wasn’t there! I was hardly even friends with them at that point! I really don’t care!

    Just no.

  96. Facebookで元彼/元彼女の写真が表示されなくなった – IT / テクノロジー | says:

    [...] このツラい思い出をリマインドする”Photo Memories”に対して、ユーザがグループを作成して抗議。メディアからも注目されたけれど、FacebookのフォトプロジェクトマネジャーのSam Odio氏の注意もひいたようで。昨日、「みんなからのフィードバックは届いている。”photo memories”は元彼や元彼女の写真を表示しなくなった」とブログ記事で発表したそう。 [...]

  97. Facebook Photo Memories Will Now Censor Pictures Of Your Ex | KING.NET says:

    [...] from friends’ photo albums that were uploaded between six and twelve months before. Inside Facebook explains, “The feature displays a photograph, its caption (or the album title if there is no [...]

  98. Glen says:

    I really wish there was a way to choose whose pictures you want displayed in Facebook memories. Now Facebook isn’t showing me pictures of my best friend because we were jokingly in a fake Facebook relationship for a week or so last year. But it’s still showing me tons of pictures of friends’ exes which I’d rather not pop up on my Facebook page when said friends are visiting me.

  99. Ryan says:

    Why would you change it so that by default photo memories won’t show people from previous relationships? It should be customizable, not an automatic thing. I am friends with people in my exes and would like to see their pictures, also sometimes people go into fake relationships with their close friends. Automatically excluding exes is extremely stupid. You should be able to just select people from your friends list that you want to exclude. There are some people I would prefer not to see “photo memories” of but none of them are my exes.

  100. Shirley says:

    Dear Facebook,

    Please remove the “Photo Memories” It is a privacy issue that needs to be addressed.

    There is no choice for users when facebook decides to post random photos they took for all their facebook friends to view.

    It is very hurtful to see others that you choose not to see at popping up unexpectedly even when that person was not an ex anything.


  101. Celebrity High Magazine » Say goodbye to FB memories says:

    [...] caught the attention of Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio, who confirmed the change in a comment on an All Facebook post yesterday. “I’d like to let you know that we’re listening [...]

  102. Mixing the Real (Life) with the Virtual (Facebook) « TokiiLife says:

    [...] the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that every once in a while, a little section called Photo Memories shows up in the corner. Released this past May, the section meant to invoke warm and fuzzy feelings [...]

  103. Judy DAlonzo seas says:

    the number of friends are showing 31 when i have 33 can you correct it.

  104. Facebook blocks your exes from appearing in ‘Photo Memories’ | memeburn says:

    [...] example, Rusty V commented on an post about the launch of Photo Memories: “I ended up finding out that my ex was cheating on [...]

  105. Brad says:

    Do yourself a favour, If you don’t want to see pictures of your ex, un tag yourself from all those crappy pictures of the 2 of you that make you wanna vomit, and delete the person as a friend\!

    Problem solved!! now quit your whining and carry on with your lives!

  106. Amalia Soemantri says:

    Please..remove it permanently from face book, I really hate that ‘photo memories’. Bring back bad memory, and ruin my mood. I HATE IT..
    please listen to FB user…

  107. Cachorrita says:

    I think it’s to do with how many pictures one of your friends is tagged in. A pretty friend of mine is a sweetheart but frustratingly in love with her own image, and is tagged in about 800 photos (most of which she’s got people to take) and every single picture in photo memories bar a couple are of her. I hardly ever look at her photos as I don’t admire her vanity, and now I certainly don’t need to as they are on my facebook page all the time in photo memories. It’s a ridiculously stupid application that should have an off button.

  108. Kirsten says:

    FACEBOOK – there IS such a thing as trying to be TOO clever. Give it a rest or ….

    give US the CHOICE!

  109. Pao says:

    I recently found myself reading comments posted on old pics I hadn´t gone through in quite a while. My surprise was thas those comments were from people who had nothing to do with the pics. Now I just found out about this “photo memories” thing and I see I´m not the only one pissed off by this app. I profoundly dislike the fact of having random pics from my albums pop up on random friends´pages. Not only is it impossible to remove, but also it does not appear for me! I can only imagine how it works beacuse i have never seen it. I don´t really know how bad it is because, the same way you can´t disable it, you can´t enable it just to see what we´re talking about!
    Where did FB privacy go?I really find it necessary.

  110. Rico Suave says:

    I hate “Photo Memories” feature. It keeps featuring the one person I removed from “newsfeed updates” but this damn feature constantly features of their photo albums within the last year.

    We have the ability to remove friends from “newsfeed updatese” so we should have the same ability to remove them from “photo memories”. This default setting is retarded and painful…please stop this or allow us to select which friends we’d like to see “photo memories.”

    The only alternative I can see if to remove that person as a “friend” but that just creates more drama!

  111. Josh Constine says:

    @Rico: Sorry to hear you’re discontent with the Photo Memories feature. Some ways that can reduce the prevalence of a specific person in your Photo Memories is to not visit their profile.

  112. Nashville Facebook can make us happy again — Ah So Designs says:

    [...] but of Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio. Yesterday he commented on a post about the issue over at All Facebook, saying, “I’d like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback. The photo memories [...]

  113. Facebook Photo Memories – Your Privatized Photos Leaked | Jackson Lo says:

    [...] Facebook wrote a post on the New “Unread Messages” and “Photo Memories” Features Suggest Facebook Activit…. Many complain that this feature exposes the privatize photos of Facebook members. Whether it be an [...]

  114. Mixing The Real (Life) With The Virtual (Facebook) | Tokii Lab says:

    [...] the last few months, you’ve probably noticed that every once in a while, a little section called Photo Memories shows up in the corner. Released this past May, the section meant to invoke warm and fuzzy feelings [...]

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