Facebook for iPad Still Not Released, Third Parties Try But Get In Trouble

Many people expected to see an official Facebook app launch along with the iPad this past weekend, but it didn’t. Instead, new owners of the tablet device looked in the App Store for a Facebook and found an unofficial app called Facebook Ultimate, for $2.99.

It got as high as number 7 on Apple’s paid iPad apps list over the weekend. But its name, if not other aspects of it, resulted in trouble with Facebook. “The Ultimate Facebook App was a clear violation of Facebook Platform policies around trademark infringement and affiliation, and has since been removed from the App Store by Apple,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook has yet to launch an official iPad app. Former Facebook iPhone app developer Joe Hewitt tweeted that the “#7 paid app is the 2.99 ‘Facebook Ultimate!’…. Sigh.” We don’t know when an official Facebook for iPad will be released.

Facebook has made a point of customizing its service for as many devices as possible. In terms of Apple products, its app for the iPhone and iPod touch is one of the most popular on Facebook’s platform as well as in the App Store. The mistaken identity around Facebook ultimate goes to show that even the serious early adopter crowd buying iPads wanted the app, not just the other 400 million monthly active people already using it.

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16 Responses to “Facebook for iPad Still Not Released, Third Parties Try But Get In Trouble”

  1. Kal L. Priforce says:

    The woman who created the Ultimate Facebook App supplied a demand and didn’t mislead her customers. Her story is quite compelling.

    I think she’s a great role model for girls getting into technology and sciences and for women as a whole – especially moms!

    I think she’s a hero. She addressed a need and in speedy time. Facebook should hire her.

  2. Raphael says:

    I’d rather they fixed the numerous bugs with the Facebook for iPhone than work on the iPad version.

  3. robert stephens says:

    Please get me off of Zoosk , Zoosk will not let me CANCEL and hacked into my email list + using addresses without permission Please HELP

  4. Jimi Bostock says:

    This is crazy. How long have we known about the IPad and yet here we have FaceBook still to release an app

    But wouldn’t the old iphone app work as well, just blown up to the screen size?

    Jimi Bostock
    PUSH Agency
    Brisbane | Canberra | Sydney | Australia

  5. Dave McVicar says:

    http://www.facebook.com looks pretty good in Safari on the iPad. A few glitches in the chat pop-up, but otherwise very usable. I’m sure the official iPad Facebook App will be the best experience possible in the near future, but there’s no need to use the iPhone-sized variety in the mean time.

  6. Facebook Ultimate, una aplicación no oficial disponible para iPad | Facebook en español says:

    [...] Vía | insidefacebook [...]

  7. Tim says:

    The iPad isn’t important to justify its own Facebook app.

  8. Mahmud Ahsan says:

    iPad has a bigger size than iphone. So if browser runs ok then I think there is no need to have a separate facebook application.

  9. Ryno D'Esposito says:

    K for apple to crucify this lady and take the app off before getting an official app up is just wrong.. You can obviously see how popular Facebook is on mobile devices and with a 1/4 million iPad’s sold, you think they would hustle to get one out, if Facebook isn’t ccncerned with getting us an app quickly (been over 3 months since the ipad announcement and still nothing?) then let other parties take the reigns. Yes it’s wrong she charged people for it but can u blame this lady? There was a high demand and excitement for Facebook on iPad and she provided… Apple your pathetic for trying to controlling something like this. It’s America, welcome to capitalism.

  10. Julie says:

    Using Facebook in the safari browser on the iPad looks and works great, except for being able to upload pictures. You cant upload any pictures from the iPad and that is very annoying. Im stuck still using the teeny and pixlated iPod version if i want to upload a picture.

  11. Social Gaming Roundup: Celestial Steeds, Dungeons, Korea, and More says:

    [...] Facebook Connected iPhone Apps Have Creditials Deleted – A few more iPhone developers whose apps communicate with Facebook had their developer credentials deleted by the social network this past week. Essentially, this means the Facebook API that talks with the iPhone will no longer function, and basically breaks the application for anyone that attempts to use. Evidently, the issue involves copyright infringement on Facebook’s intellectual property, something that Facebook regularly enforces against — in fact, it already did against an unofficial Facebook iPad app. [...]

  12. Argent009 says:

    Currently the only real Facebook app out there that’s still available is Sobees, it’s a far cry from a fully functional facebook app but it shows potential, if the developers actually listen to what the users say about it.

  13. Chuck says:

    To the first post, The woman who wrote ultimate Facebook app was not doing anyone a service. She was breaking the law and stealing. We need people who want to be ethical in technology. As far as your women in tech line, woman are already 65% of college graduates. They don’t need any more help. This is 2010 not 1960.

    Facebook needs an iPad app. The woman who stole and infringed on fair copyrights is NOT a hero. Anyone who steals ideas are just scammmers. She belongs in court

  14. Brad says:

    You can email them from your photos to the Facebook uploader

  15. Kenan says:

    or… you can jailbreak the ipad and edit one file and poof! its a full screen, hi-def ipad app.

  16. Tony says:

    Check out Facedekk for Facebook in the app store. It’s a universal binary so it runs on iPhone and iPad. Manages multiple Facebook accounts, read and write Facebook mail, upload photos, manage photo albums and much more.

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