Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Home Page Design

Facebook is now fully launching the long-planned redesign, with 80 million users getting it tonight — that’s 80 million of the now-400 million people using the site, the company says. The new design is basically what we’ve been examining in detail since the first test screenshots apppeared last October.

Parts of the site that were formerly located in the bottom toolbar — bookmarks, notifications, chat — are now being moved up into the left-hand navigation column on the homepage, or into the top navigation bar. Here are some more details gleaned from Facebook this evening.

First off, a lot more people are engaging with notifications in the new design, Facebook’s Peter Deng tells us, which isn’t surprising since it’s at the top left-hand side of the site instead of the right hand of the bottom toolbar. Notifications for third parties will appear within the new interface for the rest of the month, until Facebook removes them on March 1.

There are a few other new points that the company revealed today. The news feed will now be more clearly delineated at the top. “Credits Balance,” as we noted in an update to our last post, now appears in the drop-down of the new Accounts page on the top right-hand corner. The new search box shows search results for people based on how closely they’re connected to you — how many friends you both have in common, etc. The photo uploader has been rebuilt from scratch, and promises far better performance than the prior one.

While notifications have been moved up to the top, and bookmarks slotted into the left-hand navigation column on the home page, Chat is a little different. The instant message service now appears beneath the new bookmarks section on the home page, and shows you friends who are online and available to chat; the list is sorted by how often to talk to the people, and other factors. Meanwhile, a part of the bottom toolbar is sticking around — pop-up window on the right side of every page, where you chat with people as you use various parts of Facebook or third party apps.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also tells us that the company is planning to roll out “something cool” every month from now on, but no word on what products we’ll see.

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131 Responses to “Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Home Page Design”

  1. Jamie Ellis says:

    I find this part abit ironic “A lot more people are engaging with notifications, Facebook’s Peter Deng tells us, which isn’t surprising since it’s at the top left-hand side of the site instead of the bottom toolbar.”

    Peter your getting rid of them in favor of Email mate ;)

    80 Million by ‘Tonight’ US PST – so i may have it or not in the morning! (here in Europe)

    I assume they be actively roll it out at least 80 Million a day – or they hoping Everyone to have it by Business Close Friday!

  2. Sherry says:

    Ironic that the links to post this on my Facebook account are not functioning!

  3. Scott Bishop says:

    One thing seems to have disappeared which in turn brought up another hope for the future.

    The previous homepage let you filter other peoples posts by game (Example: Click on App name in the left column, only see posts for that particular game). This seems to have disappeared.

    We still have the ability to make lists, but will we ever have a time when we can block apps from that certain list?

    This may seem like an odd thing to care about, but it also can go beyond the little games.

  4. John (Capn Crunch) draper says:

    How will this affect us iPhone users using a custom iPhone app for Facebook?

  5. Smokey says:

    Way to keep a consistent time scale on that chart there.

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  9. Olivier Bezy says:

    When I visit a profile or if I go into an application, the whole left menu disappears. Which means I can’t navigate from these pages with my bookmarks, I have to systematically come back to Homepage to navigate to my favorite applications … Pretty annoying.

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  16. browolf says:

    I like this new layout but the ability to have a status only newsfeed seems to have disappeared. Which was the only way to dispense with irrelevant information overload. /cry

  17. Tammy Hagemeyer says:

    I haven’t been able to log into facebook for 14 hours. When will it be available again?

  18. ds says:

    If I can’t get back to status-only updates, eliminating all other notifications, I will no longer use facebook.

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  23. pat clark says:

    i dont like the new face book cover

  24. Helen Daily says:

    I have been a Facebook user from the beginning. However, I have not been able to access my Facebook page for more than 3 days. It has a blue to gray film on the page and I cannot click on any of the entries. All I can do is to scrool the page. Please help!!!!

  25. Ann Dales says:

    How do I find my alphabetical list of Friends and Relatives????

  26. Bob says:

    On my iPhone when I navigate from the postings and come back, I return to where I left. On my computer when I am scrolling down to older posts and navigate away, when I come back I return to the first page of posts, not where I left. Can’t a pointer be placed where we were and this will direct us back to the place we left?

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  29. Maggie says:

    So when will the rest of us 400mil users get the new update? I would LOVE to update the privacy settings that are still effecting me even though I can’t access the new feature= game dashboard. And it is royally pissing me off.

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  32. Penny Lewis says:

    Nothing is working right. Can’t access older posts, can’t “Like” something, and now it’s telling me I have no history of postings. Somebody needs a smack in the back of the head! I’d be happy to oblige! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I tried to find contact info for FB, but there isn’t any. No phone, no email, nada!

  33. Luigi Trovato says:

    Either one likes the changes or not, they keep changing it too often.
    Once a layout has been found and gone in production, it should remain untouched for several months… pfftt OMG let’s even say more than a year??
    Most of people hate having to start over with they configurations a few weeks after they’ve come up with a final setup

  34. Robin Blesse says:

    I just got my home page update this afternoon and have been playing around with it for the last hour. Overall, I like some of the new changes, it’s definitely a bit more streamlined which is good. I don’t like that the bookmarks aren’t available to take you from one app to another, very awkward to have to go home each time just to click on another bookmark. I’m also disappointed that the number of bookmarks on permanent view are now reduced from 6 to only 3.

    Also, VERY upset to hear that 3rd party notifications are going to be taken away soon. I hope they have some alternative in mind, as I can’t imagine having to pop in and out of facebook to check my email to see if one of my friends has played their turn in Scrabble, only to have to jump back over to facebook to take my turn! How counter-intuitive!!!

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  36. linda says:

    dont care what it looks like….just stop it from freezing up please….its bloody annoying

  37. kathy says:

    Fewer bookmarks available and those that I can see are not the ones I use most — and I can’t see a way to re-order them. I really dislike constantly having to go to Home to go to a different application. What was wrong with what we had? I’d barely got used to that and now things are all changed again. :-(

  38. amy says:

    If I can’t get back to status-only updates, eliminating all other notifications, I will no longer use facebook.

  39. Jean says:

    Why are they doing away with the 3rd party notifications next month? I don’t want to receive these things in my email and have to open each note individually. It’s much easier to open all notifications on one page and then click the links I want to visit. I also do not want to provide my email to the 3rd party companies.

  40. Henk ten Hoope says:

    Okay, now facebook has thie “cool” new design but a bunch of stuff doesn’t work anymore or is now broken. Applications that I had bookmarked I can’t find in my applications.
    Apps that I have disabled (not to show in my list) all of sudden reappear.
    Applications don’t work right anymore, they can’t post anything.
    Nice work Facebook, again….. Maybe we should all say goodbye to FB and hang on Twitter or MySpace…

  41. Henk ten Hoope says:

    Oh, and a “cool” new thing every month, does that mean that it is going to break every month now?

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  43. Debbie Stumm says:

    I went into get on GROUPS and nothing comes up. I cant see all the GROUPS that I have joined now. What a cluster! They need to quit messing with this and leave it alone. Beyond Annoying!!!!

  44. Jolan Gica says:

    i think its cool

  45. faceboo says:

    same think here nothing came up

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  48. Gayan karunarathna says:

    there is no any change of my page yet.. so WTF is happening :(

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  51. alan says:

    er…can somebody tell me that why my facebook lokk is still the same uh?i thought it had change to as new as the picture shown above?

  52. tylo_la says:

    I am really happy that my friends are joining new groups, becoming fans of pages and friending other people. I just don’t want to have to scroll through that crap. All I really want in my newsfeed are the status updates.
    So you think moving notifications to the header is going to mean more people are going to interact with notifications? Really? With the old system, the notifications were always there in the bottom corner. Now, if I’m on the site, but scrolled down a ways, I have to scroll up to the top to check if I have any notifications. How is this better?

  53. ahmed ramiz says:

    hey i coulden’t have the new homepage in my account , so i had to make a new account to have the new homepage style ….

  54. Charlie Neff says:

    Seems with the new home page we no longer have the ability to filter posts by the friends list? I use this to track friends I work with, went to school with, or game with. Sometimes I don’t want to wade through all the Mafia Wars & Farmville posts to see posts from my classmates.

    Sure hope this is reinstated because this will just be too big of a pain in the butt if it isn’t.

  55. Bla Bla Bla says:

    Can’t see my messages in inbox/mailbox with this new design!

  56. Драгана Стојановска says:

    My facebook look isnt change.. why?

  57. Morbid Morag says:

    I might well leave FB over this. I’ve seen the new design, though it hasn’t reached me yet, & it’s horrible. Before, I could go to my groups from any page – now I’ll have to navigate back to Home or Info. The top left icons are near-invisible & confusing (the Friend Requests one is identical to the former Groups icon).
    What’s more, though I don’t yet have this atrocity on my own pages, FB’s overhaul has completely screwed my account. When I try to see all my groups, I’m redirected to my Home page. This is a near universal problem. It’s been going on for sixteen hours now & nobody’s even trying to fix it.
    And Zugzwang wants to do this once a month? What’s his problem? Leave it alone!

  58. Kenny Overman says:

    Bit annoying. My friends who’ve only had FB year got the new look last night. I’ve had it for almost 4 years and didn’t get it. Smooth move FB…

  59. chelsea warner says:

    how do i get the new layout for facebook ??

  60. Russ Walberry says:

    I Hid some of the Farmville post by mistake, now i cant get them back, come on guys, new design – Yes, remove key functions – NO.

  61. Olivia Kopitzke says:

    I think its pretty stupid that only 80 million people are getting the look thus far. it’s saturday and I still have the same old facebook page. If your going to role out a new design don’t release it piece by piece. Do the whole community or dont do it at all.

  62. Denise says:

    I don’t see any change, neither does my daughter or son’s and many of my friends, while others do. What’s wrong with the programming? One thing that did change is missing posts, posts that are from yesterday scrolling down to minutes ago. It’s upside down, then all of a sudden it’s ok. Finding that under the news there are no posts at all. Not being able to comment and friends not being able to comment. Posts from applications not being able to post on the wall. Wow just made more problems.

  63. holliday312 says:

    yea it’s Saturday night and my profile is still the same, so when is the change supposed to reach all facebook users?

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    [...] The redesign was rolled out to the first group of users on Thursday, Facebook’s 6th birthday. As of Thursday evening, 80 million out of Facebook’s 400 million customers should have received the new home page, according to Inside Facebook. [...]

  65. Ann Schulz says:

    Don’t remove access to notifications! It’s a very easy & handy way to access info…& I won’t give my e-mail address out to even the best applications. Also, the old msg format was better and log-out could be accessed easier. Some good things..but all in all…should hv left it alone!

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  67. Lizz says:

    When will everybody have the new layout?!

  68. PC World Philippines :: News and Trends :: Facebook Homepage Redesign: A Feature Breakdown says:

    [...] said when the new rollout will be complete or how many users have received the update so far, but Inside Facebook is reporting that just 80 million of Facebook’s users have seen the changes to date. Details [...]

  69. Che Marquez says:

    what the hell was facebook thinking? the new homepage sucks..the old one is better! why cna’t they just put an option where the user can choose if they want the new or old homepage?

  70. michael watkins says:

    what i don’t understand is why do i not have the new home page layout yet?

  71. Marcin Adamski says:

    The thing that really annoy me is that there is no longer possibility of filtering news feeds. For example I used to filter pages from other posts to check what’s new there. I’d rather have older design just for the filtering thingy

  72. Marcin Adamski says:

    also my news feeds isn’t loading at all from time to time, “No posts to display.Use the Publisher above to add your own.” around once per 3 loads~

  73. Facebook under fire again « Talktojason says:

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  74. Victoria says:

    It fails. Epicly. I hate it.

  75. Bobby Barbati says:

    I can’t post on the home page any more but I can post on my wall. What do I have to do to fix that?

  76. Soyon Im says:

    I was wondering if I was overlooking a link or a button to filter the newsfeed. It was really good to be able to filter the newsfeed according to different lists – friends, family, gamers, etc. I hope FB brings this feature back.

  77. anon says:

    The bookmarks toolar is gone? Fail.

  78. Alton says:

    Facebook no longer asks you to which group you wish to assign new friends that you add. All new people you add to your friends list now get open doors/glass walls settings by default for your photos and posts.

    Look for Zuckerberg’s monthly ‘cool new features’ to be more of the same: hyped diversions that camouflage disappearing privacy options.

  79. g says:

    Wow. Whoever put this together was smoking crack. If I can’t get back to status updates ONLY, I’m done with this. So annoyed. And why can I only post to my wall, and not the homepage?
    GREAT improvements. Ugh.

  80. Denise says:

    There is only one word for this new Facebook – crap. I am using FB considerably less than I did a week ago because they now require more steps to get to applications and the status feed is gone. I am sick of everyone’s news about their new fish world and mafia wars conquests – now thatg is all I get. I no longer get status just crap.

  81. Robin says:

    *Total* usability disaster. The bottom toolbar was a great innovation becauase it was on-screen all the time. Now all the important notifications are at the top, so they vanish if you scroll down the page; furthermore, the bookmarks to favourite apps (e.g. Scrabble) can only by reached by returning to the home page. A major step back in interface design.

    Considering there are so many other usability issues on FB (uploading photos into an album is still clunky and bewildering), it’s a mystery why they invest so much time breaking things that were absolutely fine before. Is this change really trying to enhance the user experience or just satisfying Zuckerberg’s appetite for “something cool”?

  82. Melanie says:

    I might give up on Facebook over this, too. I don’t have the new page yet, but I also don’t have my friends’ posts. I have 300+ friends, but I’m getting only about 2 posts an hour, which I know isn’t remotely all that my friends are posting. When I refresh the page, those new posts disappear half the time, and I end up with a page of posts from hours ago. It’s ridiculous, and as a result, Facebook is essentially useless to me right now. If this isn’t fixed soon, there’s no reason to remain there. I can’t connect with hardly anyone as it stands, and they essentially give you no place to complain or ask for help. I went to Help, and when I clicked on something, it sent me back to my own home page. So, what’s the point?

  83. ray power says:


  84. Keith Grindley says:

    What were you thinking? This is dreadful. Why put all your subscribers through another steep learning curve? I have noticed people have left because of this.
    And we are going to get something cool each month! Something else to go wrong. All we want is to be able to control the feeds and set privacy to what we require.
    I agree with Epically horrible.

  85. Carlo Volti says:

    I cannot access anything from the new home page. In fact, I’m not even connecting to the new home page correctly because the side bars aren’t there, and all the links redirect back the home page. A friend had the same problem, so he emailed Facebook support to help him, and, their idea of help was to tell him where to find the ‘Deactivate Account’ button. I guess that about says it all when it comes to Facebook’s concern for its users, huh?

  86. Mary Grindley says:

    If Mr Zuckerberg thinks this is “cool” he is sadly mistaken. Please put it back & stop messing around with it. If it ain’t broke leave it alone!!

  87. martin jones says:

    i have been hit with the new facebook today and find it’s configuration appalling for the manner in which status updates appear in the newfeed amongst everything else and some of them are days old. It’s not easy to see if their is a filter system to not get lots of updates of what others are doing, like what they are doing on games etc.
    Fix that or i and a lot of other i know are going to say bye bye facebook

  88. christina says:

    this new home page sucks to say the least. You don’t get all your friends updates, only what facebook thinks you want. My last update from my friends was 5 hours ago. The only way you can see some of your friends status is if you go to their home page. And facebook has help to help you navigate, but it still doesn’t help the fact that they aren’t letting us get all of our updates! and for those of you who play mafia wars and what not, you can only subscribe to 250 of your friends news feeds so you will be sol when you want to help people or want help in return. facebook, this sucks..this is the worse move of them all..Myspace is looking better and better by the day

  89. Elaina says:

    The NEW PAGE SUCKS! Nothing works. No NEWS feeds. All the feeds are hours old. Status’ getting lost. I have personally left comments in my status only to see them vanish the minute I refresh the page.

    IF you depend on news feeds to play games ( collect objects etc , like FV) FORGETABOUTIT.

  90. Mike Thurber says:

    I’m trying to stir up a boycott of all Facebook advertisers until Deng & Co. finally understand that we don’t want a cool thing every month…especially this latest ‘cool’ thing.

  91. Iphone Application Developer says:

    I like this new layout of Facebook Home page. Facebook changing home page designs for betterment and i really appreciate this.

  92. Why does Facebook keep redesigning? « Murder Manual says:

    [...] E.V.: The motivation for the redesign is unquestionably in line with the company’s goal to monetize the site. The value of the site lies in members’ interactions, and these features — friend requests, messages, etc. — have been grouped together and placed in the upper-left corner. [...]

  93. David Horn says:

    The new design is crap. Top News is 9 hours old, Most Recent is 30 minutes – 2 hours old. Friends Requests, Messages and Notifications are shadows that are hard to see. Friends lists are hidden and have to be searched. Toolbar on the bottom was great now it’s gone. Can’t filter feeds. And who hides the logout box? There are many MORE bugs but too tired to mention them. EVER HEAR OF BETA TESTING fb? And where was the HELP DESK? All these problems and not ONE word from fb. Keeping quiet won’t make these problems go away, ask TIGER about keeping quiet it DIDN’T work for him. Fix these problems and tell us something. Now I know the internet changes everyday and fb a change from you to BUZZ,MYSPACE or TWITTER is just ONE CLICK away.

  94. Facebook redesign: Celebrating its 400 million active users! « Los Angeles Web Design | Weboart – Design Blog – Web 2.0 Design says:

    [...] On February 4th, 80 million users received the new homepage update according to Inside Facebook. [...]

  95. Facebook under fire again over redesign | www.JodoSpot.com says:

    [...] users, while the rest of the 320m users will follow in the next few days, according to the website Inside Facebook. Immediately after the site, ,which recently turned six, started to introduce the changes the [...]

  96. T Becker says:

    We need to have the ability to sort the news feed out by application back again. I can’t understand why this was taken away.

  97. Facebook undergoes another makeover « Media Update – The Blog says:

    [...] even tell you what exactly the ‘old’ Facebook looked like now! Nevertheless, the creators have taken the plunge and are in the process of fully launching the long-planned redesign – I logged in to see my new [...]

  98. just lee says:

    this no sucks where is pages window man help me out

  99. blade says:

    i hate it… to be honest…

  100. Christopher Parker says:

    1. I miss the news feed, which seems to have totally disappeared. I want to see *all* my facebook friends status updates, not just who facebook thinks are important. This was the most important feature and now that it is gone, I too am no longer using facebook.

    2. I would say changing the home page should only take place every 2-4 years and users should always have the ability to Keep the old template. Most people who are not techies don’t like change and don’t like learning new things. I think they are going to loose people over this.

  101. frederick gama says:

    I might get back to MySpace.

    The only reason a networking software or search engine picks up while others don’t is because of a good user entyrface.

    Facebook should learn from google.

    The new design is rediculous!

  102. emil oweis says:

    hi to all wellcom

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    [...] was a potentially big month for games, because Facebook introduced a home page redesign at the beginning of the month that moved applications from a bottom toolbar into the left-hand [...]

  105. Connie Douty says:

    March 7, 2010, Whatever you did over the weekend, I cannot use my facebook page. It has a copy of another part of my account over another. I cannot send a message. It is a mess. I do not want to deactivate but it is not of use to me. Can you fix it?

  106. Friday News Brew: G-7 Brings an Arctic Chill « The Rayno Report says:

    [...] Facebook is redesigning stuff again (Inside Facebook). What’s the deal with the manic changes, did they get bored counting their money? [...]

  107. Sylvia Buckman says:

    my list of friends has disappeared from the apps on the home page…..i absolutely hate it….murphy’s law, y’know ?????

  108. maddie says:

    Hi how are you guys umm its eater happy easter go to go by

  109. Gail says:

    Man, I hate facebook!!!!! When you are looking for the farmville stuff, you have to scroll down until you find something. It could be on the next page. Then you click on it and accept it then you have to do it all over again. I so hate the new way. Which they would go back the old way.

  110. earle says:

    The new layout for the member profile interests is not good. It does not allow member to include any source of music (ex. radio websites). It only allows words that facebook has an approved link to. That is very limiting. The previous layout design allowed the member to arrrange words in any order. This new layout displays with commas from left to right of boxes. It is restrictive and boring to look at.
    Why does facebook make such superficial and annoying changes? Can’t they assign their web designers and programmers to just add to the site instead of rearranging and limited it? The design is contraining and a waste of time. Facebook really should use the previous open layout.

  111. earle says:

    If facebook is making these changes just to justify signing their designers paycheques, then just let go of a couple of designer instead of forcing them to ruin what already works well. What a mess. Facebook staff must really get bored sometime, if they have to redo a good layout just to keep their jobs. facebook is screwing up right now.

  112. earle says:

    Return to the previous layout now !

  113. earle says:

    I lost most of my music interests! annoying.

  114. nisha says:

    With millions of registered members across the globe giving up Facebook to object its privacy policies, the community networking website faces new legal problem in Canada which was involved in forcing it to apply new privacy safeguards previous year.

    Read more: http://www.dailylatestnews.com/2010/05/22/facebook-again-into-new-trouble-regarding-members%e2%80%99-privacy-concerns-023983#ixzz0oeYkkPkj

  115. Max Backus says:

    Facebook is the most user un-friendly site I have ever seen. They will not help me get back on by sending me a password to gain access to my page, if I knew how I would opt out of this crappy group. To think, I was ready to advertise my companies business. So glad I found out what A-holes they are !!!!!

  116. 500 Millionen: Nach dem Google-Jahrzehnt kommt jetzt das Facebook-Jahrzehnt says:

    [...] hatte 400 Millionen aktive Nutzer im Februar diesen Jahres [...]

  117. Mahmoud salem says:

    Confirm your identity by adding a mobile number to your account
    Add your phone.
    This message appear to me and i can’t find the confirmation code !!!.
    Please need help.

  118. Lou says:

    Facebook won’t let me log on without me giving them my mobile number. Evidently this is a new facebook requirement.

    IF that’s really the case, So Long, Facebook. I’ll be deleting my account and Facebook links from my website.

  119. Luca Bottazi says:

    Is it legal??? A lot of people has no cell telephone in the world! Why main mail provider of the world does not require this information, and Faecebook does ? I’m sure that a lot of people (like me) will not use theri account (you cannot delete your account if you don’t send the cell phone number).

  120. Holz Bopz says:

    now i cant access facebook tomorrow and im ment to be visiting a friend, i dunno wat time to meet her-disaster!!!

  121. Pam Dunster says:

    What a royal mess and a pain in the rear!!! Nothing on any of my facebook is working. I am a regular gamer and cannot work on any of my apps. Nothing is responding. Why would any of the designers or techs totally screw things up on purpose? About the time it starts to settle in and work well…you come along and screw it up again. I had a life before face book and will have one again after I delete the whole mess. The hassle of slow loads and no loads is not worth it to me.

  122. chelsey says:

    i want the new facebook it looks cool

  123. Debby says:

    wtf!!I can’t access my wall at all I can’t see anything but a bunch of useless links that take me knowhere.. It takes forever to even get onto fb and then twice as long to move from one thing to another and then not be able to see anything anyway.. what on earth is going on? I even tried to access the help centre link and it just sat there for five minutes and then came up with nothing..Isn’t there a help line somewhere? Honestly I don’t see the point anymore it’s been three days now!!!

  124. e.mertz says:

    How do I delete facebook? I hate it, never wanted it to begin! I don’t like being forced to have something I never subscribed to in the first place! I can’t uninstall it as its not in my list of programs. How did I get it in the first place?

  125. Facebook Profile Pages Receives facelift | Firstline says:

    [...] The latest change is reportdley in reference to sparing Facebook users from having to jump from one page to another to access their favorite features. The redesign was officially rolled as of Thursday the 6th of December 2010, Facebook’s 6th birthday. It was reported that as of Thursday evening, 80 million out of Facebook’s 400 million customers should have received the new home page, according to Inside Facebook. [...]

  126. donna says:

    my facebook is all screwed up a bunch of commericals and u cant scroll it hesitates whats going on

  127. raymundo sanchez alvarez says:

    interesantes comentarios sin embargo como dijo el sabio el que tiene plata jamas estara satisfecho con plata y el que tiene oro jamas estara satisfecho con oro bien por los que llegamos lastima por los que se van renovarse o morir.

  128. pat Helnarski says:

    Have a Facebook account, but for the past 2 months have been unable to get into it. Have many photos of relatives, some deceased, like my parents and some friends. What a crime to be able to do this to an American citizin, born and raised in this country. If I could sue you, I would and believe me Mr., whatever your name is, I am Jewish, like you, what a crime to do to your own nationality.

  129. Karen Tottleben Seaver says:

    I keep up with my grandchild on my daughter-in-laws facebook page. Now all of a sudden none of her posts are showing up on my page and when I go to her wall, it says there are no more posts to show. Her name is Hilary Seavers (Hilary Evans). I am not the only one who is having this difficulty viewing her wall. She has her settings set so all her friends can view her posts. Help

  130. New Facebook design keeps ads and menus visible when scrolling | VentureBeat says:

    [...] been well over a year since major design changes were made to the site’s homepage. That could have something to do with the history of [...]

  131. Facebook Testing Home Page Design That Keeps Ads and Bookmarks Visible as You Scroll - Hamro Pathshala (हाम्रो पाठशाला) says:

    [...] behaviors around the current two-tabbed news feed, but the Facebook home page hasn’t seen a major redesign in 16 months, so it’s about due for an update given Facebook’s fast-paced approach to iterating on [...]

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