CrowdStar’s New Happy Island Game Is The First To Exclusively Use Facebook Credits for Virtual Currency Payments

Facebook’s virtual currency, Credits, has been available in its gift shop since last year, and third party developers have had access to it since this past spring. But in the latest milestone in the product’s long-awaited rollout, social game developer CrowdStar has launched a new game, called Happy Island, that only allows users to buy virtual currency with Facebook Credits. (In game coins can still be earned through game play.)

In the “Pay with Facebook” tests we’ve seen so far, Facebook Credits has always been offered as one of several virtual currency payment options (along with PayPal, credit card, mobile, etc.). This is the first game we’ve seen that only uses Credits, and comes just weeks after we began hearing that Facebook has been talking with many developers about having them implement its virtual currency.

We expect to see more games coming out that also tightly integrate Credits.

More about Happy Island, from our review over on Inside Social Games:

Here’s a game for any Facebook user stuck in a cold part of the world for the next several months: Happy Island, the latest social game from CrowdStar.

You start with a tropical, volcanic island — think: Hawaii — and your job is to grow your tourism business via attractions like hotels, luaus and fruit stands, bringing in more customers and earning more money so you can further expand your island tourism chain.

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We’ll keep tracking all of Facebook’s virtual currency initiatives. For more context, see our previous story A Running Summary of Facebook’s Virtual Currency Tests.

To dig deeper into the virtual goods market, check out our new report: Inside Virtual Goods: The US Virtual Goods Market 2009 – 2010.

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45 Responses to “CrowdStar’s New Happy Island Game Is The First To Exclusively Use Facebook Credits for Virtual Currency Payments”

  1. Facebook Credits Take Another Step Toward Becoming the Web's Currency says:

    [...] another milestone in the development of Facebook Credits as a legitimate currency. According to Inside Facebook, the Facebook Game Happy Island now utilizes Facebook Credits as its exclusive [...]

  2. Facebook Credits Take Another Step Toward Becoming the Web’s Currency | TwitTrix says:

    [...] another milestone in the development of Facebook Credits as a legitimate currency. According to Inside Facebook, the Facebook Game Happy Island now utilizes Facebook Credits as its exclusive [...]

  3. Cheap Accommodation In Singapore | Hotel Accommodation says:

    [...] CrowdStar’s New Happy Island Game Is The First To Exclusively Use Facebook Credits for Virtual… ( [...]

  4. Facebook Credits Take Another Step Toward Becoming the Web’s Currency | Wordpress Marketing says:

    [...] another milestone in the development of Facebook Credits as a legitimate currency. According to Inside Facebook, the Facebook Game Happy Island now utilizes Facebook Credits as its exclusive [...]

  5. #Facebook Credits Take Another Step Toward Becoming the Web’s Currency | Brian Swichkow’s Blog says:

    [...] another milestone in the development of Facebook Credits as a legitimate currency. According to Inside Facebook, the Facebook Game Happy Island now utilizes Facebook Credits as its exclusive [...]

  6. Patricia says:

    I loved playing Happy Island but tonight I logged on and all I get is a blue screen but no island. Can anyone help me i’d built up a nice tourism trade too. My neighbours are still there i don’t know whats happenning.

  7. Shazzene says:

    Do these games have to be on face book, why not myspace or bebo,tagg or anything like that, i would go on face book bt not when you got family on there who just dont talk any more ;)

  8. Mark Joseph says:

    i loved to play happy island but i open it there are saying an network error occured

    anyone can help me please

    many building waste ahhhh! ! shit!

  9. Carez Geraldin says:

    my game isnt loading carez bonita geraldin

  10. todor says:

    li4en vapros
    az as sam haker

  11. Maria Margarida Ramos says:

    My 2 Island desapear. I’m in level 21. Can you explain me what happens?

  12. amelia says:

    can’t open happy island says network error; please help

  13. Vivianne Beamish says:

    What is happening on facebook my big farmville has been wiprd out also farm town lilfarm happy Ialand every thing is back to the begining. Lost all buildings animals cach everything can any body fill me in as to what is going on. VIVIANNE BEAMISH

  14. larette cuara says:

    i cant get on to happy island its tellin me that there is a network error what do i do i love ths game:(

  15. karen says:

    i cant get on it either. Been having the network problems since about january 16. They say they are working on it but I havent seen anything work yet.

  16. larette cuara says:

    hi im still havin problems gettin on my island it still tellin me that there is a network error and to refresh it or try again later im wantin to get onn please i want to decorate my island

  17. john youll says:

    hi i am at level 13, the page loads up with my freinds, i can shop, i can send gifts, but i cant visit my freinds or play happy island, i have reloaded mozilla firefox, explorer 8, active flash, adobe flash player 10, its been over a week since i have been able to play can you help as i’m not getting any help from anyone, i am not getting error problems up onmy screen. ty john.

  18. Ilonka says:

    I have not been able to play happy island for a long time, it is always an network error, please help, I have refreshed but does not work, I deleted all zynga games to play happy island, but it seems there are just as much problems here as on the zynga games, please help.

  19. flora says:

    ese juego mola un mogolon pero yo casi siempre quando juego me siento muho mehor

  20. t estes says:

    happy island is a fun game but my friends/neighbors rarely load so i can’t go to their islands. it is very frustrating

  21. johanna gricela chinchilla XD says:

    everyday is the same.. uh oh an network error occured!… F.U.C.K….. the game is good but THAT is so annoying, HEEEEEELP!!!!!!

  22. Francesco says:

    Happy Island is’nt working properly… I regret all the time i’ve been spending on it just to see “an error occurred” message all the time… and credits disappearing… and many other bugs…ahhh…shit, i’ll delete it !

  23. Sara says:

    Yes, having that “Network error occured” too, VERY frustrating! STart lovin’ the game and getting ahead, and BAM, “gameOver” Please FIXIt!

  24. faiz says:

    best jugak game nie?

  25. milica says:


  26. Peggy says:

    I can’t get in Happy Island, I just bought Java cafe with my own real money and now I can’t get in. That’s not right! Please do something. I am getting frustrated! :-(

  27. Mohamed says:

    im a level 47 in Happy Island but my island hasnt loaded for i month and i cant shop im stuck with the buildings i have and i cant visit my other island i tried like a million times!!

  28. lesley says:

    I play happy island but im thinking of just deleting it as i was near the end of level 34 you change the format again and put me back to the begining its not fair its not clever it sucks give me back my level now.

  29. DENO says:


  30. cristina santi says:

    i play happy island i am in the nivel 44 but my island no loading,,,plis help me

  31. beth says:

    I used to love playing Happy Island, but now I dread even getting on it, I can’t get my money to release, I used to visit each island, but now I don’t because the computer locks up, can’t you fix this!!!!

  32. Linda M says:

    Hey, what’s going with Happy Island? I gave up all other games to do only HI and puff….it’s gone. Please fix

  33. Camillo Pastecchi says:

    I have been playing Happy Island for quite a while, I now have 5 islands, but it has been partly pleasure, but…………….. I have had to make quite a lot of complaints about errors that keep coming up, and now the game does not even load, none of the suggestions given work, I have tried on three of my computers with different browsers and still no luck, so the problem must be with Crowdstar and not our browsers, cookies etc…I hope they fix it once and for all, because it coould be a Happy Island and not s Sad Island

  34. Phyllis Raymond says:

    I am very upset about Happy Island. I cannot get to any of my 10 islands. The bar will go all the way to the end & just stays there, will not continue to load. I have updated Flash Player, have tried all of suggestions, have tried also on my new laptop which is running Windows 7 & nothing works. All of my other applications work just fine. All Happy Island can say is that it must be Facebook problem but I do not believe that. People have spent too much real money to lose it all now.

  35. kathy says:

    i have tryed to get on my happy island and it will not come up i am so mad i am thinking of taking of clossing my face book account

  36. brett kabot says:

    give me my fuckin hog back you faggots

  37. Rachel Lee says:

    Same problem.I am now at level 70.Spent allot of time and money on this game.Now I cannot play.I have sent many of requests to the moderators.I am so frustrated no where to turn.I’ve tried the link to notify the developers,well it will not work either.I would really love to play,but I feel at this point it is a lost cause.I would like all monies spent returned.I still have 44 FBC that I cannot use!!!

  38. nipu says:

    my island level up but doesnt expend place…….

  39. Rachel Lee says:

    Same problem here!I have been playing for months.As of July 4th it has come to a halt!First I had blue screen,and no neighbors could visit my islands for months.Now I get loading bar to fill and nothing!!!I have spent allot of time and money on this game.Level 70! I have contacted Happy Island moderators,Robinson Crusoe has been awesome trying to figure it out.But that is the only help I’ve gotten.The developers link to send your complaints to does not work!!! I really want my islands back,but I feel that won’t happen.Engineers are too busy to figure out the problems at hand.But they are not to busy to take our money! I want my money back if they cannot help!

  40. wendy says:

    I’ve been playing happy island a long time love this game but I’m doing the new quests and I did the orange grove and it did not give me my rewards that is dissapointing when you’ve been waiting and you take the time to do it so now I’m out my rewards!!

  41. faye says:

    please help!! all week ive been opening my christmas gifts (12 days)before christmas)and come christmas day the main gift with the north pole inlet and gifts wont open please help thanks

  42. faye says:

    oh wait im in australia maybe i have to wait another day as its christmas here not where you are ill wait one more day and see whats happening

  43. John Lerch says:

    I opened all 12 days of Christmas and Now it won’t let me open the free Christmas package with the Islet and other free items. I am very upset some Christmas present. I would like it fixed our the facebook credits added to my account to buy it while it’s still available. Or I will never spend another dime on the game.

  44. faye says:

    no i didnt get my christmas bundle ive clicked on the 12 days before christmas gifts come christmas day the main gift didnt open whats happened ?? i was very disappointed ive been playing for nearly 2 years now please help!!

  45. sheldon izatt says:


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