The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries, as Facebook Nears 100M Across Region

facebookeuropeEurope now has close to 100 million Facebook users, having gained 5.92 million over the course of September to reach 98.2 million monthly actives, according to our latest Global Monitor report, based on stats from Facebook. So the continent, as a whole, has more Facebook users than the United States’ 88.3 million monthly actives.

Here’s a closer look at the top 10 fastest-growing countries in Europe. Turkey, assuming one considers it part of Europe (we do, for these purposes), grew the most. The country gained 1.07 million users, an 8% gain to reach 14.5 million total. The United Kingdom is still the largest Facebook country in Europe, with 20.6 million monthly actives. But it grew relatively slowly, adding nearly 300,000 users. In other countries, Facebook grew at impressive double-digit rates per month in September.

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31 Responses to “The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries, as Facebook Nears 100M Across Region”

  1. Facebook’s top 10 Fastest Growing European Countries says:

    [...] “Turkey, assuming one considers it part of Europe grew the most of late. The country gained 1.07 million users, an 8% gain to reach 14.5 million total. The United Kingdom is still the largest Facebook country in Europe, with 20.6 million monthly actives. But it grew relatively slowly, adding nearly 300,000 users. In other countries, Facebook grew at impressive double-digit rates per month in September.” Via InsideFacebook [...]

  2. CiTiZeN L. aka Laurent Francois » Blog Archive » Les 10 pays européens qui grossissent les plus rapidement sur Facebook says:

    [...] Les 10 pays européens qui grossissent les plus rapidement sur Facebook Posted: octobre 9th, 2009 | Author: Laurent Francois | Filed under: Thought-o-graphy | No Comments » source: Insider Facebook [...]

  3. Top 10 tari la cresterea utilizatorilor Facebook says:

    [...] Insdefacebook ne dezvaluie care sunt tarile cu cresterea cea mai mare a numarului de utilizatori Facebook. [...]

  4. Johan de Keulenaer says:


    What’s the status in Belgium & The Netherlands?

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Türkiye, Facebook’un en hızlı büyüdüğü Avrupa ülkesi | The Next Web Türkiye says:

    [...] en büyük Facebook üye sayısına sahip ama Eylül ayında sadece 300.000 Facebook üyesi olmuş. InsideFacebook verilerine göre Avrupa ülkelerinde Facebook Eylül ayı kullanıcı durumları şu [...]

  6. Ata Ozcelik says:

    First of all, your calculation is wrong. Something growing fast or slow means doesn’t mean how many users it added total, but it means the growth rate. So Turkey isn’t the one who grows fastest but Austria according to this table you’ve given here.

    Secondly, Turkey is a part of Europe for years. Being not a member of the EU doesn’t mean you are not a part of Europe. I’m very angry to your comment above.

  7. Anton Antich says:

    These stats do seem strange. I find it hard to believe Russia has less than 1M users at facebook to not make this list. That or I have hugely underestimated impact of vkontakte, which is almost a byte-for-byte clone but russian-language only until recently…

  8. Facebook’s Growth in Germany and Austria: Das ist gut! says:

    [...] many other European countries, but that is starting to change, and fast — both countries made our list of the top ten fastest-growing in the region yesterday. Here’s a closer look at what’s [...]

  9. SMO - Die am 10 schnellsten wachsenden Länder in der EU | Online-Marketing Trends says:

    [...] Menschen ihre sozialen Kontakte, sie pflegen, schreiben, chatten und tauschen sich aus. Laut (via ist der Spitzenreiter, wen überrascht es nicht, wiedereinmal die Türkei. Das Land hat [...]

  10. Facebook’s Top Fastest Growing European Countries « Luca Conti says:

    [...] for fastest growing factor, just behind the Turkey with a gain of 1.01 million user. Via InsideFacebook Posted by Luca Conti Filed in Social network Tags: facebook growing factor, Fastest Growing [...]

  11. Facebook, i paesi europei con il maggior fattore di crescita | Luca Conti says:

    [...] InsideFacebook [...]

  12. Facebook almost at 100 million users in Europe | The Social Mobilist says:

    [...] is the only truly pan-European social network, with user numbers (according to Inside Facebook) having reached almost 100 million by the end of [...]

  13. Eric Eldon says:

    Ata, first of all, I only said that Turkey “grew the most,” which is perfectly accurate in this context.

    Second of all, as I’m sure you know, Turkey can be classified both as a part of the Europe and as a part of Asia. The way Facebook recognizes the country, it is a part of Europe (however, Russia, also located in both areas, is considered by Facebook to be a part of Asia). My only point was to recognize this ambiguity. Which is perfectly appropiate to do in this case.

  14. Merlin: Translation News, Services & Directory » Blog Archive » Fastest Growth for Facebook Europe is Turkey says:

    [...] to Inside Facebook the fastest growing European country for Facebook in September was Turkey. Although Turkey is not [...]

  15. 100 Domains Club says:


    it looks strange the Germany’s very small users’ number, if we consider that it is the Europe’s most populated country


  16. L’Italia è la seconda nazione europea in crescita per Facebook - Commenta la tecnologia, la telefonia, i software says:

    [...] per il farsi grazie a esso i cavoli delle altre persone, è sempre più in crescita: lo riporta InsideFacebook in uno dei suoi report periodici, secondo il quale l’Italia è seconda solo alla Turchia come [...]

  17. Sociala medier » links for 2009-10-12 says:

    [...] The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries, as Facebook Nears 100M Across Region Sverige är ett av de länder i Europa som växer fortast när det gäller antalet medlemmar på Facebook. Nu är vi 2,7 miljoner svenskar på Facebook. (tags: facebook statistik) Related Posts:links for 2009-08-29links for 2009-08-26links for 2009-07-06links for 2009-08-01links for 2009-07-31 Spara/Dela Hide Sites This entry was posted on måndag, oktober 12th, 2009 at 9:05 and is filed under Okategoriserade. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. [...]

  18. Fastest Growing European Countries In Facebook | All about Technology says:

    [...] Via InsideFacebook [...]

  19. Ata Ozcelik says:

    Eric, you said Turkey grew the most that’s right. But the headline is “The 10 Fastest Growing” and Turkey is No. 1 in that table am I wrong? That’s what I said was wrong here. For the other part, if Facebook takes Russia as an Asian country that’s their bad, for me they are also a part of Europe and are participating to each European competitions (Olympics, football championships, music contest etc.)

  20. Eric Eldon says:

    Hi Ata,

    Thanks for the response. I certainly meant no offense to Turkey!

    And, have a suggested rephrasing for the headline? :)


  21. Dags att omdefiniera begreppet nyhet « Same Same But Different says:

    [...] har idag drygt 2,7 miljoner medlemmar i Sverige. Om de beter sig som den genomsnittlige Facebook-användaren så spenderar de 20 minuter på sajten [...]

  22. Ata Ozcelik says:

    Hi again Eric, thank you for the reply. The headline may be “The most growing bla bla”… Anyway, thanks again.

  23. The 10 Fastest Growing European Countries – Facebook Close To 100M Users In Europe | .:: Ad Sheik ::. says:

    [...] Source: Inside Facebook [...]

  24. The Turkish Flag, Cheryl Cole, Jet Li and Other Top 20 Facebook Pages This Week says:

    [...] as is sometimes the case?). Turkey has one of the largest Facebook populations in the world, with 14.5 million monthly active users in September. Perhaps the new news feed fueled a surge in patriotism-based growth for the flag’s [...]

  25. Search Month European Edition, October 2009 says:

    [...] more popular in Europe than US. Insidefacebook presented numbers showing that Facebook is growing rapidly in Europe. The social network has the biggest group of [...]

  26. Statistiche Facebook per nazione | OnlineRoby says:

    [...] sito Insidefacebook ha pubblicato delle statistiche che mostrano come Facebook stia crescendo rapidamente in [...]

  27. How to Connect Globally With Social Media | Social Media Examiner says:

    [...] Facebook’s growth has had an impact on many countries outside of North America. Orkut’s popularity in Brazil and India is changing. [...]

  28. Social Networking. A brief overview of the German situation. | says:

    [...] growth rate of any major private social network in Germany and in German-speaking countries. The platform grew by an impressive 14% in both Austria and Germany in September 2009, placing both countries at the top of the network’s growth rate in  Europe. Simultaneously VZ [...]

  29. Facebook May Reach 1 Billion Users By 2012 says:

    [...] Europe, there are about 100 million Facebook users, according to InsideFacebook. And the numbers are heading north, especially in Turkey, Italy and France. The United Kingdom is [...]

  30. Info on the 10 Fastest Growing European Countries (Facebook Nears 100M Across Region) « Absolut Ava – International business, localization, social media and more! says:

    [...] Posted in Uncategorized… [...]

  31. tool says:

    ma sjekke:)

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