Facebook Launches New Widgets Center


Today Facebook officially released its new widgets web site to the masses. It features three widgets that Facebook has already made available, a couple new ones, and will likely feature new widgets as the company rolls them out.

The appeal of widgets for users is that they allow easy and quick integration with existing websites whose administrators might not have the technical know-how to implement a full Facebook Connect application.

Many users were introduced to the widgets site with this message:

Widget Center 1

The widget site currently has 5 distinct widgets across 2 general categories, Personal Profile Widgets and Website or Business Widgets. They include:

Personal Profile:

  1. Profile Badge
  2. Photo Badge

Website or Business:

  1. Fan Box
  2. Live Stream Box
  3. Page Badge

The Profile Badge was the first widget created, appearing as early as 2006 on the main site. For some time that stood as the only one; more recently, the company has released the Live Stream Box and then the Fan Box. Today with the new site, Facebook has released 2 more widgets: The Photo Badge and Page Badge. The Page Badge is almost identical to the original Profile Badge, although it adds a few more details such as fan count. The new Photo Badge allows you to create a widget that showcases a few sample pictures from a photo album you own, then place it anywhere on the web and allow public access to the full album.

Now that Facebook has dedicated a page specifically for widgets, it’s likely we’ll see more crop up over the next few months. We’ll keep you updated as they are unveiled.

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8 Responses to “Facebook Launches New Widgets Center”

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  7. Arasmus says:

    Wondering why the new Facebook Live Stream widget doesn’t violate a whole bunch of privacy concerns as it allows someone who can view your updates to make them public by putting them on any website.

  8. Web Design Company; Web Design Services says:

    I am expecting much more than this few widgets. It seems like only Google knows how to handle the hunger for widgets well. FB should learn from them.

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