How Do You Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page?

While Facebook has created Pages to be the hub for brands, businesses, and celebrities to build their Facebook presence, it intentionally hasn’t made it easy for users to privately contact the administrators of a Facebook Page.

Why? Facebook wants to steer marketers to communicate with users through Facebook’s core communication channels. This means primarily posting content to the Wall for fans to read in their News Feed. Page owners can also send “updates” to fans (updates are bulk messages sent to fans that arrive in a separate Inbox tab), but updates must be sent more sparingly. And while Page updates can be targeted by age, sex, and location, Page administrators aren’t able to contact fans individually on behalf of the Page.

Facebook does not surface any way for users to privately contact the administrators of a Facebook Page by default. However, sometimes fans still want to contact Page owners directly. How can they do so? The best route really depends on the scenario:

1. Customer Service? Use the Wall.

If you’re interested in contacting the owner of a Facebook Page with a customer service question, using the Page’s Wall will give you the best shot at getting a response. Many Pages have staff set up to monitor and answer customer service questions, and chances are other users will benefit from the administrator’s response. However, unless the Page admin has specifically posted their contact information somewhere on the Page, you won’t be able to direct these questions privately to the Page administrator themselves.


2. Legal Issues? Contact Facebook.

If an unauthorized party is running a Facebook Page on behalf of your business or brand, Facebook will work with you to resolve the matter through a variety of possible methods ranging from transferring the Page to your control to shutting the Page down altogether (see How Do You Treat a Fan Who Owns Your Facebook Page? for more details and options). Using the “Report Page” link on the bottom left corner of every Page is the best first step. If Facebook is blocking you from creating the Page you are authorized to create, you can use this form to have your Page creation request manually reviewed. Note, however, that your request must come from an authorized source.


3. Business Development Requests? Use your intuition.

If you’re looking to get in touch with the owner of a Facebook Page for business development reasons, there’s no easy way to discover the contact information of the Page’s owners. If the Page is operated by a company, use a service like LinkedIn to find contacts at the company to ask for help finding the person who runs the Facebook Page. Otherwise, your best bet is to post subtle messages to the Wall asking the Page’s owner to contact you directly. If they’re actively managing the Page, they should get back to you quickly.


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79 Responses to “How Do You Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page?”

  1. veronikapei says:

    Hah! I was just facing this problem couple of hours ago :)
    But, as this is Facebook, I would say “No easy way to contact the owner of a facebook page, yet…”

  2. links for 2009-08-12 | Ip's. says:

    [...] How Do You Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page? "While Facebook has created Pages to be the hub for brands, businesses, and celebrities to build their Facebook presence, it intentionally hasn’t made it easy for users to privately contact the administrators of a Facebook Page." (tags: facebook howto pages) [...]

  3. David says:

    Good day!

    I wanted to deactivate your profile on Facebook. I found that the next sign in to get it again. Why not be definitively deleted? It is illegal to retain data without the permission of the owner?

  4. Anastasia says:

    Hi there Mark….as nicely greeted by million others who have gone through this with their account being disabled still find some courtesy. I too have come across that my account has been disabled. I’ve contacted the little computer that doesn’t ever fucking respond, or GOD forbid try to even re-instate mine and many MANY others out there that have gone through this. May I add….that we as people that I must say are “victims” of this have done absolutely nothing wrong. Let me tell you why. Number 1, we all log on everyday either to check our emails, or check posts by our family/friends. Play some great wonderful games such as Mafia Wars, FarmVille, YoVille…but you know it seems every time you play those games and do something awarding….you have to…Which let me remind you, w/o our consent notify that individual/friend what great deed you did for them having to UNDO your notification. Making me then believe that may be the reason something like that would fall under “Spamming” Which I truly believe is stupid, and hard to find out how to stop sending all these notifications to all your friends on FB. I personally don’t like it at ALL, I feel as though I’m annoying those people that receive those silly notifications ever other hour. FB does it itself, leaving me to always undo them. Anyways… FB has really disappointed me. I’m a little bit new to it, have HAD my account for about 1-2months now… not violating any terms I believe. Please, I’m asking you to please please PLEASE fix this problem with all these FB users that are getting their account disabled to solve it once and for all. It’s wrong, you are making FB look really really bad next to Myspace…. myspace never has this kind of problem. Or at least I have never had a problem like this with myspace. As though for twitter….must I say stupidest thing invented. To me twitter is for no good bums that sit on their ass SPAMMING away their life. So please fix this.

  5. joe soldano says:

    i ahve disabled twice for the same thing. they said i write to much and too qucikly. but i thought the idea of fb was to talk to ur friends and family. i have contacted them and they barely answer u back . im still waiting for them to re instate my fb if not im not going back to them. i wish they had a phone number or something. besides they have been hacked and have beed running slow lately

  6. Amber Sae says:

    why doesnt facebook have MetroPCS mobile carrier on the mobile page?
    i know tons of people that would love to use it on a regular basis to reply messages and know who messaged them without needing to just “check” facebook when they do…
    I want to tell facebook to add MetroPCS on it but i cant find the owner or whatever…

  7. WiccanWench says:

    Went thru…made an account…still cant contact yoville developers..they have made it really difficult…very unhappy with some changes made…and cant tell em about it….any other ways to contact except off of facebook?

  8. elaine cahill says:

    Hi… i have a facebook account and for the last two days i cant get into my page, when i try to log in it says: your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. it should be available again in a few hours… but i cant get in2 it 4 d last 2 days… can u help please

  9. jenna says:

    can we get a dislike button on facebooookk, pleeassseee!!!!!?!

  10. heather says:

    My facebook has messed up it wont let me get on my facebook?! I have the right password and # so idk i need someones help

  11. Kristin Screnci says:

    Yesterday I tried to upload a video my friends and I had made on windows movie maker to facebook. It had the song “Ocean Avenue” on it. After I uploaded it I got a message saying that I couldn’t have this song and if I tried to upload again it might delete my facebook. But all of my friends upload videos with songs on them and I have also. What is different about this song? And how do I know which songs I am allowed to upload? I got this song from my itunes. Please let me know.

  12. leo udtohan says:

    my facebook account was disabled on dec. 10, 2009. until now, i am still hoping that the facebook team will have to reactivate it. i am writing them regularly even though i don’t receive replies from them….

  13. | How-To: Facebook FanPage betreiber kontaktieren? says:

    [...] einer Page nicht öffentlich einsehbar, dementsprechend schwer ist diese zu kontaktieren. Bereits im August hat 3 verschiedene Szenarien beschrieben, wir haben diese aufgegriffen und um ein paar Tipps aus unsere täglichen Arbeit erweitert. Für den [...]

  14. Sami Arifi says:

    facebook is acting up and the message box is to slow.. when is facebook going to be fixed and go faster on message i-m box?

  15. poor me says:

    Facebook Team don’t listen! They don’t read your messages, appeals, etc… The Customer Service is very SLOW to act unlike Friendster, Bebo and Orkut! They are deaf!!!!!

  16. Adrianna Sara says:

    Someone is contacting me telling me that I have false profiles. I dont I have made more than one for people I live with. They are telling me they are from the pentagon and I am doing something wrong with a false account on facebook and I have no idea whats going on. does the facebook have something they know about this? Because its not a false account. Thank You.

  17. brian says:

    why can i not find my friends list this is really starting to make me mad and i might just have to go back to myspace all i have to say is myspace is way easier to move around in cant not find anything on face book like i can on myspace

  18. Sheila Willis says:

    Facebook has disabled my account for no reason that I can think of. I have not spammed anyone (even accidently) I have uploade nothing. Is there any way to reach them?

  19. John Baker says:

    my name is John Baker i am getting mad at face book my othe face book page will not leat me on it is under it said it is under site Maintenance so if you can fix it right a way think you and have a good day

  20. Trudy says:

    How do you report cyber space bullying that is on facebook?

  21. karen says:

    Why doesnt my computer let me play yoville? Can you help me?

  22. theresa schodeberg says:

    Hello to whom it may concern at I had just opened my computer back up after 2 yrs. well I personalty want to thank you for having this web sight I had not seen my daughter for 21 yrs she was givin up for adoption.I turned it on and did a little searching and my daughter popped in. Again I want to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart I have tried so many things and was not sucessful.

  23. freddie kay comer says:

    face book will not let me play games, why?????

  24. missy says:

    i want delete facebook all the way no deactivation that sucks i do not feel safe on facebook..

  25. mama says:

    having a problem with getting on my acct. i just keep getting some automated messages of help and they r not helping me. ughhhhh. what do I do now?

  26. Sabrina Sarah B. says:

    i want to blogg somebody but it wont let me cause its sayin that i have 2 wair 48 hours but i need to dothatnow cause i dont wanna recive any crazy messages anymore….please help me and reply asap.


  27. Faisal Usman says:

    my facebook account has been disabled just bec I add those new friends suggested by facebook team.if its harrising to add new friends then why do facebook suggest you new friends….I want my facebook account back… who should I contact to get it back….

  28. Pam Landy says:

    There are 2 sites on Facebook, that people have created, in the name of, Old Antarctic Explorers Assn (OAEA)
    We are National group, that has its own web site, and over 1200 members.
    These, sites on Facebook, have used our logo (copywrite) and info from our official website, leading people to believe this is an official group.
    The Board of Director’s are concerned that these 2 sites, misrepresent our mission.
    One site even uses his e-mail address as the Life Director’s e-mail address.
    Can you e-mail me as to how to get these sites removed. I have tried contacting the Creator, or Administrator of the sites, but have not heard back from either.
    Pam Landy

  29. ahmed says:

    i can not add any other friends and i am on facebook for a short time and i was blocked from adding any other contacts and i have only 28 friend and i hope to open this block and enable me again to add friends

  30. Sanju Dasun says:

    Dear sir,
    Please help me..
    I received this message from my facebook,

    Block! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users.
    Facebook’s systems determined your friend requests are being rejected at a high rate. Facebook aspires to be an environment where people can interact safely with friends and people they know. Facebook has limits to prevent unsolicited friend requests because this behavior has been reported as annoying or abusive by other users.You must stop sending friend requests to people you do not know. Further misuse of site features may result in your account being permanently disabled. For further information, please visit our FAQ page

    I want to unblock this.. How can I do that.. Please help me sir.. Reply to my e-mail address sir please…

  31. Leigh says:

    Help! I accidentally accepted a friend who I did not know, and now they have magically disappeared. I am sure it is a fishing attempt to find out info about me. I searched for the person by name and could not find them on my list, though I did get a message stating that we were now friends. There is no post on my wall stating that Leigh and ________ are now friends. The photo of the person was in inappropriate attire, and I have gotten several of these invites lately from people I do not know. I cannot find this “friend” anywhere to “unfriend” them. I want to alert Facebook of this issue. Any suggestions – other than being more carfeul next time?

  32. sarah says:

    i had the same issue around the same date only the person hacked into my facebook and yahoo accounts. they then proceeded to send e-mails to all my friend that i was in london and was robbed and needed money.i went to the police and after a couple days i was able to regain access to my accounts. i reported it to yahoo and to facebook and two days later facebook disabled my account. i contacted them twice to regain access with no response. i tried to open a new page but they disabled my name as well. it is totally unfair i did nothing wrong! all i do on facebook is read friends posts, check on my son’s memorial page and play games. my son was 17 and was killed in a hit and run on new years day 2010 i don’t know what to do.

  33. mckenzie medeiros says:

    my facebook acount has been disable do you think you can tell me how this happened

  34. mckenzie medeiros says:

    i dont very much i seat and play games all the time when i am on the comuter which is once in a blue moon i dont under stand how this happened do you

  35. saud tahir says:

    Dear fb team,
    I have sent many email to facebook. but i always get an autoreply.MY account is very important i have as its contains many thing including my uni ID nos, on my inbox. I have mani pics videos and admins of more than 10 groups. My account got disabled around 6weeks back and i never received any warning from fb. PLz plz re-instate my account asap.

    thanks and regards, saud tahir

  36. saud tahir says:

    Dear fb team,
    I have sent many email to facebook. but i always get an autoreply.MY account is very important i have as its contains many thing including my uni ID nos, on my inbox. I have mani pics videos and admins of more than 10 groups. My account got disabled around 6weeks back and i never received any warning from fb. PLz plz re-instate my account asap.

    thanks and regards, saud tahir

  37. Alexandra says:


    Wondering how to find out whose profile the business page was created by.

    There has been a lot of transition in our office and none of the remaining individuals know who originally created the page.

    Therefore, we do not have access to it and don’t know how to figure out who to contact.

    Any ideas?

  38. Mohit Kathuria says:

    Dear Mark ( facebook Owner),
    Dear Sir/madam,
    I am still waiting for your reply. I beg u please activate my account with the e-mail id Actually i made my account 1 month back only and started communicating with my all friends. The thing which provoked you to delete my account is that i was not aware of the fact that sending more requests may lead to disable the a/c. I have been getting friends suggestions in the right side than i got excited and have sent the friend request , actually my few requests have been pending by the unknown friends because they have not come online yet. I have commit this mistake unintentionally. I am very honest and strong god believer. i swear on god i was not aware of this policy , even i have suggest many friends to make their account on facebook. I humbly request you to please activate my account. I am feelings very helpless , there are few friends and relatives on my facebook which i may communicate with them only through facebook only. Please Please Please forgive me , it wont happen again in future. I’ll use my account with care . I really started crying when i saw that my account got disabled.

    My facebook account is my life.
    I cant even imagine my life without facebook.
    I am heartily sorry 4 evrything. plz accept my applogies.

    Please forgive me last time on the name of jesus. I am very very tensed and helpless i have tried to log in to my account few time bt still getting the same response that my a/c got disabled. I am really innocent please give me a last chance please I am extremely sorrry.
    I hope you understand what I just mentioned, and I request you to please enable my account as it is very important for me, most of the people I chat, only use facebook and skype, but I only use facebook, so, I kind of can’t contact them anymore! Please try to understand it. I respect facebook policies and try my best to abide by these rules, but I can’t help if I get punished even if I didn’t breached those policies!

    I apologize if I unintentionally breached any of those policies and I would really appreciate if you enable my account, and I promise to use it MORE Fairly, or as fairly as I can!,

    But good job anyway! facebook is definitely one of the best networking sites! please reply me asap.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mohit Kathuria

  39. daisy says:

    hello, someone made a facebook with my pic and talking shiit about me > so they blocked my account so i dont see it so my friends all my friends told me about i report this page so did alot off people and facebook didnt take it down . so i can hold facebook lible for my pain and hurt

  40. sports forums says:

    That’s what I exactly wanted to know!

    Well just not getting what to do if the owner disabled the wall posting?

    Waiting for reply!

  41. Steph Web says:

    Im in the Military and I moved overseas. I shut my phone off because the rates would be crazy. Upon logging in to Facebook I was told they didn’t recognize the IP I was signing in at, so they want me to get a code from a TEXT MESSAGE on my phone. Even though I have an email that still works.

    I can’t find anyone to talk to or contact to fix this. So I guess Im done with Facebook.

    I wish I could buy this website so it would be ran right – with customer service!!!

  42. kerrianne Vanzentan says:

    please email a reply WHY I CANT GET ONTO MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT………….

  43. anila says:

    why people are showing their life in facebook what they eat how they live where they go ,what cloth they wear how rich they are stop social networking
    who had time to see life is too short to live not to spend time on reading seeing unecessary things that u r notconcerned it gives u jealous pain i have jealous nature that why my hobby has to spend a lot of time effort not in hapinness but in home decor to put pic in facebook what a comp

  44. anila says:

    we eat food at our home that doesnot meant u have to show what u r eating

  45. yawar abbas says:

    sir, its my humble request to block this page on facebookh ttp://!/pages/Paintings-and-Pictures/148274471850769 sirthe owner of this page has hacked my sister pics, n some cack people r commenting on thm, plz stop this for sake of god. plz sis plz

  46. jose mk says:

    I’ve been using facebook for long time,but all of a sudden since 2 days my account is been disabled I am just so sick being away. missing lots of things… to best of my knowledge….i haven’t any such issues which violates the policies of FB…. I love facebook and i learnt lots of good things from wonderful people around the globe..I have such a wonderful people in my friends’ list …really missing……..
    can anyone tell me how to get it back….? ….

    My account name is “JOSE MK” and my account was been hacked for last 16 days… result i would log sometimes and again couldn’t….

    Please help me retain my account.

    besides if any such mistake is committed beyond my knowledge..I wouldn’t get into it any of those again in near future….

    Lots of thanks to all wonderful people and admins of FB.

    jose mk

  47. jose mk says:

    I am so desperately missing my FB and Friends…………..

    please………help me…

    jose mk

  48. asifa hoosein says:

    Since the last few days I am unable to log into facebook from my computer.If I clear the cache I am able to log in but not comment or use any applications or go further than the first page that has opened.Dont know what he problem is as cant even log in from the f/b toolbar.Recently installed a wireless router and then the problems have started when I got a message account disabled for suspicious activity though account was enabled again but cannot use f/b . checked have no firewall installed.went to my neighbours and face book works from her comp fine.WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE PROBLEM IF ANYONE CAN HELP.

  49. Mikko Omas-as says:
    pls REMOVE my Hatepage pls… ill Cry everyday because of this SHIT hatepage pls REMOVE .. im a FILIPINO half Chinese .. pls remove my Hatepage
    ho’s the Owner of Facebook management …pls People Help me for my HATEPAGE pls help .. report this Hatepage ….

  50. Josh Constine says:

    @Mikko: You can report the profile to Facebook as abusive using the “Report” link under the links section of the left sidebar on the wall.

  51. wincelle britz bariuan says:

    hi uuummm i just want to ask why my facebook is not workin it says there was suspicious log in to your account and when im in the security question it doesn’t able to load so can u please help me to of my account doing that :( :*(v

  52. whean vhenyz nathalie bariuan says:

    hi just want to ask something my account on facebook is not workin it says there was suspicious log in to your account and when im in the security question it doesn’t able to load….please fix it and wincelle britz bariuan likes me…….:( can u message me back ill be back always here please read this comment…..thnx……

  53. wincelle britz bariuan says:

    hi i cant made an new facebook and even my account on facebook is not workin it says there was suspicious log in to your account and when im in the security question it doesn’t able to load….please fix it and wincelle britz bariuan likes me…….:( can u message me back ill be back always here please read this comment…..thnx……i got somani pictures and friends there i only enjoying playing yoville i got so many coins and club on yoville so plz. plz. plz. plz. plz. asap……

  54. abhijeet pradhan says:

    this is shocking to note dat i am blocked by adding frnds is this a social networking sites for making new frnds v r registered wd u 2 make new frnds frm all parts of d world ,so plz see 2 this matter sir

  55. jegede oluwatobi emmaunel says:

    hi l don’t what happen l can not log in to my account. it is asking for code pls help me find solution to it.

  56. Jaiquan Brown says:

    I have a great idea for a new version of facebook. I wont say what it is on this comment because the public can see it and I dont want nobody to take my idea but if you conact me a.s.a.p. I will love to the share my ideas with you.

  57. The REAL MOTHER says:

    I found a false statement about a child on one of your “clients” pages, and it is not corrected asap! you will hear from my lawyer This is of the upmost importance! NOW.

  58. Langa says:

    My account has been temporally unavailable since last month and i cant get any help….so what must i do anybody

  59. susan bankhead says:

    my acct is available but i have 2 fake accts on her done by someone else i would like for these accts be deleted the one is supa mann and the other is susan robertboardmanbankhead a person named will mitchell or either goes by winter black has posted this stuff on here could you please delete these accts

  60. Irma Lavigne says:

    From: Irma Lavigne To: Administrators Facebook's Good Day: I'm Irma Lavigne, Facebook users for a long time, actually 1-2 years using Facebook and I am thrilled, and would be delighted, and now Facebook-om that we WRAT old way msm old facebook look-a so I ask the following: Please administrator Facebook and wants to give back the old Facebook look me up because apparently the new look of Facebook's not like that I like would not be asking you to come back old look .. Please for your help to return the old facebook layout … Thanks

  61. Beatrice Williams or Beatrice T. Williams says:

    I am sending this message to whom it may concern that owns facebook. I was on my facebook page one night and the next morning my complete page and account was gone and I cannot log into it. All of my personal information,family,friends and pictures can not be retrived. What can you do to restore my original pages and information. Why would you all retrive my account? If someone else is using it or has taken over my account it is not me.Could you all Please! Please! find out what happened to it and contact me as soon as possiable thru my email address.PLEASE HELP ME.

  62. Beatrice Williams or Beatrice T. Williams says:


  63. diannefleming says:

    i have more than three account on facebook but only want one.the one i want i cant login to it what can i do cause i miss my want let me change my password or email

  64. Butterfly says:

    the “New Profile”. it’s horrible. it SUCKS. i HATE IT. i don’t hate facebook, but i absolutely HATE the new profile layout. & so does everyone else. Please change back to the old version. you will only lose profile users if you stick with this. OUT WITH THE NEW, IN WITH THE OLD!!!!!! trust me. everyone agrees!!

  65. Roberta Plohr says:

    Received a FB message from a Rachel Smith as well as personal email from FB *Facebook Payment Department ) stating that I was a monthly winner. The emails are asking for money. Is this for real??

  66. Josh Constine says:

    @Roberta: No, that is a scam.

  67. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    there shoud be one option of unlike…………
    that’s it…..

  68. Hnin says:


    I cant access my face book account 1month already.Someone hacked my account.So I want to delete permanently this account.Pls advice me

  69. Ghazla.Akbar says:

    this person is faking my profile,they are using my pictures and my name ans this is causing me embarrasment and ruining my family honour,i have been abused by this person constantly and this person has targeting me and i would like this person removed and my photography removed from their profile,please help

  70. Josh Constine says:

    @Ghazia: Go to the fake profile and click the “Report” button underneath the profile picture.

  71. oliver khoury says:

    Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

  72. chrissy says:

    i have found that howe highschool has a sladder page how do we get this erased

  73. oliver khoury says:

    Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here

  74. julie says:

    I have my brother letting his kids on facebook and theyre all under 14! Who do I report it too? I cry at night because I can see my 9 year old nephew says he likes women…… HELP

  75. pete Killingbeck says:

    I was Scammed on Facebook, Almost but I caught it. I have picks of the attempt Scam and of a Cousin who was used in the scam and didn’t know it.she hasn’t got back with me yet! I have reported it, I think it went through!
    Thank You!

    Pete Killingbeck

  76. michael fisher says:

    hi my names michael fiher and i went to log on tonight1/26/2011 and its saying user acoount unavailible and id like to know why cause the only thiong i can think of that i did was tell a woman yesterday that i dont want a mans pecker on my fb home page and if thats what its over then it should have been her account messed with not mine RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM

  77. Aurora Overton says:

    HI my name is Aurora I became a facebook follower in 2009 since then,they have been a nightmare the first time I was supended off facebook was not even at my fault,I had put up pics that were of art form something an artist like david bollt or Luis Royo would have drawen up then they kept suspened,,,,,,,,,,,,
    cause I was adding family or friends I may or may not have known,,
    then I was playing games and stopped adding people cause I couldn’t and play zuma blitz games like that got off for about an hour then got back on and was suspended agian for no reason at all and have still not received a reason why I was suspened off of facebook I would to complain to the owner but you can not get a hold of him other then here,they have nude pic of people on here and do nothing at all about it I get on and do absolutely nothing illeagly,,
    and get suspended how in the world is that right I mean if they won’t to make a prono site they need to tell people that this is no longer a website for family and friends it is a website for porn I mean I had 36 guys request me and there profile pics were inappropriate and I thought this was a family website But I get booted off why for adding family and friend that should be between them and us not facebook they need to worry about people and there porno pictures not people just trying to make friends or looking for there family…..

    thank you for your ear Mrs Aurora V Overton

  78. talisha says:

    i would like too make a complain that someone has made a number of facebook profiles called true false, making things up about people and broadcasting it all over and alot of people are getting upset and its causing alot of problem i would appreciate it if you have a way too delete this accounts off facebook thank you.

  79. alizeh says:

    hey…i request u to plz reactivate my got deacctivated because of frequent changing in passwords.i will be very hounred if u do that.thanks.

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