New Facebook Home Page Now Live – Notes & First Impressions

As expected, Facebook has launched the redesigned Facebook home page this afternoon. Here’s how it looks:


A few thoughts and first impressions:

  • The default “filter” is “News Feed,” which appears to be all shared items by friends. You can filter your stream by network, public profiles, friend list, or application.
  • The prompt on the publisher now reads “What’s on your mind?”
  • Application feed stories seem a lot more prominent. For example, in the screenshot above, a feed story from the Easter Egg Hunt application is being shown.
  • The stream emphasizes status updates, like Twitter.
  • Every stream item has a “comment” and “like” link on it. It’s not hard to find feed story action links.
  • There is now a “send a gift” link next to every person listed in the expanded birthdays section.
  • The sponsored home page engagement ad hasn’t changed much – though it’s now higher in the page.
  • My “Highlights” currently contains items of the following types: links, video, pages/public profiles, photos, notes.

Update: Facebook also made a few subtle changes to the profile change with this release. Mainly, one-line feed stories are now grouped into clusters of 3 or 4, and these “Recent Activity” clusters alternate with explicitly shared items throughout the feed.



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49 Responses to “New Facebook Home Page Now Live – Notes & First Impressions”

  1. Dave Nottage says:

    Mine doesn’t look like that yet :-P

  2. Maxime Ducoffre says:

    I want it! Hope it won’t take too long :p

  3. Mark Colacioppo says:

    Overall not bad. A little weird seeing apps I have no interest in on the right side bar in…

  4. Ian Hines says:

    I prefer the way the rolled out the “new” design last year — make it available to everyone and allow them to opt into it before making it the standard.

  5. Guillermo Carrion says:

    On my home page is not available yet… :(

  6. Jamie Ellis says:

    The only 2 people i seen with this is you and allfacebook

    Released to press initally?

    i also agree with the proposal for people to be phased in but i do like!

  7. Michael Foley says:

    I don’t see it either.

  8. Chris Foley says:

    I haven’t got it either but my wife does. Maybe because it’s her birthday today…

  9. Dave Williams says:

    Mine just changed a few minutes ago. Not sure how to react right away other than I now can’t find anything again :)

    Dave Williams

  10. Jamie Ellis says:

    They still geoselecting again i see (favorite biasness)

    good tho to see it now outside California! :)

    may get it today (Wednesday) or whenever it cross the oceans ;)

  11. Lawrence Leung says:

    it’s not being propagated to me yet. i can’t even view the facebook blog entry on this in my area (in hk). so I supposed it will take even longer for me to get it.

  12. Alex Robbin says:

    My region is Boston but I’m in California right now and still don’t have it yet. Can’t wait to see the changes

  13. cris says:

    I agree with Ian!
    I prefer the old one…”live feed” is gone :(
    Please, let people choose the version!

  14. Maggie says:

    Am I incorrect or is one of the features of this new page layout supposed to be that a page’s status updates and new notes are supposed to show up in fans’ news feeds? I’ve tried it several times with my company’s page and it’s not working–nothing I post on the page shows up in fans’ status updates or news feeds.

    Is this feature working for anyone?

  15. Joe Dawson says:

    Thanks for providing first impressions, was also hoping to write about this last night but still not available here yet!

  16. MHG says:

    I’m in WA State – nothing new here. Any new news on the timing of their launch?

  17. Don LaVange says:

    Here in Utah no one I know has seen it yet.

  18. Evon Malixi says:

    I already had the chance to see the new design last night and honestly speaking i dont like it at all.

    - There is no possibility to customize the items in your profile page. Everything seems to look the same. No character at all. That is one of the reason i’m on facebook, bcause of the freedom to design your own profile page.
    - The News Feed in the Home page look so tacky. Seems like being in a market with all the feeds that seems to look all the same without talking about the repeating face icons all in the same line..please! It’s painfull to look at.
    - I do like the fact that you can filter the feed based on your friends list, atleast one positive comment ;-p

    Can we just keep the old layout with more freedom together with the new streaming features?


  19. Twitter has Jimmy Fallon - Facebook has Oprah « SiliconAngle says:

    [...] this leave Facebook? Facebook, as everyone may have already read, launched their new look. It was later last night when they started this operation, so everyone may still have the old page layout. We also began [...]

  20. Tijana says:

    I’m not sure what to say yet, i guess it’s just the matter of time when we all are going to like the new look (or at least we’ll “have to”), but I don’t understand why these new changes affect the profile page? Is there any chance to customize items on the wall(one-line, short etc.)like before?

  21. Gigi says:

    the page manager on HOME page is missing…..can you help finding it ?

  22. Joffrey says:

    Feel like Facebook forgot me…
    I really want the new layout! :(

  23. Johnny says:

    I prefer the way the rolled out the “new” design last year — make it available to everyone and allow them to opt into it before making it the standard.

    I agree with you! I ***HATE*** the new design. It should be deleted forever!!!

  24. Luigi Trovato says:

    I miss the ability to check what groups and pages my friends have subscribed too.
    Some of them appear in Highlights, but it’s just spots, not the full and complete list of who became fan of what.. I had much fun with that, also helped to find fan pages I hadn’t thought of..

  25. sp4ngle » Blog Archive » Facebook UK Help Page Gets Hijacked says:

    [...] New Facebook Home Page Now Live – Notes & First Impressions ( [...]

  26. noel says:

    Facebook is not the same with the new homepage, it feels so damn boring and it became less dynamic. I think that was the secret of Facebook’s addicting nature, all those inane updates about everybody that we secretly love.

    Fearless prediction: Facebook log ins, new sign ups, and time spent will go down in the following months because of the new homepage. This might be the end of Facebook, its like re-formulated Coke, nobody likes it!

    Upside: This could very well be an opportunity for other social networking sites as the secret seems to be in knowing what everyone else is doing.

  27. Fuds says:

    Dang, I didn’t really want a Twitterbook, but looks like we are stuck with one now.

  28. leaving fb says:

    Give me live feed back!! I definitely don’t spend much time on fb anymore.

  29. Tri Tran says:

    Homepage is now “status update” and feeds from apps developed and owned by facebook. I am so disappointed with this. Facebook is going the wrong way. Pls give back my “Live Feed”. I want the story from my friends when they used applications I like.

  30. Facebook Rolls Out New Home Page, Looks More Like Twitter and FriendFeed | Microblink says:

    [...] Facebook’s Justin Smith (@justinsmith) wrote up some first impressions of the new home page design, including a mention that “the stream emphasizes status updates, [...]

  31. Joe Funicelli says:

    I’m also not feeling this homepage, I think design-wise it’s fine, but it feels like it really lost a lot of functionality. The purpose of the homepage is to see at a glance what my friends are doing, and I’m not getting that with this new homepage. It also focuses a lot on using friend lists to filter, rather than just clicking “Status Updates” or “Live Feed”. Not a lot of people even use friend lists, though I admit I do. The page is much less interactive now that updates don’t occur in real-time, I like seeing new stories fade in as they happen. Facebook has some work to do with this new homepage, I hope they listen to its users.

  32. Ivan Adaime says:

    buena post

  33. Michael says:

    Gigi Says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 12:54 am

    the page manager on HOME page is missing…..can you help finding it ?

    I had the same problem but i finally found it.
    Click the Applications Menu thing at the bottom left of facebook where u chat to people and its in that menu

  34. Berlin Sianipar says:

    Facebook is downgrading itself to Friendster class by removing the Live Feed feature. GIVE ME MY LIVE FEED BACK!

  35. How Are Facebook Users Responding to the “Real Time” Home Page Redesign? says:

    [...] now been nearly a full week since the new “live stream” Facebook home page redesign launched. How are users [...]

  36. Disgruntled User says:

    The face that you can no longer see who your friends have made friends with on the homepage, or see anybody’s comments on photos on there mean Facebook is more or less a load of garbage now. To get this information now, you would have to look at each of your friend’s profiles in turn and who has time to do that. I have no interest in a page full of people’s stupid status updates

  37. Which Applications Are Growing With the New Facebook Home Page? says:

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  39. chris says:

    don’t know if it helps but I just noticed that the iphone app for facebook still has the live feed. It looks like it works just like it did on the old layout.

  40. New March Data: How Are Facebook Users Responding to the Redesign? says:

    [...] been nearly a month now since Facebook rolled out its new home page redesign. As usual, there was a lot of fanfare, and many users protested the change. However, now that March [...]

  41. Dave says:

    After the home page changes, now I can’t get into the home page & have had big problems even trying to log onto Facebook.
    Much more of this & I’m gone.

  42. kiki udovicic says:

    0mg i love facebook and i was juz watching a vide0 ab0ut facebook and it’s weird charachters,….so lool!!

  43. Facebook’s News Feed Redesign Rollout Starting at 10AM PT Today says:

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  46. The Facebook Smothering Strategy on Twitter: Will it Work? | BeAloud Digital Media News says:

    [...] redesigned the homepage a couple of month ago which aim is to reproduce the Twitter [...]

  47. spirit adams says:

    i cant get my feed on fb to work it comes up then diapears i can access my profile ok its just the feed can you help

  48. isabel says:

    no i kep on work

  49. says:

    There are many of us who find our friend’s are much more important than activities….for many face book is a way to be with friends and family that are separated by miles, or time,Please keep this in mind!!!!

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