Facebook Launching New Home Page Today, Taking the Live Stream Mainstream

When Facebook users login today, they’re going to find something new – and, Facebook hopes, addicting – a real time stream of all their friends’ updates from across Facebook, the Facebook Platform, and Facebook Connect.

With the latest home page redesign, Facebook is adopting the “live stream” model that Twitter has made popular with several million users. Now, Facebook is bringing it to the masses.


Facebook’s intention with the redesign is to increase engagement and sharing by users. As Mark Zuckerberg wrote last week,

As people share more, the timeline gets filled in more and more with what is happening with everything you’re connected to. The pace of updates accelerates. This creates a continuous stream of information that delivers a deeper understanding for everyone participating in it. As this happens, people will no longer come to Facebook to consume a particular piece or type of content, but to consume and participate in the stream itself.

How will users react? When Facebook originally launched the News Feed for the first time in September 2006, users initially responded in a roar of protest, only to stop shortly later after realizing the power of the News Feed to deliver valuable information about their friends. Facebook is hoping the success of the “live stream” won’t be measured by user protests this time around. However, that kind of reaction is highly unlikely – Facebook users are now much more accustomed to the nature of syndicated sharing Facebook has implemented in the News Feed. While the original launch of the News Feed was the first time Facebook users experienced that dynamic, simply accelerating the pace of the stream this time around is a smaller change for users to understand.

Will Facebook eventually open up the public timeline, as Twitter has? Such a move would make Facebook’s sharing stream much more valuable to application developers and third parties interested in mining the data for market research purposes. While many have speculated that Facebook will eventually open the feed given its recent symbolic move to join the OpenID Foundation and open up new stauts APIs for application developers, Facebook hasn’t made any official announcements yet.

Now that the live stream is core to the Facebook user experience, developers and marketers should adapt how they think about getting the most out of their Facebook efforts. We’ve prepared detailed guides, and further screenshots of today’s release are below:

Update 1:40pm PT: Facebook says the new home page is rolling out now, but it will be migrating users slowly on a rolling basis and “everyone should have the new home page over the coming days.”

New Facebook Home Page Screenshots





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36 Responses to “Facebook Launching New Home Page Today, Taking the Live Stream Mainstream”

  1. Philip John says:

    I’m not seeing it. Not happy. I want the new, new Facebook!

  2. Joe Dawson says:

    Looking forward to this update as realtime is what it’s all about at the moment. I need to create lists to control the noise! :)

  3. Ian Hines says:

    Still not live.

  4. Tyson Quick says:

    its probably not live becuase its still not even 7am!! Give it until noon.

  5. Phil Morley says:

    “Facebook is adopting the “live stream” model that Twitter has made popular with several million users.”

    I might just be being stupid here, but my Twitter page isn’t a live stream, in that I have to keep refreshing it.

  6. Dobromir Hadzhiev says:

    not live yet, in the meantime I’ll be on friendfeed

  7. Ian Hines says:

    You’re right, it’s early, but on the East Coast it’s 8:00am.

  8. Faizal Rahman says:

    Still not live yet here.

  9. Joe Bikes says:

    Are there *ANY* plans for some RSS functionality?

    Having a lifestream for all your friends (and/or specific friends) and groups, etc., would really open up facebook to the rest of the web… driving more and more traffic to the site.

  10. Alan Ashley says:

    Nothing yet, 10:23 on east coast. Maybe we have to wait until 9AM Pacific time.

  11. Jamie Ellis says:

    4pm in the UK (7am FB-PST) still not here

    more like it going to be Thursday for me and anyone right of the Atlantic if it still not here at 11pm (4pm PST).

    At least i have some amusement and joy tonight to be forward to when come home from work as it make a change from the vibe of early contract redundancy being called since Monday with me on a 1 year contract and they want all none permanent out by April and i only month 5!)

    Citizen Advice and Unions have been informed as they will broke union policy and contract

  12. Joe Funicelli says:

    Still waiting…

  13. Alan Ashley says:

    Still waiting, but starting to get forced logins on each refresh or page change.

  14. Justin Smith says:

    Still not live yet here either… it will be rolling out in waves to different users.

  15. Justin Thorp says:

    Here’s in Washington, DC, it’s still the old design.

  16. Peter Wu says:

    still the same design in nyc

  17. Seth Rubenstein says:

    4pm on the East Coast, still now new design. Wth.

  18. Brett Wise says:

    Still waiting for the new FB here in TN.

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  20. Evon Malixi says:

    Live stream must be cool but the new design looks really tacky for me ;-{

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  25. Mike Williams says:

    This new change is hideous. I loved the last iteration and the level of control it gave me.

    Now I have app spam in the form of feed filters and highlights from apps I don’t have installed or have indeed blocked. Yet I can’t add filters for apps I use regularly.

    The events/birthdays item has no link to show you ALL events and birthdays. Users have to manually set up a link to events on that FB taskbar at the bottom (that only allows 6 icons anyway).

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  28. Alan Trulock says:

    Stinks. Low level of user control. Not intuitive. A continuous stream of crap that is difficult to sort through as “real time updates” get lost in the clutter.

    Give users control over the layout of their homepage and don’t write such biased articles in the future!

  29. Facebook re-empahsises that realtime is it’s main thrust | The Equity Kicker says:

    [...] Facebook Launching New Home Page Today, Taking the Live Stream Mainstream [...]

  30. charles jeffers says:

    i have recently signed up for facebook three times and still cant get anything to happen so just delete my subscription and i’ll pretend this never happened… i’m not going to all this trouble for this

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  34. danny says:

    Simple really.. the new look is like the french developer, lazy and disliked by millions

  35. Shannon Coulter says:

    I tried several times to login to my facebook homepage and I’m not getting any applicable feedback, I tried to change my password and everything its still not letting me get in please get in touch with me through my e-mail account. thanks!

  36. BART BROOKS` says:

    i received a facebook solicitation from someone i knew 40 years ago. it said his other contacts were people i knew….but he could not possibly know. some of them i rarely contact and some i haven’t contacted by email in years.
    how did he get these names?
    is this legit?
    please advise over my email address

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