Facebook’s Redesigned Fan Pages to Compete More Directly with Twitter


As most brands and marketers know by now, Facebook is preparing to announce a redesigned version of its Pages product for businesses tomorrow.

For those that haven’t seen the details on all the likely* changes (*based on materials Facebook has been circulating with advertisers) and things Page owners need to do to prepare for the changes, here’s a quick summary:

  1. Pages “2.0″ now look a lot like Facebook profile pages: the Wall is front and center, and almost everything else (including custom HTML and application boxes) is moving to secondary tabs.
  2. Pages will now have a powerful tool previously only available to Facebook profiles: Status Updates. Status Updates have the potential to become a VERY powerful tool for marketers large and small.
  3. Activity from Pages you’re a fan of will now prominently appear in your home page News Feed. This means you’ll see updates from Pages you’re a fan of mixed in with updates from people you’re friends with.

Sound familiar? That’s because, on the whole, Facebook Pages are becoming a lot more like Twitter in terms of the ways marketers can use them to reach and engage people inside Facebook.


Twitter has proven that the “status update subscription + news feed” conversation model works well for a variety of marketers – from large brands like Dell and Starbucks to self promoters like bloggers, consultants, and real estate agents. Twitter is a simple way for anyone to start participating with social media marketing by sharing updates on company news, commenting on relevant conversations about their industry, and communicating directly with both satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

While Facebook Pages have been successful for many marketers so far, many Page owners have been looking for more ways to engage more Facebook users and keep them coming back to their Page. Many marketers we’ve spoken with have been asking for help figuring out how to solve these core viral growth and user retention problems.

The good news: the new Facebook Pages should help you do just that. While the Pages redesign does move custom HTML content and application boxes to a secondary tab – a not insignificant change for brand owners who have invested in building those modules – the new emphasis on conversation and dynamic updates, combined with greater News Feed integration, should make Facebook Pages a much more powerful tool for marketers overall.


Like Twitter, Facebook’s new Pages make it much more natural for marketers to share fresh content and communicate with their fans (of course, Pages have always allowed owners to post rich content like Photos and Videos, and that will continue). Because status updates and conversations that Page owners have with their fans on the Page will now be much more prominent, Facebook Pages could become much more important conversational venues around the brand at hand than they have in the past.

How will all the details pan out? We’ll have all the updates from tomorrow’s announcement.

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31 Responses to “Facebook’s Redesigned Fan Pages to Compete More Directly with Twitter”

  1. Lionel Menchaca says:

    Pretty cool stuff. I was already a fan of pages before, and these enhancements look like they will result in more conversations between brand reps and our customers.

    That’s the point of social media in my book: real conversations, and it look like these changes will move things forward.



  2. Mike B says:

    Really smart idea. I’m surprised it has taken this long for fan pages to get status updates.

  3. Dan Smith says:

    Looks nice!

    Be good if Groups could have status updates too..

  4. Francisco Hernández-Marcos says:

    Nice! I am looking forward to it!

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  6. Joe Dawson says:

    I agree with all of the previous comments, status update conversation seems to be the way forward. My friends actively respond to status updates and comment on imported items so this is the natural evolution.

    Agree with Dan about the Groups having status updates. Personally Groups have moved to the back of my Facebook activity as once I have joined there is limited interaction other than being a face in the crowd. There are exceptions to this obviously.

    Moving forward with status updates and conversation being the focus it would make sense to introduce a ‘Page Feed’ to Home as a central location for following Page activity and discovering new Fan Pages!

  7. Rob Blatt says:

    that looks like they are standardizing their designs. That doesn’t look like a Twitter layout, it looks like your homepage when you sign into Facebook.

    I’m not sure where you get the Twitter reference from except that they are changing the pages to be more update focused. If anything it’s looking like a FriendFeed room.

  8. AtlanticCityBlackjack says:

    Good innovation

  9. John Roquemore says:

    Can’t wait to see what the dashboard looks like. Hopefully the apps will work more like apps for a profile.

    I’m hoping to see Pages become like a full fledged profile for Businesses, Bands, and Bloggers, etc.

    Hopefully this will cut down on use of actually profiles/groups. I hate getting messages in my inbox from non-friends (it turns into the same problem I have with my email inbox).

  10. Sam Cornwell says:

    What about a API to go with it, I’m hoping to be able to upload pictures through an external app like picasa or iphoto as well as linking a twitter account with the status updates. And like John said, allowing apps to work like they do with a profile. I guess only time will tell how thorough this upgrade will be.

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  14. Barbara Baker says:

    Like Twitter? Maybe for New York Times but not the way I (or many others) use Twitter. Will be interesting (as always) to see how develops.

  15. Strandh delar med sig - 2009 03 05 — Niclas Strandh aka Deeped says:

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  16. Lionel Menchaca says:

    Yikes. Now that I’ve seen the new profile pages, they’re awful for businesses.

    No flexibility in choosing the layout options. I hope they offer more options in the future.



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  22. Ted says:

    I hate them! All the FBML work I have done is useless within the new framework.

    Typical FB redesign though. Putting the user LAST.

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