Facebook Now Allowing Group Owners to Change Group Names

newpages1-wholepage2Until recently, owners of Facebook groups had to email Facebook customer support in order to change their Group’s name. However, Facebook announced today that Group owners can now change Group names any time. This change will certainly decrease the amount of customer service Facebook had to deal with from users who simply wanted to make spelling corrections or update their Groups’ names.

Why does this matter to marketers?

Facebook likely made it hard to change Group names in order to prevent aggressive marketers from pulling a “bait and switch” on Facebook users. For example, some marketers have been known to create Groups under the guise of non-commercial purposes with the intent of spamming the Groups later on. In order to prevent this from happening with the new change, all group members will receive a notification whenever a Group’s name changes, so Facebook is advising users to “be sure to check your notifications box for group name changes.”

Groups vs. Pages: Which is better?

A classic question asked by marketers is whether Groups or Pages are a better fit for their marketing needs. If your company or organization is looking to engage large numbers of users over time, Facebook Pages are the better product for you. Facebook is committed to continuing to develop its Pages product for businesses, brands, and artists, and is planning a major redesign of Pages in the near future. By contrast, Groups are less fully featured in terms of promotional and engagement tools. For more detailed information on the specific features available to marketers through Groups and Pages, click here.

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8 Responses to “Facebook Now Allowing Group Owners to Change Group Names”

  1. lifeline says:

    Much needed lifeline for groups app. It was going nowhere and was additional overhead work for “small” facebook team! I hope (if not there) facebook wont allow more than 2 name changes in a 6 month window…

    Also i would like to see something useful when i go to groups “app home page”, where they show 2 useless lists of groups..

  2. Mitchell McKenna says:

    This actually came in handy I was involved in a couple groups that were created without the word “The” in the name even though the official group name includes “The”.

  3. Matthias Zeitler says:

    Now it would be nice to be easily able to convert a group to a page. I understand this is possible by emailing Facebook in a cumbersome process that requires proving that you own the brand.

    For a lot of groups there is really no brand, so this doesn’t work.

    It would be great to just have a button to convert a group to a page and take advantage of the additional page functionality.

  4. Alisar says:

    Most facebook groups were never effective anyway, they are used as labels. There is not much to do, there is no flexibility, there are restrictions, it is hard to follow. no new features. NO functionality.

    So, a few months ago we released a facebook app which is basically an improved version of facebook groups. It is called Groupsplus ( http://apps.facebook.com/groupsplus ). Check it out. Anyway, we tried to introduce more features like polls, groups feed (to easily follow), calendar, file upload etc. and we will try to add more features because we think groups would be more social and efficient with more features.

    But the issue here is most of the facebook groups are nothing more than a badge. e.g. I Secretly Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head (I am a member, too). What do people do in that group? Nothing. Just a label. We decided to focus on smaller groups where communication and organization are important; such as yoga groups, church groups, travel groups etc. Of course, we have some users who use Groupsplus like normal groups which is also fine. (We may have made a mistake of naming it Groupsplus. We admit.) We are just hoping to reach maybe 5% of regular groups users who really would use some more features to get things done. What do you use your groups for?

  5. Frederic Torano says:

    Allowing Group Owners to Change Group Names : thanks !

  6. Blog DiscodinnerNapoli » Facebook permette di modificare i nomi dei gruppi says:

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  7. Facebook permette di modificare i nomi dei gruppi | RaccoltaBlog says:

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  8. brightstar says:

    to allow such a thing is awsome. if a person wants to chane their group name they should

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