How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook

Inside Facebook has recently written about simplifying how you use Facebook with other social media tools in order to make life a little easier. We’ve discussed merging calendaring by syncing Facebook events with Google calendar and simplifying microblogging by syncing Twitter and Facebook status messages.

For all of the bloggers out there, here’s another how-to that will eliminate the need for you to “re-blog” stories on Facebook. If you’re a blogger that isn’t already linking to your stories on Facebook, you might want to think about it. Here are a few simple steps to increase your web presence by leveraging the power of the social graph. Why not?

How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook

1) In the “Applications” menu (in the bottom bar), choose “Notes.”

2) Under “Notes Settings,” click on “Import a blog”


3) Type in the URL of your blog and make sure to check the mini-EULA


4) At the bottom of the preview, click on “Confirm Import”


And that’s it — your blog is now available to all your Facebook friends and family! Whenever you post new articles on your blog, they will automatically appear on your Wall and in your friends’ News Feeds, driving traffic to your site.

Next step: Integrate Facebook Connect on your blog.

Update: Facebook has since changed Notes such that this method may no longer work for importing your blog.

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153 Responses to “How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook”

  1. Ken says:

    How do you import multiple blogs you own?

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  3. Don Crowley says:

    Thanks Sahana, This was top of my todo list to sit down and figure out… thanks :) It cost me 30 seconds. Weird that they choose notes via the application menu to do this (not intuative to me)… but it works great. Don

  4. Brad says:

    I echo Ken’s question. I do not necessarily want to import my tweets as status messages and would instead like to have a feed mix of both blog articles and tweets. I was hoping there was a more straightforward solution than using FriendFeed to aggregate your content and then plug that RSS feed into Facebook Notes, but alas my hopes are dashed yet again. Either way, FriendFeed is still a good work around.

  5. Lori says:

    In response to Ken’s question, there is an RSS app that allows multiple blog imports in an easy to use format. I currently use it on an FB page but I think it would work on profile.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Kathy H says:

    I’ve recently discovered the Networked Blogs Facebook application. It’s a great way to invite people to read your blog and stay up-to-date on friends’ blog.

  7. Heather says:

    I did this but only an intro to the post appears in my Facebook Page. I want the whole post with photos to appear. I see other people who have it working this way. What am I doing wrong?

    Facebook Page: Heather Ogg Photography & Design

  8. Stephen says:

    Heather, I had the same problem, I had facebook importing my blog from or /rss or something, just put the standard url of your website in the import screen, or whatever. This worked a treat – S

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  10. Charlotte says:

    Hi there, I am trying to import my blog into my Facebook page not profile. I have imported it through the application on my page however the blog updates are coming through on my profile notes instead of the notes on my Facebook profile! Could you please help!


  11. julie says:

    Great! Many thanks for this post!
    I tried to install comlicated plugins etc…while it was so easy!

  12. margie says:

    I cannot find a way to import my blog into my business page. If I go to the notes settings that only lets me import to my persoanl page. How do I import only to my business page and will the blog postings show up in the wall or does the tab need to be changed to notes??

  13. DEkart says:

    I’ve developed blogging application for Facebook:

    It allows you to import posts from external blogs and display them at your profile (both profile box and profile tab are supported).

    I think this application may be useful when you’re not satisfied with Notes.

  14. diego says:

    is there any app or way of showing notes imported from a blog in facebook’s start page, cause im able to import them but my contacts must go to notes in order to see them, I need to change that, it doesn’t matter that only shows the last three posts, that’s ok for me. I need some help please, and sorry for my english.

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  18. GIna says:

    I’m having the same problem as margie above–I want my blog feed to go to my Business Page, not my Personal one, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  19. David Patrick says:

    First create your business page.

    Second add ‘Notes’ as an additional tab alongside WALL, INFO, PHOTOS, BOXES

    Third click on ‘Write a new note’ and add a test note then save draft(this can be deleted later)

    Fourth, in the notes settings click ‘edit import setting’

    Fifth, add your blogs RSS feed and tick the permission box

    That’s it.


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  21. Guy says:


    I am feeding a blog through the Notes application directly from my Blogger Site. But photos are still not coming in to (you have to click through to see the full post with pictures). Any ideas?


  22. Guy says:

    A quick update on my prior post, photos are fed into Notes but do not appear on the Wall…

  23. Miguel says:

    Thanks David Patrick. That was just the advice I needed. Got it :)

  24. Christine Fiske says:

    David –
    Thanks for the great advice. Not intuitive, but easy to add the blog to the page.

  25. quayside says:

    David your a god send, I’ve spent the last two days going in circles trying to get the blog on the business page instead of my profile.

    Every time I tried the notes it appeared in the wrong page until I followed your instructions.

    thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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    [...] feel free to aggregate content from them and display it on your Facebook page. This includes aggregating your blog post using the notes feature , displaying your twitter feed creating your LInkedIn profile  badge or displaing your Slideshare [...]

  27. Muskie says:

    I’ve been poking around and their were some third party apps that did this, but the idea of importing all my past posts seems weird. What if you have 500? How long does that take? Does it really import every post you ever made, or like subscribing to an RSS feed only the last dozen or do?

    If I update an old post, does the update get reflected in “Notes”? What if I delete an old post?

  28. James Weis says:

    If I edit a blog post after it has imported into FB notes, do the changes also update onto my FB notes page?

    The FB Notes app will not let me edit an imported blog post directly and if I have spelling/grammar changes that I miss when I publish the post, I would like to have those changes reflect in my FB page.

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  31. Lisa says:

    I am trying to get my blog connected to facebook but it won’t recognize my URL. What now? Help….

  32. Kiftshity says:

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  33. Travis Hopson says:

    I set this up to export from my site hours ago and I’ve posted numerous times since, yet I see no changes to my facebook page. What’s going on??

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  36. Kathy says:

    David Patrick,
    I couldn’t follow your steps (pasted below). Where do you find the Notes Settings within your business page? That’s where I got stuck, on the 4th step, I could not find notes settings.

    David Patrick Says:
    June 10th, 2009 at 9:52 am
    First create your business page.
    Second add ‘Notes’ as an additional tab alongside WALL, INFO, PHOTOS, BOXES
    Third click on ‘Write a new note’ and add a test note then save draft(this can be deleted later)
    Fourth, in the notes settings click ‘edit import setting’
    Fifth, add your blogs RSS feed and tick the permission box

    That’s it.

  37. Kathy says:

    OK Gina and David Patrick,
    I have embellished David’s steps with a little more detail. I haven’t finished testing but I believe this will work to import a blog to your Page in facebook:

    First create your Page.

    Second add ‘Notes’ as an additional tab alongside WALL, INFO, PHOTOS, BOXES

    Third click on ‘Write a new note’ and add a test note then save draft(this can be deleted later)

    Fourth, go to that note you just created and click Edit to pretend to edit it.

    Fifth, now in the upper right area you will see EDIT followed by various of these is a notes icon (looks like a piece of paper).

    Sixth: Click on this Edit/NOTES icon in the upper right

    Seventh: Now a box is displayed on the right side of the page: Notes Settings. In this Notes Settings box is an IMPORT A BLOG link. Follow the steps.

    Hope this helps. THANKS David for the pointers

  38. Connie B says:

    @David Patrick

    Thank you Thank you!!!

    That’s just what I need to connect my WordPress Powered church website to our new FB page.


  39. steven says:

    Does anyone know how to import posts (to facebook notes) by ONLY ONE AUTHOR of a blog? The default is of course ALL posts, but I co-write a blog, so would like only my posts to show up.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!

  40. StephanJade says:

    Interesting article as for me. I’d like to read a bit more concerning this theme.

  41. Lilly Anna says:

    Thank you! This is an interesting and easy way to get your blog posts published on your Facebook profile and page (thank you David Patrick for explaining how to implement this on a Facebook page, had me stuck for a while).

    One thing I have noticed though, using the notes to import blog posts to your wall doesn’t provide a ‘direct’ link to your blog but using the Simplaris Blogcast application does. However importing your blog via notes is alot simpler process, in my opinion. I guess you have to weigh up the pros and cons of both.

  42. Casey says:

    I got my blog posts to appear perfectly on my business page under the Notes tab and in a little box on the Wall, but I want the posts to appear full-scale on my Wall. Is there a way to do that? Thanks.

  43. Casey says:

    Ah…found RSS Graffiti…works a treat…

  44. Margret says:

    I did this a while back and my blogger account is importing into my notes on facebook.

    I think it´s nicer to post a link my self because then a photo appears (notes doesn’t do that).

    How can I disconnect the blog from being imported I cant seem to find how to make it stop?

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  46. Bang Mahfuz says:

    nice articel…….

  47. Karin Burgess says:

    Does anyone know if this feature will import the entire blog history or start importing with new posts?

    I have manually posted blog entries to Facebook and don’t want a lot of dups on Facebook. Thanks.

  48. King Poker says:

    Menghacker Facebook & Sigma Poker….Mudah Didownload , Easy download…/ Selamat mencoba, Good Luck…

  49. farmville cash says:

    Well, listening to everyone talk of neighbors and gifts and such, has made me a little curious. So now I have been looking into the FarmVille FaceBook Game. I think it might be something I could get into.

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  51. Iain Reid says:

    Excellent info. I never knew this could be done. I have certainly learned something new today! Thanks.

  52. Rachel says:

    THANK YOU, David! I’ve been going in circles trying to figure out how to import my blog to a page, and that did just the trick.

  53. Simon Hopkins says:

    This is so usefull!

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  55. Mikes Sumondong says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ve been trying to look for ways how to do this. I’m tired of networked blogs. it doesn’t work!

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    [...] posts from my blog. At first, I thought this was going to be easy.  I found the instructions on this site but I ran into some problems.  The Facebook page I want the updates to go onto is a Business page [...]

  57. Stacey says:

    I was successfully using Blogcast on my business page until all the updates must have messed with the configuration. I tried to reload it but now it will only post to my profile page not my business page. I want my blog post on my business page and not through Notes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  58. Rachel Levy: Social Networking & Job Search » How to Cross-Post Your Social Media Updates says:

    [...] Create a Facebook note for each of your blog posts by following these instructions: In the “Applications” menu (in the bottom bar), choose “Notes.”, under “Notes Settings,” click on “Import a blog” and enter your feed address.  For more detailed instructions and screen shots, see this post. [...]

  59. Facebook Layouts says:

    I was hoping there was a more straightforward solution than using FriendFeed to aggregate your content and then plug that RSS feed into Facebook Notes, but alas my hopes are dashed yet again.

  60. Vegju says:

    thank you David Patrick!

  61. Justyna Bizdra says:

    That’s a fantastic article. Great tips. I’ve been struggling for some time to do it and here you give a simple solution.

    I need to read more about creating business pages:D

  62. Fiona says:

    I’d also like to know if imports old blog posts or only new ones before I enable publishing. Can anyone confirm?

  63. Pinoy Big Blogger says:

    wwooww..this is great thanks for this post..:-)

  64. Holly says:

    All – I have for some time been successfully importing my blog posts to my FB page. I did this through the notes page as described above. For some reason, my posts recently stopped feeding for no apparent reason. I went in and reinserted my blog URL into correct place…and voila it posted my lasy blogpost. And then …nothing else from later posts hit. Can anyone explain why?

  65. Lisa (sideoats + scribbles) says:

    Hi All! I looked under “Notes” and “My Notes”, but can’t find a settings area…any ideas? Thanks! :)

  66. Dave says:

    Importing seems to be quite broken. I went through the instructions but after the initial import it just seems to fail at updating.

  67. vinuthan says:

    Thanks….nice article…was searching for sometime

  68. Jeremy says:

    Great tip! Thanks. Just one question: when you initially set up your blog to feed to your Facebook Page’s notes, did you notice that the few most recent posts were also posted to your page’s wall? Did you then notice that subsequent blog posts were fed to the “Notes” section, but *not* to your wall?

    This is what I’ve noticed on a few different pages on which I’ve implemented this “blog to notes” link. New blog posts don’t get pushed to the wall.

    Anyone know why, or how to change this to ensure that new posts get published on your wall?

  69. Viral H Parmar says:

    Thank you very much sahana..i like this post.its really useful and easily executable..thanks

  70. amber fischer says:

    THANK YOU! This was exactly what I was looking for!

  71. April says:

    I followed David’s directions on importing my blog to my notes page of my business page – but how can I import 2 blogs to this page? When I import one, it works fine. When i import the 2nd one, that one feeds right to my personal page/wall. How can I get them BOTH to import onto my business page?

  72. Jeremy says:

    Thank you David Patrick. Just what I was looking for.

  73. Callalily says:

    I have linked my blog to FB via “notes” tool but when I click to the note, it shows the note in FB. How can I make it still link to my blog, for example, when I click to the note, it will be directly go to my post in blog, not still in FB. I just wanna people know that I have a new post in my blog and by double clicking to that post (shown in FB), they will be linked to my blog. Thanks in advance.

  74. Carolina says:

    Will like to know if i can import my blog in facebook but do not want to import the photos, nor the images. Is it possible?

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    [...] Here is an illustrated article of importing a feed into FaceBook notes. [...]

  77. Jenny says:

    I don’t want to import my blog into notes, I want to import my posts and have them show up in the Links box and link directly to my blog. I’ve seen some wordpress bloggers doing this, anyone know how they are doing that?

  78. paul says:

    I am having trouble with the Notes application. I have followed all the directions, and when I hit confirm, facebook imports everything that is already in my blog. But after that, however, facebook Notes does not update with new blog entries. I have tried deleting and starting over, then the most recent entries appear, but anything I enter into the blog after that does not update into facebook.

    Any ideas?

  79. yin says:

    Now I want to remove my blog in facebook? Can I undo this?

  80. RFID Reader says:

    Wonderful journey and experience!

  81. MuratGu says:

    @paul: it takes days for FB to update the Notes page when using an external blog import…

  82. Pat Yuen says:

    For some strange reason, FB is taking up to 24 hours to import my blog feed. Also, if you choose this route, be sure to set your FB privacy settings to NOT show notes to the public. If you do, Google will index it as duplicate content and it will hurt your blog’s SEO ranking.

  83. Tiff@DogwoodLaneDesigns says:

    Ok. I’m trying to import my blog but I see no note setting at all in my notes application. Why can’t I see it?

  84. WP Plugin for Sending Blog Posts to Facebook – Brian DeSousa says:

    [...] I had imported blog posts into my Facebook notes.  The problem was that Facebook would take a really long time to repost the blog entry as a [...]

  85. gsoundsgood says:

    there seem to be an app for WordPress blogs… style looking for a nice looking way to have direkt links via a standard RSS feed…

  86. Sociala medier för författare | jardenberg unedited says:

    [...] än en grupp för er.  Vi ser till att väva ihop bloggen med det vi gör på Facebook. Åt båda hållen. Här är ett exempel. Facebook är lite rörigt, men bra hjälp finns på plats, och så klart [...]

  87. Tim says:

    Two quick points. Most important one first.

    Importing my blog ( to my page Notes, works. But it’s confusing as to what (and how much) goes where. The first few lines of the post appear on the page Wall, Notes and Boxes.

    Clicking on the title on the Wall, takes you to Notes and shows a few more lines from the post, but not all. In wee print below, it offers “View Original Post” and that takes you to my blog itself. But one’s gotta be looking for that link!

    The unadorned excerpts from my posts on the Boxes screen have the title hyperlinked and a “Continue reading” link beneath the excerpt. Both take you to the Notes screen…which offers no more reading.

    I’d like anyone to view the excerpt — on the page Wall, Notes, and/or Boxes — and be able to access the entire post easily (read, with one click!).

    Any ideas?

    Second point…the set up for all this would not take my straight blog URL. It demanded (tho’ politely) a feed as part of the address. Is that a change since the original how-to posting here?


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  89. Jone says:

    HI,thank you for sharing.

    Just want to know,is the facebook only able to import blog? Can it import other site?

  90. ren says:

    this is totally WICKED!

  91. Fred says:

    When I import, everything looks fine on the Notes page, but for some posts I get two copies appearing on the wall (but not in notes). If I try to delete one of the duplicate posts, Facebook deletes *two* posts from the wall – one of the duplicates, and one other unrelated post. Is Facebook RSS import just really broken?

  92. hotels vietnam says:

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  93. Alex says:

    @Tim: I also don’t like how it handles re-creating the content as a note. I’d much rather have something like Feedburner’s socialize function to Twitter in my status: Title, first ~80 chars, then a link to Original Post. I’ll be doing this manually unless someone knows of a way to automate it…

  94. patsy says:

    This function stopped working in Facebook some weeks ago, as reported by multiple people to no avail. Do you have other ideas of how to accomplish the same thing?

  95. kwaters says:

    UGH! I’m always a day late and a dollar short!! LOL I would love to find out how to import my blogger posts to Facebook now. Thanks!

  96. scout says:

    Why does a good thing stop working.

    I am trying to link facebook, twitter and a website together for a daily message, but only doing one posting. So far, I am posting to a blogger blog, feeding it to RSS. Using MailChimp to send an automatic email from RSS feed. Using MailChimp, there is a function to “social share” that you can send to twitter and facebook. (I’m still struggling with getting any posts to twitter). The MailChimp facebook post worked quickly, however, it posted to a profile page. I am trying to get a posting to a fan page. This original facebook post seem to be the answer but not working even though I go through the steps in Notes and it appears to be set up.

  97. Robert McCulloch says:

    Thank you for the information. Well done!

    I had some problems on my side of doing this. Here is what I found…

    Check your privacy settings first. If you have them set to display stuff to only friends, it will not let you import your blog and may mess up other Facebook applications. I set everything to default and not only did my blog import, but all the other problems I have been working to resolve went away!


    Robert McCulloch

  98. yannux says:

    Same as for pasty,

    nothing works since few days / weeks.

    I have many pages, each page one rss to import, but now when I want to put rss on new page, it says me that nothing was find at the url, but the feed url is good (works on feedburner, netvibes, google reader).

    And pages where it was working, nothing works from 2 weeks.

  99. Anoop says:

    Thank you. Such a complex way to add feed to a business page. Found your post just when needed :)

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  101. Jan says:

    thanks David for the info on making the blog posts appear on business page. I then read the program is not working correctly and I’ve had similar problems with posts going on ok once and then never going on again. Does anyone know the workaround or is it broken for good. Just don’t want to waste my time trying to work out what I’m doing wrong all the time when I’m no whizz at doing this! thanks everyone

  102. Elisa says:

    Someone please help me. I would like to post my blog address on facebook but everytime i try to it post the whole blog and its entry. I just want to put the sites name and not the whole post. What do i do?

  103. GatorHost says:

    Thanks for the article this works ok for me , but i was trying to find out how to get my rss feeds to be posted directly on the facebook fan page wall . do you have a tip for that ? , thanks

  104. Diana says:

    Great tip ! Thanks

  105. Charles Bogguess says:

    Blog appears out of date… Instructions need to be updated or new reference provided.

  106. hhrma says:

    I try to import but its ok now. thx a lot

  107. Watch Live Tv says:

    Hello mate,

    I did the same for my blog but it did not updated regulator. few time it update after 3 days or few time even more any idea of suggestion how to fix it out

  108. amateur cam chat says:

    I have manually posted blog entries to Facebook and don’t want a lot of dups on Facebook. Thanks.

  109. Jim says:

    Wow, I had not even thought about importing my blog to my facebook page. Thanks for that tip!

  110. darkrabbit says:

    …and Facebook has disabled the import your blog feature without notice or instructions on how to import using other methods! Hooray!

    Anyone got any links for the various solutions for the various blog types?

  111. Louise says:

    David, thanks so much for the simple instructions re business page & notes…like others I had been going round in circles & couldn’t get the URL right. All sorted :-)

    Louise xx

  112. Susan J says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been searching and searching for how to do this, and now it’s so simple. Not straightforward – no wonder I couldn’t find where to enter the url – but simple once you showed me where to look! Thanks so much!

  113. mb says:

    Facebook is incredibly delayed (3-4 days) to import my blog and they have removed the manual import feature. Any tips on how to fix this are welcome…

  114. Website Design Guy says:

    This is Fantastic! Thank you so much! i have been fighting with RSS Apps and other junk Facebook Developers have put out..

    My customers are gonna love you!

  115. Stacy says:

    I’ve been trying to import my blog to my fan page’s notes for 2 days and keep getting an error message. I know it’s not me because I’ve done it fine in the past. Anybody know when the problem will be fixed on the application’s side?

  116. Tips For A Better Facebook Page says:

    [...] your page fresh with content, make your page engaging and keep people coming back. Check out this tutorial to learn how to import your blog posts into your facebook [...]

  117. Anand Mistry says:

    I have one Facebook page. I have resolve this issue with Facebook application from RSS Graffiti. You can visit following website or search RSS Graffiti in Facebook search box to get it done. Thanks for your valuable post.

  118. Jane says:

    Hi. Setting up the initial blog import to my FB worked fine, but since then, FB is NOT picking up my more recent posts. Even though FB says that “Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog”, that’s just not happening. I’ve confirmed that my blog URL is valid and still listed as “importing” on my FB. Can you tell me how to make FB go out every day and grab my newest blog posts? Thanks!

  119. Pat D says:

    Was working fine. Then it just stopped importing. I tried to edit the settings. Now I keep getting the message “Import Failed
    We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.”
    I did lower privacy settings but nothing helps

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    [...] How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook [...]

  122. Chris says:

    I have tried everything. Just loaded the RSS Graffiti. Everything fails. Import failed can’t find the rss feed.

    Frustratingly complicated.

  123. 100 Ways to use Facebook in the Classroom « Technology Tips says:

    [...] your class blog. If you have a class blog, import it to Facebook so it shows up there when you add a new blog [...]

  124. Elise says:

    Too bad I didn’t see this post before I spent the last three hours trying to get my blog to link. I thought it was something I was doing wrong. I guess FB changed something and now this doesn’t work anymore. Bummer

  125. Diana says:

    Elise is right. I’ve messed with this for a hour and there’s just no way to import your blog to Facebook. Maybe they took out that option cause I can’t find it anywhere, and I’ve been all over that site.

  126. Chris says:

    “Import Failed
    We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.”

    Facebook doesn’t accept the URL, RSS or Atom feed. I tried all possible possibilities!

  127. nina says:

    I get an error message saying facebook cannot find my blog.

  128. tina says:


    I alos get a error message saying facebook can´t find a feed, but THERE IS ONE!

  129. tuaf says:

    how frequently does FB imports the feeds normally? an hour, 2 hours? anyone knows?

  130. cospi says:

    This one is great:

  131. Nikesh says:

    Every time I try to enter the feed URL to the FB, it gives me the error “Import Failed
    We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.”

    any idea what’s happening with FB?

  132. Voucher Codes World says:

    Thanks alot for this cool info on facebook. I really appriciate it. thanks

  133. Christina says:

    When I first tried to import my blog, same thing…FB fixed the problem, blog imported just fine. Around mid-October, the blog updates stopped. None of my posts since then appear in my FB Notes.

    Very annoying!

  134. Nett says:

    Having the same problem as Christina…anyone know what’s up? Second time this has happened in a year.

  135. reclaimed wood says:

    having issues making my RSS feed import into FB. Validated it using feed validator, FB still rejects it..
    Any hints?

  136. cougar1308 says:

    Hi there,
    it is not working with my blog from blogger/ blogspot. First it said, we were not able to import the blog. I assume to many entries?!
    After another shot the systems claims not to find a feed. Which is of course not true. Feed is there. Tried it 3 times.

    Any suggestions?

  137. SimplyDriven says:

    I am having the same problem. Can’t import my blog. It worked once but then I noticed that changes I made weren’t being updated. So I tried to “stop importing” but that isn’t there. It says I am not importing a blog. So I deleted all the posts and keep trying to import the blog…. unsuccessfully. :(

  138. Netanya says:

    “Notes” no longer looks the way it did over a year ago when you posted this. I can’t find “Notes Settings.” I get Friends’ Notes, Pages’ Notes, My Notes, My Drafts, Notes About Me. If I click on “My Notes”

    If I click on Import Settings all I get is:
    “You can import posts from one external blog so that they appear along with your notes. Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog. Imported blog posts cannot be edited.

    You are currently importing notes from:” and then the option to stop importing, but no option to import something else.


  139. ajay says:

    hey my facebook bloge dnt sent any msg so plzz help me

  140. Is it possible to get an RSS feed for posts to a Facebook page? - Quora says:

    [...] allows you to integrate your blog posts on a Facebook page.For more details: check this link –…Insert a dynamic date hereCannot add comment at this [...]

  141. Josh says:

    It’s a shame this doesn’t work anymore. Cause I can’t another service that works as well as the fb notes does. When they do work.

  142. julie says:

    welcome to my page

  143. Luke says:

    I’m just repeating the comments that have been recently posted, but an update to this article would be very nice – how do we get blog posts to automatically update on our Facebook page?


  144. Business Sale says:

    I agree, this article needs an update.

    We can import the blog rss feed into Facebook just the once, but it will not ever update again automatically.

  145. Josh Constine says:

    @Business and other commenters: Blog importing still appears to be broken. We’ll update when we find a solution for you all.

  146. Jennifer says:

    How do I auto populate my fan page with my blog??

  147. MsKay says:

    I was sucessful before but lately i no longer could import my blog content into my facebook notes acccount. the only feedback i got was no feeds was available from the blog.. Could you advise me?

  148. johanes says:

    hi, can i make a multiple posting by using this import blog?
    everytime i do posting in my blog, i want it at the same time also post it to my page?
    would you please tell me to to that
    thank you

  149. ბლოგპოსტების იმპორტირება Fეისბუქზე « Litterator's Blog says:

    [...] თავი, ხოლო დანარჩენი გადმოვიტანე ინგლისურენოვანი [...]

  150. Flickr Commons creative, giving proper credit to ownership says:

    [...] that has more information on this please feel free to jump in at any point. I have now integrated Facebook to the website making it easier for people to post comments and such. └ Tags: Flickr Commons, how to, new [...]

  151. Where did the Facebook Notes settings go? | Q&A System says:

    [...] Note: i experienced been not producing utilization of twitterfeed or any third-party application, however the Facebook-provided element described here. [...]

  152. Social Media for Photographers | Erin Blaskie Blog | On Business, Social Media & Tech says:

    [...] (Another resource for Facebook is a ‘how to’ on importing your blog into the notes section on Facebook. Check that out here.) [...]

  153. 100 Ways To Use Facebook In Your Classroom | Scool Bell says:

    [...] Import your class blog to Facebook: If your class maintains a blog, be sure to have it shared on Facebook. [...]

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