How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar

We’re all well aware of the many web tools that exist to help us make ourselves more social, efficient, effective, etc — Facebook being one of the many. Some of us use so many that managing the tools themselves often requires another utility. It’s becoming increasingly complicated, and as a solution, Inside Facebook recently discussed syncing Twitter and Facebook status updates for all those who want to sync their updates on both sites.

Well, for those out there who use Google and Facebook to manage events and calendaring, here’s another how-to that might not only make your busy lives a little less complicated, but will relieve you of the pain of having to keep up between multiple calendars.

How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar


1) After you log into Facebook, click on “Events” in the right-hand panel.


2) Then click on “Export Events” and copy the URL (which you will use later). Make sure you keep the address of the URL to yourself, lest everyone have access to your Facebook events…


3) Log into Google Calendar and choose “Add” under “Other calendars.” Then choose “Add by URL”


4) Paste the URL you copied from Facebook and click “Add”

Voila, you’re done! Your Google calendar will now update automatically every time you accept or decline an event in Facebook.

Enjoy being even more organized!

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107 Responses to “How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar”

  1. Ron Bailey says:

    Done and done! ^_^

  2. warzabidul says:

    Just tried it, works really well.

  3. despuesdegoogle » Blog Archive » Sincroniza los eventos de Facebook con Google Calendar says:

    [...] Vía Inside Facebook [...]

  4. Take on Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar « Grip Factor says:

    [...] Take on Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar 15 02 2009 via [...]

  5. Das unabhängige iPhone | IT-News says:

    [...] Das unabhängige iPhone Geschrieben von: Marc Schnitzius in Mobil Das iPhone oder der iPod Touch sind zwar beides tolle Geräte, aber man brauche entweder einen Mac, einen PC mit Windows oder man muss die Geräte jailbreaken, um sie mit einem Linux PC zu synchronisieren. Der Jailbreak ist eine Möglichkeit, von der ich jedoch abrate, da ab und zu Fehler auftreten, die ziemlich nervig sein können. Ich synchronisiere Meinen Kalender und meine Kontakte mit GoogleSync. Seit kurzem nun auch mit Facebook. Ja, mit Facebook. Es gibt eine Möglichkeit die Termine des Facebook Kalenders in den Google Kalender zu bringen. Damit wäre die Sicherung der Kontakte und Termine schon mal gewährleistet. Podcasts sind bequem per iTunes downloadbar. Allerdings nur, wenn man die Frimware 2.2 oder höher besitzt. Das c Manko ist noch die Musik. Entweder man ,muss sie sich im iTunes Store kaufen und direkt auf sein Gerät laden, oder… Ja und da hängt es dann. hier ist ende. Allein für die Musik nutze ich dann notgedrungen noch Windows. Um Dokumente auf den iPod Touch zu bekommen, nutze ich das App Discover, welches zum kostenfreien Download im AppStore bereit steht. Bei Öffnen des Programms bekommt man die IP seines Gerätes angezeigt. Mit dieser IP kann man sich dann über den Browser seinen Computer mit dem iPod oder dem iPhone Verbinden und zum Beispiel PDF Dateien drauf kopieren. Anleitung zum Synchronisieren des Facebook Kalenders [...]

  6. Francisco Ramirez says:

    Thank you!

  7. Dave Nottage says:

    Thanks very much!!

  8. Nakeva Corothers says:

    A good post with instructions is very valuable. Now I can direct people here when asked about the sync. I commented on Friendfeed, then felt the need to write my two cents at my blog with reference to you.

    Thanks for the writing inspiration!


  9. Jamie Ellis says:

    Also works in Windows Live Calendar for me through Subscribe (added the 2 upcoming i have)

  10. How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar « Nakeva’s Weblog says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar via [...]

  11. Kim Leary says:

    This is great! Wonder if there is a way to sync just dates from a group I created on Facebook.

  12. Baratunde Thurston says:

    awesome. i had been exporting .ics files and manually importing to google on a semi-regular basis under My Calendars. but this subscription is much better. i wish there was a way to distinguish between events i RSVP’d YES vs MAYBE

  13. Frederic Sidler says:

    To grab also the event you are maybe attending, not attending and/or declined, there is

    You can also get your friend’s birthday with


  14. How to Import Your Blog Into Facebook says:

    [...] Facebook with other social media tools in order to make life a little easier. We’ve discussed merging calendaring by syncing Facebook events with Google calendar and simplifying microblogging by syncing Twitter and Facebook status [...]

  15. Raphael Pungin says:

    I noticed that synchronization to Google Calendar using the Facebook URL is not instant. For me it took more than an hour to get an event that I RSVPed for in Facebook to Google.

    What are your experiences with the timing of the sync? I assume Google does periodic polling of the URL to check for changes. The question is how often does it do it.

  16. Triploculturado says:


  17. My Social Week: Event Sync and Funny For Money « The Social Bazaar says:

    [...] in a format so you can import them into Outlook or your Google Calendar. I tried following the instructions on Inside Facebook and it works really well, would be great if it was automated via Goosync but [...]

  18. Klaus Bravenboer says:

    It’s a great feature to show Facebook events that are upcoming but once an event is in the past it disappears from my Google calendar which I hate. I want a permanent record of the events I attended, is there any way to make the events permanent or auto-copy to my primary Google calendar?


  19. E-creation says:

    This may have been answered elsewhere, but I am not sure where to find it (and it may be a very basic question).

    If we have an existing database of events, exported as XML or we can dynamically create a URL string, is there anyway to create a link that checks for pre-existing / creates an event to Facebook. It would need to automatically check to see if the event has already been created and if it had, check to see who is attending …

    Effectively, create and invite to event functionality delivered as a URL link (with the event details in the link itself) …

  20. darius says:


  21.   GOOGLE CALENDAR IS NEAT! — Gfanatic says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar [...]

  22. E ora sincronizziamo gli eventi di Facebook con Google Calendar | says:

    [...] Questa e tantissime altre informazioni interessanti sul social network del momento potete trovarle su Inside Facebook. [...]

  23. Liane says:

    Is there any way to sync in the other direction (aka: import outside calendars)?

    I’d like to set up a few different google calendars for geographical subgroups of a larger group, but aggregate the events from all of the google calendars into a single facebook calendar for the parent group.

  24. Darrell Duane says:

    This is nice, but somehow these events from facebook are tagged as being in Grenich Mean Time, which means that they show up 4 hours earlier on my Eastern Standard Time based calendar. Is there a place to adjust this either on Facebook or in Google Calendar? I haven’t found where this setting might be.

  25. hal says:

    There are much easier ways, for example..fbcal and fbevents. Just add the app to facebook and it will sync automatically. It would also do the birthdays too.

  26. Frederic Sidler says:

    Here is the link to
    With fbcal you not only get your events (even the past events), but also the birthdays of yours friends

  27. barry says:

    great work! one slight problem. my calendar is listing events I’m NOT attending, how do I keep the unwanted events away.

    It’s listing every event in my network, not just the events I said I’m attending, if that makes sense?


  28. barry says:

    Raphael Pungin – “I noticed that synchronization to Google Calendar using the Facebook URL is not instant. For me it took more than an hour to get an event that I RSVPed for in Facebook to Google.

    What are your experiences with the timing of the sync? I assume Google does periodic polling of the URL to check for changes. The question is how often does it do it.”

    I just realized this was the problem I was having, it takes at least an hour to update, as soon as you edit RSVP to NOT attending the event will go after 1 hour +

  29. Synchronisation zwischen Facebook und Googel Kalender | Banedon's Cyber-Junk says:

    [...] Zur Anleitung bei Inside Facebook No TweetBacks yet. (Be the first to Tweet this post) Ähnliche Beiträge:FaceBook Grader – Statistiken aus dem Facebook ProfilFaceBook Grader – Statistiken aus dem Facebook Profil | Banedon’s Cyber-JunkFacebook und der BlogPoken Deutschland | Facebook Share and Enjoy: Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden und mit anderen teilen können. [...]

  30. Dennis Chiuten says:

    I’m having the same problem with the imported FB calendar showing up in Greenwich Mean Time in GCal, with no way to change the time zone setting. fbcal, on the other hand, isn’t importing at all for me.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I’m also having the time zone issue is there a fix for this??

  32. doug says:

    I thought from the title of this article that there was a way to sync both ways between facebook and google – sadly not the case. The app is good, but only tells google what you’ve already got on Facebook. I was hoping for the other way around.

    Several have asked questions about why it takes a while for the events to post. These large sites don’t want to constantly be hit by servers requesting calendar information every 5 seconds, so they develop a cache that is set to update at a given time, usually 1 hour. Most sites then upgrade their cache once per hour, which explains the lag time you’re experiencing.

  33. SMB links that say WOW! 05/16/2009 says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar [...]

  34. Shelley Seale says:

    I am not seeing that this app actually syncs the two calendars. Yes, all my previous events are there on google calendar. But when I create and rsvp to new events in FB, they do NOT show up on the google calendar. ???

  35. Shelley Seale says:

    I actually don’t even understand at all why there’s a FB Cal app. You can do the same thing just as easily by just exporting your FB events URL. I thought that FB cal would actually sync my new events, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. FB really sucks if you can’t even have a URL that you can post your calendar elsewhere, and it automatically updates with new events!!!!

  36. Adding Facebook Events | Bad Penny says:

    [...] never remember anything that isn’t in one of my geek devices, I searched for and came across this article which, unlike the Facebook documentation, has an easy step by step guide for finding and utilizing [...]

  37. Frederic Sidler says:

    fbcal new version does provide a way to adjust the timezone problem some of you were facing
    fbcal was also adapted to support the new iPhone 3.0, see it here for info

    the app is here

  38. » How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar. [...]

  39. » Google Kalender synchonisieren says:

    [...] [...]

  40. marc says:

    i am having the time zone problem too. all the events that get imported into my Google Cal are not in the correct time zone.

  41. Frederic Sidler says:

    The new application is able to fix the timezone problem. Simply select the timezone you are in and fbcal does the rest.

    If you are a happy iPhone 3.0 user, you can directly subscribe to your Facebook events and Facebook birthday from your iPhone browser. Simply visit from your iPhone and follow the simple steps. Choose the iCal calendar for your iPhone.

  42. HedzRed says:

    Thanks for the info, worked great!

  43. links for 2009-09-18 says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar (tags: facebook GoogleCalendar howto) [...]

  44. How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar | says:


  45. Matt Stone says:

    Thanks, works well

  46. Igor says:

    Wow, guys, I am a big fan of Facebook and Google Calendar but –


    First of all, you need to click a bunch things on a bunch of pages – who was the genius behind that lovely UX???

    Secondly, I have 700 friends and lots of them invite me to events that I am not interested in. So, when I remove events from my Events page on Facebook – they still stay in Google Calendar.

    This is horrible.
    Sorry, happy holidays. But you gotta do better!

  47. mb21 says:

    If you want to have it the other way around, that is get events from Google Calendar into Facebook, try this app:

  48. bkidd says:


  49. Kirk says:

    The new interface doesn’t have an “Export Events” link.

  50. fs says:

    What Kirk said. :/

  51. e says:

    !yea new FB has no eport button

  52. luca says:

    Hi, this method doesn’t work with the new facebook site. Do you know if there is a new way to do the same now?

  53. Forrest says:


    I just needed to do this yet the new interface doesn’t appear to allow it :(

  54. zee says:

    this is the problem with featuritis – too many employees with nothing better to do than fiddle and tinker with the interface! what happened with the “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” approach?

  55. Bookmarks for February 13th through February 15th | The says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar – [...]

  56. SM says:

    Helpful post. Thanks for shared

  57. Mehul Kar says:

    How do I do it now? I don’t see a export events button.

  58. ruben says:

    i don’t see the EXPORT button either ??? noooooo!!

  59. JDE says:

    Here is an alternate for the new layout

  60. Facebook Events in Google Calendar, iCal etc | artrlee says:

    [...] mood). This was a rather tedious task, and inevitably events get forgotten. This post by Tarek and this post was brought to my attention and goes through how to add the Facebook events to your calendar. The [...]

  61. Frederic Sidler says:

    The export function was removed from the new interface. But is still there for you and for your friend’s birthdays ;-)

    Feel free to use it.

  62. Sean says:

    Facebook’s help center still refers to the export function, even though it’s impossible to carry it out. It would be great if someone can figure out how to get export working again.

  63. Facebook Calendar = No Go (letter from HTC) - Android Forums says:

    [...] a link to directions on how to find your export URL on FB, then link it on yoru Google Calendar. How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar Seems to work perfectly! __________________ My first cell phone was an 1994 AT&T analog [...]

  64. Beckie says:

    The export link still exists. Search events in the search bar scroll down to bottom. Vola x

  65. How to promote your business via facebook ? | TunisDesign says:

    [...] a device that possibility to synchronize Facebook Events with Google Calendar. Maybe somebody would like to use [...]

  66. pyrosrock says:

    woot now all my facebook events are on my calender on my android phone!

  67. Facebook Events – miles to go before it sleeps… « The Revolution Starts…Now? says:

    [...] to exist now on a per event basis.  You can sync your Events (from your personal page) with a Google Calendar.  If anyone who stumbles upon this post can offer a way to make this process easier, please post [...]

  68. Artak says:


  69. MisterMoleyMole says:

    I have declined in facebook but the event in the calendar just stays, doesnt remove it and doesnt have any info within the calandar that allows me to say i’m goin etc .. HELP :(

  70. Monday Monday, can’t trust that day, | Thoughts from my personal hell says:

    [...] hur man gör det hittar man här. Nu behöver jag inte kolla på facebook för att veta när det är DIO tribute på [...]

  71. dir98 says:

    Much easier way to do this. Just export the event from facebook, email it to your gmail account, and click ‘Add to Calendar.’ There you go.

  72. Angela says:

    By the way, if you wish to have your Events in your Lotus Notes calendar, you can export them to Google calendar, and then synchronize it with Lotus Notes calendar using Awesync ( Very convenient!

  73. eagleapex says:

    Great help. Thanks! They don’t make it obvious on either end.

  74. iSpeculate » How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar says:

    [...] via How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar. [...]

  75. Syncing Facebook Events with Google Calendar? - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum says:

    [...] Sync Calendar with Google Calendar Use the following directions to link your Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar. The calendar will sync with your phone. How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar [...]

  76. How to get contact's birthdays to appear on calandar... - Android Central Forums says:

    [...] this helps How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar this worked for me check it [...]

  77. Michael says:

    Thank you for posting this. My facebook birthdays have not synced yet but I am hopeful that they will soon!

  78. Keith says:

    Followed the instructions. Doesn’t work for me.

  79. presious says:

    What about friend birth days. Will dat sync as well

  80. mali says:

    very easy, very effective. great instructions – thanks so much!!!

  81. mowo says:

    “# Beckie Says:
    May 6th, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    The export link still exists. Search events in the search bar scroll down to bottom. Vola x”

    super duper helpful!

  82. Nicole says:

    I could see this being useful for people who only accept events, but it doesn’t help those of us who need to enter twenty million gigs into Facebook.

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning & Provider for Google Calendars plugins, so I do all my calendaring in Mozilla and it just magically appears in Google Calendar.

    What I really want to do is have Google Calendar or Mozilla update Facebook for me, so I don’t have to use Facebook’s cumbersome calendar system, but still get the benefits of being able to post my events in Facebook.

    Someone in the comments mentioned iCalendar to Event so I’m gonna give that a shot.

  83. Allie says:

    How can you get declined and removed FB events to disappear from the google calendar?!?!?! It appears the URL for the event export does not update when events are removed or declined!

  84. FB Calender - Android Forums says:

    [...] here ya go… How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar [...]

  85. RT't says:

    How come facebook birthdays don’t sync with google calendar?

  86. קום מחשוב ענן, קום מחשוב ענן (חלק א’) « מי-טקי says:

    [...] טיפ לוח שנה 4: אם ברצונכם להעתיק את כל הארועים מלוח הפייסבוק ל-גוגל קלנדר, השתמשו בהגדרות האלו. [...]

  87. Nej says:

    I can get Facebook events to work…but not birthdays. Is there something I’m doing wrong?????

  88. facebook calendar syncing - Android Forums says:

    [...] ask and you shall receive… How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar [...]

  89. How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar « The N-Life says:

    [...] How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar via [...]

  90. Dave Barker says:

    An easier way is to use my new app . It syncs birthdays and events with Google calendar, all automatically.

    It handles special characters and timezones properly. It doesn’t fill up your calendar with useless events, only the ones you are attending.

    Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

    Cheers, Dave.

  91. chuck says:

    looks like fb changed the “export” url from “http://” to “webcal://” i had my fb on my google cal before, but now it won’t work and it doesn’t seem to recognize the webcal.

  92. Bohdan says:

    For those using Chrome, there’s an extension for adding individual events to your calendar:

  93. JMD says:

    some of the events come up by name, but most display the event time and “busy” … NOT an event name… Is this fixable??

  94. TS says:

    Nice! Thanks muchly. :)

  95. Facebook Kalender-Sync - says:

    [...] [...]

  96. Anonymous says:

    [...] [...]

  97. DataSurfer says:

    Try to work around the “busy” issue.

  98. Royd Tauro says:

    Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for the great tip. Now I can keep my facebook events, google calendar, and Android phone synced at all times!! Cheers!

  99. [ROM] cMIUI 1.3.18 E1 - Seite 3 - says:

    [...] [...]

  100. Increase Email Efficiency with new Gmail Feature | Localize Austin says:

    [...] to my friend, Jesse, the same friend who introduced me to synching Facebook and Gmail calendars (changed my life!), I just discovered a new feature that is available to some Gmail users [...]

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    [...] [...]

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    [...] Facebook with other social media tools in order to make life a little easier. We’ve discussed merging calendaring by syncing Facebook events with Google calendar and simplifying microblogging by syncing Twitter and Facebook status [...]

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    [...] 2. use this procedure to link the facebook events to google calendar [...]

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    [...] andere tijdzone dan Facebook hadden gewoond Overigens bedenk ik me net dat er omweg mogelijk is: Facebook events automatisch importeren in Google Calendar en dat vervolgens syncen met je webOS toestel. Als je Google Calendar gebruikt is dat een optie om [...]

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