Facebook and CNN Team Up for “Live Tweeting” During Obama’s Inauguration

Following Facebook’s partnership with CNN during the 2008 presidential debates, the two companies are partnering again for a “live tweet” style event powered by Facebook Connect during Barack Obama’s inauguration speech next week.

The event, which will happen on a special CNN.com page during the inauguration speech, will allow users to watch the speech live, update their Facebook status from the page, and see their friends’ status updates in real time as well. A video for the event shows what the page will look like:


In other words, Facebook is organizing a massive “live tweet” on inauguration day – somewhat reminiscent of Causes’ 1.6 million person status update rally on Facebook on election day.

“We’re going to be testing the bounds and capabilities of our content distribution network partners, but if this has a lot of usage, it has a chance to be one of the most-watched events in Internet history,” CNN.com Senior Vice President and GM K.C. Estenson said.

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have already RSVP’d saying they’ll be watching on CNN.com Live. How will Facebook users respond? We’ll be watching!

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30 Responses to “Facebook and CNN Team Up for “Live Tweeting” During Obama’s Inauguration”

  1. Bobby Sanchez says:

    This is also extremely similar to Current TV’s partnership with Twitter for the Hack the Debate. In this presidential debate, people were able to post tweets about what was going on and the tweets actually appeared on TV underneath the debate. So in a way, CNN is not doing this as fully as Current did, but it’s still a cool idea.

  2. Jamie Scheu says:

    Thanks for the trackback, Justin. I will also be very curious to see how Facebook users respond to this promotion.

  3. Mario Anima says:

    FYI Bobby, Current is doing it again. Check this out: http://current.com/44

    Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49896476836


  4. Marina Zacco says:

    Hi, I’ll be watching it live. The event of the centuries!

  5. Marina Zacco says:

    I’ll be watching it live and so will all my co-workers.

  6. Joe Dawson says:

    Change comes to DC :)

    Reminds me of the Rock from wrestling! Change has come to America, if you smell…

    Looking forward to this and I’m sure it will be a lot more stable than Twitter!

  7. john abdul says:

    this is the dawn of a new era for the whole world,as we pray hope comes to all people irrespective of race,colour and social differences.God bless America and peace to the universe…

  8. John Abdul says:

    As countries all over awaits the great expectation,the innauguration of the 1st black president in nothern American history.We pray that peace will reign all over the world especially in the middle-east and Africa.

  9. New Media Chatter » Blog Archive » Your Week In Review says:

    [...] -How is Social Media factoring into the upcoming Inauguration? A lot! Facebook and CNN have partnered up for it. The CNN.com page will use Facebook Connect to allow people to update their status watch video live, chat and much more. Read more about it here [...]

  10. Simone says:

    Brace for change! Thank God hope is coming to America! Get ready to rumble everybody!

  11. marvin harrell says:

    what a historic moment for me iam 67 and never thought i would live long enough to witnes an event such as this.iam a vietnam vet and you can bet i will be watching tv but wish i could be there but iam glad i have a big screen tv ml harrell d aleville al 36322

  12. Beverly St.John says:

    I am a 90 year old Southerner from Tennessee and I couldn’t be happier about our new president!

  13. mira mier says:

    Im so excited and so happy for this historical event of the year the INAUGURATION of our new elect AMERICAN PRESIDENT OBAMA,,,,Im looking forward for the positive change of the country and also the entire nation,,,, Im wishing for the best of our new President. This is the time for a change and hope all of us will do so.Goodluck Mr President

  14. ltrain says:

    I’ve been listening faithfuly to your coverage and I feel that what ever change is to come it will not be cheap!!!!! I’ll be at N.Y. City Hall as an invited guess.

  15. Lizbeth Gastaldello says:

    I am so blown away by the magnitude of all of this. Sweet! I know there is a great deal of hype and pagaentry in this, but that also tells me that this is something which has taken us all by storm and that energy has resonated around the world. Why would anyone want to rain on this parade? Not me!

  16. Lucy says:

    Are we really capable of change?

    President-Elect Obama has awakened something inside of me that was stolen these pass years since President Clinton left office. I am hopeful, but scarred from what I have seen, experienced, and losted.

    While our government, businesses, and banks cheaping us to enrich themselves, was not bad enough, to witness our country change for the worse because of this greed and the working people so full of pain was heartbreaking.

    Is hope here?

  17. Vicky Clarke says:

    I welcome this opportunity of watching the inauguration from CNN/Facebook. In fact I have decided to give the children of Zenith Prep half a day off on Tuesday 20th January from 12 mid day GMT so that they could go home and watch this auspicious ceremony with their parents. Those who are not within reach of CNN may watch the event from School.

  18. Felix Anthony says:

    event of this nature comes once in a live time if you are lucky you witness it if not either you are dead before it happens or yet to be born those us who will see it live should say “I was there when Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of USA or i saw it live on CNN when it happened”

  19. Nancy Queen says:

    I feel so privileged to see these historical moments….Obama rocks!!!!

  20. Paulette Thompson says:

    I have been waiting all my life to witness such an event. The joy of sharing such a moment is uncomprehensible. Words cannot describe the pride all americans (should) have.

  21. George Afram says:

    Obama is a Rastaman

  22. Annadean Ebanks says:

    A great day! Watches everything, although living in the Caribbean. Congratulations and may GOD bless the whole family and all of America! We have a young ‘Obama’ living right here he’s the image of him!

  23. okoye says:

    who say that rascism is over,in euro.we the people of colour still have a long way to go in this part of the world ,thank GOD for obama

  24. MARY OMAMA says:

    Im so excited and so happy for this historical event of the year the INAUGURATION of our new elect AMERICAN PRESIDENT OBAMA,,,,
    I wish him all the best life can give.I pray for God wisdom upon him. so that he can lead the people in the right direction.

  25. okoye says:

    to whom much is given-much is expected of the person,hope that the american people should understand,that the road gona be rough.

  26. danielle says:

    dude this is a cool day im really excited



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