Disqus Makes Your Comments Better With Facebook Connect

facebook-disqusBlog owners with third-party comment engines don’t have to wait much longer to get Facebook Connect integrated on their blogs. Today, Disqus, one of the leading third-party comment engines, became the first of its type to integrate Facebook Connect.  In an announcement on their blog:

This holiday season, Disqus will enable all websites with Disqus-powered comments to easily integrate with Facebook Connect.

Few details have been released, but it would appear that soon you will get all the features you currently get on the Disqus comment engine, including reply-by-email commenting, threaded comments (only recently added to WordPress), backup of every comment posted to your blog, with the same power given to blog owners to continue to store the comments on their own blogs as Disqus has always given.  In addition, blogs will be given the opportunity to seamlessly allow for Facebook-integrated identity of users that comment using Facebook Connect and the Disqus engine, at a very minimum.

As widget developers such as Sociable work to create plugins for WordPress and other blogs, some implementations of such have been buggy.  Reports of WordPress MU instances breaking from the install, along with various login issues and other such occurrences of problems have made some hesitant to install the widget.  With Disqus’s reputation thus far of a strong code-base and loyalty to bloggers, one could hope blog owners now have a fully integrated solution they can work with.

Such announcement comes on the heels of news Inside Facebook broke last night regarding new rules for Facebook Connect widget developers.  The announcement seemed to go against companies such as Disqus, preventing 4th parties from dealing directly with users.  However, Disqus appears to be trying to get around this by forcing site owners to set up their own applications on Facebook (instead of Disqus creating a global application, for instance), and requiring site owners to enter their own application key.

The change isn’t live yet, but site owners with Disqus implementations can sign up to have it turned on as soon as it’s ready by logging into Disqus and adding the application key for their development instance of their blog on the settings tab at Disqus.com.  Blog owners can get application keys by creating development instances of their blog at http://developers.facebook.com. If you need help integrating it with your blog, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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22 Responses to “Disqus Makes Your Comments Better With Facebook Connect”

  1. What I Am Reading - December 16, 2008 | (jeff)isageek.net says:

    [...] I Am Reading – December 16, 2008 Disqus Makes Your Comments Better With Facebook ConnectMy Top 10 Websites of 2008X-Men Origins: Wolverine TrailerTwitter; A Quick Getting Started [...]

  2. Variety of Facebook Connect Plugins Now Available for Bloggers and Wikis says:

    [...] today, Inside Facebook profiled the new Disqus Facebook Connect plugin for bloggers. Now, Facebook has officially launched a directory of vetted Facebook Connect plugins [...]

  3. Mark Mayhew says:

    I didn’t realize that Inside Facebook offers Facebook Connect integration…

  4. 10 Articles/News Items to Understand the Power of Facebook Connect at Media Transparent says:

    [...] Disqus makes Comments Better with Facebook Connect. Why? Now your disparate comments can be aggregated into one Facebook account for all to see. [...]

  5. Michael DiBenedetto says:

    What is the reason for Facebook limiting 4th party developers? I would think that as distributed services like disqus grow, many site owners will want those services to connect directly to facebook connect. Who does this benefit?

  6. Jesse Stay says:

    Michael, I personally think it has everything to do with privacy, and ensuring the users are protected. Facebook hasn’t really explained their reasons though.

  7. Michael DiBenedetto says:

    @Jesse, I think you’re probably right about the privacy thing but I think Disqus is a perfect example of why this concern will interfere with normal users’ experience. If I login through Disqus/Facebook connect on one site, I’ll probably want it to recognize me everywhere with Disqus. Maybe facebook connect could add an extra notification next time saying, “Beware that the service that you’re authorizing to access your account is not site XXX but it is this service called YYY” Where xxx would be insidefacebook.com but yyy would be disqus.

  8. Chris Saad says:

    Just to Clarify – Disqus was not first in class to implement FB Connect.

    In fact they have not even implemented it yet.

    JS-Kit has implemented FB Connect already and it’s up and running right now.

    Learn more here: http://blog.js-kit.com/2008/12/16/js-kit-wraps-up-the-year-with-killer-new-features/

  9. Gabby says:

    Yup! Comments encourage people to write even more. They are like psychic wages that inspire you. On the other hand, they also offer constructive criticism by which you can improve.

  10. Todd Moore says:

    Disqus doesn’t work, I’ve used it a few times, and their are always various problems.

  11. Mikko Kemppe says:

    Thanks for the article!

  12. TecheSpot says:

    Disqus take blog comments on a new level of fun and engaging.

  13. Johnny says:

    I think Disqus combine with FaceBook is awesome

  14. Katherine Wagner says:

    Disqus is a great job i am very sure it will save so much time for the blogger and all thanks for the post.This is a good news to us, Disqus is getting better and better.

  15. Jessalyn Johnson says:

    Disqus is really cool.. The best features of disqus is you can follow your comments anytime, anywhere.. I think I will use it forever

  16. Natalia Morrison says:

    DISQUS Comments is excellent comment system allows you to manage comments on your website. It is incredible easy.

  17. Pamelia Johnson says:

    Disqus now brings us the ability to comment using your Twitter account. You don’t have to give up your actual Twitter credentials since Disqus takes advantage of Twitter’s support

  18. nokia.net says:

    thank you


  19. translation services says:

    These are great ways to generate responses fans.I liked the idea, but thanks to the NBA did was idea.For my great industry, we also try to find the latest news and generate a conversation about it.

  20. sante mutuelle says:

    Disqus is very useful.

  21. cat hammocks says:

    For starters, I really enjoy how they split their system into DISQUS Comments and DISQUS Profile. This is clever because not everyone has a blog of their own and yet these people comment on an array of others. The DISQUS Profile system keeps track of comments made on multiple blogs and the discussions within. The DISQUS Comments system is for blog owners. Inside here, you’re able to moderate comments (something I found myself doing a lot), reply directly to comments made on your blog, and a few other tasks. All in all, I am impressed with DISQUS

  22. Social media comments for blog success | 33Rockers says:

    [...] the process very convenient. This will allow readers to comment or like the article using their Facebook or Twitter identity, the more commonly used social media options. It eliminates the need for users [...]

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