Oops – Facebook Loses Email Notification Settings for Some Users

While Facebook has experienced explosive growth over the past year, stories of technical issues resulting in lost user data have been rare. Facebook’s engineering team has done a great job building scalable and reliable systems on the whole.

However, some users have received updates from Facebook this week that their email notification settings have been lost. Some users whose settings were lost, like Rob Spectre, report that now all their email notifications are by default are turned on. Other users who’ve seen the problem have told us that all their email notifications are by default turned off.

Either way, resetting the 50 or so Facebook email notification preferences – plus dozens more for applications – could take a while for most users to fix.

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25 Responses to “Oops – Facebook Loses Email Notification Settings for Some Users”

  1. Zach Allia says:

    Mine seemed to reset twice… and they were all defaulted off (thankfully)

  2. DJ - Boise, ID says:

    I had to reset mine last night. I hardly check my settings and need to do so more often. I’ve been using FB more than MySpace lately. Maybe I’ll get outside at some point! lol

  3. Ed says:

    I noticed this problem a decent while ago when I stopped getting Facebook messages in my email (see http://twitter.com/edkopp4/status/1006150967 ). I eventually checked my Facebook settings and everything had defaulted to off (see http://twitter.com/edkopp4/status/1007084633 ). I changed things back to the way they were and they’ve been fine since then. Last night’s notification on my Facebook home page actually came a bit late since I’d already changed back my settings well before the notification. Just to be sure this wasn’t another reset, I went back to my settings and made sure, and they were just as I had left them.

  4. Facebook pierde ajustes de notificaciones de correo electrónico de algunos usuarios | Facebook Noticias says:

    [...] ahora, según recoge Inside Facebook, algunos usuarios han recibido actualizaciones de Facebook esta semana en las cuales los ajustes de [...]

  5. Jimmy G says:

    Mine were all set to ON. Not pleased at all.

  6. jib says:

    Lucky it was email notifications this time. Maybe next time they’ll accidentally delete a different table from the database, and it’ll be your friends or your photos or your wall posts.

  7. Frank W says:

    Hmm, I also received the notification but when I went into the notification settings page they had already been restored – some were ON, some were OFF.

  8. Finance Geek » Facebook: Please Let Us Spam Your Email Box says:

    [...] Because Facebook first started “losing” a bunch of other peoples’ email settings at least six days ago. Facebook followers Inside Facebook reported this problem on Nov. [...]

  9. RJH says:

    You are all such drama queens! It took me 10 secs to click everything from “off” to “on”. Whats the big deal? There are bigger things to get your knickers in a knot over!

  10. Kkntr says:

    I agree that resetting your notification settings is very easy and quick, but why should we have to? Why did they lose that table or data specifically?

    I’m skeptic. I see it as a move to get your attention, send you more emails so you go the site and see the ads (which is what FB is all about anyways).

    Yeah, it’s no big deal, but it should be justified. I don’t want to reset my settings in 4 months just because they want to get my attention.

  11. Michael says:

    Never assume malice where stupidity will suffice.

    I’m actually amazed they’ve scaled from their college-email-only days to this ridiculously huge worldwide network with narry a problem the entire time. I’m actually glad they made this mistake with something as simple as email notifications. Someone on the inside probably got chewed out a bit, and now they’ll be extra careful when handling the really important data, like security settings.

  12. Unfortunately, the settings that control which email notifications get sent to you were lost | Intrepid.com.au says:

    [...] is indeed genuine and comes directly from facebook.com so the email is almost certainly genuine, as Facebook Insider explains. On the surface this would seem to be a good thing but I’m not so sure. Over the years I must [...]

  13. Watch out says:


  14. Lisa says:

    I stopped receiving email notifications some time ago. Check my settings and they all were still set to on. Any other ideas as to why I wouldn’t be receiving notifications if all my settings are ON?

  15. roslina yusoff says:

    hi guy, i really fed up with this problem..
    so many times i tried to get into the facebook still fail..my problem is i had forgot my password but my email stii functioning…..plz help me

  16. Lee ven says:

    huh! i cant view my own photo coz i cant log in. it keep saying privacy pritection or something and click to continue then if i click its just keep coming back!! what happen?? what should i do??

  17. talia says:

    I like email alerts sent to my gmail, but it suddenly stopped and when I checked my settings they were all still “on”. Anybody know how I fix that?
    I re-set them as on again, and reset my e mail address, but that hasn’t worked…


  18. xomi says:

    Same thing here! I checked my facebook notification through my gmail! But I know I never changed any settings, and suddenly I don’t receive any email notifications anymore!

  19. Tracie says:

    I have the same problem talia & xomi! Very frustrating….

  20. Chris says:

    Same thing happened to me for the last week now. I have all my notifications set to on and I do not get any emails! I tried changing my email address, but that didn’t work…

  21. Bryony says:

    Same here – my settings are set to on but I’m not getting the email notifications. I can’t work out how to fix it.

  22. diddi says:

    hello. same problem for me. no from 10 june i get no more email notifications from facebook… and the problem is they do nothing to fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ralph S says:

    Same here. No email notifications for almost 2 months. Yes… I’ve checked my settings! No… they are not collection in my spam filter. And… I’ve tried 4 different email addresses, Comcast, Gmail, AOL and another. Something is broken at Facebook and somebody don’t give a shit! :-(

  24. Greg says:

    Same here. Has happened to me just now as well as few months ago.

    Seems like a well known problem and yet they haven’t fixed it properly in all these months.

  25. Email Notifications From Facebook: STOP SPAMMING ME! | EliteMom.net says:

    [...] emails throughout the day for comments and such.  When this happened in 2008, at least Facebook alerted the users who’s settings were lost.  I received no such notification today.  The only thing new and even possibly relevant I am [...]

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