Fans of the Old Facebook Design Flock to Developer Accounts

Word seems to be out amongst the large group of users who are actively campaigning to retain the old Facebook profile design that if they sign up for a developer account they can still keep their choice of old or new.

User complaints about the new design have been flooding the developer forum over the past few weeks due to confusion about who’s listening in the forums – the developer forums are primarily used by Facebook application developers, not for feedback to developers of Facebook itself.

465,000 more members of the Facebook Developers groupWith the leaked workaround that you can install the developer application and thus retain the ability to revert back to the old profile – obviously necessary for developers who still need to maintain two versions of their application – the number of signups for Facebook Developer accounts has grown by nearly half a million users over the past day.

Facebook issued the following in response:

We are aware of this issue and are currently addressing it. A pseudo-fix should be available within the next day.

Whether Facebook will allow users to go back to the old design more readily remains to be seen. Facebook said last week that all users will be moved over to the new design in the “next few weeks.”

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77 Responses to “Fans of the Old Facebook Design Flock to Developer Accounts”

  1. Gus says:

    The new facebook is a disaster. I’ve been a facebooker since 2004 and has always liked their upgrade, this one is a big downgrade…

  2. Facebook Users Who Hate Change Making Facebook Developers Hate Facebook Users : VCsAndAngels - Venture Capital / VCs, Angel Investors, Startup News, Etc says:

    [...] Inside Facebook points out that the feature exists for developers because they need to maintain their applications on both sites while the new version is being rolled out to everyone. But here’s the catch — in a week or so, when Facebook is finally done migrating all their users over to the new site, they’ll shut down that option for developers too. [...]

  3. Facebook Users Who Hate Change Making Facebook Developers Hate Facebook Users | Tech News And Social Networking says:

    [...] Inside Facebook points out that the feature exists for developers because they need to maintain their applications on both sites while the new version is being rolled out to everyone. But here’s the catch — in a week or so, when Facebook is finally done migrating all their users over to the new site, they’ll shut down that option for developers, too.    Read More [...]

  4. Vikki says:

    the old facebook is way better and easier to find your way around as well as less problems on it with apps.

  5. How To Go Back To The Old Facebook « Culturite says:

    [...] like the site’s new design have found a loophole leading back to the old one. The trick is to sign up as a Facebook application developer — and you don’t have to even write a line of code! Facebook allows developers to use the [...]

  6. precilla secretario says:

    i want the old facebook please

  7. luv manna says:

    i want d old face book back plzzzzzzzzzz bring back the old facebook.

  8. John says:

    This new facebook interface is a horrible embarrassment for the facebook team. It’s just horrible.

  9. yasmin says:

    the old facebook was sooooo nice … i hate the new one

  10. shaheeda says:

    i hate the new facebook i dont even no how to ues it grrrr!!!!

  11. WebbAlert - September 18, 2008 | TechTV Update says:

    [...] so upset over the site’s new design they’ve been forced to do something drastic: become Facebook [...]

  12. mohamed adam says:

    really the new facebook is so so so so bad i need to back to old facebook plzzzzzz

  13. nver tamerian says:

    Please help me to go back to my old facebook .

  14. jennifer says:

    new facebook NOW please..

  15. fuck face says:


  16. selay says:

    The new facebook is really so bad, i need to back to old facebook.

  17. Carol laughlin says:


  18. Sonya says:

    i want old facebook :(

  19. brad says:

    i hate the new facebook too bring back the old facebook

  20. ray ambrose says:

    please please please,help me get back to old face book, i am bewitched,botherd,and bewildered,

  21. huda alshaikh says:

    piease help me get back to old facebook

  22. Cheryl King says:

    Well i got the old back..but it switched again i will try anything to go back to the old one.
    To be honest i just will not use it much anymore its very annoying and a really BAD layout who ever thought this up its the worst disign ever you should be sacked.
    LISTEN to what people are saying WE DONT LIKE IT -WE WANT THE OLD ONE BACK…
    Its crap and we demand something to be done give us a choice if everyone switched to the old one then you will know we are right you are just plain wrong.

  23. New FB Hater says:

    Whoever designed this new Facebook doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing at all! Not only does it take AGES to load now, I’m also flooded with errors… I will be writing a message, or on an application when suddenly the page closes down & jumps to one I don’t want (there are many other errors too)!!!

    What’s up with the huge white space on the right now???!

  24. Katie says:


  25. jacky says:

    i hate the new facebook plz help me to restore the old one plzzzzzz

  26. Stacy says:

    old facebook is better

  27. Zynga Blog » Blog Archive » Don’t Fear the New Facebook says:

    [...] with groups being established in opposition to the changes, and an unprecedented number of users registering as Facebook developers (solely because developers can still access the old [...]

  28. Julie says:

    I actually really like the new Facebook. I really don’t understand what the deal is… Perhaps some people have trouble adapting to change?

  29. julie says:

    what the heck?
    the new facebook freaking SUCKS!!!!!!!!
    i want the OLD FACEBOOK!

  30. james t r buchanan says:

    new facebook is really annoying and i don’t use it anymore, can you put it back to the old one ???

  31. Adina says:

    The new facebook really sucks…its so boring i want the old one back

  32. Pidge says:

    The 10 second delay to EVERYTHING loading on Facebook has me thisclose to quitting Facebook forever.
    Complete disaster. What were they thinking?

  33. leanne sisson says:

    i hate the new facebook why cant we just have the old one back it was so much better come back old facebook please

  34. jad konyali says:

    i hate the new facebook it’s really sucks…its so boring why cant we just have the old one back it was so much better come back old facebook please

  35. john doe says:

    To get Facebook to change to the old Facebook design:

    Windows users:
    Install Cygwin, open terminal, and “ping -f

    Mac users:
    Open terminal, “ping -f

    Linux users:
    Open terminal, as root “ping -f

    If enough people do this, Facebook will change back to the old design.

  36. john doe says:

    take out the auto http:// from the above comment, then it will work

  37. alexander-social media guy says:

    The new facebook is here to stay. At first I was against it too simply because we’re naturally resistant to change.

    AFter getting used to the new one it loads faster and is much cleaner. I now like it better. Whether you’re for or against it it’s going to stay and here’s why:

    It’s all laid out in gory detail the reasons for the change and the masters behind it who won’t let it revert back.

  38. Kurt Niles says:

    I hate the new facebook!!! it boring,i think dat u shud hav a choice either u shud take old facebook or nut!!!!

  39. Kurt Niles says:

    Sorry i made a mistake it was suppose to be to take the new facebookk or nut!!!!!

  40. kirsty says:

    the new face book is crap man i hate it bing bk the old one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  41. jordan says:

    i don’t even like facebook any more… i can’t stand it any more… i don’t even bother reading my wall-posts on the site any more.. i just read them through my e-mail :S. please, please, please bring back the old facebook :(… i miss my profile being on one page, and i miss not not having my friends divided by networks, being able to count my wall-posts, see all my apps, see my bumper stickers and my graffiti wall ALL ON THE SAME PAGE!!!… and GAH! quite simply… I HATE IT! please!!! bring back the old facebook!!! :’(

  42. hate new fb says:

    i hate new facebook. ugh! its sooooooo boaring! u cant even find anything like u could on the old 1. so please do us all a favor and change it bak. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  43. shyanne says:


  44. abdullah don says:

    new facebook bad old facebook cool
    i want old facebook

  45. j.c arsenault says:

    Everytime you get used to facebook upgrades, you go and change it again!!! I’ve had it with you fuckers!!!! My Space, HERE I COME!!!

  46. Arnes says:

    This new “dessign” sucks! Don’t be fooled by some of these disinfo agents ppl!!! Facebook earns millions on US and he treats us like we’re animals!!! We are human beings and fb users and if we don’t like something we’re gonna speak aboput it and we want to be heard!!! Everybody I know doesn’t like the new design. I don’t know what “information” Zuckerberg got and how he got them(did they ask every user on fb what they think about it? ~ And these majority of users who like new design,as they say, how do they know this??? Just becouse ppl can’t do anything about something doesn’t mean that ppl like it Zuckerberg!!!) That’s why ppl join massivly to anti-new design groups. Becouse they want to be heard!!!!!
    Here are some groups please join them and lets make our voice stronger! Only together can we prevail!!!

  47. Taylorr Chapman'x says:

    thee neww facebook iss shitt i wantt the neww onee bakk !!!!!!!!!

  48. Vladimir Rodlov says:

    yes !!! I want the old facebook !!! because the new one is shiiiit !!

  49. Vladimir Rodlov says:

    why the facebook developpers do not back the old facebook ???

  50. Cassy says:

    i hate this damn new facebook
    i need the old one back
    i dont know how to use this one!!

  51. bryan says:

    help me get my old facebook back this new version sucks

  52. bryan says:

    da old version is da best plz plz plz help me get ma old version back

  53. himanshi says:

    i hate the new version of facebook it so bad…plz help me to get back to the older version of facebook…

  54. nirav says:

    guys just go to feedback in facebook lite… and theres a option of going back to old facebook …

  55. Jad Konyali says:

    shut up all of you people go fuck away the new version of facebook is much better than the old one don’t you like the new applications , the new style than you all are shit people … i’am now Fan of the New Facebook Design

  56. mansi says:

    @nirav: thx dear

  57. ayushi says:

    its really irritating

  58. tygger wyzdom says:

    I want the old page back too. I hate the new one. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK, or give users the option.

  59. rythm says:

    really the new facebook sucks to the core,also when it comes to using apps like mafia wars n farm villie v cant even access these things,new version is horrible horrible horibble

  60. chloe says:

    the new facebok is stupid and gay becuse i cant get acces to apps like farmville and messages i dont even know where the home button is now put it back o the old one

  61. zeeshan says:

    i hate new one old facebook is so nice

  62. Gerri Simmons says:

    Why would you want to rock the boat when the old line up is working fine, what isn’t working fine is it takes a long time to get your gifts from gift box for both cafe world and farmville and then the screens keeps fading in and out which makes it difficult to play, this in my opinion is what you should be working on and leave the other alone it is working fine. I want to go back to old line up or I might start back on again

  63. Ruta says:

    I want the old page back too. I hate the new one. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK, or give users the option.

  64. sherriespears says:

    I hate the new look also please email me back and tell me how to change it back to the way it was back to the old face-book I mean.

  65. sarah glover says:

    dear facebook im not very happy at the way u keep chainging fb and im haveing so many problems with the aaps such as cafe world as it keeps crashing all the time also my mother has recently come onto facebook and she is very ill and this has confused her a grate deal i find this very inconveniant for all facebook users as its not an easy layout to go through i know a lot of people dont like chainge this this facebok chainge is some what takeing the micky slightly
    so im beggigng u please put our facebook bk how it was and to think of all the storys that facebook want to start chargeing people for useing facebook what a cheak u guys are where u are tday cos of us facebookers so facebook should be how we want it to be and u guys should be asking us what we want done on fb and not be told whats goig to happen .
    with grate respect to all the team on faebook please let us have the old one back pretty plz
    many thanks hope to here from u soon
    sarah glover

  66. micheal says:

    ihate new face book iawnt old

  67. erej says:

    please help me how to get old facebook?…

  68. sammy otuma says:

    new face book rily sucks why cant the fb management give as an option on wich to use it shuldnt b there decision to make

  69. michael w fox says:

    Bring back the old facebook

  70. mary griffin says:

    pls fix facebook so I can get my request and apps thanks

  71. zk says:

    I want old facebook !!

  72. semsem saeed says:

    Bring back the old facebook

  73. Gregg says:

    I like the old Facebook better than new Facebook.

  74. Andy Ned says:

    The is a new facebook layout and it freaks, the old one was best. The are some changes which took place like the pictures appear smaller and you can’t view how many peaple are following pages like celebrities. Can the developers provide options so that we can be able to go switch to the old facebook.

  75. Athar Basheer. says:

    where are LINKS in new facebook profile?

  76. uzma says:

    I want my old facebook back please.. i dont like the new facebook. my status doesnt even stand out at the top and my bio is under all infos. which i waned about me under my photo. oh please bring back old facebook. im freaking out!

  77. Patrick says:

    I just mistakingly changed over to the new Facebook, and now I can’t do anything with this new page. I don’t even think it has all the things on it that it should. This is very irritating. If anyone can get me back to the old Facebook it would be greatly appreciated. I really use to enjoy Facebook.

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