Old Facebook Will be Gone Next Week; Better App Access Coming

It appears the long transition process from the “old” to the “new,” redesigned Facebook will be completed next week. Facebook’s Josh Elman said today that Facebook will “actively migrate all our users to the new profile” over the next week, at which point the old profile will be a thing of the past.

In addition, Elman hinted at a new feature that Facebook will be releasing to help make applications easier to find in the new design. Many developers have been complaining that the new design makes it too hard for users to access Platform applications.

Based on some of this feedback, we’re working on one more interesting feature to help make your applications more easily accessible to your users. We’ll provide more details as we finalize the design, but it won’t require any changes on your end.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the changes Facebook makes as the new profile rolls out to everyone in the coming days.

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302 Responses to “Old Facebook Will be Gone Next Week; Better App Access Coming”

  1. Craig says:

    The new facebook needs to be put where it belongs, the garbage.

  2. Jenine Tepsa says:

    Bad. Idea.
    Please don’t do it.

  3. bianca wallace says:

    The old facebook is a simple design, its main attraction from myspace. by changing the format it is most likely that you will lose a lot of people who either cant work or hate the new one.
    there is a petition going around http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21225988060&ref=mf
    and i think that you should definitely listen to some of the people here..
    why not continue to have both and keep people happy..
    its most likely that i will stop using facebook once it turns over, its simply too confusing and has therefore lost all its appeal as an easy communication site for friends.
    i think its time to revise this decision of changing over fb.

  4. Jared Crivello says:

    This is horrible. Facebook is supposed to be simple and professional. Don’t turn this into something complicated, ugly, and downright retarded. Look at how many people DO NOT WANT to use this new system. It pains me to find out that what is currently the most useful social networking tool in college will become nothing but an annoyance. Why would you force us to use this new system?

  5. deral fenderson says:

    Count me among those who GREATLY dislike the new facebook design. I was a myspacer who avoided facebook until just a couple of months ago. As soon as you started changing things, it really peeved me. TOO MUCH LIKE MYSPACE!!!

    Don’t force me to look at the new design. It sucks. I like my facebook page in all of its oversaturated goodness.

  6. SexRex says:

    the new facebook not only abandons traditional web design standards it uses more system resources, just because your offices got brand new vista boxes with 8 gigs of ram and 8 processors doesn’t mean everyone else does. No matter how well coded it is HTML and JS are still a client side language and if JS is running slow it takes control of the browser and in some cases the entire computer away from the user till it finishes what its doing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    this new facebook sucks. seriously. it’s too hard to maneuver, very very ugly, takes up way too much space on the screen, and it slows computers down.

    you don’t need to fix what wasn’t broken, fb.

  8. Michael says:

    Okay the new facebook is the stupidest web page I have ever seen. I don’t care if it’s an option for the 3 people in the world that like it, but at least keep the old facebook page an option.

  9. fbfan says:


    as a member of FB since 2005, I have not really argued any of the decisions that the programers have made in regards to the future of the site… until now. I might have to give up my facebook account permanently, i find it so ugly. What a bad, bad decision

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous. If a majority of your users are actively opposing this change, why are you so insistent on going through with this train wreck? That’s terrible customer service, and it’s going to hurt Facebook in the long run. Do it anyway if you wish. I won’t be around to care anymore.

  11. J'aime says:

    The new Facebook design is horrible. It’s ugly, hard to mange, and completely rearranges things in a difficult way. The majority of users are happy with how Facebook looks the way it is. Changing it so that no one has a choice is a terrible idea. People like Facebook because it is easy and manageable. Don’t force us to only one, horrible main page. BAD IDEA.

  12. David says:

    This is complete crap. I hate the new Facebook. Watch how many people QUIT because of this new piece of fail. I know NOBODY who likes the new Facebook.

    This is complete and utter Nazi BS.

  13. Amy says:

    wow. that’s rather rude.
    its better to give people the chance to choose which layout they want to use.

  14. David says:

    And furthermore; look at this. Every comment so far is NEGATIVE because we all HATE the New Facebook; and yet you are forcing it? Do you believe in COMMUNISM now?!


  15. daz says:

    The new Facebook is awful – why change something that hasn’t got any problems? its totally stupid. All they are going to do is p*ss off all there members and everyone will just stop using it cos they cant be bothered messing about with the complexity of the new layout. THEY JUST NEED TO KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!!

  16. InquilineKea says:

    Well, technically, it’s facebook’s right to do it (even though I hate the new profile). of course, we have just as much of a right to complain (not like it will affect a company obsessed with profits), but sadly monopolies are possible in environments where attentional resources are limited.

  17. Amy Potter says:

    This is the worst thing to EVER happen to a website. Seriously, it is so ridiculously bad for Facebook’s welfare. I, for one will NOT be using my account anymore if I am unable to use the old layout. And I know I am not alone in saying this.

  18. Amir says:

    Judging by the average comment on this thing it looks like NOBODY wants the new facebook.
    Why don’t you guys listen to the masses and try to make people happy by keeping both the old and the new and giving us the option of choosing?

  19. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for your time, Facebook, but I’m outta here! You have over 278,000 members who hate the new layout in just one group, yet there are similar groups complaining about the design so who knows how many more people that is! Doesn’t a light-bulb go off in anyone’s head?

    Clicking another button just to see my friend’s interests, and then another button to figure to see their wall, then another one to see their applications = major disaster! It looks disgusting – especially the news feed and wall together. If I wanted to see this kind of text piled up on top of another, to the point where it was too difficult to even read between comments and feedback, I would create a file in Note Pad or TextEdit!!! You know, the same stuff that a lot of computer programmers and designers use to copy and paste unreadable code!!!

  20. Jannah says:

    I can honestly say…I F***ING HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen better looking monkey butts. It is so difficult to use, makes stalking people 10,000 times easier, crashes my browswer every time you try and switch me over without me noticing (which is freakin dumb btw im not blind!), and is just…seeming hated by everyone. EVERYONE HATES IT!!!!! Dont make us use it, if the switch back is there now, it should STAY there its basic web code, its not hard to do, and it doesnt cost alot of money at all.

    We all left myspace for a reason, because it was crap. Dont destroy the one social networking site that isnt.

  21. Boki says:

    New FB is FUBAR!

  22. Lily says:

    You guys are ridiculous. It’s really rude of you to FORCE people to use something they HATE.

    I only have 4 words for you though:

    Goodbye Facebook, hello MySpace!!

  23. Miki D. says:

    I can’t actually think of one person who likes it. Oh, right; EVERYONE HATES it! So why against so many peoples wishes must old facebook become a thing of the past, and the utterly stupid new one ensue? I think you need to leave the option for people to decide which one they prefer to have.

    There is nothing good about the new one. Really. Its going to fail.

    There is already a lot of people unhappy about this, there is about to be a lot more come the day you idiots decide to make the switch.

  24. nick says:


  25. Åsa says:

    Give people the option to keep the old version! Really -the new one is so ugly, and the fact that one has to look through many pages is not practical! Facebook is for normal people then please do listen to the people!!!

  26. Victoria says:

    Its official. Facebook is a dictatorship.

  27. Nicole says:

    NONONONO they must NOT change it, or I swear, I’m going to die.
    it with we could CHOOSE whether we could use the new or the old like right now.
    It’s just not fair to be forcing us to use the new stupid layout.
    It’s starting to look A LOT like myspace now, and it really sucks
    ‘Cause the original one is much more UNIQUE =.=” and now it’s just going to be a copy of myspace. wtf.

  28. Facebook User 1 says:

    WTF. Seriously, as one who has used facebook for over three years, I give almost every new addition – not counting all new applications – a fair chance. And, without question, this will be facebook’s single greatest mistake.

    I assume that you think you’ll have the customers – facebook users – no matter what, so all the complaints and expressions of vehement dislike do not really matter. Let me assure you, you may not lose users right away, but you will. You may not lose credibility right away, but you will. And facebook may not become uncool, and a burden right away – actually that will happen almost right away.




  29. Shiva says:

    it’s just simply horrible and unattractive and ruins the main point of facebook being simple and clearcut and awesome.

    congrats uve just ruined facebook (by forcing it on us) and will duely lose a lot of users.


  30. Alix says:

    These comments, the groups, the petitions……take a hint, generally people do not want the new facebook design! There are plans for a mass exodus if it goes through and I really don’t understand why the new design is needed. How about you actually publish the feedback results you’ve been getting and show us the negative vs positive comments…..well to be honest most people would say it’s been faked if it does show there’s more positive because no one knows anyone that likes the design!

    Things I don’t like about it:

    - It’s ugly
    - It runs slow
    - It looks like fb is trying to be more than they are which is just uncool
    - It’s too complicated to relearn where everything is for old fb users so we just plainly won’t bother
    - So many people are saying they’re going to leave when it’s changed for good….don’t forget you can’t see what we say outside of fb..
    - It’s not needed!! the old design was perfectly fine!

  31. Liam says:

    If you intended to annoy all your clients and lose many of them, then well done, you’ve succeeded.
    Looks like this is the end of Facebook for me, it had a good run.

  32. Jacqi says:

    K so I’m going to try not to entirely bore you with the same things everyone else has said, but I wanted to be counted in the group of people who dislike the new facebook layout.

    And, for the record, I did give it a try for a few days. I even played around with the different parts of it. I really wanted to give it a chance.

    You have come up with some really awesome ideas in the past, but sorry guys this just isn’t one of those ideas. Please let us keep the old layout as an option at least.

  33. Liz says:

    Yeah I’ll probably quit Facebook if it changes over and I can’t design my profile the way I personally want it.

    This is designed for programmers, not users, and that’s stupid.

  34. Sean says:

    The new design is disgusting and slow. Even on a quad core, the delay is noticeable and annoying, and the introduction of more mouse clicks peeves me to no end. Whatever happened to the simple, sleek, FAST Facebook that I liked before? Get this unnecessary garbage OUT!

  35. James says:

    The new facebook is a piece of garbage! They should be getting rid of the new one, rather than the old one! Not impressed with their decision. Why can’t they keep 2 versions to keep everyone satisfied?

  36. Richard says:

    I like the new layout. When i first saw that little link at the top saying new facebook i clicked it. Sure it was weird at first, but once you get used to it I find it’s alot easier and better to use.

    I do disagree however with forcing all members to use the new page. It seems to have brought out all the haters :P

  37. Aimee says:

    OMG, I feel so sad, im already looking for new websites I can convert to :(
    It sucks, it sucks, it sucks. I completly wouldve been happy if we all had the CHOICE to either use the new or old one.
    UGH, shattered lol. Me and my friends are deleting our facebooks when the new stupid, badly designed, ugly facebook comes in.
    Whats with the tabs? Whats with all my comments being up in my face, bah, hate it.

  38. Bob says:

    1. the design is crap
    2. its even harder to use
    3. it just purely sucks

    How many people will delete facebook now?

  39. Nathan says:

    The new-look Facebook is awful. Why are you forcing this on us when everyone seems to hate it (with many threatening to delete their accounts)?

    The new interface is hard to use with everything merged into one. I don’t want to go hunting for ‘Posts from other people’ – I want probably one of the most basic things on Facebook – A WALL that OTHER PEOPLE can use to send ME comments. Why put these stupid tab things in??

    Oh yea, my applications don’t even fit onto my profile now – Top Friends only displays 9 people’s pictures out of around 24 top friends, Photo Album Strip (something with a purpose to display ALL of your albums together) only show about 3 out of my 13. Really shoddy.


  40. Kirby says:

    Too much change at once, they could have easily made small changes to evolve to something close to this along the course of a year or so.

    First they should have modified the layout (to be the new width) and header/footer to the new design, without redefining/introducing the wall, feed system, side navigation and profile boxes and tabs.

    I think its also too heavy for a huge chunk of users with older computers. I feel like our synchronous games, the time sensitive ones, have a higher tendency for failure because the facebook base is requiring more computer and internet connection resources.

  41. Nathan says:


  42. Bob says:

    PS. I DONT CARE IF IT MAKES APPLICATIONS EASIER TO FIND! I dont even care about applications in the first place.
    I care about the old simple, professional look of my profile. I care about having my profile look neat and having everything on the ONE PAGE, not in all different tabs, It looks horrible. My profile is shitty now :( Ugly

  43. Leanne says:

    Why don’t they just solve this problem democratically? Put up a poll on Facebook and we’ll see just how many people want the change to take place. I’m pretty sure the majority will vote the same way as I would – for it not to change. The new Facebook is cluttered and annoying. I left Myspace and joined FB just over a year ago coz I hated how cluttered MS was, but the new layout is just like it too now. I liked how simple the old design was – it was very easy to understand and use.

    What bugs me the most is how Facebook are not listening to the majority of their users when they’re saying that they hate the change.

  44. Jon Bailey says:

    I’m getting fed up with stating my views on this topic, as its unlikely to make a blind bit of difference, but I will, one last time, because it is something that matters to me.
    You may think that, as a relatively new user of Fb, I should find the new design easier to adjust to? Well, I have tried, I really have, and am not normally one to oppose change, provided that it is a change for the better, a step forward, PROGRESS! Which unfortunately in this case is untrue. I find the new design slow and awkward to use, and cannot find a single element of the design I prefer to the old one. What would be a minor nuisance, is now going to become a major pain in the new neck as it would seem I am being forced to use the new layout, and not given the option to carry on using what I know and love. This actually angers me, and leaves me in no doubt about the fact I will now be using the site far far less, if at all. So much for democracy, customer feedback and client satisfaction.

  45. That guy says:

    Change is inevitable

    If you actually gave the new layout a chance you might even grow to like it… I’ve been using it for some time now and wouldn’t dream of going back.

    Face facts, its changing so either embrace it or piss off. Either way stop whining about it, its just boring now.

  46. jane says:

    I don’t understand this, Facebook deletes your account if you invite too many friends! if you post a number of messages on different group pages your account gets disabeled! and now this! and when you send your feedback or complaint they just choose to ingnore it! we use Facebook because we used to like it just the way it was but now Facebook, you have pushed us too far. How can you ignore the feedback of the users who made facebook reach what it is today?! this is outrageous and a downright dictatorship and is against everything America stands for.
    I’m going back to using my Myspace account and the hell with facebook! they will regret it in the long run, this I guarantee you…

  47. Charlotte says:

    The new facebook is hideous. GET RID OF IT.
    I would also seriously consider going to back to myspace. At least there everything is on the same page, instead of those ridiculous new tabs. *shudders*

  48. Elena says:

    I really can’t stand the new facebook. Not only is it messy and complicated, but its really unattractive as well. I was so glad to find a use the old facebook button when it first switched over that I haven’t even bothered to look at the new facebook since. To think that we’re now not given a choice as to what facebook we use is ridiculous. By at least giving people the option of using the old facebook I think you’ll make a lot of people happy again. Even myspace gives people the option of keeping their old layout as opposed to forcing people to use the new one.

  49. Steve says:

    the new facebook is great, i can’t wait til everyone is switched over… i really disliked it at first but after a few weeks use it’s vastly superior… you’ll all get used to it and love it, mark my words!

  50. Jesse says:

    I actually like the new design. In the past, everything new that has happened to Facebook was met with heavy resistance (News Feed is a prime example). Since then, there have been little to no complaints about it. People are resistant to change – it’s simply human nature. So, this will pass. I don’t have a doubt of it. You guys will get over it and just use it anyway, and we’ll get on with the rest of our lives…

  51. KAtie N says:

    I signed up to facebook in the days when it was a classy, simple and easy to use profiling site for university students only. (approx 2005) Since then, the site has changed in many ways and these I accept. I like the fact I have the option to opt out of tacky applications and awful ‘funwalls’

    The new facebook is something that I chose once again to opt out of. Now it seems I, as with all other users, will no longer have that choice.
    Facebooks one big appeal was its simple, easy to use and effective layout and design. Often the simplest designs are the most effective…cliche but so true. Its blatantly designed with thoughts of money money money…more advertising space etc for the corporation owners and NOT with the users who got you there in the big bucks in the first place. I don’t think there are any or many users who are in support of the new facebook. It was not a change anybody asked for, so why do it? The new facebook is, in my eyes, a perverted design that encourages those people who like to trawl through people’s personal details. Its disgusting.

    Ive just joined up to a petition against new facebook group which has 300, 000 members approx. Were a new profiling site to be created; one which had all the quality and class of the very first facebook version, surely we could find a solution to this awful ‘new facebook’ problem? If every one of those THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND people signed up to a new profile site, friends would undoubtably follow as the new facebook is popular with very very few people indeed. Friends of these friends would follow….
    the new facebook might be born

    I think it is an idea someone seriously aught to think about
    Facebook is fast becomming the next myspace (only worse) and will soon die out the same way if they do not change their act.

  52. Xen Xenophontes says:

    New Facebook is a load of RUBBISH!

    Nuff said!

  53. Kris says:

    Forcing people into the new layout is a bad bad baaaad idea. So many people hate it. If it’s that important to the developers then keep both styles and allow people to choose which profile they want to have. I don’t know about everyone else, but “New Facebook” makes my computer crash everytime I try it, so there’s no chance I can continue using the site once the format changes. Looks like we’re all heading back to MySpace!

  54. Megan says:

    Why is it that most of the Facebook population is being down right negative about this? Honestly I think its worth a try but I do agree with one thing the majority has said: keep the new facebook as an option. Let old users keep their beloved layouts and perhaps the newer, younger members might enjoy the new layout.

  55. Francesca Lawrence says:

    I came over from other social webistes because of how easy to use and clean cut Facebook was. I preached about it to all my friends and converted many who took months to convince. Now I am embarassed that I even suggested it. I find it funny that these comment boxes ‘require’ you to put your email address in – AS IF any of the facebook bigwigs are going to look at our comments?! They don’t care, they are going to change it regardless because they think we are all whinging about changes that we will prob get used to after a while.

    Well, I won’t. In fact, I will start up my old Myspace page or find another new website that sticks to the simple ideals that Facebook once stood for.

    Forcing people to use a version of the website they hate? I don’t think so. I am actually really annoyed.

  56. Nick says:

    I’m sorry, but the new facebook is really a horrible decision. I haven’t found one person who likes it, and the thought of forcing it on us seems ridiculous! AT LEAST let US choose which design we want. Isn’t there some way of tracking how many people actually switched over? I’m sure it’s much less than those who kept the old format. I love(d) Facebook, but now I think I’ll just make a phone call. It’s much simpler, and doesn’t remind me of the disgustingly busy format of Myspace.

  57. kitten says:

    I am a long time Myspace user and it took me forever to get into Facebook. The fact that it is easier to contact people and navigate around is what I always liked about it. Now that I have accepted Facebook and how it over powered Myspace you go and change it. At least Myspace is nice enough to keep the old layout for us old skool Myspacers!!! YOU ARE BEING CRUEL AND UNFAIR BY IMPOSING SUCH CRAPPY LAYOUTS ON US FACEBOOK USERS :)

    Take care and listen to the millions of people, not just the 3 losers who actually like the change. <3

  58. TANNER says:

    im just saying facebook is how it is and its always been like that why change it no ones complaning about the old facebook ive personaly tryed the new one and i didnt like it and no one else does so why change it
    i say a vote u ask every one in facebook who ever has more votes wins ?
    plz message back if possible ….

  59. Steve says:

    Facebook’s attraction was the simple profile. I’m not interested in a filing cabinet, which is what the new FB really amounts to. Terrible call. Just waiting for another profile site to fill the gap in this application frenzied market.

  60. Helina says:


  61. Ahmad says:

    reading all those replies from ppl whose mother tongue is english,made me think how,arabs,indianz,german and god knows who, will be able to use this new obligation as simple as they did be4 ?! full of twists..at least ppl that know english quite well will find their way to the wanted application eventually,but i dont think others would..I’ve been using the new facebook 4 the past week trying to accomodate with it,yet i get lost everytime.

  62. Anon says:

    Urgh Havent met a SINGLE person who likes the new design. I’ll def go back to Myspace if this isnt taken away.

  63. Ahmad says:

    10. Left side shortcuts to apps and groups are gone tied with the layout is too wide.

    9. There is too much blank space on the main profile page and it’s boring.

    8. The new layout is starting to look more and more like MySpace.

    7. Personality is gone from everyone’s main page.

    6. You can no longer minimize or move applications around the way you want to.

    5. The new layout is not centered and looks messy.

    4. The wall and mini-feed are now one thing.

    3. The new layout looks confusing and is no longer user friendly.

    2. Many applications are no longer compatable with the new layout.

    1. Applications and general info are on different pages.

    “copied from a disc. board of a group. ”


    and i totaly agree..

    please take this into consideration.

  64. Meryl says:

    I HATE the new Facebook. I am a Vista user with Firefox as my browser. All I can say is that every single time I accidentally get sent to the new Facebook, my browser freezes. I mean the only way to get out of it is to alt-ctr-del. Its rather annoying.

    If they switch over permanently, I will delete my Facebook account, despite being one of the first people to set up an account.

  65. Flower says:

    the new FB is hideous in design and full of glitches.
    it’s the ugliest thing that ever hit the internet…
    and you guys think this is good?
    the old FB is simple and attractive.
    Okay, so people with monster pages full of apps, okay.. give them a page 2 to store that crap, but gee,
    why fix something that ain’t broke?
    You should at least give the users an option to stay with the lovely old design or opt for the ugly, hideous, grotesque new design .. which is really unattractive, I must say.

    Users will boycott will this network if you shove this down their throats.

  66. Crystal says:

    You would think that a website with 100 million active users could afford to run two versions. I do not like being forced into a layout I do not like.

  67. Debbie says:

    They are not listening to the members that made facebook what it is today there is a group of nearly 300,000 facebook members that do not want the new facebook, there is also a petition that, last i checked had 2100 signatures against the new facebook…but, do they listen, of course not!

    new facebook = more advers = more money for facebook!

    They dont care what the actual facebook members want, all of the members is what made facebook what it is today and they never listen to us. EVER!

  68. Antonet says:

    New FB is just horrid for every single reason already mentioned by everyone else. There is a very good chance I’ll just stop using it altogether.

  69. Cheryl says:

    Please read whoever people say…. that not wanting this damn new facebook… you should have ask people if they do like or not..like VOTE..VOTE..VOTE…I don’t like new facebook at all.. cuz it confuses me so much.. I rather to keep the old facebook that makes me more clear and easy…. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE!!!!


  70. Raesa says:



    Why didn’t we get a vote in the matter??

    Taking a poll of 100 facebookers isn’t quite the same as the rest!!


  71. Emily says:

    I despise the new Facebook, and being required to use it will greatly reduce the amount of time I spend on that website, I can guarantee it.

  72. Flower says:

    Maybe if 300,000 members boycott FB altogether, and go to the media complaining how FB is hsoving this grotesque layout down our throats like fascists,. and not giving us the option to keep to the old layout, then maybe something will get done.
    we should be able to choose what we want, since we’re the ones that made FB as big as it is, and they’re getting rich of our useage.
    why not get 1,000,000 users to boycott FB for a week, and see how that message gets across?
    Maybe then with all their enginuity they just might step back and say, “well yeah, let’s give them an option to choose” and maybe get some colour on our pages as well, while we’re at it!
    I want colour!
    I hate this colour. It’s drab!

    I think we should boycott AND go to all the news media! FB isn’t listening to us. They don’t give a flying rats ar$e about our opinions. the feedback forms were a waste of keystrokes, IMHO.


  73. Jay says:


  74. Amber says:

    I tried to use the new facebook, but I gave up after about 30 seconds because IT CONFUSED THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!
    There is a reason I left myspace…it was called facebook. I don’t want the new layout. If you make me use it I’m leaving. I hate you now.

  75. james says:

    I will be closing my faceboook account once the old design is removed. I have informed facebook of this, doubt that they care though.

    If anyone else is going to do this make sure yo actually close the account and dont just stop using it esle fb will have no idea you have done so.

  76. David says:

    See Facebook? So, out of ALL of the 73 posts, ONLY 3 OF THEM WERE POSITIVE, and I believe 2 of those three agreed that we should have a CHOICE. We are not saying GET RID of New Facebook, we are saying stop being communists and FORCING us old-schoolers to use something we HATE.

  77. Jessica says:

    Listen, I gave this new FB a try. I’m not one to bash something before I see it for myself. And can I say, FB, this is the worst mistake you will ever make. You’ve already begun digging your grave.

    A few things will happen here; and in the end it will cause the downfall of FB.

    1. Mass amounts of people will either delete or deactivate their accounts.
    2. Mass amounts of people will find other social networking sites which appeal to them.
    3. Many people will just deal with it, but find out in the end they simply cannot tolerate the new FB and will log on less and less.
    4. Some will just accept it and go on as usual.

    I’ve been told the reason for this drastic change is due to the fact applications on old facebook pages are clogging your servers.


    TELLING millions of users to do something rather than giving an option is just wrong. You cannot force people to have or use something that they don’t like — Therefore- people will leave facebook.

    I hate that I had a profile that was fun with applications such as Bumper Sticker or Flair. It gave my page personality and some color. NOW to have my page ugly and disgusting with all my aps on the last tab?!?! WHO THE HELL CARES OR WANTS TO CLICK THROUGH TABS TO VIEW THE ENTIRE PROFILE!?!? Everything should be there on ONE PAGE.

    I also tried that ‘OPTION’ that lets you take some aps and move them to the WALL TAB. Again, major flaw, major downfall. Moving both Bumper Sticker AND Flair to the Wall page was a disaster. The application only displayed ONE Bumper sticker and ONE Flair. Like do I honestly have nothing better to do than click an arrow 67 times just to see a persons entire flair collection?


  78. Danny says:

    Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

  79. Robert Marely says:

    The old facebook rock and rolls

    the new facebook sucks and blows

    to much having to find things.
    Un the bid to make it more “user friendly” they ahve made it more time consuming and wasted more space than ever before with features that should be at the fore front at the rear back.

    in Short the new FB is FB

  80. Pete says:

    Please keep the old format. Your new version is stealing all of my system resources. This is EXACTLY why I closed my myspace account… And why I’m considering ditching Facebook.

  81. Stef richardson says:


  82. Stef richardson says:


  83. Stef richardson says:

    Boring , Ugly not MY OWN !!!!!!! HATE IT HATE IT

    IT Really hurts my eyes because it is stretched across the page


  84. rebekah says:

    Adding my vote. New Facebook is the worst decision ever made by a major website. Look at all these comments!

  85. John Curry says:

    The new facebook is terrible, I do not understand it at all, and the new facebook is not at all user friendly, it reminds me of MySpace. And that is what you were trying not to do right? Keep the old facebook!

  86. Nathan says:

    So much for “listening to users’ feedback”! I honestly can’t see how anyone would think of the new Facebook as an improvement. I don’t even know WHY they decided to change it. Well…I do: probably down to them making more money through advertising – more white space on pages = more space for advetisements.
    Whoever designed it and whoever approved it really need to read some of the stuff on here/read the feedback they seem so keen on collecting. NEW FACEBOOK IS SUCH A MESS.

  87. Sarah Rees says:

    So pretty much everyone hates the news Facebook and yet they are still changing it, Where is the sense?

    All these groups against it, all these comments, all the feedback they have received and they are still changing. DO YOU ACTUALLY CARE WHAT YOUR USERS THINK AT ALL?

    You are putting the nails in your own coffin, someone will come along soon and create a new site and everyone will move to that. Its MySpace all over again.


  88. Krystal Sturgeon says:

    I left Myspace because I didn’t like the layout, now this new almost identical facebook layout is going to be forced on me. Guess I’ll go back to Myspace. The Myspace design may suck but at least they listen to their uses!

  89. links for 2008-09-05 at Ip’s. says:

    [...] Inside Facebook » Old Facebook Will be Gone Next Week; Better App Access Coming "It appears the long transition process from the “old” to the “new,” redesigned Facebook will be completed next week." IMHO, great news. Commenters seem to diasagree. (tags: facebook article news profile) [...]

  90. Matt says:

    progress for the sake of progress is downright stupid, and as far as I’m concerned this isn’t even progress; it’s a huge leap backwards.

  91. gei says:


  92. Sam says:

    Why the permanent change? Why not keep the option to use either the old or the so called new facebook? I wish to know to the reason for the change. The new facebook is overly complicated, especially concerning wall and mini-feed options. The user information becomes pointless because it is not automatically visible in the profile. I doubt that the developers care about the wishes of those who use the site. However, I can assure you, this change over is making a lot of people angry.

  93. Annie says:

    Most people liked Facebook because you clicked on a person’s profile, scrolled up and down real quick and see all the basics. But the whole having to click stuff and find things randomly is disgusting.

  94. Nielheim says:

    I don’t know about the rest, but I use facebook to keep in touch with friends and classmates. I don’t want them to utterly decimate the easy, concise and flowing design of the old in order to “make your applications more easily accessible to your users”.

    Sounds like marketing there. Come to think of it, the vast wastelands of blank screams “Your Ad Here: CALL 1-800-555-5555″.

  95. Kim says:

    Please don’t force us to use the new Facebook. It’s truly terrible, and you’d be making the same mistake “New Coke” did.

  96. Brian says:

    Really? Really? Comeon…wtf?
    What is wrong with keepin things the way they are-the way they work well and the way people like them? Why not leave the option to have FB stay the way it is-and I too left myspace for facebook because of the layout…but as she said they listen to their users….maybe we should just go crawlin back to tom

  97. Kelly says:

    Everyone knows you’re only doing it because you want more room for adverstising, it’s pathetic.

    Don’t fix what isn’t broken,

    you’re fools if you do this – seriously.

    If i wanted a fucking myspace profile layout i’d go on myspace.

    Facist morons.

  98. Andrew says:

    i have to admit that i didn’t like the switch over to the new look, but come on. most people probably just hit the use old facebook button and didn’t even give the new layout a chance. so now all of you are pissed off cuz you don’t like change and what not. it can be taxing on your pc if you have an older one but if you have time to be on facebook you also have time to be making money and you can buy a new fucking pc. get over it people.

  99. Karen says:

    Like so many others, I came here because I hate MySpace and I preferred the simplicity of FB. You’re waaaaaaay over-complicating things; it’s ridiculous to have to tab through to find basic information and the wall for my friends. Why must you force us to switch over? What could possibly convince you people to reconsider this if you disregard literally hundreds of thousands of protesting members? If you absolutely must force us into this abortion of a layout, you should at least give us the courtesy of choosing what information we want to appear on which tabs….

  100. Dave says:


  101. Josh says:

    Can I pose a solution? I hate the new facebook just as much as anyone, but if there ARE really people who prefer the new crap system, why don’t we just have the two options permanently?

    If that can’t be done, I will use myspace. I tried it for a week, and the only reason you guys are keeping the new system is because YOU CAN HAVE MORE ADS, A DIFFERENT TWO EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE TABS.

    Another case of power hunger dominating over the will of the people..

  102. Jen says:

    It really does amaze me that you want to make Facebook more complicated for the average user.

    I can adapt if I want. But the applications I love don’t work on the “new” site.

    I have good computer skills. But this is the first site I have actually seen teenagers to seniors use with ease and minimal complaint.

    It’s simple, it’s fun, it is easier than MySpace so I switched when many of my friends signed up.

    So like many…I think it’s a HUGE error. I am really confused as to why you’re proceeding with the change.

  103. Michelle says:

    Why give us no choice? As much as I don’t really like myspace… at least myspace gives me the CHOICE whether or not to use their new layout. I hate myspace and I rarely use mine… I switched to facebook because IT MADE SENSE.
    The new facebook does NOT MAKE SENSE. Even if some people like it, there seems to be a vast majority that does not.
    So give us the option… if myspace did one thing right it was that… but now facebook is failing at that.

    I might have to go back to using myspace…

  104. Art says:

    Really disappointing!

  105. Olivia says:

    Facebook should not be change to the new layout.
    I don’t like it. It’s confusing especially the way the wall is mixed in with other things, not just posts. It includes tagged photos and others from the mini-feed. It is harder just to reply. Also, sure, the tabs might make it look simpler. I think it’s more redundant when it was easier just clicking links. Now, I have to click through many tabs just to find what I want.
    There are also a lot of reasons in this group: http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21225988060&ref=mf

    I liked it better when we had the option to switch, then I could just pick the old facebook.
    On the other hand, if it is mandatory to switch to the new facebook, I don’t think I would be able to stand it.
    It would be very frustrating to have to figure out where everything is and even to reply to posts.

  106. Olivia says:

    oh PS. I liked the friends being sorted into networks.
    It helped me realize which friends were from which school.
    Now, it’s all linked together and I have no idea which person is from where.
    I have to click on their profile instead.

  107. Kat says:

    The reason I switched to Facebook from Myspace in the first place was because of the simplicity and professionalism of the site. It was easy to maneuver, and everything was very streamlined and modern looking. Since that transfer, I’ve been hooked on Facebook. So, like every other person who has commented this article, I am very against the forced switch to “New Facebook.” It’s very complicated, convoluted and looks way too much like the Myspace…the very site I was getting away from. Plus, it’s difficult to find anything and the tabbed browsing through a single profile is frustrating,. The old layout works just fine, and clearly the majority of Facebook users agree with that. Why not let users choose Old or New as per their own personal decision, instead of forcing Facebookers into using a layout they don’t really want?

  108. kay says:

    Personally I HATE HATE the new Facebook. The beauty of Facebook before was that it was clean and easy to maneuver. You didn’t have to learn anything.

    The new Facebook just looks MESSY and there is now a learning curve that wasn’t there before. a couple of my friends have already expressed their intention in deactivating their accounts once the old version is made unavailable.


    I clicked on NEW facebook just to check it out and now it’s not letting me go back to OLD facebook. I cant even use the “send feedback” button because nothing happens.

    What a mess…..

  109. Ian says:

    Facebook developers, I would like you to notice that EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on this page states that those who posted dispise the change. There is not one positive comment here. There are multiple groups petitioning that you do not make the change permanent.

    We don’t mind the new FB being there as long as we can choose the one we prefer. So don’t alienate your users by changing it, just keep things the way they are.

    If you do this you WILL lose members.
    If that happenes you will lose advertisers.
    Then you will lose money.

    Are you going to listen to your users and stop this nonsense? Or should I just deactivate my account now?

  110. Daniel says:

    If the new facebook goes through, u will lose a customer, I will, dare i say it, go back to myspace. The new facebook is terrible. If the old one isnt broke, then why fix it?

  111. lindsey says:

    why would you take away the right for us to choose which facebook we want? on the new facebook, it doesn’t show any applications that i know of. so there’s no point in any applications. it’s not letting you be you. i think that it’s rediculous that we HAVE to have the new facebook.

  112. Karen says:

    You are going to lose a lot of facebook users by doing this. I will probably be one of them. I HATE the new facebook and it’s really STUPID of you to ignore the many, MANY people who are saying they hate it.

  113. Tom says:

    Two years ago I essentially abandoned myspace and msn spaces because I knew facebook was the best. Everyone was on it, it was easy to use, it was perfect. Until now.

    Not that anyone from the facebook management is going to read this, but here’s my threat:

    If the new facebook is forced on me I will;

    1. Stop using facebook
    2. Go back to myspace
    3. Advise my friends to stop using facebook
    4. Direct all of my friends to myspace

    I know I’m not alone. By forcing this change, facebook is taking its supremacy in the market and simply giving it back to myspace.

  114. Jenn says:

    Please don’t enforce the new facebook. -.- .

  115. Nick Stamoulis says:

    I do prefer the regular layout but unfortunately Facebook is monetizing and as free members, perhaps they feel we don’t have the full right to complain? Who knows.

  116. Christina Perry says:

    Leave facebook the way it is!! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! The new facebook SUCKS!

  117. Reggie says:

    look at all the anti-newfacebook groups!! they have thousands of users who really don’t like the new design!!

    the new design is too much like myspace, which many people, including me, switched from because they liked facebook WAY better!

    Please keep the “old design” as an option!!!

  118. R.B. says:

    I hated the new Facebook from the get-go. It was awful that my friends weren’t organized by network, that there was the combined mini-feed/wall, and…well…I hated just about everything! I joined numerous groups and posted about how much I hated it in hopes I would make a different.
    Well, one day I clicked a link that sent me to the new Facebook, and I figured I should try to make it work. I found that I actually really enjoy it. The benefits far outway the drawbacks, and it fixes so many things I hated about the old version. (like the fact that, should my friends choose to load their page with apps, I had no choice but to let my Internet get ultra-slow when I viewed their page. Now, those apps are on a separate page I can just ignore!)
    You guys are afraid of Facebook turning into MySpace, and then get mad because of a layout that gives the user LESS creative control over their page, and that makes pages easier to load by moving the application boxes to a different section? And glitches? It’s CLEAR that you complainers haven’t been on the new Facebook since the first week or so, because even with my college’s crappy Internet I have no problems with it loading, and there are no more errors than there with the old. Heck, at least now I don’t have Facebook randomly moving my applications between the Extended and regular profile, or scrambling their order every time I add a new one. From what I remember, old Facebook was WAY more glitchy, but I guess I’m also trying to see both sides of the situation, unlike some people here.
    In fact, I’m glad it’s making people switch over. Facebook isn’t a democracy; you had to agree to follow the Terms of Use when you signed up, right? So it isn’t your human right to use Facebook, it can be revoked at any time. If you’re fed up with the new features, then just leave; no one’s stopping you. But I think all of you are making an extremely hasty mistake. I have a feeling when you are “forced” to get used to it, you’ll find it’s really not all that bad. But maybe you should stop whining and being so resistant to every change Facebook makes. It’s one thing to give something an honest try and dislike it, but I don’t get the impression, based on what users don’t like about it, that that’s what’s happening with about 90% of you.

  119. R.B. says:

    P.S. You’re puzzled about why Facebook hasn’t stopped its change to the new layout? Maybe it’s because most users have actually switched over and don’t really care. Maybe it’s because the feedback (through the feedback feature) that they’ve received is mostly positive.
    They’ve catered to Facebook users when they’ve complained before, hence the fact that applications are no longer allowed to force you to invite people. So perhaps there’s a silent majority that you can’t see, but Facebook developers can, that actually like the new profile. They just don’t feel the need to make 10000 groups about it.

  120. Matt says:

    this really suck it is the dumbest idea ever dumb dumb dumb

  121. John says:

    “Based on some of this feedback, we’re working on one more interesting feature to help make your applications more easily accessible to your users. We’ll provide more details as we finalize the design, but it won’t require any changes on your end.”

    And yet Facebook ignores all the feedback stating new Facebook sucks.
    Score -1 for FB

    Last I checked Apps were already easily accessible on the old Facebook
    Another -1 to FB

    No changes except for the whole “you will be forced to use this crap layout” change
    -∞ to FB

  122. Ben says:

    Is there a particular reason that these “more accessible applications” cannot just go on the old facebook? Why not just implement all the structural changes necessary… and keep the design the same? everybody prefers it as it is.

  123. matt says:

    come on guys,….I never really liked facebook to start out with but the only reason I use it is because the general majority of Young professionals I know use it.
    They didn’t really care for the “High School Feel” myspace had.
    I personally didn’t care either way if you ask me.
    As i said I never truly liked it in the first place,….but this change is going to drive me away for sure.

  124. Sarah-Liz says:

    ????Why the hell are y’all doing this???? I’m starting a myspace page NOW!

  125. Lauren says:

    Yeah, no doubt about it….I will no longer be using Facebook if it switches to the new utterly confusing format! I logged in and the page consisted of all my info, etc. except it was all lined up vertically and in some Times New Roman font. Did this happen to anyone else? Why change something that isn’t broken, don’t you think seeing all of these negative comments would change their minds?

  126. anand patel says:

    this is a very bad very very bad do you like losing money? this wont help fb if you change then i will leave and so will a lot of people back to myspace

  127. Ruth says:

    Please listen to all the users of Facebook… Do you rally care about what they think?
    What is wrong keeping things The way they are?:(

  128. Evelyn says:

    Ok seriously, everyone quit whining, it’s not that bad.

  129. Rebecca says:

    As a web designer all I can think (beyond “omg, as a user I don’t know where on the page to look!”) is: why was there no market analysis and no user testing conducted to reveal what people liked and didn’t like about the old Fbook, and to prevent this reaction before it happened?

    Now that it’s done, though: I understand that at this point, when a lot of time and money will have been put into this redesign, there’d be some reluctance to roll back to the old design that everyone likes more. But fer cryin’ out loud, Facebook… the mistake’s made now and the question is how you’re going to respond to that. You can’t go back and undo that waste of money, but you *can* go forward in a way that keeps your users happy. Sites like this are fads, guys; they come and they go, and how long they stay for depends on how well they serve their users’ needs. Don’t think you can just play everyone for fools. Markets move and they move when things like this drive them away.

  130. Whitney says:

    For all the people who say the new facebook looks to much like myspace… how?

    The new facebook is much more clean than the old one, now applications don’t clutter up the profile page to the point of making it impossible to find what you actually want. Personally, I thought the old facebook was starting to look like myspace.

    And for all you people who say the new facebook is hard to use… have you really taken time to try it out? Because it is actually very simple. I didn’t like it at first until I gave it a chance, and now I think it is much, much better.

    And for everyone who says that the new facebook lacks personality… have you tried making new tabs on your profile? Because I think that is a much more unique feature than the old facebook had…

  131. Kay says:

    You’ve made a huge mistake getting rid of old facebook, THE NEW ONE SUCKS! You’ve made it 10x more complicated when i joined Facebook for its simplicity..Whats the deal with that?!

    Anything to make money isnt it!

  132. Kay says:

    Oh and by the way Facebook, congratulations on the beginning of your early grave, really, you’ve doomed yourself with this. It’s all your own faults too- WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GIVE US AN OPTION WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD TO MAKE A TOTALLY NEW LAYOUT WHICH NO ONE LIKES AND IS ONLY GOING TO MAKE YOU MORE ADVERTISING MONEY YOU GREEDY FUCKS!

  133. Giuse says:


  134. me says:


    it’s easier to move between pages with links everywhere!
    and i love bookmarking applications and the live feed is so so useful!

    you guys are probably just a bunch of dimwits who don’t know how to adapt to change

  135. Nish says:

    the new facebook is just plain GAY. i see no point in them changing the entire layout because no one likes it and just like what everyone has been saying, its NOT user friendly at all.

    because of it being complicated to use, many people are gonna get frustrated and in the end, be too frustrated to even use it. facebook was the best thing that happened to millions of people eversince gay old friendster and myspace. dont take this away from us.

    reviewing the feedback from the users of facebook regarding its disgusting new layout should be the MAIN PRIORITY right now.

  136. beth says:

    I joined facebook back in 2006, when I started college, and liked that it was streamlined and simple.

    These new pages, as many have pointed out, slow down the processing speed of the site. With over 100 million members and this slower speed, it is inevitable that Facebook is going to repeatedly crash.

    Please, Facebook, give us the choice of keeping the old Facebook instead of forcing us all to go to the new. You let us choose for the entire summer, why change now?

    Additionally, don’t base your moves based on the few positive responses you get. You have 100 million members. If only 300 or so people are giving positive feedback on this change, DON’T CHANGE IT! There’s still over 99 million other people who could potentially hate the decision.

  137. Stephanie says:

    Wow, look everyone hates new Facebook.
    Maybe it’s a bad idea! Or is it a stretch to suggest that the consumer’s opinion matters?
    I hate it.
    I may quit using facebook if they make the switch.

  138. Sarah says:

    Who designed this monstrosity? New Facebook is horrendous. Keep old Facebook or lose all those who have liked it up until now. It’s that simple.

  139. Chris says:

    Horrible idea to change it, the worst part is as others were already saying, what made facebook today the place that it is is all of us. but they dont care they care about the money! its bullshit. not much anyone can do cuz there gonna change it anyways, i can tell you right now many, many people will no longer come to the site. good job facebook, bite the hand that feeds you.

  140. Stephanie says:

    I HATE the new design. From what I’ve noticed over the years, Myspace has tried to become more like Facebook. Why is Facebook now trying to become more like Myspace? Wrong move. As everyone else who’s commented here, why fix what isn’t broken? I will no longer recommend people to choose Facebook. Fb has screwed themselves royally with this new “layout.”

    I’ve been a loyal fb user since my college was added in Sept of 2005, now I’ll unfortunately just have to revert back to Myspace.

    Disappointing. For sure.

  141. Sara says:


    I like the new Facebook, personally. But forcing people to change from the old one to the new one is a little mean and stupid.

  142. KHua says:

    So… there’s a lot of negative responses here LOL

    facebook…dooo da right thing! i switched over from myspace YEARSSSS ago cuz of facebooks simple and efficient lay-out. If that’s where facebook is heading, then payce out. FB isnt’ for me anymore :(

  143. Danielle says:

    This is horrible. I will switch back to myspace if you do this. Why change something that works?

  144. Matthew says:

    Why is FB turning into myspace. I thought this was more of a professional website but clearing I was wrong. I guess sticking with what works is too hard of a task for most companies to handle. What a shame, FB, what a shame….

  145. That girl says:

    However convenient facebook was with its old layout, the new facebook is JUST as convenient.

    You just have to take 5 minutes to figure it out. Don’t be lazy; embrace change…

  146. Gareth says:

    I’m sorry guys, I quite like it.. Ive been using it sinse a week after it came out, and i find it more spacious and easier to understand than the previous, i like how there are no adverts down the side of the homepage and that you can easily control the new feeds thats appear on the homepage too. I agree that everyone should have a say as to whether or not they use the new or the old version, but I think you should give it a chance, I didnt like it at first either, but I like it now that I understand it…. Its free, you cant knock that :) xx

  147. Nicole Fox says:

    why are you changing it – please at least leave the option for the old facebook design, i fyou do anything!!!!!! i love the old one, and hate the new one!!!

  148. Nicole Fox says:

    i just played around with it – i think you should still keep the option for the old one, but i am getting used to the new one, i kinda like it

  149. Matthew Bills says:

    One simple sentence:

    Developers who DO NOT LISTEN to their users,
    DO NOT DESERVE their patronage.

  150. Katy says:

    I’m not going to whine about the New Facebook, or use a lot of exclamation points or capital letters. I just want to say that I, personally, dislike the new design, and I know several others who agree with me. It makes the computer run slow and is not as clean as the Old Facebook.

    If we are forced to use the New Facebook, may I suggest one thing: at least separate the wall and mini-feed. That is the one thing I feel I could not live with for very long.

  151. Al says:

    Im going to another social networking site.

  152. Hannah says:

    Seriously. Please keep the old Facebook. I hate the new one. It slows down my computer, it has too many tabs, it’s confusing…I just don’t like it. And all of these people commenting and saying they don’t like it are FACEBOOK users. Which means that obviously a lot of people don’t like it and so you should make the new facebook an OPTION.

    I’ll admit, some of the people commenting aren’t using appropriate language. But maybe that’s because they are very frustrated and angry that they will HAVE to go along with something that not only do they think is really annoying and hard to use, but may even not be supported by their computers. Like mine.

  153. Kas says:

    New facebook is no Annoyin And Gay!

  154. Kas says:

    New Facebook is So Annoyin n Gay!!!!

  155. elizabeth says:

    facebook, i guess you don’t care about our comments and requests, we all will be going back to myspace ……………………..

  156. Patrick Murray says:

    this is an excellent idea, i really don’t like the bar on the top of the page saying “back to the old Facebook.” the new facebook looks much better and is a big improvement.

  157. John says:

    The “new” facebook is a step backwards when it come to user interface.

  158. Jessika says:


  159. Robert says:

    The New Facebook is faceCRAP

    Join this group


    it has alost 400 000 people in the group, and increasing as of Sept 6-08 about 1000 new joins every few minutes.

    Everyone hates the new facebook.

    It is seriously really bad… roll it out facebook, because so many people will just stop using facebook. I not using this new facebook, is garbage.

  160. Jeff says:

    Don’t change it please! At least keep the option to pick either one!

  161. marc says:

    i dont care about the new layout and finding applications. I just want my mini feed and wall to be separated.

  162. STACEY says:

    i would have to agree with the majority of the people that have posted on here the new facebook does suck it is hard to tell when people are writing on your wall and if people have sent you new stuff i dont check every single tab every single day so have the time im not responding back to people as fast as i use to with the old face book


  163. Katie F says:

    Facebook is a great way to network and keep in touch. the new facebook makes everything so confusing, which in turn will make me not want to log on as often. And that will cause me to lose touch with international and long distance friends. Talking to people overseas through facebook is fast and free, and i appreciate it very much. i wouldnt be able to pay my phone bill if i called my international friends as much as i talk to them on facebook. please, let users have the choice of using either format. it would be much appreciated by almost all members. plus, there are thousands of members asking you not to force us to use the new format. it would be down right rude to ignore all of us. and isn’t it easier to just keep it the way it is?

  164. imad gemayel says:

    we are in no need of a new design beleive me i am from lebanon and basicly 90 per cent of my friends are leavin fb for good if u will oblige us to use the new design wich is so much like my spaceee

  165. LAZERFANGZ says:

    i find it really funny that there isnt one positive comment towards the new facebook layout. i agree with every single person whos commented negatively towards it though, why on earth would you ruin something that was already a success. it doesnt need to be changed or given a “facelift” the new facebook is the worst thing to happen to facebook, probably since its conception. you would think that the developers would be monitoring these blogs & websites for true customer feedback, but it appears that they are not. i hope for all our sakes that they realise the error of their decision.

  166. Ash says:

    the new facebook design is horrible. at least you should keep the option to choose which design we want.

  167. Matt says:

    don’t change the lay out, the new one is stupid and hard to use. the current one is quick and easy, the way facebook should be, please don’t change it, let people choose what lay out they want for there profile. if you make it standard for all you are making a big mistake

  168. New facebook is shit says:

    Facebook is good the way it is y change if u dont have 2 but wats worst is we dont even get a choice u do this i will boycott u mr facebook there will b alot of pissed off people that r gonna boycott facebook n stick 2 thier myspace should of upgraded the apps not change the page banana brain

  169. John Goodwin says:

    Why can’t we just keep the old one? the new one is horrible and i don’t see the harm in keeping it the same.

    PLEASE!!!! NO NEW FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Erica says:

    I don’t like the new Facebook, but if it’s the only thing I’m stuck with, so be it. I’ve been using it for the past few days to get used to the format and it’s easy to navigate through now, though I find how it’s organized very irritating. It’s not very pleasing to the eye either since all I see is a lot of white space and islands floating around the place. My friend uses an old computer system and it slows it down. If I have to use it, I have to use it — I have a lot of family and friends that I have no way of keeping in touch with except via email/Facebook and it’s easier to keep track of them in one space. It’d be nice if it was organized in a much better way, though.

  171. Corin Roche says:

    Facebook has been needing a complete overhaul for a while now. It simply looked dated.

    The new Facebook design is more modern and clean. I particularly appreciate the seperate tab for applications.

    I applaud them forcing everyone to the new layout, as having two parallel layouts / feature sets would unclean and inconsistent.

  172. Paul M says:

    New facebook is total JUNK!

  173. fuck new facebook says:

    it was us(the users) who made facebook famous. now they are making a major change without even asking us if we like it or not. this is some bullshit i hope they keep the old facebook because if they don’t then i am going to myspace. im glad i didn’t delete my myspace account when i switched over to facebook like 2 years ago.

  174. Pete says:

    here’s my tupence worth – personally I really like the new facebook layout but reading stuff round the net and talking to friends it would seem best to keep both layouts running in parrallel?

    Have fun!

  175. david kuiper says:

    i also hated the new facebook. but after forcing myself to use it instead of the old one for a week, i’m starting to like and get used to it.

  176. John says:

    @Corin – how would a small link somewhere on the page make it unclean. All they’d have to do is implement a link somewhere to switch between old and new facebook. Remove the bar and put it under account settings or something.

    Why not keep everyone happy? Allow people who like the old layout to continue using it and allow others to use new facebook.

  177. sara says:


  178. NF says:

    this sucks..

    f you facebook man.

  179. martin chiasson says:

    Why can’t we just keep the old one? the new one is horrible and i don’t see the harm in keeping it the same.

    PLEASE!!!! NO NEW FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. paul says:

    its like runescape they mad high detail but they still left old detail and thats fine. but i dont like the new facebook it is odd and slowww sometimes. i like the old and simple one it works for me and well i might not get rid of my account but i will use facebook less

  181. Julian says:

    Resource hungry crime against humane web design.

  182. Tori Magic says:

    OK…read through ALL the posts. And in this democratic country of ours, majority (or supermajority in some cases) rules the day. The fact that the SUPERmajority intensely detest the Facebook change and being FORCED to go to it seems to be lost on the powers that be at Facebook. Please listen to your constituants … er….consumers. We DON’T LIKE THE CHANGE, WE DON’T WANT IT, WE WILL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO FIND WHAT WE LIKE. You choose. We certainly have.

    Oh,, Corin – please pull your head out of your other orifice and quit brownnosing – it’s very unbecoming and, well, emits an icky odor.

  183. Tovah Blumenthal says:

    I’ve had my facebook since back in the day where high school students had to be invited by college students to be able to get an account. This new layout is completely not user friendly. We’ve been able to overcome stalker feed and the massive amounts of applications, but those were small changes. Now, you’re changing everything. People are going to get frustrated and angry. You can’t throw a kid into a pool for the first time and expect him to swim.

  184. Corin Roche says:

    The original Facebook layout was put in place when Facebook was much smaller. Now that the ammount of content on an average user’s page has massively increased due to the exponential increase in friends and their related updates / posts, etc., as well as the craziness of the applications, a better way of managing and displaying this information was needed.

    Hence, the tab system, the major component of the new layout, was introduced. Rather than scan your eye up and down one flat page looking for The Wall or education info or whatever else, you just click the tab and it’s right there.

    @John: The reason for not offering a link to the old layout is simple: consitency. Already the new layout supports a number of features that the old layout does not. As time goes on, this gap will surely broaden. It is a better use of resources to support and continually upgrade one layout. Further, from an image / perception standpoint, when you think of “Facebook”, and all that it offers, everyone should think of the same thing.

  185. new facebook sucks says:

    the new facebook layout is garbage! it’s hard to navigate and leaves us in frustration. i am among the many others, if it is permantely changed to the new layout… i will leave facebook.

  186. matt says:

    Uhm….if you are on a social network and you don’t have to take too much though into figuring it out,…I think that whoever is creating the social network has found the right way to do things. Myspace has made a lot of improvements when it comes to navigation of the pages,finding your friends etc. Facebook has been one of the simpler to use social networks for a long time.
    This recent change has made things incredibly more difficult to understand which myspace has don’t the opposite.
    Although I don’t really care too much for myspace I’m going to start using my old page again a lot more.Fact of the matter is,…when I get home from cranking numbers and thinking all day I would much prefer to use something that doesn’t make me think as much about enjoying an “Online Social Experience”.

  187. diane shute says:

    please leave the old facebook as it was ok thank you very much i can’t get use to the new one

  188. Voytek says:

    The new Facebook design is terrible. It’s illogical, messy, and confusing. Facebook’s simple design was it’s biggest attraction to people who couldn’t stand the clutter of Myspace and the likes. Please, for the sake of your user-base, don’t force the new design on us.

  189. wtf says:

    Uhh…wow this page just auto scrolled clear to the bottom and if I try to scroll up it forces me back down.

    Also, the new facebook is very horrible looking and more cluttered than the old-facebook profile of that friend we all have that adds every single application ever.

  190. shit says:

    whyyyyyy would u change it…..the new facebook is fuking shit
    keep the old 1!!
    every1 agrees…so jst do it

  191. Gah! says:

    Please do not force us to use the New Facebook. It’s complicated and cluttered and it just plain sucks. There are roughly 200 comments here, and pretty much ALL of them are against taking away the Old Facebook. I think it’s wrong of you to force users to use a layout they don’t like. You guys are filthy rich; you can afford the extra tidbit it would cost to allow those of us who like the old layout to use it. Don’t be greedy, Facebook!

  192. natalie says:

    i agree, why are you forcing the new layout of facebook upon practically all your users, who are against it? keep the option to let your users choose! I tried using the new facebook and it was terrible. i had to change back. and it’s not a question of getting used to it, it’s just awful. it’s like a poor replica of Myspace. Trust me, Facebook people – if I’d want a MySpace account, I’d get myself one. But now I chose Facebook and I’d like to keep my FB profile. Listen to your users instead, seriously.

  193. greed says:

    Please do not force us to use the New Facebook. It’s complicated and cluttered and it just plain sucks. There are roughly 201 comments here, and pretty much ALL of them are against taking away the Old Facebook. I think it’s wrong of you to force users to use a layout they don’t like. You guys are filthy rich; you can afford the extra tidbit it would cost to allow those of us who like the old layout to use it. Don’t be greedy, Facebook!

  194. Sheldon Gillard says:


  195. Rob says:

    Want to keep your current user base? Stop screwing around with the interface. I had enough trouble using the old Facebook. The new one is impossible.

  196. Inside Facebook » Facebook Tweaks Application Navigation, News Feed says:

    [...] Facebook migrates all users to the redesigned site this week, it is still tweaking the design of several pages and navigational elements updated in the [...]

  197. Ahmed Solah says:


  198. Marina says:

    Well, I’m already looking for new options and will hopefully be able to relocate to a good new site soon. There’s a great opportunity for someone now that Facebook is ignoring our pleas. People are out there scouting around for a good place to move to. It’s tough because Facebook was one of the best.

  199. Dorrylady says:

    So let me tell all of you! I LOVE THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!! it no longer takes me thirty minutes to find everyone’s wall and I don’t have to scroll down as much. It is much more efficient and better designed. GET OVER IT!!!!! For those who know computers and internet, it works better for your computer and internet to use the new facebook rather than the old. Just start using the new one more and you will adapt just fine@!!!

  200. Inside Facebook » Update: Facebook Pushes Back Full Redesign Launch Date Again says:

    [...] Facebook last week announced that all users would be moved to the new version of the site this week, the company now says it is [...]

  201. sammael says:

    New version of facebook really sux!

  202. Hege says:

    I haven’t been a member on Facebook for very long (about 2 months) but i like the old layout and the new one is totally confusing for me, i can’t figure out how anything works. Reading that everybody soon will be forced to use the new layout makes me reconsider being a member on FB and go back to myspace, it’s a shame that the people that run FB doesn’t seem to take the users wishes in to mind when they want to force us all to use the new one. The least they could do was to leave the “back to old FB button” so people can have a choice.

  203. dang says:

    i had my myspace account hacked and used to spam other users, but i’d rather go back to it than have to put up with the new facebook.

  204. deedle says:

    if i promise to click on all your advertisements, will you go back to the old facebook?

  205. Stephanie says:

    Don’t Do IT

  206. Stephanie says:

    Give us new color options, Give us more accessiblity to friends, Give us cooler pic/skin options, Give us organized feeds, but DONT DONT mix my feed with my wall. Don’t hide the things I wish to display to everyone who sees my page, not just those who are bored enough to spend hours of their life looking at that stuff purposefully. There is no point in a bumper sticker, pin, or anything that shows my personality if no one can see it without purposely searching. I hated myspace. It was cheap, confusing, and lame…. stop trying to emulate it.

  207. Courtney says:

    hate the new facebook

    just because myspace got a facelift doesnt mean facebook needed one. it was amazing just the way it was.

  208. Tay says:

    I know facebook probably spent a ton of money on figuring out a new layout because of the applications were starting to crowd pages. How about this? weeding out the rarely used, crowding and crap applications! The new layout has everything different sections (or tabs), when personaly…I don’t when have to click all over my friend’s page to see whats up….I like to scroll! I like seeing it all in one spot. This layout is really awkward, I might just go back to doing the myspace thing again….

  209. Sarah says:

    Seriously whats so confusing about the new facebook? are you all retarded in some way…my god I LOVE THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!…its so much easier to use and its more organized!!!! and how is it that “there is more white space” when the platform takes up more of the page?…. IF you dont like it dont have facebook….all things get changed in someways and all your bitching isnt going to change it back! Learn to deal or GTFO!!!

  210. Dissatsfied says:

    I have been choosing not to use the new site because i don’t like how everything is grouped so randomly. it is difficult to see the information i actually care about seeing. I love the old design and how i can just click a little icon and it takes me straight to that part of the profile and only shows me what i want to see. not their wall and minifeed combined (honestly its difficult to read and looks cluttered). When my ability to use the old site was removed i deactivated my account. I find the new site too hard to navigate and it has lost the simplicity that kept me with facebook for all these years. I wish you would still allow users to chose between them. i read a news article that only 60% of users actually stayed on the new site when we had the option. yes that is more than half but that also means that 40% of users do not like the new site and prefer the old. you are alienating 40% of people who were up to this point loyal users of your site. is that something that you really want to live with?

  211. Keith says:

    I think the new design sucks. Keeping it simple is the better option I think. The new design is anti-simple and just kinda clunky

  212. beth says:

    dont change facebook!!!!!

  213. beth says:

    i HATE the new facebook!!!! it looks like crap!!! i already know about twenty people that are cancelling their profiles because the way the new one is!! dont do it!!!!

  214. jamal says:

    ummmm no u better keep the old facebook or ill biitch slap ya

  215. Rocio Astudillo says:

    I hate this new version!
    it doesn’t look good and it’s SO COMPLICATED!
    I don’t want to use it…
    Why are you so anti democratic? Why don’t you let us choose what version we want to use?!?!?!

  216. JEN says:


  217. jazmine says:

    this new facebook majorly sucks!i HATE IT!!at least gives us the option of which version to keep!

  218. nathan says:

    it wont let me back to the old facebook anymore and the new one is shit its so confusing and complicated and it looks like shit

  219. Mariam Raza says:

    i miss the old facebook. at least leave the option to keep it, not to just change it to the new forever. :(

  220. Anonymus says:

    Seriously, what were they thinking? I mean this is the worst idea ever and it is so ugly and boring that the old facebook needs to be an option because you can’t express yourself anymore….this was a really bad move…

  221. Patrick says:

    Are you seriously going to ignore all these people that are telling you to leave the fucking program the way it was. Learn to run a web site ass.

  222. Aaron says:

    I hate the new facebook. Please don’t change it. Please.

  223. Sarah says:

    The new facebook really sucks!!!! Just go back to the old one. The new one is to complicated and alot like myspace. We’re the ones using it so do what we feel more comfortable with and what we like. Bring back the old FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. Rotem says:

    Please, let people the option to choose which facebook they want to use. The new version is messy and confusing, the old one was much better. you see that most of the users rather the old version,so make your own decisions.

  225. Gabrielle says:

    I started using facebook BECAUSE it was more attractive and easier to use than myspace, but now the new facebook looks even worse!!! PLEASE bring back the old one, PLEASE!!!

  226. Geogeo says:

    Josh Elman is an idiot!!
    Everybody is against the new facebook ..number of groups were created to fight the new facebook design and millions of users joined .. and josh Elman wants the new facebook.. i just wish a new company will make a site similar to that of the old facebook design .. then everybody wil leave facebook and it will worth nothing :D

  227. Teresa says:

    Give us the option to use either. I loved the old one and have invited SO many people and talked up the site since I joined this month…but now? I don’t know what I’ll do. For someone who is NOT computer savvy, it worked for me better than my space, but now?? HOLY COW…I can’t stand the NEW FACEBOOK!

  228. Raymond says:

    Totally agree, New Facebook design is rubbish!!!
    Don’t force me to use this rubbish!!!!!! Bring me the old Facebook!

  229. inanc eyuboglu says:

    i like old version but not chancee :((((((((((((

  230. Francine Gough says:

    I am barely used to the old facebook, now changes, give me strength

  231. r p says:

    u fuking bastards leave the old facebook

  232. Sarah says:

    i hate the new facebook! it’s too hard and i can’t find alot of stuff anymore!
    i have met alot of people who said they switched to myspace because of the new facebook layout! i love facebook and want to stay with it. but i’m not a huge fan of facebook anymore and i hardly get on anymore. PLEEEEASE GIVE US BACK THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!!!

  233. lisa.h says:

    i hate new face, bring back old facebook!!!!!!

  234. Avalon says:

    i chose to “look” at the new facebook layout and now it will not allow me to go back to the old facebook. how do i get my old page back?

  235. Donalt says:

    The new Facebook sucks. Who the hell do the facebook craters think they are? they don’t make facebook we do without us facebook wouldn’t be as known and as big. So change it back because peaople will stop using facebook

  236. Lady G says:

    Please allow the users to have options… many people are not in favour of the new FB, including me! Do listen to your loyal users…

  237. Lorraine says:


  238. Lorraine says:

    BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Dannie says:

    I really think you guys changed to the new facebook purely for the sake of change. It’s horrible and just… blah. It’s too wide, way more unorganized, and simply icky. Change for the sake of Change on websites is a way to lose hits per day and visitors and… it’s just bad. I would know from experience. I had an active site with lots of members. I changed a few things because I was bored… no one liked it, the site went dead. It’s a bad idea, guys!

  240. .... says:

    THE NEW FACEBOOK IS SOOOOOO GAY AND STUPID! … why do you people feel the need to change something that was good, ever hear the saying IF ITS NOT BROKEN DONT TRY TO FIX IT! come on now why is you wall and news feed all together that is confusing and a very idiotic idea. BRING BACK OLD FACEBOOK NOW!

  241. Eugene says:

    wow. new facebook isnt good. its too complicated. seriously…no one likes it. look at all the comments. and there are so many other people that hate it. this is no point. turn it back to the way it was

  242. Tala says:

    Why in the world is the new facebook stuck forever???
    cmon! It should be a choice!! IT SUX!
    The old facebook was just fine!

  243. Dustin says:

    New Facebook sucks plain and simple. It is more complicated, cluttered and ugly than before. The Old Facebook was a simple networking tool that was easy to use and everyone loves it. Not even having the choice to remain on Old Facebook is pure crap. Whoever the Marketing team on Facebook are need to be fired for not listening to the members of Facebook. If no one likes New Facebook (which I’m sure no one does) then something has to be done!

  244. Mary Ann says:

    The main reason I chose FB back in February over Myspace was not only its’ simplicity but it was a more “grown up” version than Myspace. More over 40′s joined in masses. Major news services described the phenemon of having parents joining services along with their teens and college students. Lots of BS on Myspace. Plus, the Baby Boomers and even Gen X’s were not raised on computers, we remember analog TV when you could get free television and be totally satified, there were no cell phones nor anything else. Now FB entrepeurs I guess figure we’ll eventually adjust – that’s CRAP – I say let’s do a Mass Exodus and soon!

  245. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty gay. take a hint and switch back to old facebook or at least make new and old facebook optional. facebook WAS an escape from myspace but now look at yourselves. well you know what, eventually someone else will come up with a better site. but if you just listen to the people writing these comments then you would realize that if you just change it then you would have your supporters back. Have fun screwing yourselves into the ground!

  246. Mj says:

    SO many disappointed users and still they reinforce it – absolutely disappointing..

  247. Nil says:


  248. John says:

    Facebook, you were very popular everybody loved facebook. But, with this move that you’ve just made ”irreversable new facebook shit” you’ve made the worst mistake and have totally ruined facebook. Many people including myself will be deleting facebook now. OLD FACEBOOK BACK PLEASE! WE WANT THE OLD FACEBOOK

  249. TD says:

    Dude, the new facebook is what made is SIMPLE. The old facebook had all the applications (even though you could hide it) on the MAIN PROFILE PAGE. which made it WORSE than Myspace.

    By clearing things up, Facebook made it easier for users to access the important information. The WALL & the users PROFILE information. if you’re sooo keen on using the applications, you can always add it to the top tabs.

    For me, although i was like “WTF” with the changes, as I thouht about it, the new layout made more sense than the old one…

  250. stella parker says:


  251. OAT says:

    please, fb, please take a hint. you have a choice now – if you offer a choice between the new and old options, it will yield you so many more dividends. you’ll be known as a company that listens to its members, and you have no idea how many more members you will gain based on that fact alone!!

    please PLEASE PLEASE do not force the new layout on us. Most of us hate it and don’t want it. You succeeded at the one thing that sinks many companies: YOU GOT IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME

    don’t mess that up!

  252. Zulfi says:

    Im SO disapointed with facebook developers…
    Come on, the old facebook was easy for newcomers.
    The new is not even a bit easy for me..
    It Sucks BIGTIME…
    Why mix status and wall together ????
    Why put my groups in another tablet ???
    why can i not show any application on my site.???
    Change it back and make the old facebook better instead of building a new facebook platform..

  253. DEE says:

    please please please put the old face book back or at least let me have a choice ,i have lost all my hard work over the months that i have been on it, if the new one stays i am a gonner

  254. ED says:

    The new facebook is way too complicated…You have to click on a different link to see the rest of the persons profile which is absolutely ridiculous!!! On the old one, the whole profile was on one page..I guarantee ppl will switch to myspace if you dont give an option to the old and new facebook!

  255. Tom says:

    Anyone noticed how bad the new facebook is for photos? all your albums become this one tiny scroll bar tucked away in a corner.
    Surrounded by a HUGE myspace style gallery of photos of you.
    I used facebook to talk to friends (wright on their walls) and post pictures to keep my friends updated on what Im doing.
    The photos section makes your pictures pretty much inconsequential, and as I own a moblie phone, Im going to use that rather than the new wall to talk to people.
    So I will keep my account, but I sure as hellwont activly use it unless someone directly contacts me through it, in which case I will read then log off and text my friend a reply.
    New facebook has removed the reasons I had for joining it…………………………

  256. RS says:

    why is the MASSIVE negative response to the new facebook being ignored? literally millions of people have joined groups against it yet you continued to implement the new facebook and not even offered the choice of being able to use the old one.

  257. Davey says:

    Obviously, as a website FOR internet users you should listen the the USERS. I would say an overwhelming 90% of every single facebook user there is greatly dislikes the new design. I would say give it a week or so, and if the same opinion still stands, change the design back to the old. Or you may be in for a great loss of members.

  258. Davey says:


  259. Chelsie says:

    the new facebook is stupid..i hate how you have to pick if u want to see their wall and other shit i like when its all on the same page…i dont like how your wall is cluttered with everything else..its just retarded

  260. Chelsie says:

    click on this link to get back to the old one http://www.new.facebook.com/?fbnew_opt_out=1

  261. steveoc2005 says:


  262. Jane says:

    I just want to add my objection to the New version of Facebook.
    It’s too complicated, too fussy, and is (clearly) not wanted.

    It’s your invention, by all means create a newer version, but please also give us the option to stick with the original (and best) version.

    Good grief I’d PAY for the privilege of keeping the old one (not much mind!)!!!!

  263. anony says:

    Who cares about the developers and their feelings, I hate applications to begin with, that was the first step in facebook becoming the new myspace… sorry fb but epic fail on y’alls part.

  264. YOU'RE DUMB says:

    yo whoever likes the new facebook is retarded. alright the asshole who said piss off if you dont like it why dont you piss off cuz your fucking stupid and nobody likes you. the new facebook is so lame i want to fuckin beat the person up who decided to force everyone to use the new version. seriously if someone wants to use the old version they should have the right to. and i agree with the person who said if everyone is saying they hate it [except for the few that do.. i mean few] then why make people change to it? its stupid. you’re stupid. facebook is stupid. end of story.

  265. YOU'RE DUMB says:

    yo whoever likes the new facebook is retarded. alright the as shole who said piss off if you dont like it why dont you piss off cuz your fuc king stupid and nobody likes you. the new facebook is so lame i want to fuc kin beat the person up who decided to force everyone to use the new version. seriously if someone wants to use the old version they should have the right to. and i agree with the person who said if everyone is saying they hate it [except for the few that do.. i mean few] then why make people change to it? its stupid. you’re stupid. facebook is stupid. end of story.

  266. Mari says:

    I have advice for those people who are complaining about both myspace and facebook…to make profiles/homepages simple and to have quicker load times and fyi, myspace has a completely separate homepage and profile and you can also hide the apps on your profile in myspace. Everything in myspace is a choice not forced on to you.

  267. Mari says:

    Also, you can just opt out of applications…and avoid all of that profile/homepage cluttering trash in myspace…I prefer to not add apps to my homepage/profile in myspace to make it faster…I don’t even know why I added all of those apps…and I think this started because MySpace was kind of ripping of FaceBook.

  268. tree says:

    I love the new facebook.

  269. alison says:

    If the designers/developers etc.. are actually reading these complaints then you guys obviously know that this was the shittiest idea EVER. Just change it back, and all problems will be solved PERIOD!

  270. Corey says:

    Nobodu likes it! The old facebook is remarkably better…Ever hear the old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” The designers should think before they act in the stupid manner they already have. I say we stage a boycott…

  271. busta says:

    yes the new design is rubbish, but its more the fact that the developers are now acting like little hitlers, forcing changes without reasonable explaination. the change will somehow enable them to make more money or save money – thats the bottom line with all changes. but they make their money by having members, best thing to do is deactivate your account, like i did, vote with your feet (or mouse) the sooner and faster their member numbers drop off, the sooner their income drops and the sooner they realise that you cant mess with the masses! DONT JUST MOAN AND ACCEPT – MOAN AND DEACTIVATE!

  272. Janeen says:

    If everyone is giving a neg. thought to this new facebook, then why don’t you just leave it the way it is, “the customer is always right”…have you ever thought of that one!

  273. Julia R. says:

    I don’t like the new FB as well! You don’t have to switch back the old version, BUT why not keeping both versions and everybody can choose which version he/she prefers to use, that should’t be too difficult, after all, it used to work for quite a long time…

    P.S. I wanted to delete my account, but that’s not possible! I can only deactivate it. Very strange!

  274. me says:

    If the facebook team knew anything about people at all, they would know that someone isn’t going to want to click through pages to find out information..mostly when i read my friends information its because im scrolling down to their wall to write a comment and i notice something. People are lazy and just notice whats in front of them. Also, i fail to see the organization in this layout..the applications can only be down the side on the main page and the wall posts go on forever with the mini feed inside of it..if anything its even more cluttered then it was before. a comment from my friend and then eveyrthing i did that day? i fail to see the organization. Theres less freedom to put things where you want. People didn’t sign up for facebook because they wanted their own website..they signed on for one page..one page that can sum up everything nice and simple. Facebook needs to wake up and start learning what it’s users want.

  275. Giorsal says:

    So I’m being forced to view my profile with this “new” facebook (which is sooo not user friendly!!!) without my consent?? Hello! I have personal info on there, pictures of friends and I need to be COMFORTABLE with what I’m using if I’m going to keep visiting the site!!

    For techno-no-logically challenged people like myself, it was a feat of ingenius advertising and an easy to navigate layout that got me on the site every day.

    Now I’m lost and I’m not the type of person who has time to sort through tekkie clutter to find what I’m looking for.

    I see the advantages–the pictures, the status comments, etc, etc, but now it looks like Hi-5! And I hate the way that looked….the old facebook was like a blog and it was fun.

    Please listen to the users and put it back the way it was!

  276. hany esam says:

    I totally agree that the new facebook needs to be put where it belongs, the garbage.

  277. Facebook sucks says:

    the new design of facebook is a totally shit, damn, why did you fuckin’ designers of facebook turn to this piece of shit??
    fuck you all managers of facebook!

  278. Michael says:

    That’s enough! The new facebook that I’m forced to use is nothing but a complete failure. Please DO give us an option here to revert to the old design. Seriously thinking of going back to My Space…….

  279. fenja says:

    the new facebook is shit

  280. anna says:


  281. rafaella says:

    Where is the OLD facebook???????

  282. Sugar says:

    The new Facebook is the biggest crap I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. Dane says:


    I am really disappointed with the lack of professionalism Facebook is showing. No common sense whatsoever. The idea of abruptly forcing the new facebook and quitting the option to revert back to the old facebook is extremely rude and from a business point of view just plain stupid.
    I personally was checking the new facebook to see how it is like, going back and forth several time whenever the new one would not work. And although I did not like it, I saw some good improvements in the new version. And then we all got forced to switch saying you will be improving it and adding new features. Why in the world could you not leave it as an option WHILE you are receiving feedback and improving it, extending it over a period of time and many people could have ended up using it. Like this you have just caused anger from users, me included. You should have learned from betters, like with YahooMail that had a long period of beta for the new version, actually were including remarks all the time (I have personally seen changes that I expressed in my feedback to them, of course not just because I wrote to them).TO THIS DAY THEY HAVE THE OLD YAHOO AS AN OPTION! So the vast majority did end up using the new version.
    Who ever made this decision should be fired, even if it is the CEO.

    P.S. Probably nobody in Facebook reads this or cares but I wanted to express my opinion anyway. In the case you do read but do not care about customer requests…then SCREW YOU FACEBOOK

  284. Emily says:

    I think this is a HUGE mistake. I tried new facebook for a day and i still hate it. When they realize that all of their users are gone, they’ll change it back….I hope…

  285. ryan says:


  286. King Fresh says:

    Lameeeeeee……..just make the old one an option and you will see how many ppl hate u r design someone already said it dont fix sometin thas not broken if it stays im out fuck my space and the way your goin its gona be fuck facebook

  287. Jay says:

    merging wall and mini-feed is totally insane. Wall was like a blog were you posted your things and your friends commented them.

    Worst decision ever.

    Listen to the people!

    Wikipedia for example let’s us choice between “SKINS”, and everyone can choose what they want ?

    Why not leave us to choice ??

  288. MJ says:

    Im another hater of the ‘new’ facebook and have let facebook know this (altho im sure my comments will be ignored). I like the simplicity of the orignial fb and like other have said the ‘new’ fb is too much like myspace.

    The thing that makes me laugh is that on the day of the change i found a fb group/application that allowed you to change back to the old style format and guess what…..facebook shut it down! so yes its true,fb doesnt care about what it users want as long as the fatcats are happy!


  289. Stephanie says:

    This new facebook is terrible. I liked having the “back to old facebook” option but nooo you had to take it away. I loved using facebook because it was simple, one page had everything on it. But now there are different tabs that one has to click on to get to other parts of their page. How stupid of you all to change something that everyone enjoyed! I hate getting on facebook now because I have to click on so many different things to do what I used to be able to do in one click. It was bad enough when you changed and had that ridiculous front page that told you everything that your friends did in the past few days, but I got used to that. This new layout is the worst thing you could have done. Thanks for ruining something great!

  290. Mj Sedef taymaz says:

    Facebook; Hear us.!!!!!
    All people is telling same thing; Why aren’t you hearing ??New facebook Versiyon isn’t good; Slow ; Mixed, and, bad.All people want old Versiyon..old version facebook Better.please change it!!!i want to use the old version.. please Hear us;Facebook!!!!!

  291. ANGRY says:


  292. Rennie says:

    BAD idea…must feel good to have all the power, doesn’t it?? of course it does b/c if you didn’t like to see people squirm, you’d let us have a choice. Stop laughing and “listen to us”… for pete’s sake.

  293. Miguel says:

    I hate the new facebook layout

  294. sarah muzzy says:

    sort it out load ov bull shit

  295. Weston Orme says:

    It fine that you making a new facebook, but we should be able to choose what version we want. Cuase i think that the new facebook SUCKS MONKEY BALLS AND IS WAY WORST THAN THE OLD FACEBOOK. but it not up to me cuase i dont run the side, so plz for those of us who like the old ver better, which is like EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN PERSON THAT HAS A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT have the ability to use the old facebook. Thx

  296. Juliana Murcia says:

    I hate new facebook… please bring us back de old facebook… If you do not bring de old facebook y have to close my acount… the new facebook it´s very complicated…

  297. michelle says:

    like the old facebook it was CooL bring it back

  298. haydey says:

    i like old facebook so much,i’m not comfortable with this new look

  299. tara says:

    Wow looks like no one likes the new facebook one bit? Maybe you should keep it how it was. Everyone liked being easily to view status updates and only that, but you change it and make it so you can’t even view just them and only them. I think it’s the brightest idea to keep the old facebook

  300. Janice Savage says:

    Can’t you fix facebook where you can give people a choice of the old facebook or the new by put a button for people to click getting the facebook the enjoy the most, I feel this will make alot of your facebook fans very happy and there fore making yourself happy,
    Thanks for Listening to my suggestion,

  301. Steve Case says:

    hi :)))))))))))))))))))))

  302. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    Not always updating my fb account.
    I did not notice the new changes…

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