Facebook Launches News Feed Filters – First Look

It’s been nearly two years since Facebook’s News Feed launched. Tonight, Facebook is turning on the first major change to the News Feed user experience: News Feed filters.

News Feed filters are tabs at the top of the News Feed that allow you to view stories of only one type. This is a great way to consume feed stories more efficiently.

Seen only briefly once before during Mark Zuckerberg’s f8 keynote presentation, the new feed filters are now live on the Facebook redesign beta site at www.new.facebook.com. Here’s what they look like:

Currently, the following Feed filters are available:

  • Top Stories (what the News Feed has always shown)
  • Status Updates
  • Photos
  • Posted Items

Each tab filters your friends’ stories as you would expect. Absent from the list of filters is the “All Stories” tab that Zuckerberg demo’d at f8 – he described that view as “a log of everything” your friends have done.

Also absent from the list of filters are Facebook Platform applications (collectively or individually). While some applications publish low quality stories that most friends would just assume never see, many applications actually publish interesting stories that their friends want to monitor. Many developers want to see more application discovery in the News Feed, and News Feed filters could be a great way for Facebook to give apps more air-time.

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20 Responses to “Facebook Launches News Feed Filters – First Look”

  1. Robbie says:

    I love it! A great improvement.

  2. Mari Smith says:

    Ooooh, yippeee!! I can’t wait to play with this new feature. This is fantastic news!! The juice really is in the News Feeds and I’m hoping we’ll keep seeing more and more improvements in this area from FB.


  3. John says:

    I’d really love the All Stories tab. Newsfeed feels slow as it doesn’t update itself enough. Or maybe I just spend too long on the site…

  4. Facebook News Feed Filters – Excellent With One Exception - Profy.Com says:

    [...] is definitely great new that today Facebook is rolling out the filters for the News Feed to improve our experience with the feature of the social network. True, I [...]

  5. Svetlana Gladkova says:

    I find it a great improvement myself – especially in the way I can now browse all the latests tweets from my friends in their status updates. So in general I think this update allows users to consume more information. But I support you that the updates from various apps should really be introduced into the News Feed eventually.

  6. matthew hunt says:


    Still no changes for Canadians though – any idea when that will happen?

    It’s strange all this talk about FB changes and I can’t see it in action – I feel like we are on different planets.


  7. Dave Ambrose says:

    Seconded Robbie. Great feature!

  8. George says:

    This is a great idea, although I do believe Multiply.com has had this for quite a while. It might be new to Facebook, but Multiply is way ahead of the game. Im an avid user of Multiply, and having once used Facebook without satisfying results, it seems theyre trying to conform to what others have to improve their own product.

  9. Alphonse Ha says:

    @matthew hunt

    I’m in Montreal and as of now it works. I actually only noticed it an hour or two ago in between my work tasks. I’m not even sure if it was on when I opened it this morning but one thing for sure it is working now.

  10. Scott Mace says:

    Still no way to consume Facebook news feeds in RSS readers?

  11. Facebook’s redesign now lets you sort news feeds, makes micropublishing sexier » VentureBeat says:

    [...] eyes. There’s no way to add a tab for applications — and some applications, as Justin Smith points out, are quite popular and have “stories” that users might want to be able to quickly sort [...]

  12. Khristopher says:

    I’d really really like to see “All Stories”. That would make me very happy!

  13. Will says:

    And “all stories” tab would be nice.

    But they took the status updates out of the box along the right-hand side; now you have to click on “status updates” at the top to see them. This is definitely NOT a step forward in usability, going from “always seeing the latest updates” to “have to click to see the latest updates”.

  14. FaceReviews: Facebook News, Application Reviews and Social Networks says:

    [...] @ Inside Facebook blog also has some [...]

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    [...] this is the first time when the social network is releasing major update for its News Feed. The ‘News Feed Filters’ tab has been introduced. The tab which is now live on the new redesigned Facebook, was discussed [...]

  16. Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: August 5, 2008 says:

    [...] Facebook enables filtering for newsfeed Micro controls over newsfeed granularity are now provided to users, to tweek, tune, and refine a newsfeed. While most users won’t use this feature, it’s [...]

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  18. dawn says:

    can’t write in my whats on my mund box since the change please help me fix this please…..

  19. Terri Spinabella says:

    For the past week, I haven’t been able to use my facebook acct. It’s almost like there is a filter keeping me from updating status or commenting. Please help

  20. It’s been nearly two years since Facebook’s News Feed launched. Tonight, Facebook is turning on the first major change to the News Feed user experience: News Feed filters. News Feed filters are… | Riaz Kanani says:

    [...] News Feed filters. News Feed filters are… Posted on 31 July, 2008 by Riaz Kanani TweetFacebook Launches News Feed Filters – First Look This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Riaz Kanani. Bookmark the [...]

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