Another Big App Disappears: This Time, It’s Social Me

socialmeFive days ago, the Facebook Platform policy team made waves throughout the developer community by suspending Slide’s Top Friends application, the third largest application by daily active users, for a privacy violation of the Developer Terms of Service.

Tonight, it appears that another Top 25 Facebook app has disappeared from the Platform as well: Social Me, normally with over 280,000 daily active users, is showing the same signs that Top Friends did a few days ago:

  1. Going to the Social Me app page redirects to the Facebook home page
  2. Searching the application directory for “Social Me” yields nothing
  3. The Social Me box is missing from all profile pages

If two’s a coincidence and three’s a trend, then the disappearance of Social Me tonight should raise all developers’ eyebrows. Several of Social Me developer‘s other applications have gone missing as well. If this turns out to be another case of application suspensions due to user privacy concerns, then Facebook is definitely making a statement with its actions. We’ll have more soon.

Update: Social Me has indeed also been suspended from the Facebook Platform due to privacy violations. According to Facebook, “The Top Friends and Social Me applications have been temporarily suspended by Facebook due to their violations of Facebook’s privacy policies.”

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62 Responses to “Another Big App Disappears: This Time, It’s Social Me”

  1. Apps-R-Us - Buy Turnkey and Custom Facebook Applications says:

    this is good I guess… too bad Slide didn’t own this one too! :)

  2. Clem says:

    when social me will come back on facebook ?

  3. Sotiris says:

    Well, this was 1st of July…
    Today 2nd of July one more app Compare HOTNESS is also banned.
    No search result, no links, no boxes, nothing. What’s even more disturbing, FB hasn’t bothered to inform anyone anywhere.
    Let’s see what’s next…
    (Funnily enough, the reviews by users are still available, all 25 pages of them)

  4. sandy says:

    I’m really relieved that Facebook is so consciencious about user privacy. So important, esp. in this day and age.

    I do hope the Social Me app returns though, as it is unique and fun, and I’ve made some new international friends.


  5. Iain says:

    I too love this app, I’ve made a few friends on Social me too from all over the globe, I hope they get it sorted and back on FB soon, I need my fix!!

  6. Jamie says:

    ‘violation of Facebook privacy policies’

    Instead of banning these popular applications

    Remove the wall applications – we all know they going to kill them when the new profile launches!!!! – knowing coward facebook development citing privacy LOL

    also instead of going on the ‘privacy’ wagon all the time why not shift there efforts under the ‘help the user’ policy (by having applications merging together (e.g. all the hugs, pillow fights etc)

  7. Ian says:

    facebook really need to disclose the reason for their actions to their membership.
    I agree those apps were good fun ways of meeting ppl.
    Could it be facebook want to charge ppl with a similar new app?

  8. Facebook suspend application developer over privacy violation says:

    [...] Read the full Inside Facebook report here : Another Big App Disappears [...]

  9. ned says:

    On the one hand, yes, relieved FB is taking action, but on the other — totally unacceptable that FB is silent.

    Wtf is going on? Privacy violations are serious, and i want to know what has or might have happened.

  10. Facebook Police Strike Again says:

    [...] around they’ve picked off the 24th most active application on the platform, Social Me. As Justin Smith writes., “If two’s a coincidence and three’s a trend, then the disappearance of Social Me [...]

  11. jade says:

    this is totally screwed social me was a fun site to tag people on just for laughs why they do this is a joke they should just send a warning out if there are problems and if people like they should choose to remove the app or not its so wrong

  12. dave says:

    Why, probably the best application on FB. oh well no one can call me happy anymore!

  13. Orion Medly says:

    It is great that FB is taking steps for privacy. What concerns me is how much data has SocialHi already obtained, and how are they going to use it? If they use it in any other way than agreed to in the TOS, then there is a strong possibility of a Class Action Law Suit for FaceBook and SocialHi. Which would be a good idea to ensure privacy down the road.

  14. sandy says:

    Wow. People seem so upset about the missing app. I noticed one thing I was concerned about; when people sent notes, the email notification of this included BOTH their names.

    I too am wondering what, if any of my information was divulged. Kind of nerve-racking. Most people are friendly, good people, but I did get some really vulgar and scarey tags and notes. One guy soliciting women to view his naked pictures web-site. Creepy.

    I’m really glad FB is taking action. I’m sure it’ll be up and running before we know it. And maybe, while they’re at it, they can get rid of some of the not-so-nice tags like ‘Ridiculous’ and come up with some more creative nice ones.

  15. Neil says:

    The ‘breasts’ fan page has gone too.. looks like the mammary gland has once again appeared and offended. Meanwhile, ‘dope wars’ application is thriving.

  16. julia says:

    Is there any way of getting your messages from social me. I have no way of tracing someone who I was messaging?

  17. David Alexander says:

    with the lack of censorship on FaceBook it does make one wonder what the rulebook really is.

  18. matt says:

    Please joing the FaceBook group:
    Bring back “Social Me”

    this is really beginning to annoy me now, what are they playing at????

  19. Heather says:

    Ok Facebook has removed “socialme”. So what has happened to the photos and messages I posted? They could have at least put a notification out to say that it was being withdrawn. I made several friends and have no way of contacting them now. Thanks Facebook

  20. Graham says:

    It appears it shall not be coming back. An official email was sent stating this. Shame as it was a great application which I had only used for a mere few hours before it was deleted.

  21. Catherine Higham says:

    I am disgusted we were not informed this was going to happen. I for one have lost contact with friends made on the 2 sites…..So thanks facebook for that…..i feel i may have to look elsewhere now………You could have given us warning then we could have made alternative arrangements for contact…..:( :( :( :(

  22. Facebook Top Friends Re-Appears | Stay N' Alive says:

    [...] provide a very good explanation other than “they are violating the Terms of Service”. Justin Smith of InsideFacebook mentioned just a few days ago that the “Social Me” App was also removed recently for similar [...]

  23. MeMo says:

    Well, this is so bad, first of all they banned it without warning and now it takes too long time to bring it back if they will. this is so disturbing :(

  24. Ray Thorpe says:

    By removing such a valuable application and upsetting so many, i think its fair to say that Facebook has bitten the hand that feeds it! Fair enough, some issues raised needed dealing with.. but surely not in this unprofessional and inconsiderate way so as to punish its own valued members?? Put Social Me back up!! and get your thinking caps on before you lose all credibility.. and a huge slice of your members!

  25. Cat says:

    I loved Social Me, even with the creepy 40something guys who would hit on me. I actually met my boyfriend because of the app! (Seriously!) I hope that instead of writing it off as unsalvageable they can work out the kinks in the program and give it back to the addicts out there….Every time I check my FB now I feel like I’m missing something since I can’t see who has tagged me. Sigh.

  26. Andrea says:

    I know.. I miss it too!! Something is really lacking now in my daily FB routine…
    I miss the friends I’ve made on SocialMe!! They should have given us a warning… I met this really cute guy 1 day before they pulled it and now he’s lost ;(

  27. Rashid says:

    A penalty for creating a social network within a social network perhaps. SocialMe was my fav app :(

  28. Jackie says:

    I love Social Me and am totally gutted that it has gone. (I had top friends app too but hadn’t realised that had also been withdrawn!!!) Hope they bring it back. Have no problems with them increasing the privacy thing but I think it was a great fun way to meet people.

  29. Facebook Continues War On App Developers. This Week: Super Wall says:

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  30. AskTeens - Facebook Continues War On App Developers. This Week: Super Wall says:

    [...] Last week it was Slide’s Top Friends App, which it briefly suspended. Later Facebook also suspended another popular app, Social [...]

  31. neo says:

    it has some serious security bugs that could expose the whole facebook database to hackers. it was very critical to suspend it immediately to avoid those out there who look for chances to file lawsuits and screw facebook..

  32. jackie says:

    when will social me be back!!!! we need an answear please!!!!

  33. Cam says:

    I really liked social me. It was one of the most interesting apps on facebook. Hope it comes back soon.

  34. John Doe Northern Sky says:

    Best app. Now that the socialme is gone, there is nothing happening in my facebook :(. Met lots of great people over that app and now they are all gone. Bring the Social Me back online…

  35. nick faulkner says:

    facebook was starting to bore me with all the crap and then out off the blue came social me!!! a great application!! that turned it all around i was logging on to check out what tags i had and what messages and friends!!! i have lost all that info now and feel cheated by facebook i give it a week and then i am quitiing facebook!! for good !!!

  36. Sugar says:

    Hey! SocialMe and Compare Hotness are back!
    Just noticed them back on my leftnav.

    They’re great hookup apps (what else do people want?) – hope everyone gets their contacts back too.

  37. Inside Facebook » Social Me Resurrected After 2 Weeks says:

    [...] a 14 day suspension from Facebook for violating Facebook’s privacy policies, popular flirting application Social [...]

  38. Social Hacking » Blog Archive » Social Me Still Too Social says:

    [...] Me is another Facebook application that was recently banned, and more recently reinstated.  I’m not sure exactly why they were banned to start with, but [...]

  39. SocialMe is back says:

    Yes guys, app has been restored by FaceBook. Cheers!

  40. Inside Facebook » Looking Back at Apps Affected by Facebook’s Recent Policy Enforcements says:

    [...] 1st, Social Me, a top 25 Facebook app, also disappeared from the platform. Compare Hotness, another SocialHi app, [...]

  41. Simply Gadgets » Blog Archive » Facebook Continues War On App Developers. This Week: Super Wall says:

    [...] Last week it was Slide’s Top Friends App, which it briefly suspended. Later Facebook also suspended another popular app, Social [...]

  42. Stan Victor says:

    Social Me is also my favorite application on FaceBook :)

  43. Dave says:

    Shame! Was one of my fave apps on shitbook! My space looks better more and more everyday… Sad! :(

  44. mark hill says:

    so social me is suspended huh thats a shame i have quite a few frinds on there.but isnt it funny that compare hotness has a blank page as well??????
    i wonder

  45. paulo says:

    Facebook is flexing muscle… very unexpected from a socialmedia player. Its time for a competitor to walk in.
    FB you have just delsited one of the fav applications :(

  46. potinja says:

    This is strange as all my emails from social me has been deleted in my email account? and im sure there was some there.

  47. BB says:

    I LOVED Social Me. There were a few problems, but people could be reported if necessary. Made some good friends from there.
    Any other apps that can be used to replace Social Me? There used to be an app called Make New Friends that was taken down too.
    Seems all the good/fun apps go missing, wonder if it’s because they couldn’t make any money off of Social Me??

    I read that some have it back up, I still can’t access it and it does not come up in a Search.

  48. Bertil says:

    It seems Social me is gone again. Too bad, but maybe it’s due to programming trouble this time. It’s been quite ful of bugs lately.

  49. Robert says:

    My wife and I both had fun in there. It was good tagging and getting tagged.

    It was working which is more than I can say for Compare Hotness lol.

    It would have been good if they had told us it was going… and why it was going… and if it was coming back!!!

  50. Bertil says:

    ”Social Central” is pretty much the same as Social Me… minus a few bugs.

  51. Bertil Born says:

    And, of course, a whole bunch of bugs that are very annoying… :-/

  52. Robert says:

    Social Central just freezes up.
    It automatically jumps from Social to Compare each time the images that are downloaded are used up…
    I tried to get into it last night and tonight and it freezes up on white screen…
    It also seems to slow down the rest of facebook.

  53. Vicki says:

    Social Me was by far the best application of facebook. Pity it can’t be relaunched in its own right and not attached to facebook at all. I can’t find “Social Central”.

    I’m gutted I made lots of new friends. A couple of special ones too.

  54. sue says:

    Really miss social me made some good friends off there also had some good laughs

  55. susie says:

    My social life sad but true is dead social me was how I interacted with the outside world and for all it’s faults I miss it immensely :-(

  56. Emma says:

    Socal me was lots of fun and a good way to pass the time, I met my partner on ther just glad we met before it shut down I hope they bring it back

  57. Braden says:

    Well social me has been pretty useless for awhile now. The notes no longer worked and it seemed that everyone had left it. Still I feel a sense of nostalagic because that is where I first met someone really special on there.

  58. Paul says:

    I dont think the fact that social me allowed 15 year old children to post (semi) naked pictures of themselves on there helped! Not sure about viruses but the application also appeared riddled with them.

  59. tracey says:

    gotta admit miss it as well i made alot of great friends on there male and female i hope it sorts itself and comes back soon ..

  60. BARRY says:


  61. Johnni says:

    Hi there.

    I just made an application that mimics much of what Social Me was able to do on requests from a lot of friends.

    Please join in and make it another success :)

  62. Facebook Police Strike Again - AllFacebook says:

    [...] around they’ve picked off the 24th most active application on the platform, Social Me. As Justin Smith writes., “If two’s a coincidence and three’s a trend, then the disappearance of Social [...]

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