Facebook Launching Mini-Feed Comments Today (Updated Screenshot)

We’ve written before that it’s a no-brainer for Facebook to enable commenting within the Mini Feed. Well, Facebook has confirmed that it will launch in-line Mini Feed comments later today.

Why are feed comments interesting? The feed is a perfect place for semi-personal, semi-public conversation, exactly the type of communication that fuels important dynamics within social networks. Updates on friends’ status, application engagement, and new friend connections are compelling contexts for in-feed conversations. The update makes the profile page more like a “room” where conversation occurs, instead of just a classified listing.

Facebook, however, will not be turning on comments in the News Feed yet. Fast-growing Silicon Valley startup FriendFeed has gotten a lot of press lately for enabling new kinds of semi-private friend feed aggregation and conversation. “We will consider adding comments in News Feed if it makes sense for our users,” Facebook says.

Update: Here’s a first screenshot. When commenting, Facebook also sends an email to you with the comment text. However, comment text does not appear in the Mini Feed by default. Visitors must click the “bubble” to expand the comments.

feed comments

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12 Responses to “Facebook Launching Mini-Feed Comments Today (Updated Screenshot)”

  1. carson says:

    It is live for me already… san diego network

  2. Master William says:

    It makes MOST sense in the News Feed. Are they stupid?

  3. Rex Pechler says:

    Facebook seriously needs to add this to the NewsFeed.

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  11. best says:

    Im agree.

  12. Shab says:

    How to block friends of friends comments?

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