Facebook starts suggesting “People You May Know”

Facebook People You May Know Home Page ModuleMore and more Facebook users are seeing a new feature in recent days called “People You May Know.”

People You May Know is based on social proximity – Facebook looks at your friends-of-friends and suggests people that you have the most mutual friends with. So far, I’ve found several friends through the feature – it’s nice to glance at a new set of people every few minutes.

After last week’s launch of more robust privacy controls, “People You May Know” marks the second new feature in several days that employs the notion of friends-of-friends. Where else might FOF show up within Facebook sometime soon?

(I hear graph traversal is a pretty difficult technical problem, so don’t expect to see a “shortest path” feature a la the old days of Friendster any time soon :) )

Facebook People You May Know Page

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59 Responses to “Facebook starts suggesting “People You May Know””

  1. Trey Philips says:

    actually, Facebook, way back in the day, used to provide an SVG of your friends graph. remember that? oh, those were the days.

  2. Trey Philips says:

    Oh, and btw, this has been in the “friend finder” for everyone for a little while. The news is that it’s on the homepage now.

  3. Justin Smith says:

    I do remember that…do you have a screenshot? Those were the days :)

  4. Gbidness says:

    RequestForEnhancement 4394: let me know when they suggesting “People who will blow (you)”

  5. Johan Rhodin says:

    The german copy “StudiVZ” supports the “You know this person through person A-B-C-D” (up to 4 links, I think). They have 4M users or so, so I guess they did it pretty scaleable.

  6. ABBIE213 says:

    Is there a way to disable this feature? Or to tell facebook that you are in fact not friends with a person and do not want their face to keep loading onto your homepage every time you log on? One out of every two time I log on it shows my ex. I do not want it to do that. How do I stop it?

  7. Deva Hazarika says:

    Justin, I think the answer to what’s next is Facebook Introductions: http://www.emaildashboard.com/2008/03/facebook-introd.html

  8. cee says:

    This feature is so gay like honestly if i gave a shit about half the people on this list they would already be on my list I don’t want to be their friends I could care less, I ignored all friend requests but 1 because I don’t feel that they are worthy to be added honestly

  9. Amin Ariana says:

    It’s a little-known fact that the feature Facebook is touting as new and exciting actually existed ON FACEBOOK in 2007, created by the little old me:


    Instead of nurturing the person who introduced the idea early, Facebook instead chose to sacrifice him in friendly fire and claiming the idea itself:



  10. I Did Not Want Them As Friends, You Cannot Force It Upon Me | The Simian Downtime Analyst says:

    [...] I was never planning on even acknowleding the facebook feature that recently rolled out called “People You May Know”. I do not spend much time on facebook other than to participate in discussion groups about Doctor [...]

  11. Jeff Cambridge says:

    This feature was extremely useful! WAS is the operative word there as I see (for me anyhow)… it is gone. Ah well. A few hundred people college kids set up an ‘official’ “this feature is creepy” group and facebook gets scared. I say bring it back and let it be optional (and give the ability to say No, I really don’t know these people).

  12. Andy McLaren says:

    How do I disable this “feature” – there’s no option as far as I can see to get rid of this from my facebook page, and I don’t want to use it (all the friends I wish to have, strangely enough I already have).

  13. Tarek Ez says:

    Dear sir

    i can not see ” people you may know ” feature in my facebook page.

    it was there last week, now i can not see it.
    what can i do to let it appear

    waiting reply


  14. rbot360 says:

    this doesnt even work either way

  15. Tarek Ez says:

    the feature ” people you may know ” is showing at my second facebook account and is not showing at first one.
    is there a way i can show it on my facebook now.?

  16. Lizzy says:

    Hello,This feature PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW has dissapeared from my facebook account,what does this mean,that people who I have mutual friends with have blocked me?

  17. mikelmass man says:

    I continuously have the same faces appear on my profile, so I assumed (wrongly) that its because Facebook was somehow subltely suggesting that these folks were ‘looking in’ on me as it were.

  18. Astromine says:

    The facebook site is insane. Within four hours it put me in touch with so many people that I did not want to hear from anymore. It did allow me to see a few real friends, however, for the most part it seemed like it was taking over in a way. I discontinued my account and it my profile is still on there, even though I want it off. I emailed customer support and I still have not heard back over 24 hours later. Facebook would be great if you could just talk with your old friends that you choose, but it puts you in a position to reject people to keep them out of your pictures etc. It’s weird.

  19. SCREWFACE says:


    I don’t have any friends (on Facebook I mean) – Zero Friends – Yet Facebook accurately suggests people that I may have known. Who I definitely don’t want to know.


  20. alisa maliqi says:

    page is empty,of friends finder

  21. ashley b3333 says:

    Facebook ttaly rox !!! i know so many pple on here. alot from my school ,and some i just meet and were like frens now. half the pple thay suggest i know its awesome!!!

  22. Whit says:

    I am a little confused. Today a good friend of mine turned up in the “People you may know” section on Facebook. The funny thing is SHE HAS ZERO FRIENDS! So my big question is, how did Facebook know that I may know her. I sent her a friend request and I am now her ONLY friend.

  23. mike says:

    What makes the feature, “People you may know work?”
    I am a National Realtor instructor and the question came up in class.

  24. You can't fool me Facebook.... says:

    It should be called the “People You May Know Because They Stalk Your Page Every Once In A While” feature.
    When people poke around and come across your page….they are added to the “people u many know crap”…..BET YA!!

  25. VB says:

    And the Funniest Comment Award goes to … [drumroll] …Gbidness! Congratulations.

  26. James Sterling says:

    I found a group on Facebook that opposes this very thing, it’s called “Facebook Stop Pimping my Friends”


    But as far as I know, Facebook just ignores user requests to opt out of the feature. It’s lame, I agree.

  27. swahili says:

    This is STUPID. Totally renders privacy settings of your friends list. All your friends show up in other friends peple you may know lists even if you put them in the list of those who are not supposed to see your friends list. STUPID

  28. rarr says:

    on my people i know may tool, most of the time people come up who i only know through 3 or 4 of my facebook friends. i am aware of people that i have over 80 mutual friends with, and they never come up on my people i may know tool even when they have added me as a friend so i know they haven’t blocked me, and i haven’t blocked them. hmm… confused!

  29. Maxine D. Shelton says:

    Do I know you?

  30. Gillianic Tendencies » Blog Archive » Friends you may know because of other friends says:

    [...] People You May Know feature keeps asking me if I know this guy, who probably doesn’t remember me but who I [...]

  31. Facebook Now Promoting “Suggested” Public Profiles on the Home Page | Never Mind Marketing says:

    [...] was one year ago that Facebook started suggesting “People You May Know.” Now, Facebook has started suggesting businesses and brands you may like as [...]

  32. Clio Machine » Zotero and Semantic Search says:

    [...] then offer items to users that would fit well within their library.  This would be similar to how Facebook compares my list of friends with those of other people in order to recommend to me likely f….  If this was all there was to the process of a recommendation system in Zotero, then I think [...]

  33. THATCamp » Blog Archive says:

    [...] then offer items to users that would fit well within their library.  This would be similar to how Facebook compares my list of friends with those of other people in order to recommend to me likely f….  If this was all there was to the process of a recommendation system in Zotero, then I think [...]

  34. Vincent Le Pes says:

    I am also very creeped out…I only just signed up for Facebook and it already knows who I know? How? I didn’t give it any access to my other online accounts from which to scrape information. I didn’t give it any personal information yet, except my name. I have added no friends yet for it to base the connections from. This feels very wrong and invasive, and I think Facebook should start telling people where they are getting this information from.

  35. C says:

    But you did tell them your e-mail address… Maybe they matched that info with what they had in the “pymk”‘s addressbooks. Although i am curious on how they REALLY do it. :)

  36. Budroski says:

    This SUCKS to the Max. I know that this is supposed to be a social network. Well, first off = I’m not social!!! I have only a few close friends, if you don’t know if you are one of my friends = Your NOT!! So don’t offer to find me any!!!!

  37. Genevieve says:

    Funny I should come across this forum. I was doing some research and trying to dig up the formula Facebook uses for the people you may know feature. I found something from one of FB’s developers who said the feature is based around your current friend’s list, people they know, and your school and employment history, (IE people you work or go to school with.) I find it interesting that FB doesn’t release all of the details on how they compile the list. There’s someone who keeps appearing on my may know list that I do in fact know, but who I’m certain shares none of my friends and who’s never worked or gone to school with me. . . So if what You can’t fool me Facebook is saying is true, that FB adds a person because they’ve viewed your profile. . . It’s fascinating, and yet, how do they know? Is her name just a random connection that Facebook made, no different than how it determines other people’s, or does it have some access to information you yourself don’t even know exists?

  38. a "people you may know" guy? says:

    I never had a facebook account. All I did before was using google and found some people at FB and looked at their profile.
    When I created a facebook account, I used an e-mail adress noone of my friend knows, because I don’t use it for any private e-mails. I typed my name in a way that the search engine didn’t find me typing my name in the usual way. I checked this myself and it worked like I wanted. I didn’t give FB any other information than name, birth date and e-mail.
    When I logged in for the first and only time, there were many “people I may know”. Those were the people I found at google and their friends.
    I disabled my accout after a few hours because I absolutely didn’t like that “people you may know” feature. I guess I showed up at all those people who were in my list… But I didn’t ask anyone about that.

  39. 0427635 says:

    I have never joined Facebook.
    I recently received an unsolicited email to join.
    It suggested “people I may know” and it got 6 out of 8 correct. Now, I have never joined yet facebook knows who my friends are or have been
    One suggested “friend” I haven’t seen in 7 years, yet there he was.
    HOW and WHY the hell does facebook know who i’ve met?
    Can anyone say Big Brother? social surveillance
    and intelligence gathering.
    I despise facebook. It’s like having a weird high tech form of secret police/stasi in our society. There has always been an agenda behind it.

  40. 0427635 says:

    Just one more thing…Facebook is stalking/tracking YOU too.
    Even if you’ve never joined, people you’ve known have. People who were trusting and stupid enough to give their personal information and photographs over to the facebook surveillance database.
    I would not doubt that facebook is sharing peoples’information with other databases as well.
    See the above comment by “people you may know guy”
    Facebook had tracked his activity at google.

  41. 0427635 says:

    In addition…Facebook is stalking/tracking YOU too.
    Even if you’ve never joined, people you’ve known have. People who were trusting and stupid enough to give their personal information and photographs over to the facebook surveillance database.
    See the above comment by “people you may know guy”
    Facebook had tracked his activity at google.
    Like I said, they are like a weird cyber-KGB stalking YOU through internet activity.
    They are absolutely trampling on MY 4th ammendment
    rights since i did not give them permission to digitally snoop and form a profile of me
    which they obviously have by profiling me. A non-facebook-user. with “people I may know”.

  42. a "people you may know" guy? says:

    They can just scan the browser history and watch for any names, maybe correlated to social network sites, especially Facebook sites.

    check http://whattheinternetknowsaboutyou.com/docs/overview.html

    If you clear the browser cache, or even use another computer, they could have saved these informations before and remember your IP address if it’s not dynamic.

    They can do the same to your friend’s computer…

    I’m glad that there is this “pymk” function. It definately prevented me from giving them any further information (voluntarily).

  43. George Eckert says:

    It must be that I’m in these people’s email address book and they searched for friends using it. Some are people I knew years ago but had no common friends, school, employment, city or anything, yet Facebook suggested them from out of the blue. Yet people I try to find and reconnect with I can’t find to save my life. And if I get one more Farmville request I’m gonna scream.

  44. michelle says:

    this is totally insane!!

  45. Mronza says:

    eastern cape rock!!!!!!!!aah ke tsebe gore ke akwala naa!elontoo

  46. sandy heys says:

    i am hunting for a richard james price

  47. mariela says:

    the best!!!! <3

  48. Friend / Follower Suggestion Features: Twitter vs Facebook | Mobile Affiliate Now says:

    [...] Facebook’s “People You May Know” function — which they’ve been running for over two years already — is the same both in principle, and in its location (near the very top of the right sidebar) [...]

  49. I Did Not Want Them As Friends, You Cannot Force It Upon Me says:

    [...] I was never planning on even acknowledging the facebook feature that recently rolled out called “People You May Know”. I do not spend much time on facebook other than to participate in discussion groups about Doctor [...]

  50. skylar says:

    lol people stay away from here

  51. virginia says:

    please… take it down “People You May Know”… on my screen… it bring block viruses on my account and stop showing it on my account…

  52. jjsnani says:

    If so many people object to “people you may know”, then why isn’t there a way to disable it? Obviously FaceBook does not pay much attention to what we want!!!!

  53. Steven says:

    one problem of late with the people you may know I and countless others find themselves blocked from connecting with friends,
    possible friends,
    people near you,and or within your hobby/
    business area by warning them if you do not know them personally in the real world an affectionate hand in friendship will be seen as spam.

  54. lloyd says:

    i lost my ,people you may know page

  55. Fred says:

    The “People You May Know” feature needs to be removed. It is totally ridiculous. When I call up my friends/family, these people come up in their place! Please give us registered users the ability to remove or disable (or both)!

  56. Joe says:

    I joined yesterday and today this “People You May Know” thing showed up. Its obvious to me its using peoples address book in gmail, and I suspect this is actually ILLEGAL. Needless to say I deleted my account and wont be going near this facebook thing again.

  57. Peter says:

    THis one reasosn I dispise facebook.

    I can’t seem to to “People You May Know”

    Totally frustrating.

  58. Shirley says:

    I want to REMOVE the “People I may know” list off my account that you are suggesting I be friends with. I have NO option to delete any of these people, whom almost all of them I do not know and do not want as friends. What happened to the suggestion section where when these people popped up, you had to option to delete them. It is taking up WAY too much space in my facebook account and I want the option to remove these people if I choose. Please give that option back to us Facebook users. That list just keeps growing and growing and I hate that.

  59. JOHN BRODI says:


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