Hottest Facebook Apps: July 28th

Welcome to the second installment of Inside Facebook’s “Hottest Facebook Apps.” Here’s the list for July 28, 2007:

  1. Comic strip [growth]
    comic-strip.gifComic strip does what it says: places any number of comic strips in your profile from a list of a few hundred, well-known strips. At one point the review board was abuzz with complaints of the application placing ads in its profile box, but I saw none when I installed it. The app is straightforward and simple, so hopefully it continues to see the growth it has over the past week.
  2. The Simpsons Photos, Quotes, and Trivia [growth]
    simpsons.gif This app, a sort of “über quote app,” lets you place all sorts of Simpsons bling in your profile. The interface is a little bulky but it gets the job done. This app is refreshing because it shows someone is trying to move beyond the already-cliche “quote app” idea.
  3. SpotDJ [growth]
    spotdj.gif SpotDJ lets you create a custom playlist to put on your profile or share with your friends. There are multiple ways to get music into the system, including uploading your own MP3 or recording something on the spot. We’ll see how they fare with respect to copyright violations, but the app itself is fairly decent. My only wish is that it were more social: I want to be able to see my friends’ mixes.
  4. Grow-a-Gift [growth]
    grow-a-gift.gif Grow-a-gift is a play on the “free gifts” idea. Rather than sending a static gift, you send a gift which, over time, blooms into something more impressive. Unfortunately the app wasn’t working when I tried to test it so I can’t say whether it does it well or not. I’m guessing, however, that it’s breaking because so many users are adding it — they went from 100 users per hour to 1000 users per hour in less than a day.
  5. What’s your pimp name? [growth]
    pimp-name.gif This app randomly generates a random “pimp” name for you to put in your profile, like “Wiggy Bling” or “Professor Shmoove.” You can also send pimp-themed gifts to your friends. The app is simple to use and marginally amusing, so congrats to them on getting 30,000 users in a week. We’ll see if the growth continues.
  6. Crushes [growth]
    crushes.gif Crushes is essentially identical to Matches. You can flag other people anonymously as crushes. If they reciprocate then you’re both informed of the other person’s identity. I still think it’s a clever idea and the growth of Crushes seems to reinforce that. It’s unfortunate that Matches was hit by a bug which rendered it useless for a week. Hopefully Crushes can resume where Matches left off.
  7. Superlatives [growth]
    superlatives2.gif I wrote about this app last week and it’s still doing well, but noticed that there is in fact a second app with the same name and an order of magnitude more users. Both apps allow you to nominate your friends for “Most likely to…”-style awards. Beyond that there’s very little difference. You can compare Superlatives v. Superlatives yourself and see which one wins out.
  8. Daily Dragon [growth]
    dragon.gif Every day a new dragon, in your profile. That’s what you get with this app. It’s cute, it’s simple, lots of people are installing it, and that’s enough to make it a hot application. If the developers wanted to make it a more compelling they could add an adopt-a-dragon style functionality and let people trade amongst themselves. I have a feeling that people who are into dragons are also into RPG gameplay.
  9. Love Quotes [growth]
    love.gif Love Quotes is YAQA, Yet Another Quotes Applications. It’s cute, simple, and part of the “quotes app” trend (or fad, depending on who you ask), so its success isn’t so surprising. Like most quotes apps there’s very little that’s social about it. I’d like to see the quotes my friends have selected for their profiles, for example, and also be able to see quotes that people share with me without having to install the application.
  10. Mwah (kiss) You! [growth]
    mwah.gif Mwah (kiss) You! is a purely viral app, like Zombies or Vampires. When you add the app you’re presented with a very simple interface: a single textbox. Enter a friend’s name and they’ll be sent a kiss.


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15 Responses to “Hottest Facebook Apps: July 28th”

  1. theemperor says:

    wow those are some stupid apps

  2. Sikosis says:

    I got rid of Comic strip, as they started putting ads in people’s profiles.

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    The Skewlbuoy LivePortal
    check it out…

    i predict it will be the next best thing out, I love how beautifully it aggregates content, has a lot of potential

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    I’ve posted an entry on my idea for a Facebook app, one which would allow users to more easily find married women that change their last names.

    Tell me if see such an app developed

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    Checkout this cool app at facebook: Win-A-Movie.

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  10. Knowledge Chikuse says:

    damn some of these apps are really stupid. i mean, daily dragon? pleez give us a break

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